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The irony of dating Mr. Right Now is that oftentimes, he becomes Mr. Right by walking with you.

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Every Mr. Right I've ever heard of has one key ingredient: character. Character takes time to grow on you. This means that no matter who we meet, there's no guarantee they are Mr. In making the case for dating Mr. In my experience, that's enough for right now. This article was originally published at jamesallenhanrahan.

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Expert Blog. Photo: weheartit. James Allen Hanrahan. You do not need to read Birthday Suit first but I do recommend reading it and you definitely will want to afterwards. Kristen is done being setup by everyone. She is done with the blind dates. She is going online to find Mr. That no way to meet a g Dating Mr. That no way to meet a guy. So Kristen lets the web find her a man. And when the universe brings Lucky Suit into her life, it sure knew what the hell she was doing. Cameron is in Miami for business.

Chocolate business. The best kind. But then the unexpected happened. A witty, fun, and sexy woman who happens to also be nerdy. This one is adorable, fun, hot, and sweet. I loved it all. I am so happy that Cameron got his story. Kristen was new to us but we will see her again soon! I fell for them both. I feel a little swoony, a little shimmery, as flutters race across my body.

It was an audible first and since then it has been sexed up. From what I have heard and after reading it, I totally believe it because damn. I was so excited to get their story! Macy is the biggest one. He has wanted her for a very long time. He is afraid to take the risk of losing her as a friend and what would his sister think?

I just love these two. I sing songs on YouTube with my sister. Did Hallmark lose its lunch in here? Herb and Olivia both have trouble dating with an open mind because of past relationships. But the both want the real deal. So with a mutual friend being a matchmaker And that how they end up on the best. But is it too good to be true? Can it be that easy? There has to be something wrong with one another, right?

I loved it.

Mr right dating

I loved Olivia and Herb in the other books so I was happy that they got their own story. No one snips dog balls better than this guy. I didn't know that country existed. Just north of Beautifulcountria. I loved Noah and Ginny in Birthday Suit and now we get a glimpse of what was happening with them from the beginning.

Even the kale talk and I hate kale. But, maybe if it was Noah feeding it to me, I might give in.

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This is a short story full of flirt, questioning, and paper airplanes. Quotes: He was a freaking twenty-five-year-old family man. Thanks, universe, for the temptation. A collection of four sweet and fun novellas from Lauren Blakely to get a taste of her writing style or to reconnect with some side characters from other stories.

Lucky Suit: Kristen is a scientist in Florida who believes in math, algorithms, and formulas. And that includes finding a soul mate so she has decided to give up real-life dating and trust online matches. Even though she can be serious, she is also sassy, sarcastic, and dances to the beat of her own drummer.

We met Cameron in 4. We met Cameron in Birthday Suit as he works with Lulu on her chocolate business in New York and also likes photography. He is analytical, intelligent, outgoing, and loves to debate. He has never trusted online dating, and has relied on typical benjamingaleschreck.coms and setups without much success. They have different views on how to meet people and live very different lives, but they seem to be driven together by outside forces.

These two are both smart, inquisitive, funny, and talkative. But does online conversation really translate to real life chemistry?

And if so, what will they even be able to really do about it? This is an adorable, sweet, witty, and swoony novella. I really liked the quirky characters and the fun, flirty, and snarky banter.

Jul 11,   Mr. Right is the dating app where all the men are Ladies, if he's not exactly as described we pay you $ Men apply today with 1-click and we'll make your profile for you (it costs nothing!). Women browse our database of for free!Age Rating: 17+. In Dating Mr. Right, you'll devour an online dating meets secret identity romance, a friends-to-lovers plus best friend's brother scorcher, and a story of a pair of jaded lovers bitten by the insta-love bug, and an office romance with an age Suit I'm breaking up with set-ups/5(55). Dating Mr. Right: Four Standalone Romantic Comedies Indulge in four delicious tales of true love! In Dating Mr. Right, you'll devour an online dating meets secret identity romance, a friends-to-lovers plus best friend's brother scorcher, a story of a pair of jaded lovers bitten by the insta-love bug, and an office romance with an age difference.

It had a couple of little twists that made me think and it kept me thoroughly entertained. It can totally be read as a cute stand-alone romance, but fans of Birthday Suit will enjoy more with Cameron and his friend Lulu. Kirby sings duets with his sister, Ally.

Macy works for them as their manager. Kirby is jaded about holidays and especially about Valentine's Day since he feels like it has brought him nothing but bad luck. He is funny, smart, but kind of grumpy and introverted. Macy is his complete opposite. She is perky, positive, extroverted, and adores all holidays to the extreme.

They are good friends, but each has been harboring crushes and they have no clue how the other really feels. They are both afraid of losing their friendship.

