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This dream also suggests that you need to learn something new. There is a sense of learning what areas of your life need improvement. Is it considered that a man's appearance is triggered by a sense of depression. This dream also suggests that a friend may appear in your life and be a source of inspiration. The man featured in your dream shows a sense of belonging; development and is associated with the different sides of your personality. It is important to develop yourself in the future.

Two opposing sides struggling against each other. When you see it in a dream it represents a conflict in your life, or in the way you think or feel. Different ideas, beliefs or choices struggling with each other. Arguments or trouble accomplishing goals.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing her mother give birth to 2 babies that look just like her. In waking life her mother was pregnant with a second child and the young girl was worried that her parents wouldn't treat her as special once the new baby arrived.

The 2 babies in the dream most likely reflected the conflicting feelings of jealousy she worried she would expect once the new child was born. A scholar in a dream represents glad tidings, a promotion, or a commendation and it represents one who acts upon what he knows and says.

If one sees a scholar who is considered to be a reference in religious knowledge, and if one accepts his admonition in the dream, though in wakefulness he does not follow this school of thought, it means that he will be tried with an adversity that will be remembered by people for sometime to come, though his testimony will be accepted by the people.

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Perhaps you need to incorporate these cts into your own character. If the man is known to you, then the dream may reflect you feelings and concerns you have about him. If you are a woman and dream that you are in the arms of a man, then it suggests that you are accepting and welcoming your stronger assertive personality.

It may also highlight your desires to be in a relationship and your image of the ideal man. To see an old man in your dream represents wisdom or forgiveness.

The old man may be a archetypal figure who is offering guidance to some daily problem. When a man is recognized in a dream, he is the same person in wakefulness, or it could be his brother, or a person with the same resemblance or name.

If he takes something valuable or cherished from the person having the dream, it means the opposite, and one will receive from such a man what he wishes for in wakefulness.

Dating 2 men at once... my story.

If he takes a shirt or a rope in the dream, it means that he will accept a promise from the person seeing the dream. If he takes a child away from him, it means enmity between the two.

It went on for a long time until I saw my sister and told them to call my parents who were sleeping. When my parents finally came, the door opened and the man was no longer dark. Now he was lightskinned and very tall. It turns out I know this guy because he removed the mask I only know him in my dream not reality. They both said it was a prank and there is nothing to be scared of. Then when I opened the backyard door for them to leave, I saw the same black man I saw the first time he has big eyeshe looked at me while he was putting on the mask again.

Please what kind of a dream is this. I recently got in contact with my old high school friends.

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Hi there, thanks for posting. If this dream was about your old high school friends, then it would be very clear about that. When a dream is objective, meaning pointing to someone or something in your life, it will use that imagery.

One thing is certain, something wants to come in from the back door, i. If you are a woman, then they are part of your inner masculine. Read what I have written on the site about that to learn more. After that, follow what I tell you to do in the posts on this site - that should help you.

And the I wake up. So I saw this dream which I really want to know the meaning of.

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That freaked me out a little so I called my mom coz she handles situations like that better than me and to my suprise she let them in. She let the strangers stay over at our house. But I still had this sense of danger and discomfort.

Hi Nana, thanks for sharing you should check out the post on Dreams About Housesand especially, pay attention to the section on strangers coming to you door.

This dream suggests that you are afraid to open yourself to new possibilities sounds like you need to add some dimension to personality. Let go of fear. I have been having a reoccurring dream that has been affecting my sleep for the past couple of months. I never see who they are, only that I sense they are there or see some type of evidence that some stranger is lurking in my house. Hi Samantha, this article should answer your questions about the meaning of strangers.

I even say something about them coming to the door and wanting to come. The idea of this site is to teach you how to extrapolate meaning - not give an explanation for every possible dream iteration. That would be impossible. I hope you will go back and read carefully. The answer you are looking for is here.

