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Some months ago, I decided to conduct a survey, albeit a small one. Both of them suggested that my long, graying hair would be a turnoff to men viewing my profile. The young guy apologized for sounding ageist or sexist. The ex said I might be mistaken for one of those religious types who never cut their hair and wear mesh caps. At some point in her life, every woman contemplates her face in the mirror and notes the signs of aging.

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Lothario Leonardo DiCaprio, 44, crushed the hearts of all us Nineties teens when it became apparent potential suitors had to be leggy models, under His current girlfriend is year-old model Camila Morrone. A woman like me - almost 35 and with grey hairs sprouting all over - is so irrelevant to these men, I might as well adopt cats and live in exile. The age-gap myth is perpetuated on screen, too.

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Is it any wonder we are now making something as mundane as a man dating a woman of a similar age into something remarkable - and giving him a pat on the back? Even A-list actresses, frustrated by being overlooked for leading lady roles, feel the pressure.

Dating with grey hair

Jennifer Aniston, 50, said recently she refuses to go greywhile Renee Zellweger, also 50, and Nicole Kidman, 52, achieve their youthful looks with subtle tweakments. I get it. For centuries, women have lacked a proper voice or rights and have often relied on an older man to offer security and power.

Maybe men, as evolutionary theory would suggest, are more attracted to women of childbearing age so that they can procreate. More likely, he believes being seen with a something will do more for his Hollywood career than a woman of his own age. It's not just about having a bunch of clothes that fit right and feel comfortable.

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Certain colors are more compatible than others, depending on physical appearance. But when their hair starts to gray those colors may lose a little power. A lot of it has to do with color contrast.

How You Can Avoid Premature Grey Hair

Similarly, a dark-skinned guy with dark hair should take the high-contrast route. When it comes down to it, a darker hair color gives you more workable options for your day-to-day wardrobe.

You can feel shocked wondering how to deal with this sudden change.


You might even think for a moment that you're ill or seeing things. And since our society still associates grayness with oldness, hiding your gray can be psychologically powerful.

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You can feel secure about your age because nobody's questioning it. And that's going to be a big boost in confidence.

Jan 25,   I think grey hair is perfectly fine, on you or on anyone. Perhaps what people are reacting to is the clash in expectations between your hair's color and its length. Society tends to associate long hair with youth and grey hair with a mature age hence the image you convey may be confusing. The basic rule is that a fair-skinned guy with gray/white hair should opt for a low-contrast outfit - so as to neutralize his pale or gray features. Similarly, a dark-skinned guy with dark hair should take the high-contrast route. When it comes down to it, a darker hair color gives you more workable options for your day-to-day wardrobe. This Is Me Brand New Day Custom-Built Commitment Money Talk The Pursuit Of Love Sex Talk Things We Do For Love Flying Solo.

Let's say you're one of those young bachelors with premature graying or a man in his 50s who's interested in dating a younger woman. Is your gray a hindrance?

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Whatever your hair color, you need to style it with the right products. VITAMAN's range of men's natural styling hair products are free from harmful artificial ingredients and synthetic chemicals and won't flake throughout the day.

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They're also water soluble - meaning they wash out easily at the end of your day. Men past their 30s are assumed to be married or involved in long-term relationships. So to show women you're single and available, you also have to smile and be proactive in conversation.

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On the other hand, let's acknowledge that there are also certain advantages to keeping your gray:. It's true that women have their own preferences. Some like their man tall, some like him chubby, and some love a gray look.

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But do you know what stands out about guys who aren't afraid show off their gray? These men are comfortable with their real selves.

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That's what the ladies are really drawn to. Women want a man who loves himself as is and loves them the same way.

Nov 06,   Given that we are more shocked by Keanu dating a woman with grey hair than by men dating women 20, 30 or 40 years younger than them, this is unfortunately, probably true. Dating While Gray Millions of older people are dating - for some, it's because they're recently divorced after having been married for a long time. In fact, the divorce rate among older Americans has exploded since the s. It even has its own nickname: gray divorce.

So remember - hair color should only enhance your style. The gray suits them incredibly well.

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Those men have pulled off a natural, age-appropriate look.

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