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Peter: I had to cover up the clown statue in your basement. He was giving me the creeps. Peter, slightly scared now: theclown? Tony, bought a clown statue on 2 days ago for the express purpose of making this joke: you just covered up Steve. Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood.

Ok but this is so cute.

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Clint knew. Stucky Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes tony stark peter parker sam wilson thor dr. Rewatched Iron Man 2 so I had to draw this.

Peter Parker Dating Tony Stark's Daughter: needless to say it's a bit awkward at first tony and Peter try really hard to make it not that way Peter asks tony for his permission at first this. Being Tony Stark's daughter and dating Jason Todd would include. Bruce is against guns. Therefore, The Wayne Enterprises would never make a deal to get guns. So, Jason had to be creative to get his hands on some new toys since his dad's status wouldn't be of any help. tony: we do what peter wants peter parker tony stark clint barton spider-man hawkeye dad tony stark shitpost star wars tony is a dad peter parker is precious aww not st*rker anti st*rker irondad spiderson irondad and spiderson iron man.

Your chest constricted. Because I do. So damn much.

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But I mean, dealing with those clowns? Once you were sure he would allow you to speak, you moved your hand to cup his cheek. Not Steve, not anyone else. And nothing, especially not meddling reporters, will change that. And Tony invites him to the avengers? Originally posted by brolinjosh. If so, can I request headcanons for clingy, touch-starved Tony?

Husband of Stephen Strange-Stark, Stark Industries CEO and R&D, Peter, Harley and Morgan are my kids (I don't know how to roleplay on but I'll try). is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Log in Sign up. dating tony stark Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid. Dating Tony Stark would include Entire conversations made up of thinly veiled sexual innuendos that make the rest of the team very uncomfortable; Secretly keeping a tally of who can make Steve cringe more; Going out and mentioning you like something in passing only to end up with said item on your door step the very next morning.

Thank you! Originally posted by sonugelmeyendusler. Hi there!

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Originally posted by joshholloway. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Tony stark headcanons. Most popular Most popular Most recent.

Dating tony stark tumblr

Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Originally posted by thexstarkest ImagineTony building you a suit. Show more notes. Tony headcanons?

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If that makes any sense Like, I would place him in the middle. Do you want anything?

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ClothesJewelry you name it. For the good of you and everyone around you.

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Therefore, The Wayne Enterprises would never make a deal to get guns. Tony Stark.

When the media first found out that you were dating Tony Stark, they were in an uproar. Granted, most of what Tony did left the media in an uproar, but this even moreso. It wasn't like you were an ex-HYDRA agent or anything. You were just young. A fair amount younger than Tony, anyway.

When he had time, Jason flew to gain his weapons. As soon as he arrived, he tried to break in the Stark Industries.

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But you showed up. He was able to lie his way out of it when he noticed you were no harm.

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You two started a conversation and it just kept growing until you decides to grab some food. Untentional date, congrats!

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By the end of the night, Jason knows a few things: You were the daughter of the man he was trying to steal. Tony stopped fabricating and selling guns months before Todd showed up.

It was supposed to be a happy accident. One night thing. And then the days keep passing by and one night tangled another, and another.

the bachelor: tony stark edition tony stark tony stark's dating game steve rogers stephen strange thor odinson loki laufeyson peter quill t'challa bucky barnes bruce banner rhodey star lord war machine captain america black panther the avengers infinity war the avengers marvel avengers infinity war doctor strange peter parker spider man. Dating Tony Stark would include Originally posted by lildemonsemen. Requested?: No. Warnings: none. Requests: open. A/N: I may have got a little carried away - Thinking that he was a total playboy when you first started dating and expected to feel very jealous because of . Dating Tony Stark would include: So I have this headcanon that Tony's SO would either be someone who comes from a similarly wealthy family background and move in the same circles as him. OR they're someone who comes from nothing and they've worked hard to .

Eventually, you tell him you are aware of his night activities. Pretty the opposite. You became a hero after Tony died. Peter is slightly frightened by Jason.

Tony Stark Oh No!

Spidey feels somehow responsible for you since what happened to your father. Otherwise, Dick absolutely loves you. Lots of arguing because of the guns. And Todd takes a break from Gotham to be with you.

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Him towering over you, tinkering with something in the lab while you played with some toys on a little area he had cleared out for you. You remember him smiling and picking you up and talking to you about whatever he was working on.

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Your childhood was filled with happy memories like that Him reading to you Going out for ice cream Him helping you with Science projects You helping him out on the lab Of course there were some fights too, but it always ended in a heart to heart talk about what was going on and a hug.

You loved your dad more than anybody else in the world, and he loved you just the same Unknowingly you were the one who helped him out with his PTSD and his nightmares. You believed in him more than anyone and thought it was the coolest thing that he wanted to become Iron Man and help people. Pepper was like a mom to you. When the Avengers formed, your dad became x more protective, which is saying something because he was already super protective before.

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But your curiosity got the best of you even with his warnings to stay away. They were all staying in the Tower after all.

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They adopted you quite fast. Nat was your favorite person to talk to, she always gave great advices. Steve was funny and you helped him learn about modern world Bruce was quiet but super smart and you always came to him for help on homework or papers Clint was like a big brother Thor was just really weird but you loved him just the same When it came to dating you father always told you to stay away from boys, they had bad intentions and were only after one thing and all that.

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