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Ahh, you are my first request so thank you! Hehe, I hope you liked it! You were the new trainee at SM Entertainment, finally being able to enter the company after reassuring your twin brother, Luhan, that you would be able to take care of yourself. The one that caught your eyes the most was Sehun, remembering your twin brother had mentioned he was the Korean member he was closest to next to Xiumin. It was a habit for you to greet others like that because Luhan had said it so many times that it caught onto you like the plague.

Hehe, I hope you liked it!

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You were the new trainee at SM Entertainment, finally being able to enter the company after reassuring your twin brother, Luhan, that you would be able to take care of yourself. The one that caught your eyes the most was Sehun, remembering your twin brother had mentioned he was the Korean member he was closest to next to Xiumin.

It was a habit for you to greet others like that because Luhan had said it so many times that it caught onto you like the plague. Immediately, Sehun raised his eyebrows, as the rest of the EXO members did too when they recognized the word you had said to greet them.

On the other hand, Sehun had recalled Luhan mentioning you once and had even seen a picture of you when you were younger.

EXO's Reaction to You Being Another Member's Fraternal Twin Ahh, you are my first request so thank you! I'm sorry this took a while to be put up. Hehe, I hope you liked it! Sehun: You were the new.

So he choked on the water he had been chugging down, completely caught off guard that you would be there after Luhan had left due to bad conditions. He only knew that you were getting fed beef for free.

Exo reaction to you dating another member

Even if they were from the same group, it was none of his business. Likewise, Kai had no idea you were related to Xiumin and you would have liked to keep it that way. How would the poor child react if he knew you were older than he was? It was one of the precious days off that the members get to have and he had wanted to spend it playing video games with the giant male.

Instead, he was texting with some unknown person for the longest time.

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As if right on cue, the doorbell rang and Chanyeol ran to open it, revealing you on the other side. I brought food that Yoora Unnie made earlier!

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People thought you had said that to gain attention because the only thing you had in common with Kai was your love for puppies. Chanyeol had no idea that Kai was patiently sitting in the audience to be questioned about your concern so you were nervous that he would give you a strange look like your other friends had.

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Chanyeol shot you a strange look before catching a glimpse of Kai sitting patiently in the audience. So he inventively listened to your story and frustrations of being untrustworthy to your friends when in fact you were telling the truth.

"Exactly, be nice to me or else I send her/him on you" He said after you had scold them about being messy, and not respectful to their leader who takes care of them. (You where lowkey tired of hearing him whine about them not listen to him). It was pretty clear that they were against of any Exo member dating and having a relationship. In fact, when the Exo-L's at this event were asked if they would allow Exo to have a relationship much, much later in life when they were 50, aeries still stood their ground and shook their heads at this. Jan 10,   exo react to you cuddling with another member Thank you for the request! ? (And I just want everyone to know that I always do ot12, unless you ask me to do otherwise) Chanyeol.

Often times, you were able to meet celebrities who choose to travel at such an early hour because less fans would be around to harass them. Today, a certain tall male that your brother had introduced you to before decided to stop by Innisfree to buy himself extra hand lotion before he returned back to Korea for a month.

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Sure there were Innisfree stores everywhere in Korea but he never liked to shop that much so he wanted to get it done now. Because if I lay all the possible issues out here, it looks something like this:.

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Even if you fix the first two issues, the others are virtually impossible to eliminate. The last one is especially important because well, anyone who's dating a idol is going to be getting some degree of media coverage. For a group as popular as Exo this is no exception, and if you are dating a member of Exo, who you are matters a lot. I feel angry towards these aeries who just think that they can keep Exo to themselves forever and ever.

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Like what is this, some kind of fairy tale? Exo are adults with dreams, wishes, hopes, desires, beliefs, feelings and interests of their own.

They may be idols, but they are humans and they are just as entitled to want to have a girlfriend as much as the next guy.

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In the short clip, you can see how uncomfortable Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Suho and the other members were as soon as aeries started whining when they heard the word 'girlfriend' being mentioned. If this isn't the epitome of childishness, I don't know what is. Exo being the amazing, wonderful guys they are tried to mask their uncomfortableness through smiles These fans have never even stopped for a second to consider that Exo might actually want to have a family one day.

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And here is another sad but honest truth: Exo will not always be idols. They will be in their forties one day, then their fifties and sixties and so on. Even though they probably won't be able to be fathers anytime soon because of their career, they might very well want to be when they disband. I know this sounds depressing and stuff, but it's just reality.

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Some fans need to accept these things. Just when I thought I couldn't get more frustrated and downcast, the fans at this party also completely went against the idea of our Baekhyun having children!

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Now this is not only extremely selfish, but plain disrespectful. As said in the rant, having children is seriously one of the biggest joys in life for many people. I'm more than sure at least some of you can understand that But by depriving Baekhyun from this joy and very normal wish, it's basically taking away his rights.

Without another word, he hugged you from behind. You closed your eyes before leaning your head on his shoulder. "Better." Kris - "Fan " you called from the couch right beside him. He didn't look at you but instead he just hummed. "I'm cold," you mumbled. You can't feel your feet and it was all your fault. Jin: He'd see it when the two of you were lounging on the couch in his dorm. He'd show you with and when you started laughing before tossing his phone back to him he'd join in. He wouldn't be too worried about it, you were there with your long legs draped over his lap after all. Yoongi: When he saw it he'd make his way into the studio where you were rehearsing with a grumpy look on. Jan 31,   Exo's Reaction to you snapping on another member Xiumin: *After a long day of work he comes home to relax and have cuddles with you. But for some reason Baekhyun keeps coming in and out the room and making unnecessary noises.*.

These fans are being so controlling and possessive :pensive:. Truthfully speaking as someone who is Baekhyun biased, it makes me kind of sad to know that Baek will one day be in a relationship with a female who isn't me but times more sad to know that it might not be Chanyeol :sob:. But does that mean I want to deprive him of family life and a love life while I just live the rest of my adolescence and twenties fantasising that I might actually have a shot with this man who lives thousands of miles away from me?

Exo reaction: When another member and you(gf) are becoming too close and they get jealous. ANON Said: Can you do a reaction when they get jealous when thier girlfriend hangs out with another member. Xiumin Xiumin walks out of the bathroom and sees you texting. You smile as he jumps on the bed and holds you. Reactions: When They Walk in on You Changing; When They're Your Phone's Wallpaper; When You Have a Kissing Scene; When a Random Guy Pushes You Against a Wall; When You Pretend to Make Out with Another Member as a Prank; Drunk EXO Be Like; When You're Bitten by a Zombie; You Go to a Prestigious University; When You Fangirl over Seventeen. Complete Reactions. 1)When they run into you on the street. 2) When you want to cuddle. 3) When you're not wearing makeup. 4) When their girlfriend is stressed over exams. 5) Finding out you have a crush on them. 6) Hearing you sing in the shower.

Exo are entitled to fall in love. Exo are entitled to start a family.

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Exo are entitled to maintain a private life. They should NOT have to feel so pressured to stay single forever, and it breaks my heart to know that they might think all Exo-L's think in this narrow-minded way, because they don't. The one thing that keeps going through my mind is how they must have felt when those fans showed how much they hated the idea of them having a relationship.

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So please, for all those who don't believe that Exo deserve to be in a relationship, just stop. Please respect their private life and their wishes about these things. I just hope that it won't effect EXO and they won't take it to heart.

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