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This makes it larger than it should be. Your liver is located right next to your stomach. A too-large liver makes gastric sleeve surgery harder for your doctor to do, and more dangerous for you to have done.

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You will eat primarily lean protein, vegetables, and low- or no-calorie fluids. Your doctor may give you a caloric goal to stick to daily. Two days prior to surgery, you will switch to a clear, liquid diet. This may include one no-sugar protein shake daily, in addition to broth, water, decaffeinated coffee or tea, Jell-O, and sugar-free popsicles.

Caffeinated and carbonated beverages should be avoided. This will help to avoid postoperative complications, including bowel obstructiongastric leakage, diarrhea, constipation, and dehydration.

Your body needs time to heal, and this regimen will help with that goal. Tips to keep in mind include:. During this period, you may feel your appetite increase. That is perfectly natural, but not a reason to eat solid food. Your system is still unable to handle solids. Vomiting and other complications can result.

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Filling up on liquids and avoiding sugar and fat will help prepare you for the next stage of your diet. Carbonated beverages and caffeine should still be avoided. During week three, you can add soft, pureed foods to your diet. Make sure to eat slowly and chew food thoroughly - at least 25 times, if possible.

Any low-fat, sugar-free food that you can puree, including lean protein sources and nonfibrous vegetables, are acceptable. Foods to eat include:. Continue to avoid chunked and solid foods, as well as caffeine, during this time.

User Name Password. Results 1 to 12 of I'm 26 and my surgery is a little over a month out. I read the "Sex and the Sleeve" post which was great btw- thanks for thatbut I still have concerns about dating outside of the bedroom. A few of them: -I'm "talking to" - chatting with, going out with, not really dating- whatever that is- a guy for a few months.

Things are going really well. Do I tell him about the surgery? He seems happy enough with me as is, and there will obviously hopefully be some drastic weightloss in my future- tell him now or wait it out? I don't want to freak him out unnecessarily. I am not a drug user, though I do drink some would contend I have the tolerance of an Irish dock worker and I know that I won't be able to drink much once I'm sleeved I dunno I guess I'm just nervous about a new and more social "life outside of work" and what that might hold in store.

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Do you think the guy you're dating will blossom into something more serious? If not I wouldn't share that with him. Why be ashamed of it? Its not like you had a sex change or something along those lines that would make or break a relationship.

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Eventually they will notice that you do not eat very much and will ask you. I wouldn't hide it but its also a need to know basis. One always hopes right? This is actually the second time around for us.

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Last year about this time we dated a few months and then he fell off the face of the Earth for almost a year before calling me out of the blue to pick up where we left off a few months ago. My friends aren't happy about it, but my dating life if you can call it that has seemed to be nothing but a parade of freaks and not the fun kind before and after this guy.

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He's the only? You should make his list. It has to be more than a booty call for you rather it be the old you or the new you. Never settle for less than you deserve and demand nothing but the upmost respect from him. They only thing that should take priority over you is his job during work hours and kids if he has any. Maybe the new you needs a new start without someone who dropped off the face of the earth for a year? The biggest port usually causes most of your pain. The biggest port is the incision where the surgeon removed the resected portion of your stomach.

This incision is often stretched to get the stomach out, and that stretching can result in more pain and bruising at this location. Pain should slowly improve each day.

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Always continue to follow the diet your surgeon has given you. That diet will likely progress from clear liquids to full liquids for the next week.

Remember to stay hydrated.

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Your body is used to getting a lot of fluids from food, which it will no longer be getting. Stay hydrated and if you have diabetes and be sure to check your sugar levels regularly. Your diabetic medications have likely been reduced as part of your discharge plan. At this point, you will probably start to feel exhausted.

Your diet is limited, and your body is not used to the limited number of calories. As it pertains to activity, this mostly includes rest. Some doctors will want you walking a few times a day around the house. Keep your activity limited. Climbing stairs is acceptable but step every few seconds. Driving is not permitted while taking narcotic pain medication.

Lifting is permitted, as long as it is something you can comfortably lift with one arm. Some people are ready to get back to work after week 1. Most people are still in too much pain when they twist and turn to think about work.

And, surprisingly, many people say they are just too tired to work. Their bodies are still adjusting to the new food regimen.

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Pain should not be severe. It should be tolerable but probably nagging. It will be most noticeable when you start to do errands, like getting in and out of your car.

