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Weekly Vents and Successes Thread- June 15, self. Weekly Vents and Successes Thread- July 06, self. Leave the person you hurt alone, even if you're trying to see how they're doing. Just some general advice self. Always, always trust your gut self. Write notes! Modern dating has just made people close-minded, judgmental, and careless.

Men like this need to learn to let go when they let go they set free and if she wishes to stay then stay. Rejection today and rejection 2 weeks from now is still rejection. I dont fear loss. I dont fear women never talking to me again. They come and go like clouds in the sky. Apathy is the worst emotion. Live your life in your path and accept those that come your way. Dont live for others approval.

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To live means you are defining your decisions with a purpose. Moving with a purpose. Loving with a purpose. That last sentence is the issue. All you see is negative. You're going to have to change that.

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I can agree with the majority of the points you've stated in this post because I used to be this guy. However, be aware that this applies to women as well who have similar thoughts on this concept. Im speaking to men in this post. If women wish to apply this that is their responsibility. Being that men are the ones that suffer with this in the majority overall its my responsibility to pass this information onto men being that i am That's actually not true.

I have rejected people I was into. Typically it's because I know it won't work out. If the person you're dating is not obviously into you, then move on! You want to be wanted! There are plenty of fish in the sea and a lot of them would be thrilled to be with you. I am a guy and I resent the incredibly unfair and antiquated rule that men take all the initiative.

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My simple rule: I'll ask her out once. After we go out, it's on her to ask me out next - or that's it. If we end up together, I'll be good with doing most of the grocery shopping and being the bathroom cleaning assignee.

Fuck traditional gender roles. Before then, she has to show that she wants to be with me - or she will not be with me. This is about self actualization and freedom. That's more important to me than a phone number. It's about equality and fairness - and an end to all the drama around "Does she like me? Well thank you. My understanding is attraction to the uninitated is often mistaken as mixed messages and confusion.

Where i come in is slowing things down because i have taken myself out of the dating matrix to know how your gender operates with communication. Most men are not going to get this. They'll look at this and look past it. They'll still hit on that girl which is a waste of time to them instead of ignoring them to begin with. In my self actualization ive learned this to a t that you wouldnt even have the the ability to ghost me because i can figure a woman out like this from the get go and you wouldnt waste my time.

This hopefully will free men and get them to see how to reclaim their time back.

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Hopefully they'll slow things down and be better because of it. When the time comes im not saying they will be able to dodge these games and time wasting scenarios.

I'm saying when the time comes they won't have to. Accepting rejection is a part of life. Too many people get caught up on time or money put into another person. If someone has made it clear that you're not what they are looking for then be glad you no longer have to expend energy on someone that is not returning your intentions.

You now have time to live life without worrying if everything is okay or if you will be ghosted. When a person takes the time to be honest with you don't fight it because you have feelings that they don't share. Realize your worth and don't beg for a second chance. A person that desires you would not put you through that. It will do wonders for your confidence to accept their decision and walk away with fond memories of the time you shared.

Why have you made this about women?

Dating rejection reddit

Why not just about people? Nothing you have written concerns just women. This is for men to realize their worth when chasing your gender.

Its not exclusive to men, but this is to help them see how to deal with you. You are very hateful from the comments here. Nothing here applies to women.

It apples to all people, and I'll tell you something else for free. Hateful people like you repel people, too. Stop enforcing stereotypes where the genders are poles apart. This isn't a female thing, nor a male one. Try kindness now and then, rather than posting in such an aggressive fashion.

You're a typical keyboard warrior. When you call interactions with women "gaming", you're already in creepster territory.

How do you get over dating rejection? I started dating again back in October after ending a ten-month long relationship. I don't know why, but getting through the rejections and those little signs of indifference and lack of interest on part of the guy has been especially difficult for me to bounce back from.

May as well throw in the towel. Not being funny. IF you're not referring to "gaming women", then I apologize. If you are, however, that makes you a creep and my post apt. I have been helpful by providing all the information here and replies and postings. You're choosing to live your life the way you want and see what you want.

That is not my responsibility. You're an adult. Not a child. If you cant extract info from this to apply to your life to alter directions and optimize this then its not an issue of me " helping " its you not wanting to help yourself. Brotha your issue is happiness. You're not happy.

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Youre going to have to find that. It wont be in a person. It has to come from you.

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Been catching alot of flack from some posters in here. Thats cool and I expected it. The truth hurts. Ask yourself this question. Ok you dont like what I wrote, but am I wrong? How many times are you gonna message that girl that hasnt responded to you in 5 days?

How often are you gonna text her and she says she's busy. Or you're to the point where youre now talking to yourself in messenger. Listen you can get mad at me all you want, but this is reality. We all whether be men or women have the same symptoms of when we want someone in our life or when we don't.

Can every situation be different what if she thinks I'm moving too fast what if she really doesn't want to be with me or anyone for that matter right now do I take my time or fuck other women untill she comes around that's kinda what she's forced me to do. I think you can acknowledge a woman is pretty without hitting on her or asking her out.

At many different events and venues you may not be interested in a partner. There's so many picky people why worry about. Women's egos are stroked daily anyways. Do they really need another boost? Not really. Im saying in order for you to pick up when a woman is into you you need to accept when you're rejected. The only way to know when a door is open is when you see a door that is closed. Ok now you've shown your true colours.

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Apart means something is broken apart. Ironies of technology, lol.

