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If you haven't sewn a quilt block with partial seams, you might be surprised at just how simple it is.

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Each Woven Logs quilt block finishes at 10" square. You can make a very orderly quilt or go super-scrappy with the layout. I've included strip piecing instructions, plus yardages and cutting info for a 60" x 80" quilt. The same three fabrics are used in each of the patchwork blocks used in this quilt. The quilt finishes at about 50" x 70".

The pattern includes instructions for individual blocks - see page 4 to make the entire quilt. The Improved Four Patch quilt block is made up of a four patch central unit set on point and then surrounded by triangles. It's an easy patchwork quilt block that's suitable for quilters of every skill level, even beginners. Improved Four Patch Quilt Pattern. This blocks in this colorful Double Nine Patch quilt are assembled using a slightly different color value layout in the small corner nine patches than is typical of the traditional design.

Double Nine Patch Quilt Pattern. Five Patch Chain is a quilt block that can be used to create a dramatic diagonal movement across the face of your quilt. All pieces in this patchwork quilt block are cut along the straight grain - no stretchy bias edges means it's super easy to assemble. The quilt block finishes at 10" square, and the quilt pattern includes 18 Five Patch Chains alternated with Snowball blocks.

Bonnie Scotsman is assembled with straight grain bars and squares - no stretchy bias edges to deal with, and that means it's definitely a beginner-friendly patchwork quilt.

You'll find instructions for assembling the quilt blocks one patch at a time, which is perfect for scrappy quilts, and also a strip piecing option for anyone who wants to make a batch of identical blocks. I've included two layout suggestions for 35 blocks plus yardagesbut many more arrangements are possible for this versatile design.

Greek Cross quilt blocks are all about color value. You can dramatically alter their appearance by shifting value positions within the block. Such a simple block, but one that can be either traditional or dramatic, depending on your fabric choices.

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Greek Cross Quilt Pattern. This 15" version of the Wishing Ring helps you make a large quilt in no time at all. Blocks this size are versatile, and can be used for bed quilts, throw pillow covers, medallion quilts and more. The traditional name of this quilt block is Coffin Star, not the most upbeat name for a design. It's constructed by surrounding a scrappy patch center with setting triangles. My example is filled with bright pinks and purples flanked by gray, but you can personalize your quilt by changing the fabric theme.

Framed Friendship Stars quilt blocks finish at inches square, and can be assembled with quick piecing techniques. You'll find the quilt layout suggestion on page 4 of the block pattern, along with yardages to make the quilt shown. You might notice that the quilt block is much like the traditional Milky Way design, but its half square triangles are arranged a bit differently.

Framed Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern. This Framed Unequal Nine Patch quilt block finishes at inches square and is made with batik fabrics in shades of brown and teal. It's easy to assemble, with straight-edge patches that let you avoid the stretchy bias edges created by triangles. I've included instructions and yardages for an on-point wallhanging, but you can easily make modifications to create a quilt of any size.

The Philadelphia Pavement block used in this quilt finishes at inches square. The design is made up of a Shoo Fly center surrounded by sashing bars and corner squares. The pattern includes an option for assembling the blocks one patch at a time, and another for strip piecing if you prefer that method. You'll also find yardages and instructions for the quilt shown here. Philadelphia Pavement Quilt Pattern.

Stitched in focal fabrics of pink, rose and orange, this Double Four Patch quilt is sure to be an attention-getter. The pattern includes instructions for single quilt blocks and an entire quilt. This quilt is made from a patchwork block that's a variation of the design often referred to as Broken Dishes.

Its center, made from four half square triangle units, is the layout that typically comes to mind when we hear that name.

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Use this free quilt pattern to make single blocks finishing at 15" square, or sew the quilt illustrated above. The Hopscotch Quilt is a bit larger than a typical crib quilt, but still a good size for a baby or toddler. Many, many years ago my sister, Carol, began making a pink and orange quilt. Sadly, it wasn't finished when she passed away. I have the pieces, though, tucked away until I feel I can dig in and combine colors in the same way she did.

An artist, colors were always her strong point. You say you aren't a fan of orange and pink combos? Then simply change the colors to suit your tastes. Sawtooth Stars Quilt.