Also check out dreams about houses. IRL, I had just broken up with my boyfriend but we are still in contact. I once met a half-japanese guy at a club and he would like to get to know me more but I declined. Second time I went to the same club, I saw him again by coincidence. He showed interest once again, but I declined once more. I never saw him again. He expressed interest in me, taking me around exploring places. There was a huge familiarity in him, I felt so comforted and relaxed in his presence.

I felt confused as to why I had this dream, did I let slip of a great relationship that could have happened if I opened my heart up?

Hi there, first of all, this is a fantastic dream, most especially given your current situation. If you have read my post carefully, you will have noticed what I have said about soulmates and what they really are. Something of yourself was projected into your boyfriend you can read more about that all over my site.

This is why he feels so familiar. This dream imagery tells you that it is within you to be happy, even doing the everyday activities. This inner figure shows you a life you could be living. Again, I talk about what the inner masculine means in several posts. I suggest you read them. Find what makes you you.

Find what you want to do with your life and you will feel this sense of wholeness, without it being attached to a man. Did you let go a good relationship? Maybe, maybe not. I just get the feeling you are looking outside of yourself for something that is clearly within you. Hello Jesamine. I then went into the kitchen to search to I saw dirty dishes and spoiled foods in the sink I then walked out, then I woke up. Please what does this mean. Thank you! Hi Scott, read the post on Dreams About Houses.

A more recent European interpretation of this dream indicates that seeing a man is a good sign, as it provides security and strength to the woman that had the dream, and therefore she will know how to fight and to fulfill her desires. Dec 12,   This is very likely an anxiety dream. Your unconscious fears you will make the wrong decision when you pick a person to begin your relationship journey, and so it gives you that dream to make you put off that step in your emotional/social development. Jan 18,   dream two men liked me and they were both fighting for me but i did not want either of i just had fear know i was sitting on a table eating cookies and a glass of milk with my one of the guys comes to my table and picks up my glass of milk.i just had like no trust in my dream.i thought he would come yell at he.

That should give you some clues into the meaning of houses in dreams and what the inner feminine is in a man. Make some associations to dirty dishes and spoiled food - in the way I show you throughout this site. Then connect that with the meaning of houses and inner feminine. I dreamt that I was in my front garden and the earth was very dry. Dry enough that rifts had opened up and I moved chunks of earth around with my mind to create a new landscape. In the dream it was fun and I was not bothered that the garden was basically destroyed, I wanted to create something new and unexpected.

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But then I went into the living room and started fixing a pipe that was leaky. She kept asking me what I was doing and I became more and more annoyed and told her to go away, but she kept following me. I realized that there was I truck in the drive way and she had driven it through the hedge and I became a little angry and kept telling her to go away. But she just moved around the room being nosy. At the same time there were suddenly more and more pipes and more and more leaks, and I realized something was seriously wrong with the plumbing and ran trying to fix it, but it just became worse and then I realized another pipe was broken in the room upstairs.

But I have also several times dreamed of strangers who somehow got keys to my house and I always wake up angry from those dreams. Hi Alex, thank you for sharing this dream.

Dream about dating two guys About the one or that might not met, there are in because things snowball. While being with two were talking about how to make use of the date. Dating Two People. This dream interpretation is dependent on your current relationship status, if you are in a current relationship, it indicates that you seek and require passion. If you are entering a new relationship, the dream indicates that you have anxiety about the major change in your life. Dating an Ex. Dating in dreams is connected to how one communicates with other people. If the date in the dream is pleasing then this means that you wish to escape the real world for a while. Perhaps you need to embrace new relationships. To go on a date with the same sex means that you may have extreme feelings for another.

That matters. So does your age and where you are in life. Moving things around with you mind - typically I see that kind of imagery in people who fantasize too much about life rather than doing anything in life.

The garden - your garden? In comes the woman. My general feeling is that this woman is an anima figure. She could lend substance to fantasy - and she brings water with her. The dry earth needs the water. Water is a feeling element. Again something that would balance out a rigid, dry thinker. Are you dependent on her? Maybe you are young and still live at home - but the question is about your psychology. The woman would be an element of your psychology that was your own feminine and not that of your mother.