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Im not doing this to spite women. I'm writing this so mens minds can be free. Can you elaborate? It's intentions. She's getting unfriended, I guess. They fear loss. We own nothing in life. Only lease. Not even who we love or want to love. Love in a way where the person you love feels free. I had to learn that and my God is it rewarding. Learn to live. Not exist.

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Trash cans exist. Trees live.

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Much like women who also do this, they won't take what's in front of them until they learn to actually want it. Yeah I agree. Perhaps you have to go through several relationships and be offered love and reject it before you realise that love is actually that thing you rejected. And maybe then, the next you accept it You just got to deal with them.

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No one is perfect. Reminds me of the time I dated a girl, we got along very very well and had a lot of fun, kissed a lot for the few dates we had and all of a sudden it was "I see you more as friends". So odd coming from the one that initiated the first kiss It doesn't or shouldn't matter the past damage.

New person, fresh start. Been told the same as the OP before Other folks and DMs ended that Not letting that stuff ruin it for someone new, though. There are people out there for the real, who are the real. I sure hope so. I'm ok with it, the small heartache will go away. I hear ya. I've dated a few in the last few months that didn't know what they wanted or didnt want to say they just looking for fun because of the social impact. Recently had a similar situation where the guy did this to me for months just to ultimately end it so good for you for not allowing it even though I know it sucks.

I think what he is saying is that his previous dating pool was comprised of women girls who played mind games and expected the chase. He is not used adult relationships, is what he is saying. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back to you, but hopefully by then you will be with a man who appreciates that you are emotionally available, able to provide love, care, time and energy in a relationship. At the same time, to be a devil's advocate, men sometimes need a bit more time to figure out their feelings and especially to admit it to not only themselves but to another.

If he comes back within a month or so, I would probably give it another try, although I agree the lies are not a good thing and those would have to be established as deal breakers going forward. If he comes back 6 months to a year I realize that people are malleable and they don't stay the same throughout life in their emotions and growth well most people at least The more blunt reason is that he suddenly realized he's not as interested in me as he thought, and terrified of hurting my feelings by saying that.

Unfortunately we cant be in control of relationships the way we are used to with our careers or life choices. So its another lesson in letting go, and being ok with the fact that i'm just not his cup of tea anymore, even if i might have been on day 1. But the damage is done. Currently i'm "thinking" about whether I want to keep dating him, but my decision was made the moment he said that he was still thinking about what he wanted.

I just said that to end the conversation and get him out the door. This is certainly no bragging point, but in the past 3 of my exes have returned after their "fun times" to settle down. So i can assure you that will never be an option for me to settle on. Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply.

I understand the damage is being done part. It sucks because sometimes people say or perhaps do things without truly understanding how it may affect the other person and the hurt that is caused sometimes never goes away.

Not sure where I heard or read this but to me such an amazing demonstration of how hurting another leads to this "damage is already done" state. The story: the mom of a precocious young boy one day wanted to teach her son a lesson about what happens when he says or does something that hurts another. She asked him to join her in the kitchen and she handed the young boy a dinner plate. The boy looked down at the broken shard and then up at her mom puzzled.

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She explained "no matter what you say now that plate will never be whole again". I would have left you too. The fuck? If you want something exclusive, ask for it. Not everyone moves at the same pace. It's very common that one person is more into the other, except that often times, that's not actually communicated overtly.

That's certainly true. We'd been on around dates which he mostly initiated, he texted me without fail every day, we were very open about our intentions. He definitely was withdrawing a bit for one day this week, so I asked the question, carefully i might add I was understanding, but reflected my standards and said we might be on different pages.

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This is a post that I commented on another thread but thought I should make it into its own post. This is for all of the guys who are worried about how their dating life will be affected once they shave their head. The first thing you need to do is learn to have more confidence. You have to love who you are. The issue faced in todays world of dating is avoiding reality to enjoy the comfort of deception. Not a healthy choice in the long run. The only way you as a man can read if a woman is into and not go into creeper mode is to experience rejection. You'll learn what it feels like knocking vs the door being open. Women are not complicated. Romantic rejection is a very easy way to fall into clinical depression. "But rejected men and women in societies around the world sometimes kill themselves or someone else. In fact, studies indicate that some 40of people who are rejected in love slip into clinical depression.

On the bright side, at least this person outed himself and you know to move the hell on. Dating is hard going. A little heart sore, but definitely with some more courage and experience. He seemed stunned at that answer, and uncomfortable. You put it in better words. A gew things may have happened. In any case you aren't at fault.

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Just ran into a bad one. I want to love, but I honestly don't know how.

Rejection dating - Men looking for a man - Women looking for a woman. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and hunt for you. Find single woman in the US with online dating. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. r/dating_advice: Share your favorite tips, ask for advice, and encourage others about anything dating. What I mean by "handling rejection well" is: Respecting the rejection, continuing in a calm, friendly, and respectful way, staying happy and unphased, and giving them space. help App coins premium gifts. Aug 08,   Rejections on a dating app can be brutal, but on the bright side, whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. The Rejection. Cam Welch. August 8, Share TweetAuthor: Cam Welch.

I've had some but I've thought I should talk to someone again. I'll take fun,sure. But im aiming for LTR. I assume you set him free?

The mom then said: "smash that plate onto the ground. The mom then told the boy "now, say sorry to it" The boy looked down at the broken shard and then up at her mom puzzled. This wasn't a relationship conversation, it was an exclusivity discussion.

Learn to read.

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I would totally leave. It sounds like he's very honest with you, which is something to be applauded.

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