Make 35 quilt blocks to assemble a strippy set look quilt like this example, with blocks that appear to be sewn into vertical columns. It's a very good pattern for scrap quilts. Each block's color value contrast arrangement is split vertically, and deviates from the norm, with a dark background in one-half of the block and a light background in the other.

The pattern walks you through the construction of two quilt blocks, and although they have the same components, they're sewn together in different ways.

Jul 30,   However, unless there is a direct connection to the maker, the dating of quilts is not precise science. It is more like a mixture of detective work and educated guessing. The most important clues to the age of a quilt are the stiches, the fabric and the design used. The Ocean Waves quilt pattern is perfect for scrap quilts, but looks great sewn in an orderly fashion, too. If the number of patches the quilt requires seems like more than you want to take on, just assemble a small batch of the units each time you sit down to sew. Accumulate them in a box, keeping track of how many you add each time. A quilt's weaving pattern, or the way it was sewn, is a clue to age; plain weave is the most common type. With this weave, warp and filler threads pass over one another in alternating rows. Plain.

Only four fabrics are used, and colors link to create a somewhat circular motion across the quilt. Change the fabrics for a completely different look.

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Try a black background instead of using the light fabric shown, and replace the remaining colors with bright fabrics that contrast with the black.

Illinois Roads is made from two different quilt blocks, the traditional patchwork Illinois Road and a variation of the Calico Puzzle design. The pattern helps you make the square quilt sewn here, but it's easy to switch to a rectangular layout if you like. The quilt is perfect for a scrappy layout that uses bright fabrics for the small pinwheel-like units in the Illinois Roadblock.

Illinois Road Quilt Pattern. Hula Twist is a quilt made with 12" square blocks. Two traditional designs are used, the Friendship Star and the Eccentric Star.

The blocks link together to give the quilt a bit of twist, helped by the very light background that allows the "legs" of the Eccentrics to move forward. The quilt finishes at 72" x 92", but you can adjust its size by playing with border numbers and dimensions. This quilt is sewn with a couple of blocks - one is the traditional Ohio Star.

Its color values are altered slightly and the block is placed on point - both actions that change the Ohio Star's appearance. Make the 48" square wallhanging for yourself or when you need a gift.

The quilt goes together fairly quickly, and its theme can be altered dramatically by simply changing the fabrics.

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Ohio Star Wallhanging Pattern. The Whirlpools baby quilt goes together pretty quickly and might come in handy if you need a last minute gift. The quilt is made with one traditional block sewn in two different colorways.

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Blocks are assembled entirely with quick pieced flying geese units, but using two different methods. With one technique, you'll sew small squares to a larger square to create the geese, and with the other method, you'll start with rectangles. Whirlpools Baby Quilt Pattern. The Cozy Chains quilt has dark squares than run diagonally through all of the blocks, adding another bit of visual texture. Each block in this quilt is made from four small maple leaf units separated by sashing and a center cornerstone.

Alternate blocks are Snowballs with deep red corners that link with the maple leaves to create the diagonal flow. This large quilt finishes at 82" x ". Autumn Leaves Quilt Pattern.

I've included instructions for two sizes with this pattern, a bed quilt made with 10" square blocks and a baby quilt made with 5" square blocks. Here's a Monkey Wrench baby quilt pattern that measures about 38" x 45".

Made with 6" square blocks, it's pretty simple to construct. Sashing and cornerstones separate the scrappy blocks, which are sewn in brightly colored, warm patchwork set on a dark brown background.

Simply change the color scheme if you'd like to give the quilt a different appearance.

Monkey Wrench Baby Quilt Pattern. Holiday Ribbons includes a pattern for a 30" square quilt, along with a coordinating table runner and placemats.

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You'll see toasty brown fabrics, plus green, black and red in this 72" x 96" quilt made from two different quilt blocks. The blocks appear to be set on point, but they're actually sewn side by side in a straight setting.

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Harvest Stars Quilt Pattern. Hearts 'n Rags is an easy rag quilt pattern, one that you can assemble pretty quickly. The quilt is made with a combination of block types: squares with raggy heart applique, plain floral squares, blocks cut from a border print and another unit created by sewing two bars together. My quilt is lightweight, with no batting, but I've provided yardage and cutting instructions for a middle layer if you choose to add it. Hearts 'n Rags Rag Quilt Pattern.

