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This difference in counting is not a dividing issue. People observe either the one day or the other according to their conscience and knowledge of Scripture and still gather to meet on the weekly Sabbath and other annual Sabbath days.

Meaning: The day pictures the firstfruits of the wheat harvest, the Holy Spirit given to the Apostles, and a type of Jubilee biblical since it occurs 50 days after the Wave Sheaf Offering during the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

It was the acceptance of Torah which bound ancient Israel to God in a marriage contract. The Torah constitutes the Ketubah between God and the children of Israel. The bride was required to accept the terms of the Ketubah a kind of covenant so they could be fully married. Israel, as the bride, did this when she said:" Jews call this day Rosh Hashanah -but it is not termed so in Scripture where it is commanded to be kept. Instead it is found in Ezk. The Hebrew word for trumpets is also not used where the command to be blown is found in Lev An exact translation of the term would be 'Feast of Clamor' or 'Feast of Acclamation' or, the 'Day of Blowing'-as the Jews sometime name it.

The ancient Jewish tradition, however, was to blow a shofar. Meaning: This day is also known as the 'Day of the Awakening Blast. In Hebrew yom means "day" and kippur is from a root meaning "to atone".

Meaning: The general meaning of this appointed day of [Yom Kippur] is a generally similar to those in both the Jewish and Christian faiths: it is a day of fasting, repentance, and acknowledgment of the covering sacrifice of Jesus the Christ Yeshua HaMashiach for sin. It is commonly understood that the Messiah is the first goat.

It is not so commonly understood that He is the second goat that is set forth to go into the wilderness-into the world-to fulfill His purpose in two comings. Some recognize this understanding in Hebrew Roots, some do not. Booths Tabernacles Chag haSukkot Sukkot.

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Sukkot is a seven-day autumn harvest festival where believers are instructed to dwell in temporary dwellings Lev Although no specific harvest crop is noted in Scripture, Jewish tradition associates wine and water with festivals at Temple rituals. The sukka symbolizes man's need to depend upon God for food, water, and shelter. Meaning : Anciently the feast represented the wandering in the wilderness and the physical harvest. These seven days especially represent a time to place the cares of our life aside for a time, to fellowship, to learn, to recreate, and, perhaps have the opportunity to travel to beautiful areas of the nation where more than festival locations including Church of God are located and share in meaning of the festival.

It has a far deeper meaning and expression than Christmas. The last day of the feast is known as Hoshana Rabbah. Eighth Day Shemini Atzeret. Meaning: There is no direct Scriptural indication for what the day means; however, clues may be determined in the use of the number 8 in Scripture.

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It is prophetic of the time after the year millennium when the White Throne Judgment is held. Messianics and some in Hebrew Roots combine this appointment with the Feast of Sukkot and, therefore, do not recognize it as the special day that it is made to be.

The Christian Hebrew Roots movement rejects many of the same practices of many Protestant sects that the Hebrew Roots movement rejects. In particular, they reject the Roman Catholic Church's "transubstantiation" doctrine, and instead follow what it sees as the biblical teachings set forth in the New Testament regarding the "nature of Communion" as a symbol of Christ's body instead of the literal body and flesh of Jesus. This, they deduce from the words Jesus spoke to describe what they call an "amendment" to the Passover service being symbolic and not literal in accordance with how they interpret the New Testament Greek.

The Christian Hebrew Roots movement does not teach a return to the law as dispensed by the scribes who Jesus rebuked as hypocrites.

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They interpret the "law" as pertaining to the Torah, and not the Jewish Oral Law, as the Hebrew Roots movement interprets it. This main distinction between the two groups is that followers of the Hebrew Roots movement understand the word "fulfill" playroo Gfound in Matthewto mean "fill up" specifically with meaning. This is in contradistinction to "destroy" kataluo G with which it is contrasted earlier in the same verse.

Fulfill is also found to mean to place the commandments of God "on a firmer footing by interpreting them correctly in terms of God's ultimate will as He originally intended for His commandments to be obeyed", [29] and not dispensing with them as something that has been "done away" by the atoning work of Jesus Christ, as Christian Hebrew Roots followers define it. Both movements include adherents who are of Jewish heritage as well as Gentile heritage.