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This woman will not go. Accept her and relate to her. It would appear that your life needs water - your house needs water. Read the post on Houses in Dreams and see if that helps. I was chatting this guy on Facebook and always dream about him that he came to my apartment and he was sick and ate the left over food in the house ,sometimes I dream to his place at the barrack.

I had a dream last night i was on my parents farm with my son and daughter. My daughter went down to the old bog behind my parents field. My son and me were wrestling in the front yard when I noticed a tall man wearing a trench coat walking through my parents cut field so I could see him in near all black and he had long hair.

I yelled at my son to stop and when we both looked up there was around 20 people just staring at us from the field including kids which scared the bejesus out of me. Woke up terrified. Hi Brian, thanks for posting this dream. I can feel its intensity, just through the imagery alone. There is nothing in the dream that would indicate it is about taking or not taking that job. This feels much deeper than that. I would say go for that job. I dreamt that and very attractive woman with gold hoop earrings in her 50s came to my door.

It was a very quick dream and then she was gone. You would need to do some amplification on what gold hoop earrings mean to you.

Work from there. Get in touch with that nice energy in yourself.

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Hi Fiorella, thanks for sharing your dream. Clearly, this dream is about making contacting with and integrating your inner masculine. The question is always: in what way does he want to live in you? The answer is in the first guy. Surely, you are more than that? Who are you really? What do those voices say to you?

They are encouraging you in a direction that some part of you does not want to go in. Are the destructive thoughts that haunt you? This is about your soulwho you are and how you want to make your place in the world. I just had this dream about me becoming a couple with a tall and a little muscular guy. But when the guy appeared to save me his face was all beaten up and it was raining so he was drenched and it looked like it was a university setting.

And halfway through the race my umbrella spoil in a way that the part which covers you from rain fell to the ground leaving only the stick left and it was apparently a shirt and I wanted to pick it up but the lady with me was like urging me not to and faster continue the race. Then we reached the finishing area but I lost then after wards another guy which was the one who I ended up with came to pick up the shirt on the ground squeeze dry it and wore it on him.

And I was at the side and saw all these which I then realise that shirt was his and so he left after wearing the shirt and I followed him for awhile until I went up to him and nudged him arm and asked if that was his shirt and all. Oh he also remained shirtless while I was racing as his shirt was used as my umbrella. Then he told me that what I was saying was right and we were still walking. Then we reached a dead end and I was asked him where do u Want me to walk to and he laughed and answered herewhich was like climbing over a fence and jumping down so he went ahead and after I climbed over the fence I was afraid to jump down and so he told me to trust him he will carry me down and he did then after that somehow behind us was another women which was gonna come down the same way as we did and she needed a bit of help as well and when we wanted to help her down she was like afraid as she thought we were a couple and all so she sort of stayed away from us.

Then after wards we somehow sat at the table and were drinking different types of green tea which my plate was still Super hot so he fed me two spoonfuls of another green tea from his plate first which I declined at first but he insisted which was really nice. The scene ended there and I woke up already. I dont know where to start. These past 3 weeks I have had 3 big dreams. My ex came into my life treating me way better than my wife has treated me in the past 6 years.

Its only friendship between me and ex no sex. My first dream was a young black woman came knocking at my door,my wife was in the living room she came and got me abs told me some woman was at the door. I asked who it was the woman said her name is cat and we use to meet. I told her I dont know who she was and what she wanted. She said she was hungry could I help her out. I told her yeah,so I went to go find her some money and something to eat. The money I had was my last.