My Stars Through the Windows quilt pattern is assembled with two quilt blocks, Snowball, and a four patch variation. Both blocks are easy to sew and perfect for a first quilting project.

Use the open areas to create an I Spy quilt. Click through to see a large image of the Midnight Blues quilt the thumbnail doesn't offer a good preview of the layout. I like this quilt, because when it's put together the quilt blocks, sashing, and cornerstones flow into each other, creating what I'll call sub-blocks. It's easy to create your own size and layout for the Cathedral Windows rag quilt, but if this is your first rag quilt, be sure to read Rag Quilt General Instructions before you begin.

Cathedral Windows Rag Quilt Pattern. Under the Stars Quilt Pattern. I've added a few options to the popular Jewel Box quilt pattern - instructions for one-at-a-time blocks, plus extra directions at the end for enough blocks to make an entire scrappy, but quick pieced quilt.

Jewel Box Quilt Pattern. This version of the Summer Dragon quilt finishes at 69" x 90". Adjust its size by changing the width of borders, adding more borders than shown or by eliminating borders altogether. Summer Dragon Bed Quilt Pattern. Oriental Courtyards finishes at about 65" x 85". The quilt is made with two blocks, Snowball and a block I named Courtyard. Springtime Ribbons was designed for breast cancer awareness fabrics, but feel free to change its theme to suit your needs.

Springtime Ribbons Quilt Pattern. Grandma's Favorite quilt blocks finish at 10" square, and the pattern includes instructions and yardages for a 50" x 50" quilt. Grandma's Favorite Quilt Pattern. Card Trick quilt blocks go together easily.

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Card Trick Quilt Pattern. Starry Nights is a strippy set quilt pattern sewn with Pinwheel and Snowball quilt blocks that finish at 8-inches square. The quilt measures about 72" x ". This easy quilt finishes at about 54" x 70", and is made by combining two traditional patchwork quilt blocks: Snowball and Economy. Snowballing Economy Quilt Pattern. Rocky Glen is a quilt pattern that will give you lots of practice making half square triangle units - the only patchwork used in the quilt. Rocky Glen Quilt Pattern.

The Double Star Quilt is made from 20 quilt blocks that are separated by sashing and cornerstones. Double Stars Quilt Pattern. Two options are included for the applique, one a bit more simple than the other. Eight Hands Around is a quilt that finishes at about 68" x 80", with blocks measuring 12" square.

It's easy to change the theme - just choose different fabrics. Eight Hands Around Quilt Pattern. My pineapple quilt pattern is assembled with thirty-five 9" pineapple quilt blocks. Two color layouts are used in this illustration, but you can sew identical blocks for a more traditional layout.

Pineapple Quilt Pattern.

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Guess what the overwhelming answer was - yep, you got it - blue. So here's a monochromatic blue quilt to help you use up your stash. The blocks in this quilt pattern are 10" square and the quilt finishes at about 55" x 69".

Change the look if you'd like. Use bright juvenile prints for a child's quilt or go a little softer for a baby quilt.

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How about batiks? Or maybe white and black prints with a touch of red. Got Blues? Quilt Pattern. Here's a quilt that measures about 66" square, a perfect size to take along on picnics or July 4th celebrations. Use flannel for the batting to get by with minimal quilting stitches since good old flannel stays intact in the wash. Waving the Flag - Free Quilt Pattern. I'm from Missouri, so I thought it was about time I came up with a quilt pattern that shows off one of the blocks named to commemorate the state.

This one's the Missouri Puzzle, a square quilt with sashing and cornerstones between blocks. Missouri Puzzle Quilt Pattern. Quilt blocks are alternated from row to row to create a secondary design when blocks are joined.

The layout makes it look like blocks are placed on-pointbut they're actually sewn together horizontally. Springtime Pinwheels Quilt Pattern. Friendship quilts have been popular forever, but they don't all have signature panels like the centers of these 6" patchwork star blocks. The blocks are easy to make and the dark star tips and center bars don't require much fabric at all - it's an excellent pattern to help you use up your scraps.

