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Everyone is wondering how the relationship between top stars Suzy and Lee Minho started dating. With many speculating that they probably met through mutual friends or through work, an online user brought up an interesting rumour as how the love-ling originally started from. The post which was originally posted on Pann has been actively discussed by netizens and was eventually introduced on Bada. But here is the story of Lee Min Ho and Suzy through those people. Lee Minho always had a thing for Suzy and wanted to meet her through some mutual friends.

Her first film work was the drama Obsessed With Dreams Filming was not easy for a pretty girl, but her talent was soon noted by viewers and critics. But this has never been confirmed.

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This is why Lee Ming-Ho and Suzy's relationship was not only the first true love but also the first test for the two stars. They had supposedly been created for each other, and an accidental acquaintance immediately turned into a romance.

Suzy and Lee Min Ho's relationship evolved over a long period of time while trying to hide their romance. Given the age gap Lee is 7 years older than Suzythey pretended to be just friends. Like many other Korean actors and actresses, the young men described the relationships within the framework of Opp Tonsen, that is, as an older brother and little sister.

However, after a month of constant meetings, officials from both sides confirmed the star couple's romance. Since then, Lee Min-ho and Suzi have been the subject of repeated reports in the press.

Min ho suzy dating

Perhaps the artists' busy schedules were to blame. Yet the couple celebrated the anniversary of their relationship on April 3, in a very lavish way. A party was organized, which confirmed the love and infatuation of young people with each other.

In photos, they looked unusually happy and excited. Rumors spread of future marriage between Suzy and Lee Min-Ho, based on such guesses:. Considering Lee Min-Ho's busy filming schedule, fans assumed the wedding would take place when filming of The Legend of the Blue Sea ended.

Min Ho was also supposed to go into the army and was reportedly planning to get married. For Pae Soo-Jee, she had to face opposition from her agency. Agents insisted that the marriage would lead to a loss of the actress's popularity and success and destroy her image as an innocent young beauty.

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The whole thing has put a new strain on the romance of young men. In autumnLee Min-Ho and Suzy announced their final separation, without explaining why the three-year relationship ended. But in Februarythe pair were spotted together again. Was it a date or a friendly encounter?

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The artists do not comment on what is going on. But fans have found new hope of a loving heart reunion. Their relationship today is shrouded in mystery, but true love can overcome everything. The Descendants of the Sun actress once dating the Crash Landing On You star and we still go awe by the mere thought of the two.

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While they initially denied dating rumours, they acknowledged their relationship in However, two years later, Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin parted ways. Their busy schedules were cited as the reason behind their split. Recently, fans speculated their reunion based on a few coincidences. However, that got us thinking, it would be nice to see the two together.

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But since life isn't fair and we have to pick only one, which couple would you want to see reunite? Vote now and let us know! There should be a 2nd season of the king eternal Monarch. The most Awaited Something new is better than something old. Something New is the new era, Something old is Medieval.

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Something New is more to look forward than something old. Something New is more Exciting while Something Old is just a redundant. Future is more brighter than the Past.

Before Doing the Voting are these 4 people want to Reunite to each other? First of all, why would you put Hye Kyo in a bad light? Do you have any idea why people go through with divorce?

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The real world is different from your childhood fantasies!!! If you ship CLOY, go ahead!! FYI, he didn't wait. He was in a failed relationship too within that 9 years. If HB and SHK are dating again is real, then maybe they both realized that they really love each other. Take note: I said 'IF'.

For those with poor comprehension.

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Hating on Kyo being divorced. Your fantasies of cloy or minho end up hurting other people.

May 07,   Lee Min-Ho and Suzy began dating in the spring of Ever since then, fans have been following the relationship of one of South Korea's .

First, Let's say HB and SHK are going to do a movie together, are you going to bash shk because of your delusions of cloy? Second, if any of these actors will give each other a second chance at love, are you going to bash them instead of supporting them? This article is only asking about these possibilities! A divorce woman is still a woman who deserves love and you delusional fans of cloy do not understand.

