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Thankfully, the baby boomer population is pushing the topic into the mass media, and trend analysts expect to see a further increase in personal services and products tailored to aging boomers and seniors. Biological, demographic and psychological factors can all make it challenging for seniors to form romantic relationships:. Instead, she explains, older people must define new modes of intimacy and sexuality that are not based on the conceptions that apply to younger adults:. But space itself, and time too, must be created anew; we have to use it differently, move maybe to a different space, for the bonds of intimacy to continue to grow and nourish us in age. Senior living communities are one place where dating has blossomed.

Pouring myself a second glass of wine, I thought about two of my single girlfriends from high school who had joined an online dating website. Each of them met nice guys who they are now dating.

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Life as we knew it has forever changed. At the age of 51 the love of my life and hero of our children was diagnosed with FTD.

Hi my name is June not sure what to say!! My feelings are all over the place to!! I should mention his family including his mother deserted him the minute they new what was wrong with him. So I am alone. No help. I agree that the lack of emotional feedback is one of the most difficult cts of being a caregiver.

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While doing everything for your loved one, mainly thinking for them, and living without being touched unless you touch him, and not being asked about how things affect you or what you think about an issue becomes devastating. The loneliness compounds over time. I am grateful that my husband can still function in a very basic way, but although he tries, our partnership seems a part of life in the past.

My husband was diagnosed with FTDbv in after all sorts of problems. The police visited 5 times. Now he is easier in that he just sits and sleeps. I would love to find someone to make me feel good about myelf and I have explored a little, but what have I got to offer?

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FTD is death sentence for the patient and a life sentance for the carer. Dear Jill,t I am certain that the community of women who support, write for, read and comment on posts at this site share my concern for your suffering. We do not have any pat answers for you or easy paths for you to take, however, I hope that you may want to sign up to receive the email for our posts. We are focused on change in all areas that affect women. If there were financially supported groups and more care for spouses of people with FTD, for example, you would not feel so alone.

Remember to ask for some regular time for your self from neighbors, friends and family. Take a walk and let the view of something other than a house defined by illness and despair. Please know that we are thinking of you, Dr. Thank you for writing this article. My husband has FTD and is in long term care.

He was diagnosed in and is almost I am 55 and just entered a new relationship with an old friend of both of ours. His wife just died of cancer the spring of this year. This has helped to relieve the stress of looking after my husband and has made me feel like a woman again.

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We currently are keeping quiet as my 24 year old daughter still lives at home but will have to tell her soon. It is a difficult decision but when we are young we need to also live our lives. I am still there for my husband of 30 years but we have nothing but a short visit which he does not know every couple of weeks.

Carrying on through dreaded disease. I love what u wrote! I joined a dating service even if it was for evening reading! It is so hard, I feel like a married widow. Thanks for sharing your heart on the matter!!!! My husband was diagnosed with FTD a year ago this past September at age However, his family and I had been trying to discover what was wrong since his 65th birthday. The loneliness now is unbearable, and I dread the time when he must enter a home.

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I used to beat myself up because I always worry about what will happen to me, but have started to realize that he has no worries. So though it is all about him, I still wonder what my life will look like when I am truly alone. I am 14 years younger than him, but struggle to picture a happy life without him.

I am never alone, but always lonely. My husband also is fourteen years older and we are about the same age.

I am new to this conversation here but the isolation and misunderstanding is difficult yet I persevere. I cannot tell you in how many ways I can relate to your words. It is a very different an unusual journey. Yes, I am kind of single too. Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to reading your new book.

Thank you for sharing you feelings with all of us! Nobody can understand what we are going through unless your loved one suffers from this disease. FTD affects the caregiver as much as the patientmost of the time the patient is unaware that they are sick. FTD is such a horrible disease to fight with. He was combative and I had to learn how to dart and weave. There was 6 years he did not even know me as a wife, merely a caregiver. I did not have the means to put him in a nursing home until the last 2 months of his life.

I fought this disease with him for 9 years. My husband was diagnosed at 70, however I could remember many years earlier that something just was not right.

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Divorce, thought about it. I am glad now I did not. No one would have gone through this journey but me.

I could finish his sentences when he could not. The caregiver needs to talk to others and not be isolated.

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If this means opposite sexes, then do it. Find some way to relieve your stress, or the stress will harm your body and mind.

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If others really care for you, they will understand, if they do not then you must do what is best for you. At 70 now, another relationship is not what I desire. My saving grace is my church. My husband went to his eternal home June, Ftd almost-but-not-quite widow myself. It is indeed very lonely, and I have joked with my family that I need a gay boyfriend because I want someone to talk with and do fun and interesting things with. Look, I know every situation is different, but my husband is absolutely incapable of being a husband any more.

Life is large.

Dementia dating

There is a lot to do and a lot of ways to be and a lot of people to give your love to. Sign up already. No regrets. No one who has not ealkef tjis path gets to judge. This is such a weird situation all around.

My situation is weird too. I had emotionally accepted FTD, my situation, the prognosis, and in my brain, started acting like I was single.

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I fully expected him to be in a nursing home at this point. Now he is doing great, this week at least, and seems like he could go another 30 years or more? How do you wrap your brain around that after being told someone is terminal? I fully thought it through what it would be like to be in your exact situation!