By the time I got everything together I woke up. Hello i am 23 y-old, i live in italy and i am from albania, tonight i saw a dream like i was in my house in albania in my bedroom in the second floor and all light were off, i was sitting there talking in the phone i think i was speaking with my loyer and then i heared a noise in my firstfloor and just when i got up to go down to check, in the corridor i saw a unknown old man, just sitting there and got afraid when he saw me, he started to run away and i was following him until outside, he stoped there couldnt go out because the door was locked and faced me, i was saying bad words to him all the time but the words couldnt go out my mouth, in the last moments when he was facing me my voice came out so he could hear me, my girlfriend was awake and said i was talking in my dream.

How interesting! Thank you for this articleI just had a dream that was not fully addressed. I am 26, married, female from UT, USA - biggest issue in my life is feeling like a failure with my career path.

I dreamed I was house sitting for my parents in the childhood home I grew up in they still live there but in the dream were away. I discovered there was a strange, dirty man dressed as an auto mechanic who had been secretly living in the garage for several years, and also a man who I did not see clearly who had secretly been living in the attic.

I was mad, and they were ashamed, and promised to leave. The details are blurry now that I am awake, but I also think I found a woman in the downstairs bathroom.

Possible dreaming about dating two guys understood not absolutely

When my parents returned home, I explained the situation expecting them to be mad, however as the man in the garage and I believe the other 2 strangers were in the process of leaving, they were shockingly unconcerned. I believe that the man in the garage apologized as he left. What does it mean to find strangers secretly living in your home, evict them, and then life carry on seemingly as normal, in the dream?

I awoke feeling unsettled.

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Thank you very much for your consideration! Hi Bree, thanks for sharing your dream. The idea is for you to read the post and see how to extrapolate meaning, not give you the meaning of particular dreams. Dreams are not like words that you look up in a dictionary. Your inner masculine is trapped in the parental dynamic, meaning that some part of you is psychologically stuck there. Read the post Dreams About Houses. That should give you more information about houses and what the attic means symbolically.

The woman downstairs is also you. Something in you is still too attached to your parents. This is a psychological dynamic. Only you can figure out how that dynamic plays out in your life.

Examine your relationship with your parents. This dream has been bugging me for almost a year now. I am a highschool student, and may have developed some kind of romantic feelings with my boy classmates yet I never acted on them. I dreamt about me getting married with a stranger. When I was on the entrance of the aisle, I saw my boy classmate whom once had confessed his feelings for me.

He grabbed my hand and then he helped me escape my wedding. He was with a girl- the girl wasnt that close to me but we knew each other irl and she was the prettiest girl in school.

I guess I agreed because then i found myself with my stranger grooom holding hands with and we were looking at each other. He said he liked me. He was tall, white and I really felt comfortable holding his hands. We had a conversation i couldnt recall but i remember laughing and falling for him. We entered a shop where there was sofas and pillows. We sat together at one side and my classmate and the girl on the other side.

We were cuddling, me and my groom talkig about nonsense things then I said, that we were late for the wedding! So we went back to the church and someone else was about to get married. But then my stranger groom said we have to get married. So after the previous wedding, we ended up getting married.

And then in the reception, like the ones where the groom and bride are in front and answering questions, we sliced a steak instead of a cake idk why but i found it funny. And then some people asked questions. There I knew he was a year younger than me and he was suffering some kind of seizures from time to time thats why it was hard for him to get a lover.

Whats the meaning of this? Read everything about who he is and what he means. You can then apply that to these boys. Getting married is equivalent to what C. If we trace this idea back we find it has two sources in alchemy, one Christian, the other pagan. The Christian source is unmistakably the doctrine of Christ and the Church, sponsus and sponsa, where Christ takes the role of Sol and the Church that of Luna.

The pagan source is on the one hand the hieros-gamos, on the other the marital union of the mystic with God. If you have read post, you know that your conscious situation is the most important bit of information for dream analysis. Your associations with the steak would be absolutely necessary for interpreting that image. The unconscious has a great sense of humor. A family from abroad I think from Sweden, not sure visited in my country South Africa. We are at this voluntary center where we learn and help others, a place where everyone is happy and want to help each other.