Hahaha Fantasies? Who is on it now? Why oh why?

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Hyun bin and Song Hye Kyo Forever Hyun bin and song hye kyo solid Wake up hello, stop linking Hyun Bin with that divorced woman. She can link-up with any man easily though. Just leave Hyun Bin alone, he is taken up. Don't tarnish his name. She does'nt want face others do, okay!

Stop linking that divorced woman with Hyun Bin. She can link-up with any other men easily. Leave Hyun Bin alone, he is taken.

Min-ho and Suzy were spotted a couple of times, with Dispatch releasing photos of the duo to further fuel speculations of the couple's relationship. Eventually, both the actors' agency confirmed. Everyone is wondering how the relationship between top stars Suzy and Lee Minho started dating. With many speculating that they probably met through mutual friends or through work, an online user brought up an interesting rumour as how the love-ling originally started from. Jun 11,   The first being Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae. Dubbed as the power couple when they were together, Min-Ho and Suzy left fans gushing. The King: Eternal Monarch star began dating Suzy in March The Author: Dishya Sharma.

Don't be so brainless and be a sore loser. God bless you. Do you have any effin idea why people go through with divorce?

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Why would you put Hye Kyo in a bad light? Insecure much? They look good together.

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Wishing and hoping! Son yejin and hyun bin. They form the best couple in my opinion. They must have had reasons behind their breakups. Who they date is up to them and honestly none of anyone's business. But fans will have their fantasies and ships and mine happens to be suzy and lee min ho but that's unlikely because everyone breaks up for a reason. They will find someone good for sure. None at all. Hyun Bin is for SYJ thats the future and nothing else. They have to move on.

What is past is already past. None of the them, sorry. Lee Minho is overrated and not a good actor imo.

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Song needs to reevaluate her relationship and Suzy well everyone drools over her, bit I'm so sorry to say that there are far too many gorgeous korean actress and I do not see why all the fuss, she isn't all that The reason Suzy is considered beautiful is not up to you but up to the Korean standards that she perfectly matches.

So yes Suzy is exceptionally gorgeous however she is also an amazing singer. I'll admit that her acting starting out was mediocre at best but you can clearly see how much she's improved in Vagabond.

But if you think your better why haven't we seen you on tv instead of her? Forget the two pairs. Looking forward to CLOY superstars next projects.

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HB and SYJ is suitable. Pathetic CLOY fans. Cannot distinguished between fantasy and reality. Go ahead and ship Hyun Bin with that woman. He treats her like a sister.

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Broke up or separation always leaves a painful memory, weather both SHK and HB are free now its totally insane about the idea for them to be back together - they both belong to the Past which is 9 years old memory.

In between those 9 years there were times that they are free, why a guy waited for his old flame to be married and divorced before pursuing her?

I don't see any problem if they get together again. In the first place,though Hye kyo undergone some bad choices in the past, both of them are free from responsiblities so I think she deserves to be happy. Song Hye Kyo after loads of bad choices she made from the past, better to love herself firstshe must free herself from so much dating rumors to different guys, gather herself first to be independent and happy with out involving herself to other man, its true that she is divorced now but she should reflect why so many relationships of hers has failed including her past relationship with Hyun Bin, therefore going back to the Past is another mistake again, as it was didn't work before thay can't stay with each other that's why it's ended.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy couple in korean (Minzy Couple)

He moved on very longlong time ago. Move forward, you can learned only from the Past. Song Hye Kyo too much scandal it's better to love herself first than anyone else. Past is past let's move forward, as Hyun Bin said in one of his interview, he is more excited in his future than the pastHe thinks the future is more beautiful than the past, because you can always look forward for the future than the past. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin is the future. There are a lot of coincidences between Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin lately if you know all people close to them you will see.

Fans should not look superficially. Fake news. Leeminho and Kim goeun Kim go eun makes minho happy! Where as it is opposite in Suzy case! Songhye and songnji Hyunbin crash landing on you couple.

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