Really. agree husband cheated on me when we were dating the excellent

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I just found out that my wife cheated on me while we were dating. Her excuse is that we were fighting and she got drunk and can't remember how it happened, which I just can't believe! She says she didn't want to do it, but didn't know how to leave, again sounds like a bunch of crap to me!! This was about 6 years ago and we have been married for almost 4 years and have 2 kids. I realize it was a long time ago and she swears it hasn't happened again, which I do believe, but I just can't get the mental image out of my head.

Husband cheated on me when we were dating

The person you should rather breakup with is your friend. I know I sound silly, but he should have told you this before you got married. Unhappy marriage? Yes i really blame the friend her and you too if he knew it all along why not tell before and even your self agreed u suspected her when she was your gf.

But i think as you saying you married recently you have better chances to get the things to put in right track. Dont live in doubts ask her on face, what is happening.

Find is there any wrong from your side.

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Sounds very similar to my situation. Now I expected a few tears probably a phone call or two to old friends and so onbut her reaction to his death went far beyond any of that.

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I finally confronted her about it. She begrudgingly apologized, and was adamant that her feelings for him were only out of friendship. She also admitted that while we were dating he had come to visit her at her home after he had spent a couple of months in jail.

Mar 25,   You must get therapy (together) and talk about your history. You need a third party to help you figure out whether you both want to stay married. I can't make guesses about your husband's. Oct 21,   The problem is, my boyfriend and I were dating 5 months ago. I tried to save face in front of this guy, but when I left I was pissed. My boyfriend and I got in an argument, because I hate feeling blindsided, and I feel he cheated on me. I get we weren't official until 4 months ago, but at 5 months, I thought we were just dating each other. He cheated on me when we were in a long-distance relationship and we weren't that serious. he slept with a girl one night he told me what happened a few months later by which point we were much more serious. he said he would never have done it if he'd known we'd be this serious now we are married! it's been 2 years since it happened but I still can't forget it. it really bugs me and when I think about it I .

Again, she stood firm that nothing happened and there visit was of two old friends catching up. Well I did not buy that explanation one bit, went looking through her keepsakes in the atticand found the letters he had written her while in jail. All the letters basically said wss that he couldnt wait so her when got out so they could have sex.

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No idea what she was writing back. It doesn't have to be cheating, just anything. Now imagine that years later, that person keeps asking you for more details about that thing you did that hurt them. How long do you plan on making him pay for what he did when presumably you've told him you forgive him and are willing to move past this?

Further, it's not good for YOU. I understand how not knowing all the details can drive you crazy. If it were me, I'd probably build it up to be a way bigger deal than it really was in terms of things like, imagining she was super-model hot and that it was the best sex he ever had, etc.

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For me, knowing the details would probably make me feel badbut still better than what my imagination would come up with; for other people, knowing the details would be heart-wrenchingly painful. My advice is that if you REALLY need to know the details and you genuinely think that will help you move on, then tell your husband, "Let me ask you these questions about it, and after that, I will never bring it up again.

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Because the thing is, if you want a happy relationship with your husband, you cannot keep hanging this over his head. How long do you plan on rubbing his nose in it until you feel satisfied and can move on? You need to put this behind you so that you and your husband can focus on having a happy future together. What's done is done and there's nothing that can change that. There's no question you can ask or detail you can know that's going to make it go away. The only thing that can lessen the pain is if you put it behind you and start moving forward.

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No problem, I hope you can work things out. If you go on Youtube, one professor said that the happiest time is on your wedding day and then it goes down and up and down but will never be the same as the wedding day.

My wife cheated in the past; My wife cheated in the past. I have been married for 34 years. Two years ago, my wife admitted that she allowed an old boyfriend to have sex with her just 3 months before we married and whilst we were engaged. Apparently it only happened once. Jun 09,   he cheated while we were dating. will he cheat when we get married? by dr. dwayne buckingham 8 comments. (now husband) called me by himself and came to me apologizing for everything him and his mother has done to me.i didn't believe it cos the spell caster only asked for some vital information which i forwarded to him i am happy to say. The husband cheated while we were dating something Posted on by Kajiran When a spouse cheats when they were supposedly happily married, most people would consider this to be a clear cut case of betrayal. But what happens if the spouses are separated and one of them is intimate with someone else?

Unfortunately, you don't have enough trust in him and unfortuately for him, he is reminded of the "one" time every once in a while. If you can't move on, then you need therapy or couple sessions because if you push someone over and over and over. Telling them that they made a mistakes, they will start think you are their mistake. If you date him and was also in love with your best friend at the time and you thought they maybe you could go somewhere with your boyfriend and it turns out that you really liked your boyfriend.

Then OK, problem solve you realized then that your boyfriend is the one you want to marry and not your best friend. He was probably like that but without much emotion maybe just sex. You both need to work it out.

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All I know is if you keep pushing people and things in the past can't be change eventually they will get tired and start wondering away Just my two cents. You either have to let it go, or let him go. It's not fair on either of you to keep bringing it up and rubbing it in his face.

You want him to be grateful that you forgave him etc, which is unreasonable. You made a decision and now you have to live up to it. And trust me, you're better off not knowing.

Sep 17,   I was later told by a friend that my wife had an affair a man (when we were then dating). The man my wife cheated before marriage with had just pass on. He told me things which took place in our bedroom. I can not go into details but these things he said were all true. For context, several years ago while we were still dating, my husband and I lived separately. We stayed at one apartments every night and would switch off whose apartment we slept at each night. Well, I was working late and by the time I got off w. Apr 01,   I just found out that my wife cheated on me while we were dating. Her excuse is that we were fighting and she got drunk and can't remember how it happened, which I just can't believe! She says she didn't want to do it, but didn't know how to leave, again sounds like a bunch of crap to me!! This was about 6 years ago and we have been married for almost 4 years and have 2 kids.

Then leave it be. How does knowing the details make it any better?

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You're just trudging up these old issues and bringing them into the present. Show All Show Less.

Topic husband cheated on me when we were dating the truth. opinion

I still get butterflies when he touches me. I love him. I was very upset. I called my friends and I was crying and all that jazz.

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I went to visit one of my friends, who happens to live near the guy. I cried. Please cancel the wedding.

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What he did over the course of a 3 year relationship will not be resolved between now and the end of the year. More importantly, please get tested. Good luck.

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I made the mistake of going thru something similar and after 2yrs counseling, a baby by an ex we divorcedhe did not change. I read your post and the one thing I think we are looking passed all of this is also how you found out, you mention that he told you and he was honest in doing. I think we are also forgetting that as much as infidelity is a crime but we are forgetting that we are asked by the word to forgive those who trespass against us.

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I have been in a situation exactly like yours, I went on to marry him the next day after his confession and we have been good ever since then. We also have to look at what it is that caused the infidelity to begin with, after that was dealt with we were back to our usual self just that we survived something that was meant to tear us apart together and for that I will eternally be grateful for being able to forgive him and knowing what it meant to stay and make things work.

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