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Its been a week since we got back from that private island mission. I was at the guild and because was like five in the morning, i was just me and Mirajane. When we got to the guild, Natsu and I had originally decided to tell everyone but when we got guild it didn ' t happen. I ' m sure Natsu can handle one lunch without you. Now lets go, we have a lot to chat about.

But not knowing how long it's going to be I decided to do this now. Anyways I hope you guys like it. I'm just trying to figure out how to tell them without them throwing a dang party. Don't you think it's time we told everyone. Plus Gajeel probably already knows. Can we figure something out in the morning? Does she not to be with me? Natsu couldn't be smart enough for that right?

He hugged her as he crashed his lips into hers. But we do have a problem. I don't want to get killed by Erza for getting you pregnant. Why don't we figure out what to do once we get back from our mission 'kay? Do you think we should split up? Me going with Lucy and Grey going with Natsu?

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How about we take the town and the boys take the forest? I'd rather be paired up with sadist than you. I mean yeah, I have feelings for her but I doubt she does. I realized it during the battle with Alvarez.

Summary: Lucy and Laxus are secretly dating so no one in the guild knows, until Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail. This is for my reviewer (s) who wanted a LaxusxLucy fanfic. Enjoy! One morning at Fairy Tail, Team Natsu decides to embark on a mission, but they can't do so without Lucy. "Where is Lucy?

I don't want to live my life without her. As the two continue to rest Natsu picks up on a bad smell but can't place it.

But you will be gone from here. I can't move. Who are you? Go back to the guild and let them know what happened.

As the guild continues to be rowdy everything suddenly stops when a very solemn looking Grey and Erza walk into the guild. Or when I finally gave in, and felt all that glorious power at my fingertips. But now I've lost control, and the demons of the night ravage the world. And the only way to save it? I pick a mate. Devil Child by Crystal reviews Lucy Heartphilia is the schools bully.

She's rich, popular,beautiful and completely evil. So what happens when there's an abnormal baby left at her doorstep?

How does one child change the devil that is Lucy into an angel that is kind. A new girl Lucy refuses to date any of them! She sees right through ever plan they try! Will they ever win her heart? Forgotten Fairytales by wolfyangel reviews I used to belive in fairytales, but that all ended when my parents died that night. Let's become famous by Skeamstroke reviews Lucy Heartfilla always wanted to be invisible, to stay in the shadows. But what happens when a certain pink haired guy enrolls to her school?

Depression by Demobenjamingaleschreck.comincessKleo reviews A story of one girl who had everything and lost it all in a moment. Obscurity by susurinaki reviews This might be your typical 'Mikan travels elsewhere and turns cold' story, but in each story, there's a different plot and those plots aren't always the same.

Mikan is sick of being the light, "Shall I try the taste of darkness now? Not that I haven't before I was of no importance. Who are You? Titania-falls reviews Lucy Heartfillia is assigned to kill the fifth boss of the most dangerous mafia gang-Fairy Tail.

She didn't expected herself to actually joined the mafia business for money, well she needed the money after all. There she met with a certain pink haired- "L-Luce? Natsu x Lucy and maybe other pairings. I've been living without one for a long, long time! But why is it that you are making me feel as if I have one! But when a mission arises that requires her help and something she never expected: a Team. Sick As a Fire Dragon!

The only people who can't get it are Dragon Slayers. Will there relationship grow or will it die off along with Lucy? She has experienced it in reality and not in a fantasy.

Say good-bye to your goody, goody Mikan and hello to the new Mikan that changed. Who can possibly change her back? The famous Hooded Maiden and the enemy guild of FairyTail. While Natsu is from Fairy Tail and is the known salamander of destruction.

When these two meet as strangers, will love form? Will love break once Natsu finds out about her true identity? Celestial Symphony by fishy-chii reviews I'm Mikan Sakura.

Abused everyday yet, I still protect my friends from Luna. As usual I have no chance with him. No money, power, but the only thing I have is confidents. Besides, who wants a wife with scars on her back, arms, and legs? Pairings: MxN! The story is better then the summary! The Dragon Priestess by Reika Natsuki reviews On a solo mission to disband a dark guild, a spell has been cast on Lucy, turning her whole world upside down.

Where's Team Natsu, when you need them? They're still at the guild celebrating Lisanna's return Do you remember? Mikan's memories due to losing both her alices are erased and she forgets everything to do with Gakuen alice! She is sent back to live with her grandpa, however, two years later Mikan discovers a new hidden alice and is sent back to the academy yet again! How has everyone changed and how will they react to the new Mikan? Read to find out!

Things Changed by mandaree1 reviews after naru left, Mai became a part of a gang with a deadly curse on it's shoulders. I have a dark secret hidden within me, one that I'm not proud of. I've never told SPR or any of my friends, the only friends who know are the ones who are like me. But now one of my friends is in danger and SPR has to help her out.