The fathers brother is the manager of this voluntary center and he is staying in South Africa. This family is just very generous and loving towards me and as they getting ready to leave for home abroad we say good bye with hugshandshakes and kisses in a way of very good friends, that going to miss you very much, tears of joy and same time sadness flow.

Everyone is congratulating me and is very happy for me. This family should have been wealthy but they appear very down to earth like people. Not judging you by your wealth or the color of your skin but by the character and person you are. What does all this mean? Hi Reagan, thanks for posting. It would seem that a large part of your personality is unconscious. If so, you are missing out on something very important about yourself.

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If you choose to explore, this part of yourself has a lot of love and money to give, i. The meaning of this young woman who really likes you depends on whether you are a man or a woman.

I dreamed of a strange couple fall off a building to death. I was in the opposite home. The same was continued with a small baby, but the baby after fall dint die, it fell in a milk tank n came back its home. And the same dream continued of eating different items n roaming with a home elder person.

I ever dreamt, where i was in a place kind of wood. Then there was a guy just showed up in front of me. He wore leather jacket, red shirt with mozaic pattern, jean, and boots. He touched my toe and started chanting a short spell and turned out he was healing me. This guy and the accident seemed so real. I hope you can help me break this mystery or at least your words will illuminate me. Thank you for your kindness. I get really scared and panick then the same stranger always appears to help.

Hello Gloria, thank you for sharing this dream. Your hometown is a symbol for your true Home - the one within. Feeling lost at your age is part of the work of finding yourself. This stranger certainly is sort of an angel. Jung called him the inner masculine. I suggest you search for that on my site and read about what he means for you.

Our inner masculine is always with us, and has been from the beginning. Are you in touch with that? If not, get in touch with it.

Hope you are doing great. I am sending this message to you right from my bed where I just woke up yes, I napped while working lol! My current life - 36, married for 8 years, 5 yr old daughter. Staying away from Husband not separated though where I am trying to find a good jOn.

A tad uncertain about the job but, otherwise, I am comfortable and positive with where I am in life.

I immediately googled to find an insight into this whole thing and that is when I came across your site. I am hoping you could decipher a bit of it for me. I will try to make it as precise as I can remember. So, the dream begins where I was in some strange building trying to take a flight of stairs but somehow after 10 12 steps, it led me back to the ground floor and then I realize the stairs were built faulty. So I take a lift and the moment I enter I know something is off.

I also came across 1 or 2 unknown men who were observing me getting confused with the stairs. Coming back to the lift scene, it started descending way down and then I was led to a big room with 2 - 3 children whom I was supposed to help. I cant remember the other kids except for the last girl, about 10 - 12 years old, who was refusing to take her medicines. My job was to convince her to take it. Suddenly a man a moderator, sort of of my age, appears and he talks to the kid and she takes the medicines.

I am quite taken with that unknown man. Please note, I have never seen him in real life and he bears no resemblance to anyone I have ever come across. He does not seem so interested in me though. Anyway, this stranger looks very average but I know I like him. He comes to me and is trying to talk to me now.

Then we hug. He says he really loves me and I am overwhelmed with love for him. I actually felt the emotion in my dreams if thats even possible. He tells me He wants to be with me for how much ever time we have. I cannot explain in words how overwhelmed I was feeling during this and then I realize I am waking up. I literally felt him disappear from my arms and we both were crying.

I woke up and I cried for a good 3 mins or so. Even now I cant help feeling sad and would want to go back to my dream. I am engulfed with sadness and I dont know what this all means. This is all so strange to me. Please help! Hello Jessamine, do you think you will be able to decipher what this dream could possibly mean? Sunanda, yes, I can certainly help you with this dream. If you want an immediate interpretation, please contact me for an appointment or paid email correspondence.

If not, then be aware, I only respond to comments as I have time, and even then, it will not be an interpretation per se. There are many other comments ahead of yours, so you will have to wait your turn.

I am 56 years old. I happily live alone and have no children.

