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Can love without infatuation still be "real love"? Most of the answers seem to say that love and infatuation feel the same in the beginning but love is what lasts in the long run. My question is, is it possible to fall in love with someone with out really experiencing true infatuation with them? I have a wonderful boyfriend. He has all of the things that I have ever wanted in a significant other.

They are based on positive interactions, effective communication, and an emotional give-and-take with another human being that reflects health and wholeness. They are founded in faith, rooted in good choices, and grounded in hard work and a whole lot of grace. Instead, do yourself a favor and begin to make connections with the people God has placed in your life. Get to know yourself, and then get to know people of the opposite sex who have the qualities you are looking for in a future mate.

Look for qualities of healthy attraction: the mutual drawing of two people to one another. Find someone with whom you connect with on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, because the strings of attraction in those important areas are the things that hold a relationship together.

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Relationships that are founded on attraction instead of simply infatuation, will draw you deeper into the relationship and keep you excited about the things to come. While some couples may have that instant connection or experience, most couples find that both their feelings and their level of attraction for one another grows with every step of the way. Look for qualities, traits and characteristics that are attractive based on the things you know you need and want in a relationship.

Take it one step at a time, and be assured that in a right relationship, feelings will always be present, but they can never be the foundation of a healthy relationship. True love is based on a healthy combination of facts and feelings, and a whole lot of good choices.

May God give you the wisdom to choose well. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter! A few years ago I was talking to some friends at church about my strong desire to marry and my dating. Sorry I was wrong. Everyone has the type they are attracted to. I cannot agree more strongly to this text. Let me share my story. I was born again at age 14 but since my early puberty always struggled with same sex attractions. At my late twenties, I had an experience with God where I finally understood that those attractions were simply not my true self, my true identity in Christ.

I mustered courage to tell my pastors, who accepted me and helped me a lot and encouraged me, prayed with me etc. One day I learned that a girl from church who then knew nothing about my problems was interested in me. I sought counsel with my pastors. She was a leader in the church I wondered if the pastors would bless a relationship with her, knowing about my problems.

Still, the same sex attractions were there. I went to her and asked her out, we started dating and still no passion, no feelings, but we had the same values - she was born again, we had the same profession, same cultural level etc and she was madly in love with me. In due time I told her about my homossexual problems, but expressed faith we could work things out sexually.

We're addicted to the euphoria that this state lets us swim in, all of us - you might deny it, but a small part of you knows that you would get better if you truly treated this as a drug addiction. If you cut all contact and ignored the good traits of this person, it'd fade, and you know it. You just don't want to let go of the hope that you'll end up with them, and the blissful feelings associated with that.

But, since this is disrupting your life, it's time to do just that and to focus on obtaining closure. Realign yourself with reality; take their silence as rejection, because that is what it is. Take their short replies, distant smiles and their dates with other people as rejection, not as uncertainty. Are they asking you about your childhood, trying to separate you from a group of people e.

If not, take that as rejection. It goes without saying that if someone wants to look into your soul, go on adventures and create long-lasting memories with you, you'll know. Keep living authentically, find happiness in being alone and the right people will come along who will be begging to stay in your life. You can't have a soul who isn't meant for you, nor can you make them want you.

Stop lying to yourself, stop settling for uncertainty and let yourself see the truth. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

I don't like him. But I need to get over him. He wasn't my boyfriend, I just want to get over him and move on with my life. Help me, please. What should I do to forget him? While it'll feel like unpaid, tedious work when you're infatuated, make yourself go about the motions of reaching those goals. They will become genuinely interesting to you, and your feelings towards this guy will lessen and lessen until he no longer seems fascinating at all.

I feel infatuated? What should I do? No texts, no phone calls, I want to move on with my life. Maybe he is married or he doesn't even remember me.

And I need to get rid of these feelings as soon as possible. Help me with how to cope with this.

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Maybe it was love at first sight or I don't know what. But actually, I don't even like him. I refused him and he behaved like a total jerk. He said you are ugly and stupid. You can and will recover from this - you need to just keep on living, embracing real life and distracting yourself from thoughts about him.

Every time your thoughts wander towards thinking things like "if only i was his girlfriend. This, and time, will help you. Can infatuation be worked through by having sex?

I know this sounds a little extreme, but I really would like to know if it works. Yes, in theory, sex with someone else that you are attracted to could help you overcome infatuation more quickly. I have a boyfriend.