Will I be able to keep my secret? Or will it be leaked? After all, some secrets should stay just that, a secret. Broken Family, Shattered Bonds by BlackRain reviews Being abandoned by your boyfriend and betrayed by your best friend at the same time is very painful. But, with a bigger responsibility in her hands, can Mikan forget the past and move on?

And when she does After the Games by Chaos reviews What happens to Lucy after the Grand Magical Tournament, and why is everyone blaming her on their loss? Lisanna see's an opportunity and takes it. Lucy ends up leaving the guild, and Lisanna is loving every second of it.

Lucy comes back new and improved and Natsu becomes a jealous monster. Love from betrayal by Char-nee reviews After Lisanna came back from Edolas, everyone ignored lucy for 4 months, except for gray, gajeel, levy, wendy, carla, juvia, and master. So when natsu, erza and the rest of the guild call her a weakling that can't take care of herself, she can't take it anymore, she leaves the guild to become stronger, so when she has a break-down in the rain, who else should find her but two men.

Alice Dance Academy by Pretty Aurora Dream reviews The youngest entrant to the best dance academy in the country, Mikan finds herself struggling to adjust to her new life. Add a sexy, crimson-eyed teenage hip-hop dancing sensation with interest in our Mikan, and what do you get? Total chaos of course. Forgotten Past by Sky Slayer reviews Mai's past is not one of innocence and happiness; instead, it is a horror that haunts her everyday.

What will happen when the past catches up to her? In more ways than one? Mikan's shy boy by Chibi Black Ookami reviews She is cute yet evil, she likes to manipulate guys.

She dated them all but now, she is chasing after a "Shy Boy". Will she ever get her Boy? Based on Jordin Sparks" Shy Boy. In fact she doesn't talk at all and no one has seen her smile either.

- benjamingaleschreck.com | unleash Lucy and Laxus are secretly dating so no one in the guild knows, until Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Laxus D., Lucy H. - Chapters: 8 - Words: 5, - Reviews: - Favs: - Follows: - ated: 7/12/ - Published: 4/29/ - Status: Complete - id: +. "We've been dating for six months at this point. Don't you think it's time we told everyone. Plus Gajeel probably already knows." Natsu states running a finger over his girlfriends toned stomach. "I know. Can we figure something out in the morning?" Lucy asks resting her face in his chest as he holds her in place with one of his hands. "Sure. After their last mission, Natsu & Lucy start dating. When they get home, they forget to tell their friends. Will they found out? Plus, the enemy from the last mission wants revenge. Will he get revenge? Who saves who? Found out in this is a squeal to Natsu, Lucy, Happy & the Private Island: Love, Revenge, & Rescued. Rated T for cursing. Nalu story.

Now Naru's back with a new case More Than A Push by 2three. Well, he was. And it took more than a push for him to admit it.

Bitter and Broken by HazeyDazey5 reviews Mikan is accused of something she didnt do. No one listens to her side. Then she is told she has to tranfer because she is a threat. She completely changes. Persona and her now have a friendship as she transfers. Now, who is she? Is she Mikan or Mika? Will she be back?

What will become of her friends and Natsume? Will the darkness have another victim? Is there any Howalon? Falling towards darkness by Luna Vaile reviews Natsu and Lisana are together and Lucy pretends to be fine. However, an unexpected accident causes her to change in personality drastically and shocking secrets are revealed. Will Nastu be the same? What does this have to do with Mavis and Zeref? Camp Fairy Tail by mellow-kun reviews Lucy Heartphilia loves music and dreams of being a professional singer.

For that dream, Lucy wants to go to a music camp named "Camp Fairy Tail". To attend, Lucy must help out in the kitchen in Camp Fairy Tail. With rivals and pop star crushes, how long can Lucy live her double life before the truth comes out?

Un Intensional by EmeraldDragonxo reviews After an accidental one night stand between 2 enemies, Mikan has to deal with the problems. What surprises her? Natsume wants to help. Will this incident bring them together? Or are they enemies forever? But, when that secret involves being able to change from one person to another, will it stir up drama in the Fairy Tail guild? As a Vocaloid, will Lucy be able to sing her way out of the trouble she caused herself? May just be a oneshot if no one wants me to continue it.

NaLu pairing! Lucy Sohma by alixr0se reviews Lucy doesn't let anyone touch her because she is possessed by the monkey. Lucy was kicked out of Team Natsu because Lisanna is back. She joins sohma team, and Natsu is jealous.

not the expert?

Pairings: KyoxTohru, HaruxLucy. Lucy has a secret, what happens when the guild finds out, What is going on in Nastu's mind when he storms out of the building Breath of Life by CupCakesYummeh reviews Lucy leaves on a year-long mission due to heart break and needing as she claims 'self rediscovery'.

But, if it really as it seems? Not like the usual Lucy leaves stories either. Story behind my One-shot Homecoming, with slight plot changes.

also not present?

Eventual full on NaLu. Letting Go of the Past, Moving On To the Future by iloveblackcat13 reviews Mikan was devastated about what happened to her and decided to transfer schools and there her new life begins Revised story. Although she doesn't wear any herself, she helps others in school who need help with theirs.