Will paper hearts and cupid's arrows this Vday finally inspire one of them to make a move out of the friend zone or will it just be another ho-hum holiday?

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This is a cute, fun, and sexy story about friendship, luck, and love. I really liked Kirby and Macy and the whole opposite personalities attracting. She is an ethical hacker and tech nerd, but she has other fun interests.

But she has been hurt so she is guarded and picky. She tends to self-sabotage to avoid getting hurt. But Flynn convinces her to give Evie the matchmaker a try. Enter smart, sweet, funny vet Herb Smith. He has his own relationship issues and fears. The matchmaker thinks they will be a match made in Heaven with similar interests and personalities.

Will it be a love match or is he too good to be true? And is Olivia brave enough to truly find out?

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I really liked both of these characters and their banter. This is short, sweet, and so much fun. This short gives us a sneak peek into the wannabe courtship of the younger, vibrant, charming, sexy, flirty Noah Rivera, and the older, more cautious, single mom, Ginny.

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Noah is nothing if not persistent and he is determined to win her over somehow. Ginny is going to try hard to resist his charms and find his faults, but Noah is one charismatic and determined man. This short tease leads into Birthday Suit. In Lucky Suit we get the story of Cameron and Kristen who meet online and go through a confusing then hilarious first date and subsequently navigate a long-distance relationship. Too Good to Be True features my favorite man in this boxset, Kirby!

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Serious swoon-alert right here! And finally, Strong Suit: the older-woman, younger-man trope has never been so flirty and delicious! Noah wears Ginny down with his paper airplanes and kale-infused cuisine till she accepts that Noah is the man for her, despite the age difference and food choices.

I have to say, I enjoyed all of these reads immensely. So in my humble opinion, the novellas satisfied my curiosity while delivering a fun and flirty good time.

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This collection is so much fun. First we have Lucky Suit which is Cameron and Kristen's story. Cameron works with Lulu that is in Birthday Suit so this ties that book back together. Cameron is so handsome and fun and when the funny grandmother Jeanne meets him she is instantly sure he is perfect for her granddaughter Kristen.

Problem is Kristen has endured so many bad hookups from Grams friends she refuses to go on another blind date. After Jeanne chats with Cameron some more she discovers he is This collection is so much fun. After Jeanne chats with Cameron some more she discovers he is looking for love but is also cautious about hookups. When Jeanne intervenes the two hit it off and are truly a perfect match. I loved this story and I so want to be Jeanne when I grow old.

This shows us how it all began. Olivia and Herb's story is so much fun and it ties several characters together. Olivia is her own worst enemy when it comes to finding Mr. Last but not least is Strong Suit which is Noah and Ginny's story. We got to fall in love with the persistent Noah in Birthday Suit. Noah and Ginny work together with Leo and Lulu and we watch their love grow. This gives us their beginning.

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I absolutely love how Lauren Blakely ties her books together. They are all standalones but we get to meet new characters and visit with old favorites as she weaves more lives together. Reading her books for me is truly like catching up with old friends because that is how they seem. It's real life as in all these characters are tied together in one way or another and it's so much fun watching them grow and fall in love and live their HEA.

This author is a story genius and she always pulls me inside where I feel like I'm part of the gang.

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These characters are not perfect, they have their own quirks and life hurts to deal with and Lauren Blakely gives us all the emotions both happy and sad as well as the heated passion and humor you want in a rom-com. She always delivers and makes me feel all the emotions. I received an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion.

I enjoyed these four novellas and hope you do as well. I purchased a copy of Dating Mr. Through the interfering matchmaking of her mother and her grandmother, Florida alternative fuel scientist and part time astronomer Kristen meets the guy she thinks will be the man of her dreams only to find that she and New York Chocolatier Cameron have been pranked. Right a Collection as well in the Valentine based collection Be Mine and this review was given freely.

Good descriptions, wonderful characters and an excellent lead in to a sequel. Ad Executive and Youtube star Kirby who is unlucky in love resists his attraction to his best friend and makeup artist Macy.

An opposites attract, best friends to more steamy romance with a hint of BDSM.

Indulge in four delicious tales of true love! In Dating Mr. Right, you'll devour an online dating meets secret identity romance, a friends-to-lovers plus best friend's brother scorcher, a story of a pair of jaded lovers bitten by the insta-love bug, and an office romance with an age difference. Lucky Suit I'm breaking up with set-ups/5. Sure, the relationship with Mr. Right will SEEM easier on many levels, but that's because each person is taking full responsibility for their own "issues" and not letting this get in the way of their love. Now, let's get cracking on those tips to get you on the road to meeting the man of your dreams How To Find Mr. Right - Tip 1: Maximum exposure.