Could my body be mistaking a great friendship as something more? It sounds like you are in a happy, committed relationship and truly in love with your boyfriend.

However, you may still be infatuated.

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Take some time to be introspective and understand your situation - how do you feel towards this person? Is the idea of kissing them wrong and uncomfortable or would it feel right? Time will tell! Confessing your feelings to someone can be daunting, especially if you're risking a friendship or uncertain that they feel the same way.

I would recommend that you first try and gauge whether she likes you - if she holds eye contact, if she mimics your slang and body language and if she smiles when she looks at you, you have a chance.

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When it comes to actually confessing your feelings to her, I'd recommend keeping it as casual as possible, while also being meaningful. Don't make it seem like you're proposing to her, in case you get rejected, but also don't turn the whole situation into a joke out of nerves. I have been infatuated with a guy for four months. I think he is horrible and I just want to get him out of my mind and heart. Relief will come with time, I promise you that. Infatuation is set on a timer, and can't and won't exist for longer than about 8 months max!!

It seems that you're tackling this well. If you're actively reminding yourself that he is a normal person like yourself, and actually 'horrible' as you've said, you will definitely stop feeling this way about him soon.

We get on and have lots in common. It might be incredibly hard for you to hear that the object of your infatuation is dating someone else, but I promise you that this feeling will pass. You might still find her attractive, sure, but the jealousy, intense desire, and pain will no longer be anything you can relate to. Therefore, leaving your job due to temporary infatuation-induced feelings would not be very salacious at all. It is completely real and difficult at the moment, but is SO temporary.

I've been infatuated with an online friend for two months now. He is a precious friend of mine, but I can't continue our friendship when these intense feelings exist within me. I've asked for space between us recently, but I can't seem to get him off my mind. How do I stop feeling so lonely and insecure? As time passes, the infatuation will end, but you need to be focusing on yourself and raising your self-esteem if you want to avoid future infatuations.

Starting to exercise regularly can be immensely effective in helping to rewire your brain away from obsession and insecurity. They can be genuine, for sure, but they will always be slightly different from other friendships.

I've been in a relationship with my live-in partner for almost 5 years and I know I'm in love with him and I'm happy. But I'm infatuated with this other person who I feel I really admire. I sometimes dream about him. Is it possible to be in love with one person and infatuated with another at the same time?

Yes, absolutely; people in long-term relationships sometimes deal with infatuations with and crushes on other people. However, if you are truly in love and logically know that your partner is an ideal match for you, you would be silly to throw away what you have and pursue someone new and 'exciting'.

They will likely eventually become more 'dull' than your existing partner when the honeymoon chemicals wear off. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hello Chito, I'm glad you're feeling a little better, but you absolutely deserve full emotional freedom. The heavy, lingering sadness is a sign that you are not targeting your psychological points of weakness - without addressing what you are holding in your subconscious mind, this will persist, and you will unfortunately fall for similar future LOs.

Check out my website NeuroSparkle. The book consists of a. Those aren't empty words; if you proactively follow the steps given, and you will truly leave this reactive pattern behind.

Thanks for the reply earlier and tried to practice things you advised. My limerence or shall I say the infatuation feeling somewhat abated but the jealous feeling and sadness still lingers a bit, I mean I feel letting go makes me anxious and makes me feel empty when I tried so hard to downplay my attraction to the young girl I am infatuated with.

I don't know if the infatuation minus the jealous feelings would probably be bearable. It's like I feel left out Thanks so much for the edifying article that makes me feel that I'm not alone. I've been infatuated with countless times in my life, and often in frustrating circumstances where the parties couldn't reciprocate the emotions with similar energy as mine because they were either clergy men or married.

Presently it has been with a Deacon about to be ordained priest and it's like a death drive. Been working on it, praying, meditating, but the struggle is taking long Hello there! Thank you so much for commenting, Surabhi - I'm really glad it's been of use. I have intentionally made this one particularly accessible to everyone including people who don't speak English as their first language.

Do feel free to check out my other articles and my website linked in my profile for more rigorous analyses of the neuroscience and psychology underpinning limerence.

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I cannot thank you enough for this article. In the beginning, it seemed to be a set of childish ideas but by the end, I realized how we have to rewire brains in order to get over someone. We often feel things that seem spiritual, as if that is what the universe wants. Relationships are unique for everybody, and sometimes one might feel that their feelings surpass anything that anybody has ever felt.