The Christian Hebrew Roots movement is completely nondenominational, consisting of persons from many different religious backgrounds [30] and teaches adherence to the health laws of the Torah but not the portions of the Torah which it believes were abandoned by Jesus. As such, they function as a sort of "bridge" between true Hebrew Roots theology and mainstream Christianity.

The Hebrew Roots movement has been called a group of heretical, non-Christian, and non-Jewish cults. Hebrew Roots has been accused of repeating the heresy of the Judaizers those in the New Testament who sought to force Gentile converts to Christianity to adhere to Mosaic Torah. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Joining our community will allow us to better match you with other members. There is no better way to pay homage to Yeshua and to show your belief in Him, than to share your life with those who understand you inside and out.

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Hurry up! Click HERE to learn how to use this and other dating sites safely. He came to strengthen the Word, not demolish it. Yahshua embraced His Hebraic roots, as should all believers today. Therefore if the uncircumcision keep the righteousness of the law, shall not his uncircumcision be counted for circumcision?

And shall not uncircumcision which is by nature, if it fulfil the law, judge thee, who by the letter and circumcision dost transgress the law?

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This circumcision is not a surgical procedure, but a way of life. Paul is making an important distinction between Jews by birth and Jews by faith. He says that when the uncircumcision gentiles obey the commandments that their uncircumcision becomes circumcision and that they are now inward Jews. What an amazing revelation! An outward Jew is a native-born Israelite. An inward Jew is a believer whether Jew or gentile who accepts both the commandments and the faith of Yahshua the Messiah. Dominion of the Law As mentioned earlier, Paul was not against the commandments.

He understood the need for the influence of the law within society. Based on the above definitions, how is it possible for the law both to have dominion and to be obsolete? These contradictory notions cannot both be right.

From the evidence the truth regarding the commandments should be obvious. Not only are they relevant, but they also have authority over us. When we embrace and obey them, we will prosper and be blessed.

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Yahshua the Messiah Observed the Sabbath Along with those commandments dealing with morality, Scripture teaches that Yahshua and His apostles, including Paul, also observed laws pertaining to proper worship, including the Sabbath and Feasts.

Even though most in the church today see these days as obsolete and accept replacing them with pagan holidays such as Easter and Christmas, they are incredibly important to our Creator Yahweh and to His Son, Yahshua the Messiah. Prior to His stating this, the Pharisees reprimanded Yahshua for allowing His apostles to pick ears of grain as they walked through a grain field on the Sabbath.

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In fact, this rabbinic reference adds 39 additional laws to the Sabbath alone, including specific laws regarding sowing, plowing, reaping, binding, weaving, tying, untying, tearing, etc. Similar to some Christian denominations, many Jews believe they have the authority to add to the Bible.

Even though intentions may have been honorable, through their man-made laws they made the Sabbath a burden and missed the entire point. Yahshua said that the Sabbath was made for man. In other words, the Sabbath was created as a blessing to man by allowing one day of rest. This statement is certainly not expressing the abolishment of the Sabbath.

A similar account is also found in the twelfth chapter of Matthew. The argument has been made that the Messiah worshiped in the synagogue on the Sabbath because He was Jewish and He was trying to reach His Jewish kinsmen. It is time to understand that the tenets delivered in the Old Testament are the same as found in the New Testament.

Everything about the Old and New testaments is Israelite based, because the covenant was given to Israel, and to have a part in it means to be grafted into Israel. We find three key examples in the book of Acts, also known as Acts of the Apostles. Now why would Paul and his company observe the Sabbath? The answer should be obvious, they believed in the Sabbath.

This word derives from the Greek word ethos and refers to a habit or custom that is either of a personal conviction or by command. Paul obeyed the Sabbath because it was a command from his Creator!

Did Paul miss the memo that the Sabbath was no longer necessary? Of course not, he understood the Sabbath was still obligatory for him and other believers. This shows beyond all uncertainty that the Sabbath never changed for the apostles.

A final witness is found in Acts The Apostle Paul observed every Sabbath. However, we see here something entirely different.

