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You've found someone in Japan you're interested in? Good for you! But you can't speak Japanese? No worries, here are 20 Japanese phrases of love to guide you on your way to success. Good luck! Japan In-Depth. Jun 23 Oct 25

This will bring the two of you closer together.

Apologise, dating phrases in japanese agree

This phrase implies you want to have quality time with the person of your interest. It's more of a general term, but it does make your person of interest realize that you may be want to be more than just friends.

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This phrase means you feel safe or comfortable with your person. It can mean friendship too, but what's the harm of telling them you feel like home when you're with them? This phrase means that you enjoy someone's company.

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This phrase can be both friendly and romantic. It depends on what stage of the relationship you are with that person. Daiji ni Shitai means you want to treasure, or take care of, your person of interest.

This phrase can be used when things are going too fast, and you want to tell them you want to slow down and get to know each other better.

It can also mean that you consider this person very important in your life. This phrase means that you feel lonely without someone.

Dating phrases in japanese

Anyone can pick up that you're telling them that you want to be with them, and you miss their presence when they're gone. Hand holding between girls is seen as friendly if they're really close friends, but usually people of around the same age or older holding hands implies a romantic relationship.

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These phrases mean you want to hug someone. Hugs between friends aren't that common in Japan.

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Even if they do, if the hug lasts longer more than 5 seconds or if one invades the other's personal space completely, it's romantic. These phrases mean you want to kiss someone. Kisses in Japan are completely romantic.

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The Japanese culture doesn't have the custom of friendly kisses at all. This phrase means that you're in a serious, ongoing romantic relationship with someone. This phrase is often used during romantic confessions. This phrase means that you're announcing to whomever politely that you both are a couple, and thus in a romantic relationship.

Sometimes you can get discounts at restaurants or movie theaters if you go there as a couple on certain days.

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If you don't use a language, will you lose it? Japanese Language Blog.

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Sep 05,   Instant Japanese - How to express 1, different ideas with just key words and phrases Japanese Core Words and Phrases: Things You Can't Find in a Dictionary The Rough Guide Phrasebook Japanese [ + Audio]. Though one of the most popular phrases in any language is "I love you", Japanese rarely express their love in words. Some Japanese have never used the word "aishite imasu" in their life! When they do put their feelings into words, it is generally preferred to use the phrase "suki desu.". If you want to confess your love to someone, just say. According to my Japanese friends, another classic phrase that is often taught to ask someone out is ??????? ocha shimasen ka - Won't you have tea with me? After a rather long debate with friends and one too many glasses of sake we came to this conclusion: It's a phrase that usually implies you are asking someone out on a date.

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About the Author: Philip Gregory Philip Gregory is a singer-songwriter, concert photographer, and published writer. And now, a grammar point. The Japanese language often leaves out the subject, object or indirect object of the sentence.

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Like who? YOU are the context of the sentence, if that makes sense.

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Note: Use this phrase to deal with an unwanted romantic advance. Or you could punch them in the face which happened to me once.

Consider, dating phrases in japanese idea

And good luck with your dating adventures from Learn Japanese Pod! You must be logged in to post a comment.

Japanese Phrases: How to Ask and Say the Date in Japanese

But they say humour is sexy so who knows So for all you rose-in-mouth Romeos and Juliet sans, here are my top 10 Japanese phrases for dating in Japanese. How about some sushi and beer? Specify a Disqus shortname at Social Comments options page in admin panel.

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Mar 16,   Here are a few basic Japanese dating phrases that you can use for that special someone. Image courtesy of, CCO Good afternoon (?????). When starting a conversation with that cute Japanese person across the room, you'll need to first introduce yourself.

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