Reading your article has given me the assurance that no matter how you feel, and how unique and special it is, if it is unhealthy then it needs to be done away with. Thank you, once again. Thank you very much Lucy for taking time to shed some light on my dilemma. Really appreciated it and am so grateful.

Am trying to apply the steps you have expounded to overcome this and am slowly feeling some mental relief. Thank you again and God bless you for your unselfish sharing of your knowledge and expertise on this, and am sure hundreds of those who suffered like us will be benefiting from you and recover our normal lives. Thank you so much!

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Hi there, Chito. Sorry you're dealing with so much pain. These feelings you have for this girl are the pure reflection of some unmet needs of yours; if you felt completely satisfied with life and that your life contained enough adventure, you would not be so addicted to such a young woman's attention. She would seem beautiful and kind, yes, but would never send you into full-blown limerence.

Jul 26, Infatuation is inherently based on psychological projection, which springs from a false set of beliefs one may ascribe to the object of one's infatuation. Whereas true love is built on a complete understanding of another person (including strengths and weaknesses), infatuation comes from an idealization of that person. May 31, ATTRACTION TRUMPS INFATUATION. Still, the same sex attractions were there. I went to her and asked her out, we started dating and still no passion, no feelings, but we had the same values - she was born again, we had the same profession, same cultural level etc and she was madly in love with me. In due time I told her about my homossexual. Love without infatuation, and forming relationships after bad situations? If you let him go sow his wild oats before dating you, there is no guarantee you'll get another chance. Also, why do you think you don't "deserve" a relationship? Seems a bit dramatic. level 2. Original Poster 1 point 8 years ago.

It's an issue with your perception of yourself and others Do not feel silly or guilty, as it is not your fault that you are wired this way and are carrying around some problematic belief systems. However, now's a great opportunity to attack these from multiple angles to not only cure you of THIS limerence but to radically improve the degree of fulfillment you obtain from life.

I love people and establish amazing relationships when I want one in my life, but I am absolutely immune to infatuation and limerence now that I understand the neuroscientific, psychological and spiritual root causes of it. My passion is imparting this knowledge in any way that I can, so that others, too, can rise above their primitive, monkey brains! Hello, Storm - the type of situation you are describing is unfortunately uncommon.

You need to tackle the root cause of this limerent disposition you have, in order to not only free yourself from this current man's illusory "magic" but to also never align with this type of unrequited love again. It is completely possible for you to never go through it again in your lifetime, but takes rewiring your brain and committing entirely to recovery. Check out some of my other posts on limerence and refer to my website linked in bio for more free posts. And, don't hesitate to reach out if you need more help!

I am in similar situation for 4 months now. I just found myself suddenly feeling like in love or infatuated to a 22 year old office mate without intending to be. In fact am already a 57 year old married guy and I am so smitten by this girl that shes always in mind.

Tried hard to forget her for obvious reasons that I should not feel this way being marrfied but I just could not get her out of my mind. Compounding the problem is my jealous feelings. I feel extremely jealous just to think of her being with other guys or to meet new ones.

I have no plans to court her or enter into an illicit relationship. What you described her Lucy is really hitting right to my situation and i will try to apply and process myself on this. Please add more advise to my dilemma. Thank you very much!

I cannot tell you how much this article has helped me! I have had the worst case of Limerence for the past couple weeks. My infatuation is with a coworker.

We have been flirty for awhile and things escalated to Inappropriate photos. Everything seems to be on HIS terms when we send photos, and we only talk dirty but nothing on a deeper level.

Whenever I try to say anything else he just gives short answers and no follow up questions to get to know me. Now at work he barely talks to me. I fantasize about him all day long. I hate this feeling. I deserve better.

This is possible and achieved by people every day. However, just as a diabetic sugar addict has to learn to thrive in a world where sugar is in front of them all the time, getting over someone when there's a chance it "could work" requires complete adherence to quitting the behavioral addiction. Until you stop seeing this as an exciting connection and start to reframe it as a toxic high that someone is intermittently offering you, you will be trapped.

When you manage this, you will be completely, emotionally free, regardless of how often you come across this man. However, some people really struggle with this stage due to a. How do you get over it when they actually want you? Im married now, in a relationship with my favorite lil introvert while im an extreme extrovert, we decides to both do our own thi g for the most part so i dont suffer inside and he doesn't suffer outside. The pub near my house has this long haired musician that literally makes every woman he crosses weak in the knees.