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I have a long-time job and support myself. I dreamed that I was staying in a hotel room. I had gone outside of the room and was tying my shoes. It was at that moment, that I realized that I was wearing a shirt that was completely unbuttoned.

I was horrified that he thought I was a hooker.

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I screamed no at him and ran back in my room. When I turned back toward the door, he was in the room with me. I somehow, suddenly had a stick or some kind of tool in my hand and I screamed at him to get out and hit him several times on the head with the stick. He ran out and I slammed the door and locked it. He remained outside my room and was joined by two other men.

completely agree

They kept walking around and trying to look in at me. I pulled the curtains closed and was using black electrical tape to tape the tops and bottoms of the curtains. I kept seeing the shadows of the men walking back and forth. I was really scared and woke up with my heart pounding. Hi Lisa, thanks for your dream post. These dreams are frightening, but always remember that they are symbolic.

They are a part of your inner masculine, something you can read more about on this site. That you are tying your shoes in the dream could indicate the possibility of changing your conscious orientation to the world. Whatever these men represent, they are a part of your own soul and trying to make contact with you. The key to is to get at what they symbolize. You are at the age where women often take a second look at the meaning of their lives. Use the site to learn how to make associations to the dream imagery.

The dream is offering a correction in your attitude. When you try to use stairs - it appears that you are trying to go up, but are led back down.

This means you must descend into your own depthsthat you are too much in your head. This often manifests in a woman as someone who is highly opinionated, but not informed by her own thoughts or reflections.

Sep 13,   There's nothing to do about this other man, really. You have a significant other and so does he. Your best bet is to have your sexy dreams and . Dreams about strangers: someone knocking at the door Two guys came to my front door. It appeared as though they had been dropped off. One had a beard. They were selling something. I was willing to give them a listen. I said, "what do you have?" the bearded guy held out an amethyst crystal, surrounded by other crystals. It was lotus shaped. The dream forces you to acknowledge your authoritative and aggressive side. Consider also how the men are dressed as this will provide a clue as to what area in your life you need to assert more power. If you are a man and dream that there are only men at a party suggests that you are questioning your abilities. You fear that you are being overlooked or not measuring up to others.

Apparently, your inner masculine is the one who can help her take it. I had a dream where I was not in it at all but experienced an bird eye view of everything. It all started with two lovers the man a photographer, the two were happy. The man took many pictures each picture he took froze time and I switched to a new scene eventually it all lead to the end in a subway station where the woman went to Iran to do charity work breaking up with the man.

She died in that place and the man went crazy and killed himself, the last flash I got was the man and woman as ghosts, with the man having a horde of ghost behind him with a crazed look in his face talking down to the woman who looked beat up with a swollen eye.

Thank you for this site. Summary of real life circumstance. I recently left my job and home in North UK thinking I would be working and living in South uk but it all went wrong and I am now temporarily staying at my daughters house in Central UK, not quite knowing where to look for a job or home next. I am comfortable and happy even though I feel directionless. In the dream I am renting a fairly nice flat on the edge of some kind of theme park. The flat is just the top part of a house with an outdoor stair case leading up to it.

I run down the steps to meet him but he is now in the crowd going through the main entrance to the theme park. Several people have dressed in uniforms paramedics I think as they can get in the park for free if they have a uniform on. I mention to him that everyone seems to be getting in for free except for me and I live there! I offer to show her my flat and we run off together to it. I am explaining on the way its not one of the new ones but so much nicer than somewhere I used to live.

At the bottom of the stairs a woman in a red coat is going up my staircase. Her back is to me but I know she is glamorous - I think she is famous. I tell the admissions girl not to talk as I want to see why this woman is going into my flat. Then 2 women who I do know come out of my flat and start walking down the stairs in real life these women are from my old job, both successful ladies but nosey and gossipy - one has a wonderful eye for detail the other is amazingly smug and has a strong sense of entitlement.

