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This 4-disc set gives practical and straight-forward advice that singles need to make the right decisions when it comes to dating and marriage. Taught from a definite Christian world-view, Mark challenges the over-spiritualized, over-romanticized, expectations that fill the heads of so many singles-including some unbiblical beliefs that are held near and dear to their hearts! The mission and purpose of this teaching is to eliminate that stinking thinking that has invaded the church culture today, which has had an detrimental effect on marriages and families. It's powerful stuff. If we get this into the hearts and minds of single people in the Christian community today, it will stop the divorce, it will stop the insanity, it will stop the immorality, it will stop the destructive behavior. This whole series is about getting people to start thinking biblically about how to approach relationships. This DVD needs to be in the hands of every young person in every church in America and the world.

This DVD needs to be in the hands of every young person in every church in America and the world. If we get this out there, it's going to be a life changer.

Mark Gungor. Unlike many traditional marriage seminars that tend to be overly serious, technical and emotionally taxing, Laugh Your Way: A Couples' Comedy Event is different because it helps couples deal with tough issues in a way that is fun and non-threatening. Through the two-day event, couples will laugh, learn and be able to make real positive changes to their marriages. Jan 30,   A few have wondered why I have mentioned the idea of "moving on" so quickly after my beloved Debbie's departure. Well, first of all, I have no plans on ordering a Mail Order Bride and getting married in the next 10 days, so those concerned about such a scenario can relax. (Mark Gungor) Singleness, Dating, Marriage by Marius Cristian. Mark Gungor TEEN EDITION SEX DATING & RELATING 1 by Ta T.

This series is for all singles from age with an eye toward marriage-whether you are a young person just starting to date, divorced or widowed. Singles and Stinking Thinking is over 5 hours of must-hear information for everyone who thinks they want to tie the knot. Add to Cart.

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Related Items. While widows seem to do fine and some even flourish and thrive without their husbands, most men do not have the same experience. I recently read a study that examined statistics of people who lost their spouses. This is not about replacing, it is about continuing.

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Men want to continue to be married. Many do not function well on their own and can find life to be extremely frustrating, difficult and depressing. Even the smallest of tasks can seem overwhelming.

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Those widowers who have daughters living with them or sisters or mothers who visit constantly can easily go years without remarriage, since those women partly play the role of a spouse for him.

Men who do not have that support tend to remarry sooner.

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I love being married. Researchers who study life after the loss of a spouse noted this interesting fact: The happier a man was in his previous marriage, the faster he remarries.

Mark gungor singleness dating marriage

I am not afraid. As if approaching marriage is like handling a loaded and cocked pistol.

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One mistake and it could go off and shoot you in the face. Utter nonsense.

Mar 27,   Mark Gungor Youth DVD (Highlights and Combination of his 2 hours discussing Dating and Sex clipped down into 37min) We used this to show at out youth group on Sex and Dating.

If you both will do the right things you will succeed. The challenge, of course, is getting two people doing the right things and not be so stinking selfish.

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The good news is that selfishness is pretty easy to identify during the dating period, if you are looking for it. Horse manure.

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If people believe that, no wonder they are so utterly miserable in their own marriages. Deb and I had a great marriage for one reason and one reason only: We chose to do the right things.

Laugh your way to a better marriage Part 3

And why will I be so fortunate? Because I will be intentionally looking. It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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If there is one failed and broken concept that should be rejected in Christendom it is the idea that God brings someone for you to marry. You would think that the countless millions of singles who have been waiting for years for God to bring them a spouse would get a clue and change their thinking.

Exactly how many years of God NOT bringing them a spouse will it take for these people to awaken out of their delusion?

It is just that simple. Still, there are those who find it insulting and in bad taste to expect someone like myself to do anything other than mourn for several years first.

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Sadly, at my age, time is a bit more of a valuable commodity.

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