This guy gets more booty than a toilet seat, buy only really beautiful woman can hang on his arm. I thought he was attractive from the moment i saw him on stage but hes been tryin to put the moves on me and givin me googly eyes. I pretty much just say something and embarrassing and run away each time. I dont even like him. His music taste is dukey. Please help. My hubs is amazing.

Actually, we were mutually interested but I didn't want to commit to an international long-distance thing and cut it in the bud. Still hurts like hell though I feel like I messed everything up and it's my fault I feel so terrible now. Like what if I hadn't opened my big mouth? A few more weeks of happy bliss before the "serious talk about reality? I've recently been infatuated with a person I met online when lock down started.

I think the lock down's made it worse since I've mostly been in my room, bored, lonely, and for a while we were texting constantly, even video chatted a few times. I realized it was getting unhealthy and going too fast so I asked to be friends but it's painful still being in contact with much less enthusiastic replies and I'm not sure I can do it. I'm starting to move on but it's rough.

I thought I was in love with a boy for an entire academic semester and I spent this semester doing stupid self esteem lowering attempts to get closer to him in a relationship. I thought I was in love with him because of how intense my feelings were for him.

But my Dad told me it was infatuation, explaining it to me for the first time. A year since I first fell infatuated with him I admit I still fantasize about him. I know he lives in a neighborhood close to me but separated by a highway. I, along with him, am a runner.

apologise, but

I have routes that I run that are in and around his area and it feels like whenever I'm their I am entering his territory.

It makes me feel like a creep and my self esteem lowers. I want to forget about him but every time I run or go near his area I get reminded of him. Hi Sneha, you are riding out the peak of a painful limerence but I guarantee that you, like any person in your situation, are entirely capable of detaching from and forgetting this man. Please feel to get in contact with me directly as I would love to help you in any way that I can. I am suffering from infatuation a lot.

I want to cast aside all these unnecessary and unimportant things. I even can't focus on any work that I do. Its killing my creativity, energy, curiousity on anythinghappiness and a whole me. I get lost into him all the time though I force myself to concentrate my mind. Please help me out. Plese please please!! I am in a very critical situation. My future, my career, my prestige, pride everything is in danger. Please suggest me the effective ways. I will be thankful to you for my whole life span.

I've been infatuated with this one girl for some time and tho I know i will never be with her the thought of not having someone like her in my life makes me feel sick. Hi May, thanks for commenting. It is completely understandable that you are trapped in the loops of rumination, but I promise you that every infatuation can be ended quickly once the correct mental beliefs are instilled in your subconscious mind.

I offer personalised, in-depth psychological reports and due to this Coronavirus situation! Everyone's situation is so unique and nothing enthuses me more than helping as many of you as possible to reach pure emotional freedom. I have been infatuated with a man for for 20 years and counting. I have tried many ways to stop it.

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I am living a full life, got married, have children, and do every normal thing, but at the end of a bad day, I daydream about him.

Sometimes, when I am sad I imagine being with him. It's a sad case. Reading this article helps, though. I enjoy your humor and sincerity. It's fascinating how someone with undesirable traits can seem so flaw-free through the lens of infatuation. Good luck! He is an idiot. I am definitely sure.

While you harbour those feelings for him, it will be impossible to be his true friend. You will just be in love with him but not dating him. However, you will certainly recover and your interest in him will flatten over time, meaning that a future friendship is not off the cards. I felt this way towards a good friend who had me on the hook.

We have been friends for almost 7 months. He was my classmate from a short 6 month course I enrolled in at uni. I knew from the start when i met him that he had a girl already. I never ever wanted to go between them or steal him or make things complicated.

Jul 18, There is no guarantee that infatuation can be love, but love will never end up with infatuation. If love is true, it does not break down or be destroyed by simple distractions. Infatuation can easily get distracted and will lead to one seeking up for another through becoming attracted to other beautiful Latin women even if you are with one. Jul 13, Levitan explains that no matter how good the match, the strong sexualized draw of infatuation, even in the best of marriages, is only a temporary phenomenon associated with . Infatuation vs. love: the contest "Infatuation is when you find somebody absolutely perfect. Love is when you realize they aren't perfect and it doesn't matter", Anonymous. So in one corner we have the alluring and intoxicating infatuation, which promises the bliss of rose tinted glasses, butterflies and the passion of puppy in the other corner, we have the security of a.

