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Originally posted by shxwnmendess. They were watching their favourite movie, while cuddled on the couch. I wish we could stay in this moment forever. Shawn had been away on tour, and was finally home. They were enjoying their night, until the electricity suddenly went out.

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My hair was a mess. The pony tail I had it in all day was falling out and my eyes were red, mascara marked on my cheeks. Turning the tap on, I wash the sink out before filling my hands with the icy water and splashing my face. I dry my face before returning to the bedroom.

Jul 23,   This story contains a sexual/smut scene, fluff, some self-harm, and strong language. Samantha was dating Shawn for about 2 years. When she comes home from her job she catches Shawn in bed with her best friend. She was heartbroken. Reviews: 2. shawn mendes shawn mendes imagine shawnmendesfan shawn mendes - benjamingaleschreck.com shawn mendes fluff imagines shawn mendes edit shawn mendes x you shawn mendes x y/n shawn Which meant Brian would be throwing a crazy party at his house. Y/n and Shawn had been dating for a couple of months. They always went to Brian's wild parties, considering Brian. A Shawn Mendes - benjamingaleschreck.com Short Story for a good friend of mine - @joshayaftw on Instagram Love you Sundance x Add to library Discussion 1 Browse more Romance I met him on Tinder [s.m].

I stare at the room. Photographs line my dresser of Shawn and I. When we went to the carnival and he won me a stuffed giraffe. My graduation, me in my gown and Shawn standing proudly beside me. I walk over picking up the last photograph.

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It was our 1st anniversary and he had taken me to a fancy restaurant in town. I was wearing my favorite dress and Shawn wore an all black suit. We looked happy.

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Anger like a tidal wave, smashes into my body. I let out an angry scream, chucking the frame across the room. I push everything off the dresser, the glass smashing against the floor, shards going everywhere. Heavy tears leak out my eyes again.

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I rest my head on my arms that are held up on my knees, the pain churning in my stomach. It was like the pain recognized the cause. My breathing quickened.

Dating shawn mendes fanfic

What was I meant to say to the person that just broke my heart? Are you here?

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He walked in, noticing the broken frames first before his eyes landed on mine. He rushes to me, leaning down his hand outstretched to touch me but disgust fills my body.

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Seeing my phone on the floor near me, I pick it up, unlocking it. The pictures are still there, still make my stomach flip when I see them, still make me hurt.

Fantasy Romance Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes Imagines Ellie was a normal sixteen year old girl living a normal life in Toronto. Now, you may think that her life might be "Boring" and "Lame" but some things aren't whet they seem. The day she met Shawn, everything changed. Fake Dating My Bestfriend (Shawn Mendes - benjamingaleschreck.com) - benjamingaleschreck.com. Madison and Shawn are bestfriends and have been since they were 2. They develop huge crushes on two kids from their school. They decide to fake date eachother to grab their crushes attention. What could go wrong? #bestfriends #fakedating #fan #- benjamingaleschreck.com #. Dec 03,   Read wanting a puppy from the story shawn mendes imagines by shawnmendes with 2, reads. love, fanfic, cute. Feel free to comment, also if you enjoyed Reviews:

His face falls quickly. You listen to me Shawn! He barely moves an inch. You must have known when you started falling out of love with me.

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This may be the first time I have ever seen him cry. Fear that I was never going to be good enough for him.

Dating My Idol (Shawn Mendes FanFic) Ouch. Katrinaaaaa. 2 WEEKS LATER:) Shawn's POV Today is the day I get back on tour but I heard that a new girl was joining us. Cameron will totally hit on her. A new Viner girl on our bus who knows. Maria's POV. Jul 08,   Is Shawn Mendes currently dating anyone? Shawn has been pretty open about his current relationship status in recent interviews. He has been . Jul 13,   Read Chapter 4 from the story Fake Dating my Bestfriend Shawn Mendes by NicoleHoran (Nicole) with , reads. nicole, feels, humor. That day, Ashley and Content Rating: everyone.

I let him. For one moment, I just needed to be comforted. I start crying again, shuddering in his arms. My heart has been yours since that day and I have no hope of ever getting it back.

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Originally posted by pride-direction. Summary: Shawn meets his person, and they struggle to live life as a rockstar and a no body. Shawn broke out the expensive shit and proved that exes can still hang out and be friends. I am sorry, I promise to edit this tomorrow.

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All the love xxx. Your gaze was focused on the floor while you tried to climb down the from the bar bench you had been sitting on for several minutes by that moment; the rush of adrenaline growing once you felt his fingers sneak under your cropped top, holding you firmly to help you down.

You held onto his forearms strongly, your fingertips pressing hard on his sweaty skin, muscles tensing as if your warm touch on his warmest skin had sent an electrifying rush through his veins, up his body, making his touch tighten on your side.

You were already struggling to walk steadily, the alcohol beginning to speak for itself and taking its notice on the clumsy smile you gave him, once you looked back up at him. His cheeks were flushed and he gave you the brightest smile of all. His hair was a pure mess of curls, which you were sure would still be soft to the touch even if it was covered in sweat; it fell over his forehead, a few strings tickling his eyelids, the ones he tried to avoid as he blinked rapidly.

He was staring back at you, unconsciously bringing you closer to him.

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You had no idea what he was thinking, even though he kept repeating to you how beautiful you looked, you were positive he looked even better. If only you could express how pretty his plump lips were whenever they moved along with his warm tongue as he complimented you. If only you could explain how hot he looked whenever he stared directly at your lips as you spoke, brows frowning hard in concentration as his lips moved along with yours, trying to understand what you were saying through the loud music.

7 Girls Shawn Mendes Has \

He was mesmerizingly drunk. Hope you like it :D.

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The music was loud, the bass making the floor seem like it was shaking. All I could see was them, Shawn and the beautiful brunette latched onto his arm.

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Shawn knows that so he tries to not ever put you in situations like these, but it has become increasingly hard as he became more and more famous.

His security walks you both to your car, and then leaves you two alone to drive home together. You back out of the parking stall as Shawn immediately starts to control the music, turning it loud enough so that you can feel the beat.

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During the drive back, Shawn tells you that the fans at the airport were talking about how cute you were and cute they thought you two were together. Shawn Mendes hasn't had any high profile relationships during his time in the spotlight and he's finally explained why.

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Although he's surely not short of potential partners, Shawn has remained single and in a new interview with Variety, the 'In My Blood' star has revealed why. Shawn, who hails from Pickering, Ontario explained that the reason he's remained single is that he's simply not chasing love.

Apr 09,   Shawn Mendes love story I am a normal girl with a normal life. Kinda. My sister is a singer in a group called Fifth Harmony, I have a normal life but my sister no. I am going to university, people are always like you are a very smart person, I speak 3 languages French, English and Greek, I am from. Jun 11,   Read Chapter 1 from the story Fake Dating my Bestfriend Shawn Mendes by NicoleHoran (Nicole) with , reads. magcon, feels, mendes. September 21 Content Rating: everyone. A Winter Of Happiness: A Shawn Mendes - benjamingaleschreck.com. 2 weeks ago Bean. Fantasy Romance Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes Imagines. Ellie was a normal sixteen year old girl living a normal life in Toronto. Now, you may think that her life might be "Boring" and "Lame" but some things aren't whet they seem. The day she met Shawn, everything changed.
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