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To date endometrium, should see surface endometrium, but date based on most advanced area Must biopsy uterine corpus above the level of the isthmus; must also biopsy functionalis as basalis layer does not respond to progesterone Dating has low interobserver agreement, and may not have accuracy to diagnose luteal phase deficiency or to guide clinical management of women with reproductive failure Fertil Steril ; Difficult to date endometrium of patients with IUD or on hormones or if endometrium is nonuniform.

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Early proliferative endometrium. Mid proliferative endometrium and Ki67 staining. Day 17 endometrium, with reduced Ki67 staining. This may enable you to conceive without additional fertility treatments.

Endometriosis is a condition in which endometrium is found outside the uterine cavity. It is a common cause of infertility. While endometriosis is primarily defined by endometrial tissue growing in the wrong places, it can also affect the uterine environment, the endometrium itself, and ovulation. Key Message Premenstrual endometrial biopsy if accompanied by information of dating cycle and date of biopsy can be useful diagnostic tool for hormonal dysfunction and intrinsic endometrial factors in infertility. Introduction Reproduction and perpetuation are features of living beings. Key Words: Endometrium, cyclin E, p27, endometrial receptivity, endometrial dating, infertility Implantation is a critical step in success-fully achieving pregnancy. Because some cases of unexplained infertility may result from implantation failure, there is a need to assess the endometrium accurately for de-fects that could preclude implantation (1).

Adenomyosis is when the endometrium grows into the myometrium the muscular layer of the uterus. It can cause painful, heavy periods. The primary treatments for adenomyosis have been endoscopic endometrial ablation which involves the destruction of the endometrium or hysterectomy which is the removal of the uterus.

Neither of these treatments is appropriate if you still want to have children. For women still wanting to have kids, there are other options:.

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This is scar tissue that grows in sheets inside the uterus. Sometimes, its cause is unknown. It can be treated during a hysteroscopy, a procedure that both allows for both the diagnosis and removal of the scar tissue.

A viral infection found in the endometrium may cause infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. A small but possibly groundbreaking study has found a possible connection between the herpes virus HHV-6A and infertility. When most people think of herpes, they think of the sexually transmitted disease herpes simplex virus 2, or HSV However, herpes simplex is just one possible form of the virus.

The herpes family of viruses is also responsible for chicken pox, mononucleosis, and the common cold sore.

Due to lack of objective and accurate methods of assessment, endometrial receptivity (ER) is rarely investigated in an infertile patient or even prior to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Advent of "Omics" that is, the analysis of biological samples using molecular profiling has revived interest in the study of ER particularly in the context of implantation failure (IF) in IVF. Further, essentially all early studies involving endometrial dating were performed in infertile women, many of whom may have endometriosis and therefore aberrant responses to P. Clearly, better methods are needed. OBJECTIVE: To assess effects of biopsy timing and fertility status on inter- and intraobserver variability in dating of the endometrium. DESIGN: Endometrial biopsy slides randomly selected from a multicenter study testing the utility of biopsy in the diagnosis of infertility were distributed to three gynecologic pathologists, who estimated.

HHV-6 is suspected of being passed along via saliva and is most known for causing a common viral childhood rash, roseola, in children. Like the other herpes viruses, even after the initial infection passes, the virus remains dormant in the body. Researchers suspect HHV-6 may be associated with other health issues, beyond childhood rashes. A study in Italy of 30 infertile women and 36 controls who had already given birth to at least one child looked into whether HHV-6A might be correlated with infertility.

All the women in the study had endometrial biopsies.


Researchers discovered that of the infertile women, 43 percent had genetic evidence of the HHV-6A virus in their endometrial samples. Some possibilities that future research may investigate include anti-viral medications or immunological treatments meant to calm down the body's natural immune response to the virus, which may be interfering with embryo implantation or attacking the embryo before it can develop into a baby.

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Endometrial cancer is sometimes also known as uterine cancer. Because it causes abnormal bleeding, this kind of cancer is often diagnosed quickly.

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Early diagnosis can enable treatment that preserves fertility. However, it can occur in women of childbearing age. Treatment of endometrial cancer can cause infertility if aggressive treatment is needed. Early diagnosis is essential. Also, it is important to tell your doctor you are not finished with having children before treatment options are discussed. There are ways to preserve fertility when the diagnosis is early.

For example, hormonal treatment instead of surgical treatment of endometrial cancer may better preserve fertility. With conservative surgical treatment, women post-endometrial cancer treatment can have problems with a thin endometrium. This can negatively affect implantation rates and increase the likelihood of miscarriage.

Oct 08,   Dating has low interobserver agreement, and may not have accuracy to diagnose luteal phase deficiency or to guide clinical management of women with reproductive failure (Fertil Steril ;) Difficult to date endometrium of patients with IUD or on hormones or if . Nov 01,   He has special interest in infertility and vast experience of reporting more than 15, endometrial biopsies in infertile cases with dating for Gada Life Care, Indore. He was a Lecturer and Reader of Pathology, Seth G.S. Medical College and KEM Hospital Mumbai and an Associate Professor in R.D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain (MP).Cited by: 2. endometrial dating. An agreement of 6 2 days was found in 96%, 85%, 77%, and 65of the samples, respectively. The question of the window of implantation has been addressed in several different ways. Martel et al. (6) and Nikas et al. (7), using scanning electron microscopy on the uterine luminal epithelium, demonstrated the presence of specialized.