But he at times flirted and was charming. He thinks I like him but I denied it becaue it wont lead to anywhere and I am afraid it would affect our friendship like he might stay away. I just want to keep him as my bestfriend. Is it possible given that I feel infatuated with him? Well done for coming to this conclusion - it's not easy to actively fight such rich and enticing feelings, especially when limerence, as a state, involves such a strong degree of delusionality.

Your entire being is begging you to satisfy every whim that the limerent beast presents you with, and it takes a stoic attitude to avoid doing so. Now that you are objectively considering your situation, you will be more likely to employ effective recovery techniques.

Feel free to contact me directly if you need any more help, as I am offering personalised reports for a limited time period. I had to stop torturing myself and realize that this woman never really puts a bit of effort into our friendship.

Its just that when we do click and share a moment, it is really awesome. But its probably just a fact that she is super charming and her eyes light up and she smiles and tilts her head and twirls her hair for anyone. Beside that she doesn't encourage me. She never asks about my life, and she doesn't go out of her way to see me.

And that means; it means that my feelings have to be gotten over. I have started accepting this and it feels like a party balloon slowly deflating bit by bit.

I hate it so much but I have to forget my feelings. I am just making myself nuts. The problem is we have worked in the same office for many years and I've just become so fond of her. But I will get over it. Bit by painful bit. I am very infatuated with someone who I often see at the same venue and it has been causing me intense highs and lows. I realize it is not going to work out. It is very hard to get over him though.

I am really trying to avoid him but it is not entirely possible. Sometimes when I ignore him he makes a point to talk to me. This drives my infatuation deeper. I have seen him ignoring me at times and I turn to look at him and he looks at me terrified. That makes me feel terrible. Nothing seems to work!

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What the heck is going on? Thanks so much for this comment, Geoffrey! I'm really glad this piece meant something to you. As per usual the article hits it right on the proverbial head. Thank you, so inspiring and helpful. Commit to distancing yourself while also throwing yourself into stimulating work or a new social scene.

I think i have developed an infatuation for a guy who suddenly reconnected after about 7years. We kind of clicked and he is really nice and we talk at least two to three times a week. I find my self thinking maybe some force is trying to bring us together. Problem is i don't even think i really like this guy.

Any advise for me? You believe something in between the Disney dream and the bleakness of thinking purely in scientific terms: your ability to seek a stable relationship with someone who is interested in you. There is no need to reduce relationships and love to neurobiology if feelings are mutual. This article is aimed at people stuck in the depths of unrequited love, who need to be more objective in order to move on with their life.

Dating without infatuation

Towards the end I felt everything. First anger towards this article and than just pathetic and than depression and than I watched a YouTube video to idk. What do I do now? That relationships are power games. Plz help this posion is eating me from inside. AND one more thing ,i always keeps on thinking about spending time with her and also that she likes me or not.

I want to become a footballer but always the thought of this girl distracts me. I just get depressed about it and it is a very serious depression. I always get discouraged and disturbed and I want to get over this feeling, so to get over the feeling, I tried to think of her as a friend but it isn't working. I really enjoyed reading your article, it has opened my eyes even more. In my case i realised that i wouldn't even like to be with him he actually showed affection and proved he cared about me, then oh well.

Im not gonna share the full story but i can definitely relate and i understand what it feels like to be fooled and have subconscious attitudes towards another person which in the reality only serve you with pain. All I can say to people who go through the same is, you have to stay strong. You wouldn't even like to be with this person in the first place based on how they treated you.

Thanks for your article. Its is just so right! The thing is that there is a part of us that dep inside, knows the truth Hi Lucy, I have to say i really love this article! Most other articles online usually just talk about general solutions to these kinds of infatuations, but yours actually gives concrete explanations as to why these kinds of infatuations happen and how to actually solve them rather than just telling me to distract myself from them and invest myself in doing stuff.

I have actually been distraught over this infatuation problem for years.

How to Get Over A Crush and Stop Obsessing

I am really really prone to infatuations as I keep being attracted to girls all over the place. From train stations, to work place, to malls, to just walking on the street! I don't have any loving feelings towards them nor do i know anything about them. I keep telling myself i'm just trying to be friendly but deep down i know i'm harboring a small hope that they will be attracted to me as well.

Even though my feelings of infatuations fade after some time worst case scenario, monthsi still feel really guilty for my infatuations since it just means i am neglecting my girlfriend. Is my case of constant infatuations towards most girls normal? Or am i the odd one out for being way too much? I have been controlling my urges quite well since our relationship started but i'm scared i will hurt her unintentionally due to my infatuations and sudden urges taking over.