Hebrew into the territory of mystical Judaism hebrew obeying the teachings of the Talmud stood dating as being roots blasphemous to me. What hebrew worse was to hear messages and read articles about how many Christians were beginning to abandon Jesus altogether for Orthodox Judaism, and roots dating needed to work to prevent this trend from spreading further into the TO Christian community. The more things change, the more they remain the same. This applies to the Hebraic roots of our faith. A Hebraic continuity can be found from Old Testament to New and from New on into our Father's Kingdom. The same Hebrew roots that Abraham embraced were also embraced by Yahshua the Messiah and His apostles. We know that Jewish tradition plays a center role in your life, and you want to keep your Jewish roots and heritage. That's why exists to help you find other Messianic singles for relationship and marriage from the comfort of your home or mobile. Messianic singles dating is easy and fun with us.

He kept every Sabbath holy. Besides worshiping his Father in Heaven, he persuaded both Jews and Greeks. His persuading the Jews should be obvious, but what about Greeks? If the Sabbath were strictly for the Jews and the Hebrews why are Greeks in attendance?

Based on the above passages, there is no doubt as to which day Paul worshiped. Perhaps even more remarkable, not once does Acts or any other New Testament book show him or the other apostles worshiping on Sunday. Many will argue that Paul was doing this only because he was a Jew or Israelite.

However, the biblical record shows otherwise. This is certainly more than a habit he learned as a child. It was a full-fledged conviction based on his understanding of Scripture. Scholarly Confessions Scholars in many different denominations freely acknowledge that the Sabbath was not changed in the Bible, but only through the dictates of the Roman Church. It will however be readily said, and with some show of triumph, that the Sabbath was transferred from the seventh to the first day of the week, with all its duties, privileges and sanctions.

Earnestly desiring information on this subject, which I have studied for many years, I ask, where can the record of such a transaction be found: Not in the New Testament - absolutely not. Hiscox, author of the Baptist Manual. All of these confessions are only the tip of the iceberg. There are also countless other quotations confirming that the Sabbath was altered not by the Bible but by man. The seven-day Sabbath remains the only true day established by our Creator.

All other days are counterfeits. They continued upholding the same precepts that were delivered to Abraham. Instead of trying to divorce themselves from the Old Testament, they would embrace it! Understanding that the New Testament is rooted in the same Hebraic faith given to Abraham is pivotal and life changing.

Mar 17,   The Hebrew Roots Movement has influenced hundreds of thousands of Christians in recent decades, and many more have encountered arguments from those in that group. The movement places a strong emphasis on Hebrew traditions and the Law of Moses. This article will describe the nature of the Hebrew Roots Movement, examine some of its major beliefs. LARGEST Messianic Jewish Singles site Shalom and welcome to Messianic Connections, a website for Messianic Jewish Singles, Messianic Gentiles, and Christians for Israel who love the Holy Land. Dont by shy - whether you are looking for a new friend, date, or your Bsheret (soul mate) and partner for life, Take a Tour of our site now. These erroneous emphases have unnecessarily brought division, confusion and pain: to their adherents, to Christians, to Movement Jews dating to Jews. I trust that you, dear readers, will have the discernment to anonymous mistaken Jewish roots dating, and hebrew be enriched by those that are right on.

When we ignore this fact we lose perspective of who our Savior was and what He really taught. Sadly, the majority of Bible teachers today continue with this fantasy that the Messiah ushered in a new religion based on faith alone with no resemblance to the Hebraic covenant given to the patriarchs of old.

As seen from both scholarship and the Bible, this simply is not the case. He will also be the same in the coming Kingdom, when His Son reigns over this earth. At this time, Scripture declares that worship, including the commandments, will go out from Jerusalem. The more things change, the more they remain the same. This applies to the Hebraic roots of our faith.

The same Hebrew roots that Abraham embraced were also embraced by Yahshua the Messiah and His apostles. We appreciate your time and value your feedback. The pressure by the Sadducees and especially the Pharisees had stifled the conversion of Jews to the Savior. The Jewish leadership said it was mandatory. Missionaries of the Assembly at Antioch, however, had accepted uncircumcised Gentile believers into their ranks. In Acts 8: 14, the Jerusalem apostles had sent Peter and John to help the brethren in Samaria w i th their question concerning baptism of Gentiles.

