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The only thing worse than a first date is a job interview. In hiring, this routine is actually prized. Everybody - even Google - sucks at predicting how well someone is going to perform in their work just from the interview process, so in the interest of collecting consistent data, firms need their interviewers to follow really consistent interview scripts. But, as organizational psychologists Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson put it in a new post at the Harvard Business Review , super-routine tasks put the law of least effort into action, like how you can make your commute home from work without even thinking about it. Other management research has shown that absent of explicit hiring standards, hiring managers use themselves as the proxy of worthiness for a position - which is part of why companies hire the same type of person over and over again. This is also a reporting technique.

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Interviewing: Follow up! Let them know how pumped you are at the prospect of becoming part of the team!

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It will work! I hear you.

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I remember after my first college relationship, I totally let myself go, and was pretty sloppy. One of my favorite bosses was a State Department Attorney.

Sep 07, 7 ways interviewing is like dating 1. Desperation is not attractive. When you're seeking a job, you're not asking someone to do a favor for you; you're 2. Be choosy and deliberative and don't just take the first thing that comes along. 3. Make your interest personal, not generic. Ask questions. Your interview starts in the parking garage, at the reception desk, sometimes even on the subway, as one job seeker learned the hard way. Just like dates who are rude to waiters can blow it with their oafish behavior, the same thing goes at a job interview. Put your nicest foot forward and just assume everyone is besties with the hiring manager. So in that way, a job interview is a lot like a first date: You're establishing a connection, finding common ground, and in doing so, validating the person across the table and making yourself memorable to them.

I must have done something right when he interviewed me for a job for his office. He picked me out of the 29 State Department employees whoe applied for it. I do remember he said my resume was well prepared.

I knew what I was talking about. I think it must have also because that I appeared to be cheerful, honest and hardworking, a few good characters that I happened to know that I have.

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My boss and I had very good work relationship until I had to leave the job to go overseas with my husband for an assignment. He and I kept in touch, though infrequent, after I left the job. Sadly, I just learned that he had passed away. Sad to hear Lovingkind.

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You sound like a optimistic and cheerful person any boss would enjoy having! Thnx for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Best, Sam. Wow great post I really enjoyed reading it. Never really knew that interviewing was like dating so much, guess you learn something new every day!

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Interesting bit about creativity. I never would have thought to do something like that in an interview, or the equivalent of the male version.

You are spot on with this. I have found that most anything in life can be easily compared to picking up a girl or guy at a bar.

You have a short period of time to make a strong impression. You are selling yourself.

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If you are attractive, in a professional sense of course, you will be the one they take home at the end of the night. And by that, I mean hire. You do want to be confident but not cocky; energetic but not too eager; presentable but not dressed better than the interviewer. The parallels are amazing! The interview like the first date is the most important!

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Hmmm, I have to wonder if my future interviewer will try to kiss me on our first interview! I never really thought about it too, until I wrote the post.

Inside BTS's Dating Life \u0026 Fave Things About Each Other

If your future interviewer is going to kiss you, well. Another great post Sam! I personally experienced this when I was interviewing for an internship in college.

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Other management research has shown that absent of explicit hiring standards, hiring managers use themselves as the proxy of worthiness for a position - which is part of why companies hire the same type of person over and over again. This is also a reporting technique. Listening builds trust, and people tend to like people they can trust.

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Social identity theory says that people are constantly placing people into in-groups and out-groups, so anything you can do to become a member of the in-group is useful. While that might seem like trivial small talk, it primes nontrivial rapport.

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Already a subscriber? People start online more often than not when searching for anything from a car to a perfect mate. Like dating sites, when signing up on a job board site, like Indeed, there are usually several things you need to do to start searching for the right fit to fill the position in your company.

Interview is like dating

The advent of Social Media channels has made it easier to find out more about a person than what they choose to reveal in their dating profile. However, if you use social media as part of your selection and hiring process, make sure you understand the legalities.

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When you review public postings, you are automatically aware of protected attributes, like gender and race, as well as less obvious things like religion and age. Conduct the same searches at the same time in the process for all candidates.

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When deciding where to have a first date, a lot of thought goes into whether it should be coffee, drinks or a full meal. For interviews, choose an appropriate spot, like a conference room or an office with enough space to converse comfortably with the applicant. If you hold the interview in your office, be sure to turn off any potential distractions, like email notification noises and the phone.

Give the applicant your undivided attention. Likewise, candidates should be conducting themselves in a way that reflects well on them and their professionalism.

Thanks, Ursula extra points if you knew that was from The Little Mermaid. Yes, I have kids.

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