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I am honestly more confused than I would be had he moved forward in his illness, even if that sounds terrible. We just sit in some weird limbo world where he is too sick to work, but not sick enough for anyone to believe he is really sick.

So my solution is to work in a more male dominated field. At least I can be around men again without cheating.

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There is an obvious hole in my life. So many grey areas hereand I have no solutions either. I visit my wife when I can but every visit is now so painful to me.

Jun 07,   Nancy Wurtzel writes Dating Dementia, a blog about Alzheimer's disease, aging, dementia symptoms, end-of-life choices, and caregiving. Dating With a Dementia Diagnosis. By Being Patient | September 5th, When Scott Drevs signed up for the dating site Zoosk in , he just had a few requirements in his "looking for" section. "I was looking for a sweet woman, caring, friendly," said Drevs. He set the age parameters to eight years younger or older than 47, his age at the time. And Drevs, who had gone through a divorce a few years .

One of the biggest things holding me back has been our two children 11 and 15 yes old both in terms of the effect on them they are having counselling and with the sheer practicality of going out for a date. I feel guilty but I know deep down that my wife could die tomorrow or she could hang on for many more years, and she would want me to be happy.

I have been very lucky with support from my friends on this recent decision.

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And as the number of people over age 65 increases, the prevalence is expected to increase by 50 percent over the next 20 years, according to the Alzheimer's Foundation. Once A. A date on the calendar meant he had something to look forward to again. He had a companion to talk to, someone who shared his history as well as his love of corn bread and black-eyed peas.

And while they never "crossed the line of decency," says A. Legally and, even possibly, morally, A. But he did not feel guilty. His new relationship wasn't born of selfishness. It came from a need to survive.

By that time, I had accepted that Frances was going to die. The time was going to come, and I did not, could not, visualize myself just being alone afterwards.

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When the marriage dies long before your spouse does, the result is an avalanche of emotion that can leave a caregiver depressed, depleted and isolated. Reaching out to another person for comfort is the caregiver's way of choosing to live life, says psychologist Dorree Lynn, author of Sex for Grownups.

We are social creatures. We need that physical connection. Barry Petersen can sympathize with A. For him, finding a new love when his wife was stricken with Alzheimer's was his way of choosing to live.

Dating Dementia. Meeting new people and searching for someone special to spend your life with can be a fun and fulfilling time. However, for some, dating has lead to disappointment, hurt, and disillusionment. For others who have been through the breakup of a committed relationship, the fear of choosing wrong again interferes with the desire to try again. Nov 13,   iStock When Tami Reeves met her now-husband, Eric, through an online dating site, he told her within 20 minutes that he was still married and Author: Nancy Monson. Know that your parents may try to make you feel guilty about your decision to begin dating again. If this happens, try detaching in a loving manner. Seniors who are afraid of change may become controlling and overwhelmingly negative. You must understand that you aren't responsible for their feelings.

The grief he felt over his wife's disease, and the emotional toll of caregiving, brought him so low he considered suicide. But in the end, his choice to enter into a new relationship was about striking back against Alzheimer's. By going on and by having a life, I was looking in the face of the disease and saying, 'You're not going to win twice. You took one.

Sep 13,   As a spouse is stricken with Alzheimer's disease, more caregivers seek out a new love. Reaching out to another person for comfort is the caregiver's way of choosing to live life, says psychologist Dorree Lynn. Nov 14,   I am kind of single, but then not really. My husband, Barry, is slowly dying in a nursing home, being swallowed up by a horrible illness called Frontotemporal Dementia, or FTD. FTD is a mean form of dementia that affects the frontal lobe of the brain, the part that contains your personality and executive decision-making. Someone with later-stage Alzheimer's or severe dementia is not the same person as the one their spouse married. I sincerely doubt the author is implying they are not human - simply that they are.

You won't get me. I am going to have the rest of my life. Then in AugustFrances stopped taking any food or water. With his life partner gone, A. But it was the loneliness that he found hardest to handle. Petersen says that, more often than not, it's women who question his choice to enter into a secondary relationship.

You would have given up everything,' " Petersen says. I honor their feelings. But I personally chose a different way, and I am satisfied with what I did. For me, just for me, it's what I needed to do.

Petersen and his lady friend are committed to each otherand he says she is a full partner in his role as caregiver to Jan. I see Jan, and then when we leave I am sometimes in tears, and [my lady friend] is there to help. The need for a new relationship is not limited to husbands. Female caregivers interviewed for this article, but who were uncomfortable with having their names used, lamented most a loss of physical intimacy.

She has not taken on a "paramour," but often thinks about it. I don't know if turning 50 or menopause has awakened me, but I want passion back in my life. The journey definitely affected A. Two months after Frances' passing, long before, he says, many would have deemed it, "acceptable," A. And soon he wasn't counting the days since his wife's passing, or breaking into tears at the small mementos of her existence-the last bottle of nutritional supplement in the fridge, her photo on the mantel.

Seven months later, A. And yes, I love her enough to be willing to go through that all again. It beats being alone by a long shot. Choosing to love again is a leap of faith and an act of courage for Petersen as well.

Both he and Joyce came to the marriage with their preexisting conditions-his bypass surgery, her spinal stenosis. Recently, he spent weeks nursing Joyce through a bout with shingles.

She is slowly getting her strength back, and once she's ready, A. There are trips to take, redecorating to do in the house.

Most of all, there's life to be lived.

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