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TL;DR: you don't hate your girlfriend for it, you hate your mind for visualizing it. Weve been together over a year. She is a great girl, never cheated and I totally trust her. I'm only the 5th guy she's been with and she has only had sex twice outside of long term relationships. Obviously the one night stand is one of those. All is great and never have I suspected her of cheating but for some reason just recently this has begun to bother me. She isn't slutty by any means but that one night stand just puts doubts in my head for some reason.

If I thought for one minute that some guy was going to hold cheating against me - when we were apart, no way would I see any future entanglements with him.

Remember the cheating happened based on the problems that were within the relationship.

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But, would she be less upset if he went out on a date? Seems innocuous. I think the timing is less important than the actual act.

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When you think ONS, you think crazy porno sex, extreme passion, highly physical, maybe much better sex than what Brian and his gf were having. I can see her getting upset by all that. I totally regretted it. I started thinking about you instantly and how good we are together.

By definition, a cheater is someone who lacks integrity. You can say, yes, but what if you just cheated once, what if you were drunk, blah, blah, blah. It would be out of character.

My girlfriend had a one night stand while we were dating

This whole break up thing could have been a massive shit test on her part. She shit tests him to see if he is worth her while. He fails. She breaks up. My boyfriend of two years cheated on me recently.

He went out of town and when he came back, his friend showed me footage of him with two girls. I took the video and put it on YouTube, hoping that no one will ever want to date him. I also slept with the friend who showed me the video and we recorded the orgasm just the audio! Anyway, I mixed the sound of the orgasm into a song - which I also uploaded on my myspace page!

Plus, expecting him to do so implies that I believe him to be fallible, but honorable. Facing the music would be my inclination if I were the one who screwed up with another man, anyway.

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But whatever. She really hit the nail on the head as to why this sort of thing bothers women. He slept with another woman one week after I ended our three year relationship we were even engaged. This person who supposedly had such strong feelings for you can get it up so easily to go and sleep with another womanto us, it seems as though the mourning period never existed.

Note: Even if you are the dumper as opposed to the dumpee, you will still go through a similar mourning period, and you expect the same of the other person. Is it wrong to expect this?

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Absolutely, but since when were relationships merely based upon logic and devoid of feeling? Especially since you are essentially making them of all females, so unless you want to die alone.

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Please tell me, what is the appropriate amount of mourning that satisfies you until you deem it acceptable for him to move on and sleep with another woman? The problem is this: when you are dumped without a hint of getting back together and an opportunity presents itself, you can either mourn or embrace what little time we really do have in life.

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I for one personally am not going to allow some arbitrary period of mourning stop me from experiencing life or passing up opportunities that may very well flourish into something even greater than what I had. The bottom line is that I think if you associate a shorter period of mourning with heartlessness or indifference I think you sincerely need to revaluate your thoughts because people heal at different rates.

Now, you may be thinking that waiting two weeks is just too short, but ask yourself this, if he waited an extra two weeks or even two months why would it make you feel that much better?

Eventually life must go on. To put it another way, to correlate a quick recovery as being insensitive or uncaring is erroneous and to think that people owe each other an arbitrary amount of lamentation, especially when he was the one who was dumped is also flawed. My point is that whether you wait a few days, a few weeks, a few months or a few years you are ultimately replaceable and both parties will should move on. The very idea wold have disgusted him. He would have been trying to hang on to his undiluted memories of her - physical, emotional, etc - and even any approaches from other women would have been an annoyance at best and downright revolting at worst.

You are responding to her post as if she is saying there is a set length of time that a person should wait -as if there is a a kind of etiquette for these things.

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Anonymous 1 is hurt to realise that what she had thought was valuable was actually not so. This is obviously not how you feel. Your email address will not be published.

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Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. We have not had any problems and we both see a long future for the. I casually mentioned to my ex-girlfriend that I was reading and participating in discussion forums on sex and dating.

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She got furious and ended the relationship. I tried to explain. Infidelity might be my favorite subject in the world. Favorite is probably the wrong term. Fascinating is more like it. I realized that I needed to find the man who would love me unconditionally for who I am, not for who he wanted me to be. You didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. You were honest with me even when I didn't like it.

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I Slept With Someone Else. Have I Done Something Wrong? Share Brian Dear Brian, You did nothing wrong. You had no hints of getting back together. You did what pretty much any guy would do after a sixteen month relationship. Join our conversation Comments. Brian, You two broke up, so you had no obligation to refrain from having sex with an unattached person.

