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Shes not into having sex until after the baby is born, she has know the guys she's dating since kindergarden she's almost 24 and he respects her wishes, she has only been with one man her now deceaced husband and they were married before she had sex, she didn't want to put her self in a position to end up pregnant or with a man who only wanted sex. Then I don't get how her friends could be such haters. You would think they would have compassion for her situation but maybe they are unsettled by her starting something up with another man so soon after her husband's death. Regardless, not nice. We have some snotty so called friends who think they are better then anyone else They aren't friends then.

Obviously, women who are pregnant and women who are not are pretty different in many ways. First off, a pregnant woman is carrying a child. There is a LOT of baggage that comes with that. Women who are not expecting a child have a lot more freedom and nothing really tying them down, whereas a pregnant woman cannot drink or partake in the party scene really. The list goes on! Pregnant women are hormonal, sick, tired, and not totally in love with their bodies.

There are a few pros and cons we will go over so you can make the decision whether you are ready for this type of commitment or not! Really, you could probably take her to any restaurant, for that matter. She is giving up that previous lifestyle in order to properly raise a small human into a responsible adult, and participating in worldly or childish trends simply just gets in the way of preparing for a new life!

So, if you think you guys are just going to have a relaxing day at the beach, be ready to carry 6 different bags, chairs, a table, a cooler, extra clothes, extra towels, 4 different types of sunscreen, among MANY other things!

This is probably the big one. That can seem a bit weird, and may even be considered taboo, but the fact of the matter is- it can be totally normal! Whether the father of the child is involved or not, you can have a healthy relationship with a woman who is expecting. The only thing you know for sure, is that you are crazy about her and you want to remain in a relationship with her. However, what do you do if the father is completely nonexistent? Nevertheless, there are guys out there who may try to stir the pot with you, or will make sure that you know who the father is; the chances are, this will all fizzle out over time and you will all come to a civil compromise.

Jumping into relationships is a bad idea.

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My best friend met a guy at a club he was drunk and he called her the next day. They went out twice and then they were in a relationship. They will have been together for 3 years this September. And it is the most almost laughably dysfunctional relationship I have witnessed. I know!

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Full Rocky Relationship Timeline Until Pregnancy

I stand by what I say. Agreed,its a huge bombshell to deal with at only 2 months.

Dating someone whos pregnant

Yeah,two weeks is a lot less than two monthsI was just demonstrating getting into relationships without knowing one another! WAY too big of a burden for a two month relationship! Fairhaired Child July 6,am. I can see your point but I also feel like some people though they can be very easily taken advantage of do truely feel like they care a lot about many people that they have met for only a short amount of time either two weeks or a few months whatever.

I use the term cared as in, if something terrible were to happen to said person like getting hit by a bus and killed, I would feel really upset at the loss of a life, and wish that I had been able to know them better and longer.

However you are very correct in the fact that two months is not enough time to get to know a person and to figure out how much dedication there is in any relationship friendship, sexual etc. The first few months is all about asking questions and learning about all the little things that makes a person tick.

I think you said what I really meant in a much nicer way.

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TaraMonster July 5,pm. Why did his ex wait until she was three months pregnant to tell him? Did she not know how to approach it? Was she making sure she wanted to keep the baby? Laurel July 5,pm. And then she was probably deciding what to do when she did find out. Yeah, I figured that could be the case as well.

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I just think there are too many messy scenarios in this situation. Vegas SodaPop July 5,pm. Yet, when she learned thru the grapevine facebook that he had a new lady, she flipped out. After some months had passed she brought the baby here to visit with her family. She called my hunny to let him know she was in town and offered to let him visit for a few minutes.

She showed up for the visit, told my hunny that she was still in love with him and wanted him back. He told her that was no longer possible, he was now engaged to someone else me. She wigged out again - started calling at all hours, obviously intoxicated, being mean and vulgar, calling me many nasty names.

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She accused me of breaking up her family - and has not let my hunny have any access to the child since then. To say that she hates me is an understatement. He pays child support, and she will not let him see the baby out of spite.

Just ancedotal evidence that someone can hate someone else without having valid reasons - especially in such a sensitive situation as this. LOL :.

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Britannia July 5,pm. I too have been in a virtually identical situation honestly, I could have written this letter 3 years agoand his baby mama wanted him to support her and love her and marry her, and be there for the baby. She sent me threatening text messages, showed up to parties where he and I would be, and literally spat at me one time in a fit of rage. Urge him to get a paternity test, but leave it at that.

Oct 12,   I think being in a situation where you're a single pregnant mom makes dating hard to do. It should be a time of reflection on getting your life in order, and getting things situated after you have the baby. Usually you're on mommy drive for months. so would it be fair to leave the person you're seeing on the backburner for a period of time? Oct 18,   It's not a good idea to pursue someone who's pregnant to someone else and with the father of her baby. If they can make it work, it's better for the child without your involvement. Feb 27,   Becky McKeown shares her experience with dating while she was pregnant with her second child. "One guy was totally perplexed by pregnancy sex." 73of .

I agree that the ex might hate her. Maybe her bf has repeated something to her. SGMcG July 5,pm. It is up to him to decide whether he wants to be an involved father or not, but as of this moment, your relationship with him is now automatically a notch lower on the importance scale. Have you talked to your boyfriend yet as to what he wants to do? Because no matter what he decides regarding fatherhood, be sure to support him in his desire for involvement or resolution regarding the child. Most of us take that risk.

