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Breakups are hard. Whether it's the awkwardness of ending things with a casual fling or the heartbreak of getting dumped by someone you legitimately love, it sucks. But that pain and discomfort is on an entirely different level when your ex moves on - with your sibling. Just ask these ors , who revealed what it's like to have an ex for a brother- or sister-in-law. From surprisingly chill outcomes to palpable tension at family events, here are some of the most noteworthy responses. His older brother briefly lived with us during a job transition, and we became pretty good friends. Shortly after leaving the manwhore, I catch up with the older brother over drinks.

After Show: Dating Your Ex's Brother

You can't change who they are but you can change the situation for what it is. I wish you all the best, message me if ever. That "code" might as well have been thrown out of the window years ago. My brother has been going out with my ex wife for awhile.

And they never asked me how I would feel about it or thought about how it would effect me. I just need some advise on how to get over it.

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Share Facebook. My brother is dating my EX wife. Add Opinion. I don't think it's wrong they're dating, I do think it's wrong that they never asked your opinion on it.

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However, if they asked you how you felt about it and if you'd say you don't like it and appreciate they didn't, it could be you're standing in the way of "true love" and you'd feel guilty about it.

It doesn't help that they don't seem to care about what you think of all this, because if they felt guilty, you knew they cared but that their love was worth it.

Feb 27, † That's sleeping with your brother's wife, not dating him. If you were cheating on the ex with his brother, you do not have a soap opera - you have a Jerry Springer episode. In marriage, you're. How to Act in the First Relationship After a DivorceOpen Your Heart. Remain open to all Your Partner. Trusting may be difficult if there was a lack of trust in your marriage Reveal Your Desires. Be open about your desires, and let your partner know what turns you on Lose Your Baggage. Your new relationship has a greater chance. Jun 14, † 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide To Date a Friend's Ex Sometimes dating your friend's ex is all good, and sometime it's really not. Ask yourself these 10 .

But on the other hand, if they're acting like that and not even caring about you, why would you care about it?

Easier said than done. I suggest you try to avoid them. If they make a big deal out of that, tell them you need some time to adjust to the new situation and you deal with that on your own.

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Just try to avoid them, no contact, try to focus on other things and the rest is just how you'd deal with another break up. I never got into this situation so this is the only advice I could give :.

Show All Show Less. For a 39 year old you could learn some things about staying polite though.

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I agree and think it is wrong they are going out I don't know the whole situation here or if there is anything else going on that may make me think differently Do you really want them to be a part of your life? It may be helpful to just distance yourself as much as possible In my opinion, sometimes it's just not worth having certain people in your life if they have no respect for you.

Maybe just take this time to focus on yourself right now and what you can do to develop your talents and move closer towards your goals in life. I'm thinking if I should just disown them or not Sib Xper 6.

Just wow. I can just suggest you cut both of them from your life.

This is never a good idea. If the shoe were on the other foot, you would be upset too. There are so many women in the world. Don't believe that love is magic or that God will make things right. You owe your family a life that they can be comfortab. May 01, † "My brother married my ex. My relationship with her didn't last long (two months) and there was about two years between when we broke up and they started dating. In my opinion, there's nothing inherently wrong with being in love with, dating, or marrying a brother's ex-wife. The brother and wife obviously decided they didn't love each other or want to be together any more. When they divorced, they were free to their separate ways.

Seriously, it doesn't matter if he's your brother. I don't know if they might argue "true love" or something like that, but still Distance yourself from them so you can heal.

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Who knows what the future might hold LOL JK. Of all the billions of people in the world, they choose each other!

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At least your wife is no longer your wife. Does your brother still consider himself to be your brother?

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On her part, it's spiteful but not a breach of trust. On his part, it's both. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. TasteofGrace Xper 3. Hey, I honestly don't know what advice to give you if you've spoken to them about it and they don't care.

It is wrong of them. That's messed up. Unfortunately, if they didn't have the concern to even consider your feelings before they started dating, they won't do so now. I would recommend therapy. Just as an outlet for you to air your feelings and get the reassurance you need. Hell if that happened to me I'd need therapy lol. Seriously though I'm sorry that happened.

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At least you can sleep well at night knowing you're the better person. Among the many things I would never do: date someone who had previously been married to my sister. About six kinds of wrong, right there.

It depends on how far THEY took their relationship. If it only went to like a second date then I would say to just talk to your bro about it and ask if he minds. If he doesn't then shoot. If not then I say that you respect your bro. But if she already met your parents, it . Soon after Jake posted that haunting Instagram, Logan uploaded a video to YouTube titled "Dating My Brother's Ex-Wife ", in which he convinces Tana to "get into a fake relationship in front of the paparazzi and troll the entire Internet." And then the video devolves into a horrible series of pranks involving Tana and the brothers, ending with the Pauls commending each other on their commitment to getting "views.". You an d all your "worldly " cough- cough, 23 years don't seem to understand that certain situations like a BROTHERS EX WIFE is an unwritten code, and pretty much universally Id say, and others would surely agree, of OFF LIMITS! This is not some regular breakup or a friend dating a friend;s ex. This is kind of a breach of moral code!

There are simply enough people in the world to avoid this one. As for you, you can't control what they do.

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So, I would recommend avoiding them and moving on. If they do work out and are some kind of soulmates, maybe you'll accept that someday when you're happy and in a great relationship yourself. Maybe not.

Regardless, you have to take care of you. Xper 7.

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Its completely wrong for them to be going out. My heart goes out to you.

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That sucks! Your brother should know better. I would try to keep my distance until they hopefully break up.

Dating your brothers ex wife

Karma is a bitch. Try to move forward with other people who support you and your decisions to take people out of your life. They didn't ask how you feel because they know what they're doing is wrong! There is no way for you to get over this! How does your family feel about this? Do you have children with her?

I mean this is like 72 degrees of F'd up to the outer limits. Cut them both out like yesterday and try to realize things happen for a reason, and that reason may have nothing to do with you.

If it only went to like a second date then I would say to just talk to your bro about it and ask if he minds. If he doesn't then shoot. If not then I say that you respect your bro. But if she already met your parents, it might get awkward at her second family dinner. I was stupid enough not to date her: I considered her too young for me Yeah and I don't think it's wrong.

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Kiraskrazy Xper 6.

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Ask your brother first, then tell us what he says later. Maybe we could give you advice then. And I was bummed getting hand me down clothes from my brother. If ever there were a time to go for new, this would be it. Related myTakes.

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