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You will likely eat these soft pureed foods for two to four weeks. This diet includes foods that have the consistency of a smooth paste or thick liquid. There should be no solid pieces of food in the mixture. Eating solids such as nuts or fibrous vegetables could cause your staple line to rupture, and you could leak. A leak is life-threatening.

Aug 15,   Sharing my personal opinion regarding dating and putting yourself out there. You can find me here: IG: Sleevedtiffy - Email: [email protected] SUBSCRIBE NOW! & . Gastric Sleeve Maintenance. Gastric sleeve surgery doesn't require regular band fills as the Lap Band does. But it does require maintenance. There are no tune-ups with a gastric sleeve. Once it's done, it's done. However, you do have to ensure you are doing the right things to create lasting weight loss. Oct 14,   Sixteen Months Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery - WOW! * After long consideration and for various reasons, I opted to have gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. It was mid-November of , and I had just turned 61 years old. I Relationships after surgery: I was not the average gastric bypass patient * I had surgery 12/8/

And this should encourage you to stick to your new diet. The exercise regimen is not more than simple daily walks. In most instances, patients are encouraged to walk 3 to 5 times per day for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, gradually increasing the length of each walk as tolerated.

Dec 12,   That's a resounding "no". A dumping episode is bad enough without it taking place on a date! (Note that gastric sleeve patients do not experience dumping syndrome.) Because there is a half hour time period before both drinking and eating, it complicates things benjamingaleschreck.coms: 4. Aug 16,   Although gastric sleeve surgery is a wonderful tool for those with metabolic disorders and morbid obesity, it can create some problems. In today's video (yes!! video!!), I talk about five common problems after gastric sleeve surgery plus I give an ate on my weight loss progress. A too-large liver makes gastric sleeve surgery harder for your doctor to do, and more dangerous for you to have done. To prepare for the procedure, you'll be given a specific diet to follow.

Other forms of exercise are generally not recommended. Weight training is contraindicated at this point.

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Gradually work back to where you were pre-operatively. While some people still feel a bit tired, most people are encouraged by their weight loss, feel lighter, and some have more energy than they did before surgery. You may need additional support during this stage. Your mood is likely to be up and down. After a few weeks of soft, pureed foods its time for a change. These include:. This diet usually lasts about eight weeks or so before your doctor will clear you to eat solid foods.

This diet is a significant improvement over the soft, pureed foods only diet. Aside from losing weight, you do not want to risk any complications.

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Review our full diet guidelines here. Depending on your fitness level, your bariatric surgeon may approve increased activity more than just walking after 30 days. Activities may include swimming and low-impact aerobic exercise.

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For many patients, water aerobics can be an excellent option. It is easy on the back, hips, knees, and ankles, and is excellent cardiovascular exercise. It is worthwhile to investigate gym memberships at facilities that have a pool. Regardless of the type of activity that your doctor recommends, he will still likely ask you to stay at a low aerobic level where speaking is always comfortable. At this point, you should be happy you decided to have gastric sleeve surgery.

May 29,   I'm 26 and my surgery is a little over a month out. I read the "Sex and the Sleeve" post (which was great btw- thanks for that), but I still have concerns about dating outside of the bedroom. A few of them: I'm "talking to" - chatting with, going out with, not really dating- whatever that is- a guy for a few months. Things are going really well. Jul 30,   Hi All! Alex has graciously allowed me to post once about my dating site for weight loss surgery patients. I designed this site after input from several friends who have had weight loss surgery, myself included. Many of us are new to dating and just discovering ourselves and dating in general is hard enough, let alone after weight loss surgery. After your gastric sleeve surgery, you will wake up in the hospital, a bit tired, and without a lot of pain. You may feel happy. The happy feeling is usually due to the excellent pain medication your doctor has already administered, but it's also due, in part, to the sense of relief that comes from knowing that you're done and safe.

There should not be much if any, pain at this point. If you still have pain, discuss this with your doctor.

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After about two months, your doctor will probably approve of solid foods. While this is very exciting, start slowly. You may find that spicy and crunchy foods can be challenging to tolerate. Eat one new food at a time and give yourself time to digest.

Now is an opportunity to start new eating habits. Eat slowly. Enjoy every bite of your food. Some of them offer great recipes for bariatric surgery patients. You should have a dietitian for regular follow-up appointments.

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Talk to your doctor about starting a more rigorous exercise routine. The gym is good, but make sure your surgeon is aware of your routine. Most surgeons suggest waiting until about six months before adding weights into your exercise routine.

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