A later Jerusalem meeting recorded in Acts was to clear suspicions of Paul. Now they were to recommend a course of action in dealing with Gentile converts.

Peter emphasizes that Yahweh gave the Holy Spirit to both Samaritans and Romansthat everyone potentially can be saved by the grace of Yahshua. The nagging question remained: Why then was circumcision required for any man to enter the Temple? One issue was already clear. Upon hearing of the matter of circumcision of Gentilesboth Paul and Barnabas recalled their experiences of miracles and the wonderful things that had taken place among the Gentiles who gladly accepted their message.

Not to save the world nowbut to take out a nucleus of chosen faithful from both Israel and the Gentiles. The salvation of the world comes laterRevelation James emphasizes that Yahweh is now calling out a special people. We are to love Yahweh with all our heart and be obedient to Him in all things. He will soften the heart of our offspring and lead them to obedience:. When a person is baptized into the body of Messiahhe or she stands before Yahweh as sinless.

We are now a new creaturea son or daughter of the Most High Elohim. Baptism is a cleansing, and with repentance is referred to as the circumcision made without hands. James then goes on to caution the brethren not to make things difficult for the new Gentile converts by expecting them to keep the sacrificial laws and be circumcised. That is what Yahweh wants! Why these four?

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Simply because these customs of the Gentiles played prominently in their former worship. They had before worshiped idols and dealt with temple prostitutes.

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The Gentiles were to avoid these four habitual practices immediately. It see med good to the Hol y Spi r it a nd to u s not to bu r den y ou w ith an y th in g b ey ond t he follo w ing requirement s : Y ou are to a bst a in from food sacrificed to idolsfr om bloo from the meat o f s t ran g led animals and from se x ual immoralit y.

You will do well to avoid these things. The y were a lso e x pected to obser v e t he Sabb a th each w eek and join in w o r ship with t he a s sembl y. In Act s 2 1 P a ul w as commended for his activit ies am ong t he Gentiles. Ver s e s 25 - 2 6 ar e quoted belo w to sho w that translators h av e added the capitalized words that a re not in the te x t of Acts But Paul kept the law and taught us to keep it as well. To recapAc ts 15 i s the account o f the Jerusalem meeting of the Elders in deciding how to de a l with Gentiles who become a pa r t of the assembly.

There were four pagan customs they were to ref r ain from participa t ing in as they began th e ir walk with the Savior. The y were a l so e x pected to meet with brethren on the S a bbath where the y would h av e M oses t a ught and the Torah e x pounded to them. M a y his words be a guide to a ll who would miss the spirit of the l aw w hile k eepin g the letter. Many will tell you that they are that group.

What more could one want? How about the truth?

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For many, a religious affiliation is a marriage of convenience, a compromise for the sake of the spouse or children. For others it is used to enhance their worldly status.

Just as perilous is the person who believes he or she is justified in worshiping Yahweh alone. Maybe some problem in their former affiliation prompted them to go it alone. Should we reject organized worship when problems arise? Is that the arrangement we find taught in the Bible? What does Scripture reveal about becoming part of a group of worshipers and working with and through the Body of Messiah? It also has much to say about group affiliation.

If we seek salvation, we must become a part of that Body. This Body would be the repository of His truth and mirror the example He set. The apostles were in constant fellowship with one another throughout the Book of Acts. These are the bedrock teachings that must be reintroduced before the Savior returns, Jude 3.

Those who have this knowledge are to be teachers and guides of others searching for it, 1Peter ; Romans Although Yahshua spoke to Paul, He did not tell him the entire plan at that time. Rather, the plan of salvation was to be found in going to the city and letting those in the ekklesia - the Body of believers - tell him what had to be done. Yahshua had given the keys of the Kingdom to His called-out ones, and although He could just as easily have told Paul what to do for others directly, that was the job of the Body.

It still is today. For example, the Ethiopian treasurer was trying hard to understand the Book of Isaiah Acts 8. Philip explained the Scriptures to him and brought about his conversion and desire for baptism. That truth is lodged in the Body of believers. Yahweh could just as easily have spoken to, or in some way moved, the people He was dealing with to do His bidding. Instead, He used those who had prepared themselves and were qualified, to help others seeking truth.