Depicting loneliness, love, and attraction via some suggestive texting, thoughts and conversations, this short story features two hopeful "couples" who are interconnected by blood or friendship but hesitate to lose their friendships by taking a chance on love.

Ethical hacker and art enthusiast Olivia challenges her brother's home intelligence automation device to find her the perfect man but when that fails, she seeks the help of her brother's matchmaker friend Evie resulting in a flirty and steamy romance with Manhattan veterinarian Herb. Lively and easy flowing but a bit of a tease.

This is an introduction to Ginny and contains her flirting with a 10 year younger coworker Noah. Covering the same time as Birthday Suit, it hints at the promise of a relationship but ends just as the couple might begin to date.

Best if read before Birthdate Suit where you get a vastly different opinion of Noah's personality. This is such a fun, sexy read.

Four standalone stories which are correlated with Lauren Blakely's previous novels. Remember Lulu's sexy business from Birthday Suit? Well, Cameron is the man behind Lucky Suit. Blonde, tall, and smart. He's looking for love and the zip zing that goes with the chemistry. Now my favorite in this story?

Kristen and her grandmother. These ladies had me flipping the pages. Also, I want to be Grams when I grow up.

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Once Upon a Red-hot Kiss Ally's This is such a fun, sexy read. Especially when the one he wants to give his heart to is his best friend. Personally, I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day either Too Good to be true This story I've been missing for so long I was so happy to have read it. Well, this is their sister Olivia. A nerdy, gadget geeky, art lover meets a sexy vet. Their chemistry? Strong Suit Single mom Ginny isn't too sure about giving a man younger than her a chance. Noah doesn't care about the age, he likes what he sees and he wants Ginny to take the leap of faith.

This is a sweet, short story, but you will see the fruition of their relationship in Birthday Suit. I loved all the short stories and I loved there are the prequels to previous novels I read. These short stories bring the bigger novels to a full circle. Lauren Blakely is a guru in weaving characters in and this was no exception. These are a must read! Luck Suit is Lauren Blakey's newest fun, short, sweet and sexy story with another lovable character from Birthday Suit.

I loved Birthday Suit so much, I hope every one of those characters gets their own story! Now I've had the pleasure of reading it! Kristen's grandma knows Cameron is perfect for her granddaughter so she sets them up. In a very funny and unique way. They instantly click, but they aren't rea Luck Suit is Lauren Blakey's newest fun, short, sweet and sexy story with another lovable character from Birthday Suit. They instantly click, but they aren't really who they think they are.

When they meet in person they have fantastic chemistry and really want to get to know each other better, but can they trust what they really feel or is it all part of the set up? The humor, the witty banter and the slow burn were perfection. They were secondary characters from the Heartbreakers series and I loved them and I'm so glad they got a story. It's short, sweet and oh so sexy!

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Olivia is Flynn's sister and I just loved her. Herb and Olivia's story is fun, sexy and hopeful! I absolutely loved them in Birthday Suit and now we get more goodness from their backstory.

How they met, what they initially thought of each other. The attraction, the hesitation and the pursuit. Noah is so funny and sexy and mature for his young age.

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Ginny is a cautious, single mom who wants Noah, but doesn't want to want him. I loved this extra look into their relationship and it left me wanting more! This is a collection of four novellas, featuring couples who were side characters in Lauren Blakely's full length novels. It's almost impossible to give a quick synopsis for this one, so it's best to just go ahead and read.

Vaguely, a meddlesome grandma is determined to help her granddaughter find love, featuring a case of mistaken identity online. I immediately loved both MCs Cameron and Kristen and their connection was so evident on-page.

I really enjoyed the guessing game of what the hell was happening with the online dating mix up, too, and the Grandma was hilarious. For such a short book there was too much time devoted to side characters, IMO. A little forgettable, but their first date was super sweet, and the author did a good job of establishing their relationship.

The sex scene was a little rushed, though. Oh well. Right gives us the story of some secondary characters from previous books but can absolutely be enjoyed as a standalone. These stories were packed full of the heart, heat and humor I've come to expect from Lauren Blakely. This is the perfect summer beach or pool read! Now if you love Lauren Blakely's audiobooks and if you don't, I'm telling you to give them a try!

They're incredible!! There is additional content here though so don't just pass this one up thinking you've heard it before!! I love, love, love these characters. Each couple is unique and fresh and fun. I feel like I could bump into any of them and the street and strike up a conversation. I really enjoyed reading them and diving into their world. These stories all flowed.

The pacing was spot on, the writing was as witty and fun as always. I always feel I'm right there with the characters-wherever they are, New York, Florida etc-and this was no different. I loved this collection of stories and I know you will too.

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