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Treating patients with "thin" endometrium - an ongoing challenge. Gynecol Endocrinol. Effect of clomiphene citrate on endometrium thickness and echogenic patterns. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. Surg Res Pract. Ginecol Obstet Mex. PLoS One. To clarify the causes of infertility, an impressive array of diagnostic tests are available to clinicians [ 7 ].

Almost all functional disturbances involved in infertility result in morphological changes in the endometrium since hormone levels fluctuate depending upon various biorhythms, the histological examination of the endometrial biopsy is the most reliable parameter for evaluating the cause of infertility [ 8 ].

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In the current study, 2, samples of endometrium over a period of thirteen years, received with the clinical diagnosis of infertility, primary or secondary, were included. The current study was a cross sectional study. For dating of the endometrium, the criteria described by Dallenbach Hellweg [ 9 ] were applied and endometrial specimens were divided into following groups:. Proliferative normal: early, mid, and late biopsy done in proliferative phase of the cycle.

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Inadequate proliferative endometrial glands comparable to those in early or mid proliferative phase were found while the biopsy was done in secretory phase or late proliferative phase. Proliferative-anovulatory endometrial glands comparable to those in late proliferative phase while the biopsy was done in secretory phase. Secretory changes with glandulo-stromal disparity GSD glandular and stromal changes were discordant. All the cases included in the study group were divided into two major groups as primary infertility Group 1 and secondary infertility Group 2.

Statistics was applied to deduce significance wherever available with the help of SPSS biostatistics software version The results of current study were compared with similar Indian studies. In a total of 2, endometrial biopsies studied, 1, In primary infertility group maximum cases In secondary infertility group maximum 81 cases For qualitative data i.

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Duration of infertility analyzed in all 2, cases. The study is based on one cycle one biopsy basis.

Endometrial dating infertility

The morphological patterns of endometrium have been divided into four subtypes- proliferative phase, secretory phase, endometritis, and hyperplasia. The 2, endometrial biopsies included, showed secretory pattern in 1, Endometritis was seen in 41 1.

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Secretory endometrium was seen in 1, Proliferative endometrium was seen in Proliferative phase-normal P : In primary infertility this subtype was seen in It is not advisable to do endometrial biopsy in proliferative phase in cases of infertility.

Inadequate proliferative phase IP : In primary infertility this subtype was seen in 29 5. Proliferative phase-anovulatory P-AN : In primary infertility this subtype has maximum number of cases In secondary infertility this subtype was seen in 24 Secretory phase-normal S : In primary and secondary infertility this subtype has maximum number of cases, 1, Inadequate Secretory phase IS : In primary infertility this subtype was seen in It was seen in 61 4. Out of the total 2, cases, tuberculous endometritis was seen in 34 cases comprising 1.

In primary infertility with endometritis, maximum number of cases 31 ZN staining was negative. In primary infertility acute endometritis AE was seen in only 1 case 2. Hyperplasia in infertility was seen in 19 cases out of the total 2, cases comprising 0. In primary infertility simple hyperplasia was seen in 17 Excluding the cases of proliferative and secretory phase without menstrual history and endometritis, anovulatory phase was seen in Among the ovulatory cases, adequate secretory phase was seen in maximum number of cases 1, Human endometrium is an important site for implantation of young fertilized ovum.

Female infertility poses a complex problem to which a simple answer is rarely forthcoming. A battery of tests is essential to detect where the defect lies.

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Endometrial biopsy in infertility studies is not only the simplest, quickest, cheapest and useful method of determining the occurrence of ovulation, but it also yields valuable supplementary information about the utero-ovarian endocrine relation of the particular woman. It is far more valuable than can be obtained by more difficult, inadequate, cost ineffective and complicated hormone assays. The current study is based upon a comprehensive study of 2, endometrium from infertile women.

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The various observations have been discussed and compared with other Indian studies on the following pattern:. Incidence of primary and secondary infertility endometrium among total 2, endometrium included in this study was In the current study primary:secondary infertility ratio was 7. Most of the infertile patients presented within the most fertile age group.

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This observation is similar to that of other workers. Abbasi et al. Girish et al.

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In the current study, mean age was In the current study, the highest number of cases Zawar et al. Variation in duration is probably due to gradually increasing consciousness, changing working pattern, education and social status of the people in a developing country like India.

Comparison of percentage of different morphological patterns in Indian studies with the present study. In the current study, proliferative phase was seen in In primary infertility, proliferative phase reported by Zawar et al. In secondary infertility, proliferative phase reported by Sanyal et al.

The condition can be treated with ovulation inducing agents and appropriate estrogen therapy.

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