Another reason for the necessity to gather with others of like faith is that all those placed in the Body of Messiah have a particular gift that is to be used to edify and build the Assembly, 1Corinthians 7: 7.

That gift is to be used for the ekklesia and is not for personal glorification, 1Corinthians The chipping, shaping, and fitting of each of the called-out ones goes on as we live our lives and change according to His Word. We are to be formed collectively into a spiritual house, 1Peterfounded on Yahshua. Yahweh has a purpose for gathering His people. If we never associate with others of like faith, how can we exercise the gift we have received?

Only through interaction with others do we learn to subjugate our own wants and desires as we uplift, edify, and strengthen others in the truth and faith. His mind is stayed on the Messiah. This is not possible to fulfill alone, which is why it is all the more important that we fellowship with other saints. Regardless, we should always live as if the Messiah were living right here among us no matter where we are.

By fruits is that person known, Matthew Just as Yahshua sought fruit from the fig tree Matt. Another great advantage of regular fellowship is the mutual understanding one can derive from others. is a safe messianic community which puts courtship / dating back into your hands. In the old days people would socialize and meet singles around their farm/town. Today it is too difficult for one to mingle to find good friends. This site is for Jewish and Gentile Messianic singles to be able to meet and get to know one. Jan 02,   The Hebrew Roots assemblies are often made up of a majority of Gentiles, including Gentile rabbis. Usually they prefer to be identified as "Messianic Christians." Many have come to the conclusion that God has "called" them to be Jewish and have accepted the theological position that the Torah (Old Testament law) is equally binding on Gentiles. Age 55 From Portland, Oregon Online - Over 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man ( Miles Away). I'm a 50 year old, never married Messianic Gentile (I'm part Jewish but was raised a gentile.) I love Yeshua with all my heart and want to find some one who is the same.

We need one another to stay balanced and on track. This is just another advantage of regular fellowship. The Apostle Paul got the message in a big way. That is how important the Body of Messiah is to our Savior, and that is why each person must have a place in it and work through it.

To work and worship with the Body is to work and worship with the Savior! Paul never forgot the lesson. Philippians ; Galatians 1 : l3, 1Timothy 1 : l3. He said that doing good to the saints is the same as reaching out to Yahshua Himself. He likens His spiritual Body to his own body. When we do anything to a fellow believer we are in essence doing the same to Yahshua. In verses He makes the same point with the wicked who have not shown compassion and love for the Body.

He speaks of not having cared for the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, and imprisoned. Some hunger for the Word; we should feed them. Some thirst for the Holy Spirit; they should be taught. Strangers should be taken into the camp and made spiritual Israelites wherever possible. They should be clothed in the robes of righteousness. If they are sick, they need healing and should be made whole. Those in prison should be freed from the captivity of sinful living. Keeping His words in mind will help us to think of one another in the ekklesia as brothers or sisters.

Whatever we do to these followers of the Messiah we also do to Him. He said that the ekklesia was also His Body. He refers to the called-out ones as the spiritual mother of the Body of believers.

It strengthens us as well to see how others have overcome their trials. Becoming associated with a group of True Believers allows one into a training ground or preparation for the work in the Kingdom. In interaction with the saints we not only help them be better followers of the Messiah, but we also perfect ourselves.

This was true in Acts when the brethren determined who would go to Jerusalem. In Acts it was the ekklesia that sent Barnabas to Antioch. All through the New Testament we find that the Assembly played a vital part in the direction of the ministry.

Decisions were made by the Body. There is no such term as head elder or directing elder in the New Testament, unless it refers to Yahshua. Acts and 40 ; ; lCorinthians ; 2Corinthiansand Philippians Yahshua established the Assembly Matt. It was the apostles or elders who recognized the choice of the brethren in ordaining individuals for the special task of serving the Body. After we accepted one truth we went on to study deeper knowledge.

Significantly, we learned through the help of others. Who can say that he learned all the truth totally without the help and direction of other people guided by Yahweh?

To say that we no longer need the fellowship and help of others in the Body is to reject the blueprint Yahshua established by which the truth is spread to all the earth.

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One of the biggest thrills yet to come is when Yahshua returns to set up His Kingdom. It will be His entire ekklesia, the firstfruits, that will make up the core of His Kingdom of which there will be no end. In any organization, obligations and duties befall some for the good of all.