I had another infatuation towards a girl i don't even know on Instragram tonight, that's how i stumbled across your article. I have never done anything about my infatuations, save talking to them for the fear of hurting anyone, especially my girl, but i don't know how long i can control it.

Work and games keeps girls off my mind for most of the time, but i don't know how long it'll last Is there any advice? S: Sorry i wrote such a long comment. Just had to take some things off my chest. Hope you don't mind Lucy. I have been infatuated with a girl who is mysterious and doesn't talk much in class but only in PE we were playing together and i tried to look her in the eye and talk to her but i couldn't and she wanted sitting directly opposite me i couldn't muster the courage as you said turn it into reality I am going to try talk to her but how.

Also she like my posts on instagram and followed me. I have been seeing she is realizing this. But i don't know how to go about on this. I think i want to be friends with her but its never going to happen.

I was infatuated with another girl before she was really pretty now it with this dark and mysterious girl who does talk but only sometimes. I'm a girl and I'm wondering if i suppose to be getting infatuated with girls. Wht if I'm I am currently offering personalized reports! This article was nothing short of stunningly accurate and direct. Do you ever do clinical sessions Lucy?

I am in a bit of a pickle, and I came across this page and thought posting on here may be helpful. I have been dancing ballroom for 3 years and have never been able to find a partner so have only ever done exams. But two weeks ago my teacher found me a partner to compete with, and we have started practicing and dance really well together.

The issue is I am completely infatuated with him. At first I just found him very physically attractive, and thought it was okay to think he was attractive. But after a couple of practices I have found myself completely obsessed with him. I know he is not someone who would share all of my values and things, just completely not my type of person in regards to relationships.

I do think part of it may be me seeing qualities in him that I wish I had myself, such as his confidence, and so greatly admiring the things in him that I wish I had myself.

So possibly working on my own confidence would help ease the feelings. One of my biggest fears was I have come across as a creep by failing to conceal my infatuation.

It might not be that bad. She came up to me a week ago for some technical assistance which I gave. It took me a while to settle down but I hope I managed it quite well and she seemed glad I helped. Things are much easier now. I don't need to be awkwardly silent nor over exuberant when she is around. The infatuation just needs to be out totally - it isn't yet. I'm deeply infatuated to this guy I don't even know the name of. I always see him in the library and he has come up to tap on my shoulder to ask me to take care of his stuff a few times.

However, as i started to show my interest by sitting next to him or looking at him, he does not seem to reciprocate. We've bumped into each other a few times in very dramatic settings something like what you'd expect in movies and I think this is why i am so infatuated by him, thinking that we are meant to be, etc. I don't even know this guy; his name, age, anything.

But I can't help thinking about him, looking forward to seeing him and just picturing us together. I feel crazy and wrong. I know am gradually getting over it and this infatuation is not debilitating for me.

regret, but

It doesn't stop me from going about my job or my personal responsibilities with the concentration that they require. I've noticed that thoughts wander to her only when I am not doing anything important.

Maybe this is my biggest hurdle.

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When I was at my worst and dealing with similar situations to yours, I would try and think about how my LO reminded me of one of my friends who is lovely and kind-hearted, but has a slightly 'goofy' smile. Focusing on that trivial, albeit genuine, resemblance helped me to snap out of the trance of idolization and rumination.

I started to see them in a less romantic, 'you're so mystical and radiant' light, and to start to see them in an affectionate way because they reminded me a little of a friend that I was CERTAINLY not limerent over.

The aim isn't to develop a complete aversion to your LO if that is not realistic; she might well be a sparkly and truly kind person. Rather, you need to realize that her positive traits aren't anything particularly special. They're within the same domain of interesting traits that you might see in some of your favorite friends, or your family members AKA: people that you could never become obsessed with!

To slowly but surely leave the highs and lows of a pathological limerence, you ONLY need to tug your fixated brain away from seeing her as 'god-like'. She may be beautiful, smart and lovely, but this doesn't mean that you need be lovesick over her and mourning the fact that you can't be with her. Again, I'm sure there are many women that you could describe using colorful and complimentary language, but who you aren't strongly romantically interested in. It's all about reducing her back to 'human status'.

