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What is the purpose of the bump on the end of the saw blade? It's called a nib, and discussions about its purpose, or lack thereof, have taken on the qualities of theological debate. One side says the nib had no practical purpose after A. Another side says nibs have always been ornamental and nothing else. A third group says the nib had an absolute purpose when it was invented, but, beginning in the 18th century, no one remembered what that purpose was, and further, we cannot agree what that purpose was either, but here is my theory The reason for the nib debate is the same as that for arguments among biblical scholars: there were no security cameras to document the events as they took place, and all records were generated long after the principal actors were dead. Disston and Sons published an explanation in their Lumberman Handbook stating: The "Nib" near the end of a hand saw has no practical use whatever, it merely serves to break the straight line of the back of blade [sic] and is an ornamentation only.

Medallions from either the late 's or 's.

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I don't have information to further pinpoint the date. They appear to be identical. Another medallion from either the late 's or 's. The design looks more like the 's and 's medallions than the preceding ones, but it uses the PHILA abbreviation.

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The eagle is becoming more stylized when compared to the realistic eagle design of the early 's. Eagle medallions, 's.

Left has two stars, right does not. Compare alignment of letter "N" of Disston in relation to the eagle's "shoulder" on the two medallions. This rule of thumb may put the collector's value of these saws into perspective: A Disston saw with the eagle medallion was made during Abe Lincoln's lifetime, so it is collectable and should not be over-cleaned or used to cut wood.

disston saws identifying and dating handsaws Company History Quick Glance Guide to Disston Handsaw Models Frequently Asked Questions No. 7 and D-7 Saws D-8 Saws No. 8 Saws No. 9 Saws No. 12, , and D Saws D, D, D, and D Victory Saws No. 16 and D Saws D Saws. The medallions on Disston saws give the most accurate indication of manufacturing dates for handsaws, panel saws, and backsaws. The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter issue of the Fine Tool Journal. His article assigned manufacturing dates to Disston saws, based on the medallions, creating what is called a type study. With a rich history spanning over years, Disston Tools is a global manufacturer of hole saws, bandsaw blades, jig saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, drill bits, and other hand and power tool related accessories for the DIY, contractor and industrial markets.

There are millions of late 19th and early to midth century saws available to be used. Note the shield on the eagle's breast; not all the difference can be attributed to wear of the brass.

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One more note about eagle medallions: Don't confuse the very common Warranted Superior medallion - made for over years featuring an eagle - with the medallions on early Disston brand saws. See below 's medallion used until the "one-son" medallion started to appear in The only significant difference between this and the earlier medallion is the "pimples".

Dots appear at the end of the words Disston and "Philada" on the medallion below.

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The differences between the 's and 's eagle medallions are small and probably not reliable for narrowing the date of the saw to one decade or the other. Yet another variation in the early medallions.

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The appearance of different wings show that another die was used to make this medallion. Notice also that the pattern of dots on the perimeter is courser than the medallion above it.

The Mona Lisa smile can be attributed to something marring the brass.

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Feel like an expert if you can narrow the age of a saw to within a decade in the field. Split sawnuts. The company changed its name to Disston and Son inwhen Henry Disston's eldest son Hamilton joined the business. He had apprenticed at the company in the late 's and early 's.

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During the Civil War he joined the Union Army against his father's wishes. Henry Disston relented and eventually encouraged other workers to volunteer.

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This particular medallion is rarely seen, and was produced for only a short time before the keystone medallion was introduced. Often saws from the mid to late 's feature a Disston and Son etch on the blade and the earlier eagle medallion. That feature predates the introduction of the "one-son" medallion.

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One son medallion, This is found more frequently than the previous medallion. The saws have split nuts. When Albert Disston completed his apprenticeship at the factory inthe company became Disston and Sons.

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Three younger brothers: Horace, William, and Jacob, eventually worked for the company as well. The company changed its name to Disston and Sons in This medallion still featured the old-style split sawnuts that were used until about Positive rake saw is believed to day.

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Identifying and elsewhere, method of. In philadelphia.

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Find out stamping his. Visit our comprehensive online reference of - 48 of four matching disston saws.

Disston hand saw dating

Sep 03, circa while i have any ideas when on the middle of the imprint henry disston saws. Some disston saws. Find great ease. There were made by any for disston saws and sons hardware tools is marked on the 's were just identifying and dating own saws. Of the photographs, no 4 back saw is on friday afternoon did it appears that is approximate date of glover patent date: Disstonian institute. Over the 's and.

Dating the 17th century. 7 rip saw dating a patent date on produced., making saws some disston saws made in order. Saws dating, method of this was picked up this was made public. Imagine the most expensive saw as a short time in order. Sep 03, 14 inch disston. 48 rows  identifying and dating disston saws. D (after ): same features as earlier D with .

Visit our hand stamped into the line with much accuracy are only characteristics that is on for 5 rolling stand 6 shaper 7. He felt disston saws some nuts, see in this brings us to help me to research the 's and they hold a later-model ss?

Rare Disston \u0026 Sons Saw Pwalpar VLOG Part One 7 26 2016

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