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A muscle that goes unused withers away. Yahweh wants involvement from His people. They in turn will grow with the responsibilities, ultimately to be qualified for a greater role to come.

No one can presume to be an effective ruler in the Kingdom if he has not learned how to interact with others now. This is one of the great truths of the Assembly. The ekklesia is a training ground, both for now and also for a more important role in the future. How can we know which is the correct group of True Worshipers? The Bible gives us a clear understanding of the characteristics of truth seekers.

Many teach that the law of the Old Testament has been done away. But Revelation and many other New Testament verses maintain that Yahweh never changed His mind. His precepts are still binding. Revelation tells of the patience of the saints who keep the commandments of Yahweh and have the faith of Yahshua.

The saints, then, must be willing to endure situations that may not be pleasant.

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They must be willing to sacrifice all for the sake of the truth. Conditions will come to pass that will severely test their dedication and resolve to be faithful to the Father they serve.

He kept all the commandments.

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All the Feast days. All the Sabbaths. His people will also be hated because of His Name, Matthewbut they will never deny it, Revelation The way is narrow and the gate is strait that leads to the Kingdom, and few will find it.

But seek the Kingdom we must, and with all our determination follow the Savior. May you also join with us as we endeavor to fulfill all that the True Assembly means in these final days. Also, Check out our live sabbath services every Sabbath at Central time.

Imagine taking a survival training class as you prepare for an extended outing into the arctic wilderness. Being a novice, you need and want all the help you can get to prepare for and survive such an awesome and hazardous venture. The course description says that the class is based on the training manual and everyone taking the class must purchase a copy and learn it.

You are bewildered, however, when on the first day of class your instructor announces that although he will teach from the training manual, actually following it could prove harmful. He says faith is all they need to exist in the wild, and no survival knowledge or training is necessary. He then spends the remainder of the course telling cute stories and cracking jokes.

This is incredible! If survival skills are not needed and training for the wilderness is useless, then why am I taking this course? Paradoxically, countless clerics have no qualms about illustrating their sermons using the books of the Old Testament. When it comes to highlighting sermons most freely quote a pertinent passage from the Old Testament and see no contradiction in doing so.

But ask them whether it is necessary to apply the statutes and truths found in the Old Testament and you are promptly told that the Old Testament is no longer valid. It has completely been replaced by the New.

So what is the point of having it? Going hand-in-glove with the demise of Old Testament teachings is one that says that the Old Testament is the Bible for Jews, while only the New Testament is for Christians.

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Nothing is further from reality. It is the basic reason an originally Hebrew-Biblical faith has been replaced by a blend of Greco-Roman concepts, practices, beliefs, and even iconology that play a central role in most modern worship. The original faith as practiced by Hebrew Israelites has taken on an entirely different feel and flavor imposed by the culture and the nonBiblical practices that many in the infant faith soon accommodated.

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After the death of Yahshua, dramatic differences started to developed between what He taught and what would be observed a century later. A simple example of cultural influence on perception can be found in Renaissance paintings of biblical scenes reproduced in some contemporary Bibles. These illu-strations show the Savior and His disciples dressed in Middle Age garb, or they depict ancient, Middle East soldiers attired in uniforms resembling 15th century Europe. How easily culture corrupts truth.

But far more serious, societal influence and pressure have also transformed moral beliefs among those in the pews. The teachings of fundamental Scripture underwent a dramatic trans-formation. What had deep meaning in a Hebrew setting began a shift to embrace pagan ideologies as gentiles were allowed to bring in their religious baggage unchecked.

Add to this the anti-Semitic leanings of the early church leaders and you have a recipe for radical transformation. The greatest influence for change, however, came with the doctrine that the modern church has replaced Israel. This notion led to the complete overhaul and elimination of beliefs and practices of the Old Testament.

Ignorance of the overarching covenant-salvation design of the Bible is what breeds so much doctrinal misunderstanding today: What is sin? Is the law abolished? Which day is the Sabbath? Are we under grace or obedience? What about faith alone, is it enough? With the correct view of exactly how both Old and New testaments harmonize, these and many more issues can be resolved easily. In fact, a proper understanding of how the two testaments complement each other holds the key to True Worship itself.

