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I had great dreams about my spouse. A more realistic goal is for husbands and wives to work, learn and grow together. Then where does your expectations and anticipations go wrong? Your love days are always carefree and fun loving. It is only after marriage that you realize you are entering into a different world.

When your spouse gradually becomes indifferent to your feelings you feel resentful towards him.

When your relationship lacks transparency and frankness you feel terribly hurt. Can you see how most of your expectations are shattered and battered after your marriage. You bitterly realize that your expectations about your spouse were dreamy and unrealistic. Does this mean you should not have any dreams about your married life and your spouse?

You are disappointed when your spouse does not share your household chores. He\she makes you disappointed by being commanding and demanding - a completely different behavior from your dating days. There are lot of ego clashes between you. Topmost in the . Rushing into the arms of a rebound doesn't give you time to heal. There's no shame in needing time after a breakup to put the pieces of your heart back together before you throw yourself into the dating game once again. If you really want to find love, you have to be . Feb 01, Disappointment is a stage of love nearly every serious intimate relationship-probably every one that lasts longer than overnight-has to struggle with. It may strike suddenly or build up slowly, but once the battling begins, it can assume tragic proportions for a couple trying to make a life together.

You build your dreams about your spouse according to your inclinations, whims and wishes. How can your spouse be a replica of your dreams?

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When in love you interact with each other in excitement and enthusiasm. A world of responsibilities and commitments. Responsibilities change your nature.

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You become serious and focused on fulfilling your duties. When in love you did not have to demand the attention of your spouse.

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You got it spontaneously and instantly. But after marriage your spouse does not pay that much of attention on you.


It is at this stage that disappointment and discontentment slowly creeps into your relationship. You are wrong. When you want your spouse to spend every minute with you, you are perpetually disappointed. You feel shattered when the frenzied love you had for each other does not last. You are disappointed when your spouse does not share your household chores. How to avoid disappointments in married life?

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Be practical and sensible. Realistic approach to your relationship is the only way to avoid unwanted disappointment.

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Do not expect cinematic display of love from your spouse. You will be disappointed.

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Understand that your spouse is an individual and so prone to be different. Be tolerable and adjusting.

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Do not imagine all your expectations will be fulfilled by your spouse. Your relationship needs reciprocal contribution from both to make your disappointment disappear. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

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Have more to your life than a relationship. You should be more than just the girl standing next to some guy.

You might want to spend every waking hour with the boy you love, but the best thing you can do for the relationship is to give it some breathing room. You might be together, but you still need space and time for friends, family, career and hobbies. Stop handing out unlimited chances.

Second chances should be sacred. You need to reserve those gracious gifts for men who actually deserve them.

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No more second chances. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

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