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By now the woman with the red coat has been in and is on her way out. I open the door and for some reason there is a toilet in my hall way. One of these women has used the toilet fluids only and left it unflushed with toilet paper in it. I am now really angry and start shouting at all 3 women calling them dirty bitches. The ex colleague eye for detail one responds saying I had probably done it myself and I should stop making such a big deal about it.

It took me several minutes to stop being cross about the dream! Hi Josie, thanks for sharing this dream. I have to say, the ending made me laugh! All dreams have significance for our conscious life, unfortunately, many people simply blow them off. That requires a dialogue. Our dreams reveal something unknown, either about ourselves or our current situation. In this dream, the ending tells you something significant:.

At the same time, you should keep in mind that your dream guy probably is not your intended soulmate and you should make romantic decisions on compatibility instead of dreams. Look at the exact events and situations that unfolded in your dream. There might be a symbolic element to your dream, or the guy may represent some trait or life change that you want to have. By taking a closer look at your dreams, you can figure out exactly why your dream is happening. But thanks for telling me and I do like trying to help others and it usually backfires with me getting hurt instead of them.

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Eight years ago I was in a bad marriage that was ending. I was miserable and had a few more months before my husband would have the money to move out of our home. I went to bed and had a dream that still today is very memorable. I can see it very clearly in my minds eye.

In this dream I was returning home from grocery shopping, so I come into the room and there is this man I have had never met but yet he was very familiar to me.

Dreaming about dating two guys

I felt like I knew him completely. He had a big wide smile that showed a lot of his teeth and he had brown hair. As I was talking to him about whatever happened while I was shopping he just kept smiling like I was the most precious person he knew. He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. This made me stop talking and I jokingly asked him what that was for.

When I was finally ready to go into my dating season I would look for him. I know that sounds crazy but I really felt led to find him. After 3 years I met a man on a dating site and we hit it off right away.

As I spent more time with him I got this strong feeling that he was the one in my dreams. He had the smile, he had brown hair and he was very loving. I still think of this dream every so often and wonder if others have had this experience. It is not something you hear about. You were smart enough to listen to this intuition, and it led you to a happier life. Congrats on the newfound love!

That it just beautiful dear! Your subconscious knew what you needed I suppose! We had a particular bad argument the other day that really hurt me. I had the most wonderful dream last night where a nice looking, Brown haired and attractive but not gorgeous man approached me in a book store.

I was stunned but thrilled and then he just walked away but I somehow knew that we would see one another again! Dreams can tell us so very much! Your outcome gives me hope so thanks for sharing! Best to you dear! Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. We always appreciate when members of our community share their insights and experiences.

I had this dream last night and it was this guy who seemed about maybe four or five years older than me. Otherwise than that it went back to us spending time together and we often went swimming in the pool or something because I would often find myself wearing a bikini. It felt that he loved me a lot, he appreciated my scars and stretch marks from previous weight gain. He loved all of me. A note is that I was in like a dream apartment home thing. His parents were at the front door waiting for him.

Then the dream ended. When I woke up I forgot his face but I remember a few things about his appearance. He had dark brownish hair, a cute smile, slight hair on his face because he seemed years old, a broad shoulder kinda guy and seemed he worked out a little bit but not that he had pecs the size of balloons.

His name started with either a g or j but everyone called him JoJo as a nickname. I always called him from his first name and not his nickname cause to me his name sounded amazing to me. The appearance and behaviors of this person may be reflections of qualities that you may find attractive in a partner.

Ensure that this dream guides you in a positive direction. You will draw positive people and energy into your life by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. It is certainly possible that this person will appear in your life in the future. I had this dream just a few hours ago about a guy between my age. In real life I always questioned if i really wanted to be with him because of the way he sometimes acts and also the fact that we cant see or touch each other.

And I have also been questioning If I wanted to date a different race. He is Hispanic, I am African American. So I had this dream about this unknown black guy that was around 16 or 17, and he was so handsome. He was everything. We would call on the phone and talk and he would drop whatever he was doing to sneak over to where I was and be with me.

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