Nous partageons egalement My Girlfriend Had A One Night Stand While We Were Dating des informations sur l'utilisation de notre site My Girlfriend Had A One Night Stand While We Were Dating avec nos partenaires de medias sociaux, de publicite et d'analyse, qui peuvent combiner celles-ci avec d'autres informations que vous leur avez fournies. Jan 01,   Not gonna lie we had a TON of fun making this video. Let us know if you guys would like to see more! ?? Check out our vlog channel for more videos together. Ich suche My Girlfriend Had A One Night Stand While We Were Dating einen Mann, der mir ehrlich bedeute.t. Sie sollten gleich gro? oder gro?er, treu, humorvoll und bodenstandig sein. Sie sollten gleich gro? oder gro?er, treu, humorvoll und bodenstandig sein/

Grow up No Adam you grow up. Definitely a great Answer, as I dealt with a man who breaks up every damn week!

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So the girl can play games to test him and that is perfectly ok by you. It just sucks In that case why would any woman ever give her own fidelity to a guy? Um, yeah. Someone like that deserves to die alone. Am-I-terrible-for-embracing-the-advantages-of-being-single-and-unattached My boyfriend of two years cheated on me recently. Go girl!

Oct 28,   So me and my gf of a year and a half broke up for a month. We broke up a time or two before but only for a few days. We recently started talking again and she wants to be with me but she told me she had a one night stand with someone she met at a bar. Should I be able to take her back? I know everyone's reaction will be that I shouldn't care if we were broken up. We Were on a Break! Dating and Sex During a Temporary Separation of "we were on a break" when Rachel discovered his one-night-stand during their to have free rein to play the field for a. I dated my ex for 16 months. We broke up with no hints of getting back together. 2 weeks later I had a one night stand with someone I don't know. 1 week later, my ex calls and indicates we should try to get back together. In subsequent discussions, she asks me if I had slept with anyone. Being an honest man, I reluctantly told her yes.

Just as poor boundaries can be self-reinforcing, so too can having strong ones. Karjuna I wish I was this tone deaf. Guest writers having 'total autonomy' or otherwise, this is a baffling article to post considering last week. The article itself is OK, even if reducing 'flirting gone NerdLove Dr.

NerdLove Store Dr. And I let her pull me away from my friends.


Kinda like that. Only not as sexy and with a lot more crying on my part. If you resist, they get angry or passive-aggressive, badgering you until you give in. The woman you met is willing to make plans but continually flakes at the last minute. Your girlfriend or boyfriend requires constant reassurance and assistance from you. These are people trying to trade on your poor boundaries.

Share Pin Recent Comments Karjuna I wish I was this tone deaf. I was just thinking about my own blind spots the other day in light of recent posts about the moderation.

This guy overtook her with a night of passion that I have never given her.

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But you feel less of a man,because she's never wanted you that way. You aren't her Rockstar or her JamesBond. Many men struggle with the idea at their girlfriend has some wild stories in their past. But if you look beyond that, there are two things here.

One, that you want your girlfriend to be yours and yours alone.

We had discussed it in the past, and I really thought that we had worked through this and that I was okay with it. I guess I wasn't, because one night I went out and cheated, again, while extremely inebriated. Somehow in my state, midway through, I said I couldn't go through with it anymore, and we stopped and the guy drove me home. We ended up going out on the date, and several more, and it was fantastic and awesome. Soon, we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Last night, she told me that the night before our first date, she had taken a guy home with her and slept with him. It was just a one-night stand. She found out, in the morning, that he had a girlfriend, and she threw. The situation, as you've laid it out, is simple. Your friend and your girlfriend both have had a regrettable drunken one-night stand, not a particularly uncommon thing. It happened to be between them. They chose to tell you about this. I'm not sure in what context your girlfriend 'confessed' or why.

Which is a sweet thing if its not controlling. And the second one is that as a man you are a visual creature. When she tells you she had a one night stand, your brain tries to visualize that.

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And there you end up watching your girlfriend with another man in your mind. Which hurts. And even though she did nothing wrong you feel pain from this image. Now if you just get mad at her she won't understand and won't feel like she can trust you. So, how to "just get over that" I hate those words : Realize that it basically is your mind playing a trick on you.

Your mind trying to problem-solve something that doesn't need fixing. So, as stupidly simple as it sounds, you need to occupy your mind with something else. A visual mind works that way, give it something to think about and it will create the according imagery.

So next time you feel doubt creeping up on you, go to your girlfriend and tell her you need to feel close to her. Do something together. Have sex. I know it feel ridiculous at first but it's like training your mind like a pet. You are conditioning your own mind to focus on the right things. And that's what people mean when they say "it's all just in your head".


And while that is true, you still need to get it out of your head. Hope that helps. Yes, you just need to get over it. There's no good reason that should affect your relationship. Although in order to move past it, it would probably be useful for you to figure out the reason it's bothering you and why that reason is moooost likely illogical.

Dont judge her past. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

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