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If you follow American reality television, of which there are plenty to choose from, you are bound to stumble upon niche reality shows like Street Outlaws: Memphis , a street car racing show. On the show, which features an assorted array of personalities, you will find Precious Cooper, a street racer who has been giving men a run for their money. On the show, which Precious has been a part of along with JJ Da Boss , the head of the crew, Precious is often referred to as the Queen of the Streets for her racing abilities, which has left several men parting with their money to her. As one of the prominent cast members of the show, we take a look at the life and biography of Precious Cooper. Read on.

Nov 13,   As of , JJ has cleared that he and Precious aren't an item, but do you ever wonder who's got Precious's heart if it's not his brother-like mentor JJ. Da Boss? Jonathan Davis was not beating around the bush when he said that Precious is his student.

The premise of Street Outlaws: Memphis is based on local car races competing against each other in high stake bets. As a racer, Precious Cooper has been involved in a number of these races, racing to victory against several men who have underestimated her because of her gender.

Mar 20,   Is Precious Cooper Dating? Similarly, she does not even gush about having a dating affair with a boyfriend. Many people guessed that Precious Cooper was dating JJ Da Boss and he was her boyfriend before, but JJ Da Boss is a happily married man with a wife and children. So, he and Precious Cooper don't share any past relationship, and he wasn't her boyfriend, but in fact, he is a . Mar 22,   Speculations pointed out that she may have been involved with JJ but in fact, he is married and happy with his wife and children. Precious Cooper Net worth salary. The Queen of the Streets may have come from humble beginnings and is now elevated to a better lifestyle. Jan 17,   Many people speculated JJ Da Boss to be Precious Cooper boyfriend before, but JJ Da Boss is a happily married man with a wife and children. So, he is not Precious Cooper boyfriend, but in fact, he is a mentor and like a family member to Cooper.

These routine victories have translated into a cash haul for Precious Cooper who on the show, sometimes collaborates with JJ Da Boss to manipulate opponents into underestimating her abilities.

If there is one thing that has sparked curiosity from viewers who watch Precious Cooper hold her own as a racer on Street Outlaws: Memphis day in day out, it is the identity of the man who gets to call her wife or girlfriend.

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Unfortunately, for the curious, that is a piece of information that is under lock and key. Precious Cooper is not one to disclose personal information about her to the public and as such, we can neither confirm nor deny if she is married. We could ask to race her for the information but considering how much of a talented racer she is, we will come back with nothing.

Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Cooper belongs to a family of four, with a relatively low-income to parents Ricky Cooper and Sara Cooper.


Cooper wanted to help in raising the living standard of her family and as a result, it inspired her to do something big in her career. Precious Cooper is 29 years ol born in the year in Osceola, Florida, however, she never revealed about her birthday and height yet.

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So, looking out for her husband or boyfriend on an Instagram account is useless. Is Precious Cooper Married?

Is Precious Cooper Dating? How.

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January 18, pradeep adhikari. Still, they, however, have managed to make a name on their own. The lovebirds are together for ten years now, and the couple together has four children.

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We should have led with this information when trying to disprove his rumor with Precious. But then again, that would have killed all the suspense.

She knows that JJ and her family friend Precious shares a brother-sister relationship, and seeing these two get along pretty well makes her rather happy than jealous.

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