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He typically sees you as a really good friend that he is comfortable being around. Listen for what he tends to call them. If he tends to have the same kind of body language with you as he does with his friends, this is even more of an indicator that he just sees you as a friend. A good way to tell that his body language is more about friendship than romance is if he would rather shake your hand when he greets you than hug you or if he would rather walk in front of you than beside you. He may even be okay with talking to you about other girls that he may actually be attracted to. You can even use this as another method for you to tell whether he is only looking at you as a friend.

Such behavior has obviously made for a good amount of angst and extreme amounts of unrequited love.

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How can you tell if you're going down that same, unpleasant path? Luckily, sometimes it's obvious that he's not into you the same way you are him. The time you spend together is the stuff movie montages are made of, filled with goofball antics, laughter and moments of heart-pounding verbal intimacy - except your heart is probably the only one pounding.

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If you're always the one to pick up the phone, chances are he's not quite as eager to see you as you are to see him. Bereft over the fact that you never get that much-desired quality alone time together? If he's only inviting you out on group outings, it's probably because he sees you as one of the guys. This can be flattering, but he doesn't generally cuddle with his guy friends after spending the day together.

Or bro. Or your last name, circa high school. Or something else that is distinctly unfeminine and a glaring reminder that he's not into you. This is so heart-shatteringly painful that it takes all you have not to break down in tears in front of him. Instead, you swallow your pain and pretend to be totally fine with rating the attractiveness of various females passersby - thereby solidifying even further your status as his "bro.

The Truth About Platonic Relationships. He's no dummy.

On some level, he knows you dig him. And he feels terrible that he doesn't feel the same way. This is why he's suddenly so determined to find you another guy with whom you can share everlasting love. No, he's not testing your loyalty.

He's trying to ease his guilt. But he doesn't lay a finger on you - no matter how often you "accidentally" bump into him or allow your sweatshirt to fall seductively over one shoulder, Flashdance style. If a dude likes you, he'll find any excuse he can to touch you: playfully, comfortingly, seductively.

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Question speaks for itself. I have guys who do this but they always come talk to me or joke around with me. Share Facebook.

Add Opinion. Well what it means is you're one of the guys. It means you have been accepted into a guy's circle, and he can talk to you freely without holding back.

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This for the most part is a good thing, believe it or not. As for whether you're zoned. I'd say probably not. It's less likely for a guy to zone a girl than for a girl to zone a guy. You should be alright. If you like the guy, make it known on some level.

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Try flirting with him. If that doesn't work, and he doesn't make a move, try hitting on him.

Aug 06,   If he's referring to you as "dude" or "bro", he probably doesn't like you in a romantic way. To him, you're on the same level as one of his guy friends. Login to reply the answers. Also, when a guy calls you "bro" or "fam," he is also indicating that you are important enough to him to feel protective of you. In essence, he may start watching over you like he would a younger sister. He will be protective of you with other guys, especially the guys that he doesn't know. Nope! You have to understand, Men culturally chase YOU. Men friendzone girls for only 2 reasons: One, they are drowning in sexual and romantic attention at the time. Two, the girl is not their type or not attractive enough to turn him on in some w.

That doesn't work, and he doesn't make a move, either confess your feelings, or ask him out, or both. This isn't rocket science, and really, if he's so comfortable around you I doubt you making a move on him will ruin your friendship.

So if it doesn't work out, just drop it, and go back to things the way they were before, like nothing happened, and I'm pretty sure things won't get weird.

Sound good? If we ain't nervous around you then no friend zone. Show All Show Less. Guys don't have a "friendzone.

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That's strictly girl shit. Only girls think it's bad to screw your friends, and I guess it is, if you're planning on screwing a bunch of other guys too, and you don't want to stop. Then maybe you wouldn't want to hurt your friend.

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Girls aren't very monogamous. Well, if you do it first, you clearly are putting them on the friend zone. Many many guys will never even try to get our from here if they feel they have been friend zoned.

If a guy or a girl calls you bro-that's something special. It's a connection that can't be broken. It's a bronnection that doesn't have any limits. Guys call each other bro because they really mean it. Jun 26,   3. He calls you "Buddy." Or bro. Or your last name, circa high school. Or something else that is distinctly unfeminine and a glaring reminder that he's not into you. I call everyone bro and dude whether I'm dating them or not. That's just me personally tho. 0 | 0. 0 | 0. I call my guy and girl friends "bruh". If I'm about to gossip I say "bitch" lmfao. 1 | 0. 0 | 0. Wintergrace. Xper 5. 1 y. I call anyone dude if it's a really casual situation and I'm comfortable. I couldn't imagine a guy.

LuvAsh Yoda. It depends because that might just be his lingo. But if he calls u "fam" u are friendzoned and there's probably no return. My fucking ex called me dude sometimes while we were dating.

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Lol, my boyfriend calls me dude sometimes. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. LeoElias Xper 6. I've flirted this way. It was obvious we liked each other and she brought it up, calling me dude or bro.

But it's different when the guy literally tells you, you are one of the guys. Skateranon Xper 4. I feel he sees you as a close friend. Are you friend zoned?

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Probably not. If you like the guy show him interest. He won't give you the"I love you like a sister" type thing some girls give to guys. He will probably straight up tell you if he is or isn't interested. AlgaeEater Xper 5.

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My last relationship we did it like rabbits everyday, dated for 5 years, had an apartment together. And we called eachother "Bro, Brah, Dude, even things like "faggot", loser, teasing about the other person being gay before having sex with eachother. LOTS of teasing. But its not friendzone. Fiddleus Xper 3.

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Yes but he'd probably still bang you if you asked and he's not in a relationship. Pre-requisite your not a ugly blob.

When The Girl You Like Calls You BRO?

Not necessarily, If he is bold guy then you are friendzoned. However if he is shy!. And doesn't wants you to know then he might be trying to hide his affections.

I'm not sure about that, although it would appear he believes you are male so you better hope he's gay. No, I call everyone that.

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I'm not much for pet names like babebaby, sweetheart, hun, and stuff like that. Just because I call someone dude or bro doesn't necessarily mean I only see them as a friend. Xper 7. Here's the thing about guys. They usually start a conversation with other guys with bro or dude. And while speaking to a girl they use the same.

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Doesn't mean friendzoning though. Tslaveee Xper 5. We call everyone dude or bro essentially unlike women we are not self conscious about what we say, how its said or how we move.

Only women use intentional phrases to subtly tell a man that you're nothing more than a friend. Itssssonlyyymeee Xper 4.

Guy im dating calls me bro

Guys call me that and believe me I am not friend zoned ha. Worst thing a man can call a woman is 'bro' and consider her 'one of the guys'. That's not flattering or nice at all. Just means he doesn't find you attractive and doesn't think you are a feminine woman.

I agree with the Most Helpful Guy.

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