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Socializing, friends, and close relationships are very important to anyone - with or without diabetes. I have never been shy about living with diabetes, and am always happy to talk about it with anyone who will listen. Usually the person I am dating already knows about my diabetes, as I am usually pretty open about talking about it with people. Usually, I say I have type 1 diabetes, and have had it for over 12 years, since January 3rd, Then it is a lot of questions and answers back and forth until the other person feels they understand enough.

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I got diagnosed almost 40 years ago and at 16, I started dating a girl. When I told her I needed to tell her something.

Mitchell Jacobs is enlisted in the Navy and married to Brittany Gilleland, who has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 14 years. Together they have three children. Brittany currently blogs at Author: Mitchell Jacobs. Dating someone new is always stressful, and even more so when you have Type 1 diabetes.  True of both T1Ds and non-T1Ds, how much information to reveal at what time in the relationship is a tricky balance - not unlike T1D management itself! Think back to when you were first diagnosed. They realize that T1D - although it does not define you - is a part of you. DATE 1 There is no reason not to reveal the fact that you have Someone 1 diabetes on the first with, especially and it happens organically, i. DATE 3 By now, the two of you are getting comfortable with each other. DATE 4 By the fourth date, things with be getting personal.

She was expecting some devastating dark secret. Never giving it much of a second thought much to my relief.

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Pretty much paved the way for me to always remain open and communicative about my diabetes. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Michael.

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I got diagnosed almost exactly a year ago. I am 52, and single.

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I am quite upfront about it. I want to know if someone I date has a problem with it before the relationship becomes serious. When I met my husband at 21 he knew all about my 11 month old son but 3 weeks into dating I had a low blood sugar and decided that I needed to tell him.

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I liked him a lot and it was so difficult to tell him partly because I knew what that meant and partly because I knew he came with preconceived ideas. That was 18 years ago and he has been with me through my crazy ride since.

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Lisa, it sounds like you found a great, supportive husband! I wish the best for you and your family. Your email address will not be published.

When Dennis contacted The Diabetes Council last week, he was concerned that dating Susan with Type 1 diabetesmay not a good idea. He didn't know if he could handle her having a low blood sugarduring their time together, and he worried that his own fear of needles would make him too squeamish to deal with the day-to-day cts of diabetes care.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was overwhelming and scary considering the abundance of information being thrown at you all at once.

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All of these new terms, facts and routines can be almost as overwhelming to those close to you. This is important to consider when deciding which information to reveal to the person that you are interested in, and when! We want to be ourselves. It is extremely important to trust your own instincts and pick the moments that feel right to you - but just in case, here is a handy date-by-date guide to help ease your significant other into T1D life.

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There is no reason not to reveal the fact that you have Type 1 diabetes on the first date, especially if it happens organically, i. Look out for windows of opportunity during the conversation to mention it casually.

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If you appear at ease when you tell them, it is likely that your date will feel at ease about it as well. This means that there was enough of a spark that the two of you want to continue getting to know each other on a deeper level.

If they seem overwhelmed, proceed more slowly.

Dating And Type 1 Diabetes Socializing, friends, and close relationships are very important to anyone - with or without diabetes. Telling dates about your diabetes isn't always easy, and how and when you tell them is a personal decision. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 7, MiniMed Ambassador, Dakota, has had diabetes for. The biggest concern most people with diabetes have when dating is that a potential mate will stop liking them once diabetes is in the picture. Understand that not everyone wants to deal with your diabetes and thats OK. These are the same people who would not be . Congratulations! You're dating someone amazing, funny, beautiful and strong, who also has Type 1. If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried, there is no need. Here are tips that can help you take care of your significant other and the essentials in diabetes care that are a must-know! Insulin! Our bodies do not make insulin.

Share details about your diabetes only when necessary. Diabetes is a serious condition, especially if you develop complications like nerve damage and vision problems. Try to keep the conversation light.

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If an activity is too much for you to handle and you need to take a break, let your date know. Discuss restaurants that would suit your needs with your date.

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Places that serve only fried foods or that have a fixed multicourse menu may not work with your dietary requirements. Look at menus ahead of time and be mindful of your carbohydrate portions, no matter what you decide to order. This can help prevent eating too many carbs in one sitting, which can cause blood sugar issues. If you are having alcohol on a date, steer clear of carbohydrate-rich mixers like regular sodas, tonic water, or juices.

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Instead, choose water or soda water with lemon or lime as mixers. Choosing light beer over regular beer and dry wine over sweet or sparkling wine is also recommended. In addition, be mindful of low blood sugar when consuming alcohol, and make sure to check your blood sugar more often.

Dating someone with diabetes 1

If you need insulin, make sure you bring more than enough with you - just in case the date goes on for longer than expected. Temperature extremes can make insulin less effective, so carry it in a cooler, if possible. Bring along testing supplies, too.

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