If you'd rather make the quilt all by yourself, use the signature panels to honor family members, or sew a darker strip in that slot if you'd prefer to do away with signatures.

Little Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern. Marina Blues is a inch square quilt made with two different quilt blocks. It was inspired by a model home I toured many, many years ago - all teals and blues and sea-greens, with a crystal clear blue-lined pool outside the back door - a perfect match for the Florida beach town it sat in.

Marina Blues Quilt Pattern. I like the neutral theme of this Snail's Trail quilt, but the pattern will look good sewn with any contrasting fabrics you choose. The 9-inch quilt blocks are constructed with two different fabrics, one a light neutral and one dark. The quilt measures about 70" x 77". Snail's Trail Quilt Pattern. I rarely sew with solids, but this is a pattern I might consider for an Amish style quilt, combining deep navy or black with brighter colors.

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To make the quilt, you'll sew batches of two different blocks, and then place them on point and add a couple of borders. Vintage Chains Quilt Pattern. Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Pattern. This easy 2-block rag quilt pattern is perfect for floral fabrics. Its border is pieced from scraps of all fabrics used.

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Floral Rag Quilt Pattern 2 sizes. Rag quilts are super soft and cuddly - and one of the easiest types of quilts you'll ever make once you get accustomed to putting wrong sides together when you sew. Change the theme of this easy rag quilt to make it suit your needs.

Tips for determining the date of a vintage pattern. Not all of the major companies dated their vintage sewing patterns in the same way. Some placed the dates on the envelopes, some placed the dates on the instruction sheets & others didn't date the patterns at all. It is easy to find a printed date on a vintage. Dating quilt patterns - Find single man in the US with footing. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. Nile green, usually indicative of quilts dating to the s or '40s, is a medium to light green with a yellow undertone. Nile green was often used in applique on quilts with a white or cream background.

Free Rag Quilt Pattern. Anniversary Sampler Quilt Index. You don't need a special quilt pattern to sew a denim quilt, but denim's heavy weight means that some quilting patterns are easier to assemble than others. How to Make a Denim Quilt. The pattern includes instructions for single blocks, plus yardages and the extra details you need to construct a small quilt with King's Crown blocks on-point. King's Crown Quilt Pattern. You'll find instructions for this scrappy hearts quilt on the last page of the pattern for the 6" heart block.

Scrappy Hearts Quilt Pattern. This quilt uses a variation of the Grandmother's Choice quilt block, each sewn with four pinwheel units separated by sashing. Grandmother's Choice Quilt Pattern.

Ocean Waves is a quilt pattern that's packed with half square triangle units. The quilt isn't difficult to make, but it does have lots and lots of pieces. The Ocean Waves quilt pattern is perfect for scrap quilt s, but looks great sewn in an orderly fashion, too.

If the number of patches the quilt requires seems like more than you want to take on, just assemble a small batch of the units each time you sit down to sew. Accumulate them in a box, keeping track of how many you add each time.

For a true scrap quilt, sew the units with random fabrics from each day's sewing tasks. The end result is definitely worth the effort. Ocean Waves Quilt Pattern. Clownin' Around is made with the traditional patchwork Clown quilt block. I used vibrant colors in this example, for a circus-like theme, but included a monochromatic version with vertical sashing as an example for those of you who like to designs that are a bit more toned-down.

String piecing is one type of foundation piecing. Fabrics are sewn onto a backing material - the foundation. The technique gets its name from the long strips of fabric that are used - the strings, which are sewn randomly to a permanent foundation that's typically cut from muslin. Not all of the major companies dated their vintage sewing patterns in the same way.

It is easy to find a printed date on a vintage pattern to determine the date.

Dating quilt patterns

But what happens if there is no date to be found? That can make things a little more difficult. The manufacturers often re-issued the numbering sequences so simply using the pattern number will be of little value.

Some of the procedures that different companies used to date their patterns:. During the 's logo was placed in the upper left corner with a colored box around it. Early 's name logo moved to the left side. Mid 's logo moved back to the top. The S was added in Early 's McCall logo was made in a script font on the side During the early 's the logo switched sides.

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