Only when we look at the Bible as a completely unified work - as Yahweh intended - do we realize how far popular worship has deviated from reality. Did the Messiah Yahshua come to advance a whole new religion based on grace without obedience? That seems clear enough. The law and prophets are found in the Old Testament. If it is brought to fullness then it is still intact and complete. If a soldier fulfills his duties he does everything required of him, leaving nothing undone or incomplete.

By fulfilling the law, Yahshua obeyed it all and left nothing out. Of course, what it really means is that Yahshua obediently complied with the mandate for immersion, as He did in all points of the law. He fulfilled His mission by being law observant and completely compliant. He tells us to follow in His steps.

He said in Matthew 5 that just having sinful thoughts is enough to break them vv. What should be obvious to anyone is the simple fact that if moral law is disregarded then our society will self-destruct.

Secular values lack the power to stand alone. Only moral law gives a society stability, structure, and order.

The only reason that police forces are able to keep the peace is that the majority of the population is law-abiding. But take away the law or the desire to obey it and chaos quickly takes over.

Consider what happens in a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake when the population is in a frenzy and uncontrollable. Violence spreads. Anarchy rules. Without law society crumbles into madness. Almighty Yahweh provided the answer to happiness when He gave man His laws.

Simply put, rebellion. Humans are born with a natural disdain for authority and rules. Did Paul write against the spiritual law and the moral code laid down in Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy?

In his trial before Felix, the Apostle made an unmistakable statement that has been nearly ignored for 2, years. What he did was adhered to the precepts, commands and truths found in the Old Testament. Either Paul lied or they ignore what he said! The oral teachings include the Old Testament and its laws. Simply put, Paul was not setting forth new doctrine. He was merely applying the precepts he learned from Old Testament Scripture to the assemblies in the New Testament.

Writing years after the Savior had resurrected, Paul knew that the law Moses received on Sinai was meant for more than just the million Israelites camped there.

Nowhere in the Bible do we find that the Covenant promise was given to any peoples but Israel. Gentiles must be grafted into that one promise, as one grafts a branch from one tree into another tree. The tree and its roots provide the support and nourishment the transplanted branch must have. Paul explains all of this thoroughly in Romans chapters 9 and Therefore the person seeking True Worship must become a part of the congregation of Israel.

Yahshua said He did not come but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, Matthew How was He to be worshiped? How was Israel to live? What observances were they commanded to keep and on which days? To be set apart from the world, what were ancient and now modern Israelites to eat and not eat?

Touch and not touch? Do and not do? Obedience was always the foremost desire of our Creator for His people even as they were sacrificing bulls and goats daily. If the Covenant promise was given exclusively to Israel, and we wish to have a part in it, then we need to look closely at its terms. Now therefore, if you will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then you shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: And you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.

These are the words which you shall speak unto the children of Israel. And Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before their faces all these words which Yahweh commanded him.

And all the people answered together, and said, All that Yahweh has spoken we will do. Everything Yahweh expected of them they agreed to do. Overcome what? Sin is defined as lawbreaking, 1John Through obedience we overcome sin. What is important to Him becomes important to us. Nowhere did Yahweh make a covenant with anyone not of the Abrahamic line. But notice.

That includes us who came later. Israel promised Yahweh that they would do what He said. Yahweh called Moses to Mt. Sinai and proclaimed the terms of the Covenant. We can read about these not only in Exodus 20where we find the Ten Commandments, but also in the succeeding chapters of Exodus, where the Feast days chapter 23statutes, and judgments are included in the Sinai Covenant with the True Worshipers - the chosen of Yahweh.

Does this mean that everything Israel was commanded to do and practice now becomes incumbent on us? With the coming of the Savior a change was made in the administration of the law. No more are animal sacrifices needed for sin. Similarly, the temple ritual has been replaced with the acts of Yahshua, our High Priest and Mediator of a New Covenant.

Under His priestly administration we and ancient Israel are offered blessings far greater than the earthly advantages ancient Israel was promised for obedience. Now we can have eternal blessings see Heb. As the law is now written on our hearts Heb. The Covenant is reintroduced in the New Testament through the blood of the Savior, not the blood of animal sacrifices.

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