MissDre July 5,pm. Same here. My boyfriend and I were both tested. Grammar Fiend July 5,pm. Stacia July 9,pm. Lexington July 5,pm. Rachelgrace53 July 6,pm. The only claim to fame 7 had was the final episode. I barely remember the rest of it.

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IMO, you should stop seeing him now because it will only get more complicated. Name July 5,pm. Just like with this girl, my friend had already hopelessly fallen, and suddenly had to deal with potential step mommy issues. Really makes you appreciate the consequences of sex. They are exes now only because they once were deemed ok to enter into a relationship with, so either the picking process was flawed too speedy, too idealistic, etc.

And whenever a guy tells me all his exes are crazy,two thoughts come to my mind:. He is the crazy one who treated his exes poorly. And then he exaggerated their reactions,depicting them as crazy.

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You were right! The LW should move on. Not necessarily for good,but for now she should. Dating someone for two months is not a long time at all and it sounds like she jumped into a relationship with this guy.

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And if he meets her criteria and he is still available after a longer period of time,they can try dating again. But for now they should cool off. To me, that is some level of crazy and delusional, even trying to make it seem that they are still together when he talks to me every night, I just spent the last week with him before I move in with him. I just hope that she makes the right decision for herself. Good luck LW! This happened to me in and all I can say is MOA. By being supportive of the guy I was involved with when his ex told him she was pregnant with his child, I heard far more than I wanted or needed to know.

I heard about the relationship he had with her in the past. What a mess. Not pro-choice. Maybe more and more of the senseless, reckless breeders should get their fucking shit together and ONLY get pregnant when it makes sense.

When they are ready. Fuck them and their lives. I hope they truly suck. It would serve them right, and maybe then others would, I dunno, actually pay attention and learn from their mistakes.

Of course, the LW is completely innocent in all of this. Run far away.

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To the last person who made that comment I have to say that what you just said is disgusting. How do I know? I lost my mother 3 years ago and for me this was something positive, I had always wanted children so to find this out I thought it may have been my only chance.

Me and the boyfriend managed to get through it, but 11 weeks ago he decided to leave and now has a new gf. I have to say being the pregnant ex it is heartbreaking and incredibly hard.

Jul 31,   "Dating while pregnant is a hit-or-miss thing. You'll get the people with pregnancy fetishes, and you'll get some genuine people. And who knows, the genuine ones might change your mind. Go for it, Author: Elana Rubin. May 10,   Here's What Happened When I Tried Dating While Pregnant Alyssa Shelasky wasn't sure what she was looking for in a guy-until her bump . Guys absolutely date pregnant girls. Babies are the big scary, but if a girl is confident and independent enough the guy doesn't have to worry about immediately becoming 'baby-daddy' to someone else's kid, it's down to whether they're mature enough to deal with .

They started seeing each other tge minute we broke up. Love hurts July 29,am. Finally when i thought things can be normal again he though i deserve better and he cant give me what i need. At that moment i couldnt believe he didnt even let me try or at least us to try.

But few weeks after that i started texting him and we would still have that flirt talk. But the worst part is not even a month after they been togethershe got pregnant and they were gonna get married.

So now. But im just really confused because this is the second baby of his here.

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A part of me is struggling me to just leave and walk away. Please give me some advice here. Nat mAynard August 4,am. To be honest the same thing happened to me. At that point we had only been together for 3 weeks and we r now getting married on Saturday.

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I reckon sit down and talk to him about it find out his feelings on it all including his feelings for you if ur a rebound or if he feels the same way as you. Hope things turn out for the best like they have for me. Kim August 4,pm.

Pros Of Dating A Pregnant Woman She is ALWAYS down to eat. If you don't know what you want to do for a date- take her to her favorite restaurant! Tends to be more mature. Forget everything you know about dating- since you've probably only dated girls who only care Already is planning ahead. Since. Jul 05,   I agree that your boyfriend should get a paternity test, but if this baby is actually his then you will be there for his weekends with the baby, all of the family events where you will have to see his ex, his family, her family. It's a lot for being this early on in a relationship. No, a pregnant woman has enough to worry about emotionally, personally, financially etc without having to also juggle a new boyfriend. Rely on your friends and family at this time Having a pregnant SO and/or a brand new baby is one of the hardest times in someone's life (very unstable), and a person who's only known you for a few months most likely will not want to deal with that: can't blame them!

I havnt seen him in over 7 years. We had sparks instantly. I have been single for 2 years, so I am standoffish. She told him how many weeks pregnant she was, and that she didn't expect him to be a dad to her baby. They made their relationship official a month into dating, and he took an active role in being supportive to her through her pregnancy.

You'll get the people with pregnancy fetishes, and you'll get some genuine people. And who knows, the genuine ones might change your mind.

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Go for it, and have some fun. You'll really enjoy having someone around to share in the kicks and movements with.

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His verbal abuse and insistence for me to abort made it easier for me to let go of our [four-and-a-half] years together. However, I'm really hesitant to jump into anything and quite honestly, I haven't even tried dating.

But I see nothing wrong with it as long as you're upfront, safe, and proceed with caution. Another woman on the previously mentioned pregnancy discussion form said, quite correctly, that there's "nothing wrong with dating" while pregnant.

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