I held the door open for her inadvertently obviously I wasn't going to barge in first and she gave me such a wonderful smile seems like all the hard-work of the last two weeks has collapsed like a pack of cards! So I met this guy on a cruise a couple days ago. I went with my friend and we made a bunch of new friends including this guy that we'll call Max. Anyways me and "Max" were getting along eeally well and became friends but then it turned into something more, for me atleast.

I started to like him and I thought maybe he liked me too because I would see him staring at me all the time and we did a lot of thing that couples would do.

The thing is that the cruise ended and because the days got more chaotic, we never ended up switching any info. All the people who we were friends with never got his info either and he lives a couple hours away. Its only been a couple days and I feel like I'm never gonna get over him. I know it sounds stupid and that it will eventually pass but it feels like right now its taking up all my energy and making me feel really depressed. I want to tell someone how I feel but I feel like they arent going to take this seriously because I am so young and "don't know what it's like to feel real pain and suffering.

Please help me figure out ways to speed up the healing.

Excited dating without infatuation you very obliged

I'm holding it together but when I talk to other people I can feel tears building up even when we aren't talkinf about anything close to him or the trip.

This is taking over my life and I don't know what to do. However, this quote doesn't take into consideration the fact you actively create your own reality and are capable of manifesting your wildest dreams. I sincerely hope that you choose to give life a chance!

Oct 24, My husband and I skipped the infatuation phase, we just gradually fell in love. We were younger than you when we first started dating but after a few years it became unthinkable to make a choice that would not let us be together so we married. We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this summer. posted by metahawk at PM on October 24,

Depression is a temporary state; it is a metabolic shut-down and is the biologically-advantageous antidote to rumination. Yes, that's right. It isn't something that you'll always suffer from, nor is it a 'genetic imbalance'.

However, to beat depression, you must 'keep it moving'. Albeit incredibly hard, you must commit to moving past this, write a list of small things to accomplish and start ticking them off.

No one should blame you for walking out early. Never saw him in person. I knew about his existence, just didn't think he would notice me. Telling him I was glad to see him happy having fun. Lucy, I can't stress how important and eye-opening your replies have been.

Thank you so very much. Maybe I will keep you posted if you aren't bored. Even if slightly oppressed by societal expectations of how women should act regarding sexuality, she'd meet your eyes with a glimmer.

If you're relatively perceptive and find that you can typically judge friends' facial expressions etc. Mutual attraction is very obvious and hard to hide, in terms of the energy a person gives out and directs towards you. Yes, it's positive that you've come to that conclusion and can start to move forward. I speak to many people who are in the depths of unreasonably strong limerence and delusional as a consequence; you seem to be moderately infatuated, but still logical.

Could it also be a cultural thing? Women in India in workplaces will be extremely guarded. They know there are far too many creeps. I don't want to come across as one of those. I'd prefer leaving the job if that was the case or if I anticipate that to happen. So even if there is interest I am not sure if would be shown - certainly not to a new colleague. They would need to know a person very very well to become interested.

And in this particular case I can bet my quite modest bank balance that there would be no interest at all even if she came to know me well. This sounds like it is more of an infatuation than a truly problematic obsession 'limerence' - you haven't mentioned gut-wrenching lows and depression from this experience, which is positive.

A passionate infatuation fizzles out quickly, as long as you cut the cord and stop picturing future scenarios involving her.

You seem self-aware and mention that she seems uninterested, which is very likely the case as mutual interest would be obvious even in a reserved woman! You need to focus on yourself, see your feelings as a pesky beast to tame and try and make as many new connections as possible.

I recently joined a new IT company. None of my colleagues work in the office I do. I go there because its an easier commute.

Now there is a colleague there. She said Hi to me the first day and told me no one works here beyond 9PM. I am alone on that floor till 11PM when my shift ends. Earlier I did not think of her much but now I am infatuated with her. It doesn't help that she is quite bubbly. I know this won't work out for two reasons - I am at least 15 years older to her and I think she is already engaged.

rather grateful

I also know that she is indifferent towards me and we have spoken probably 4 times in the last 4 months. But I don't want to force a conversation with her because I neither want to make her uncomfortable nor feel threatened. I did not add her as a contact in my official list; I did not connect with her on LinkedIn for the same reasons. Is this infatuation or more scarily an obsession? I desperately want to get over it for my own sanity.

It always helps if the person that you are infatuated gives you a clear, negative response. However, if there seems to be uncertainty, your brain will perceive this as hope and you may become even more strongly infatuated.

Therefore, whether or not you should disclose your feelings depends on their personality.

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