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She's not popular, and hopes not to be during school, but still enjoys helping other girls in their makeup problems. Set 7 years after the anime. I already have a girlfriend. And you're making her really jealous. If Fate Destined Us Together by Twelve Winterflowers reviews year-old Sakura Mikan is a poor girl living on the streets with her gambling father and sick mother.

Hyuuga Natsume is a rich, handsome and heartless playboy. By a stroke of fate, these two unlikely lives cross paths Her Smile by xxNatsu-chanxx reviews Lucy is being avoided by Natsu and it seems that her fellow guild members follow suit. What will it take to bring back Lucy's smile?

One shot. The Red Rose by pockybear reviews Gakuen Alice has it's riches and it's fame, but their highest quality is this group called The Roses.

A group desinged to bring joy to lonely girls, but there is one rose that is closed up still, will Mikan Sakura, an ordinary girl, make him bloom?

secretlydatingnatsu is an avid - benjamingaleschreck.com reader and an active particpant in the world of they begin to get attached to the blond. She gains new friends, a new lover and maybe her secret might get revealed. (Nalu) (A little Gale Jerza Gruvia and all that) ON HIATUS. Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words. Jun 08,   - benjamingaleschreck.com. Lucy looks after Natsu when he is sick but what happens when Natsu starts to show is feeling whilst he is ill. Will Lucy eventually believe that Natsu likes her back or will she still think he is just hallucinating! #anime #cold #cute #erza #fairytail #- benjamingaleschreck.com #gray #happy #illness #kiss #love #lucy #manga #mira #nalu #natsu # Reviews: Big or small secret? Nalu - benjamingaleschreck.com. K what will happen if natsu and lucy were in relationships but no one know? how they will keep going together? and why lucy dont want to tell anyone? Nalu A twist in time. K Zeref sends Natsu and Lucy back in time. Two years before they even met with their memories with a warning.

A Princess Story by mylittlesweetheart reviews This is a story of a girl, she is a princess, she was forced by her parents to study in an elite school called Gakuen Alice. But not wanting to attract attention, she decided to disguise as an ordinary girl. But can she hide her true identity or not A new girl's presence by PromisesWithinLife reviews 1. There is a new student coming to Gakuen Alice. She's the average caring beauty.

Though, she has secrets in which she prefers to be kept a secret. Along with her presence, she brings along trouble, fun and memories to be remembered forever. Can she deal with her new 'ordinary' life while trying to fit in with her chaotic new school? Campgrounds by Alligatorface24 reviews Lucy Heartfilia is staying at a camp, for a terrifying three weeks, in a cabin filled with nine other guys and a midget counselor.

When every single guy shows interest in her, her heart becomes confused, and guilty. Will she survive? However, all that changed after a certain incident happened and Lucy learned to locked her feelings up within herself, turning into an emotionless person.

Will her guild members be able to bring the old Lucy back? Facades of Mine by xXBlackTenshiXx reviews mikan and the girls are in a gang called jigoku tenshis which means hell angels. Demon Hunt by blackknight reviews AU.

Nalu fanfiction secretly dating

Young Youichi thought it would be nice to have Mikan and Natsume as his parents. Well, it wasn't like they didn't like it; they were just too stubborn to admit it.

thanks for

Everything started going haywire after that. There Mikan meets her modeling partner the most hottest guy in school, Natsume Hyuuga. How is she going to model when she can't even stand him? The End by Damaged Angel Wings reviews 4.

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It all started when the killer drew the first blood. Now Mikan is teaming up with a sexy detective, a blackmailing medical examiner, a cute reporter, and an amateur Lawyer to solve a mystery that will leave you guessing till the very end. While trying to concentrate on her music and culinary skills, can Ryoma really forget about being the "Prince of Tennis?

What will happen when these two clash? This is my first Fairy Tail - benjamingaleschreck.com! Revealed Secret Talents by bx. Look for the full Summary inside. Helpless by Sovereign64 reviews Natsu is an orphaned boy who is under the care of Mirajane. While Lucy is a homeless and pregnant girl.

How can these two change everything for each other including their views of friendship, family and love? He has the money, brain, looks and the women. And our Mikan is the major loser, fashion disaster and virginity keeper. But what did Natsume saw in Mikan that made him made her older brother as the price in their race? White Wings by Stella-luna reviews Set five years later. Mikan leaves with her mother.

Mikan arrives at the academy disguised as a person named Azami.

(NaLu) One-shot // The Date

No one knows that she is Mikan and her personality has completely changed. And she has also come back with a new purpose. Let's Sing A Song! It's an all-girls band that now has its spotlight as one of the best performers in Japan. But there's another band: The Outsiders. It's an all-boys band and they are currently the most famous band. Smiley by 2three. Abuse Me by TiEquals reviews Ryoma didn't want anyone to know what was happening to him at home.

He didn't want them to see him at his weakest. Though, if he continued with his lies, things wouldn't end in a pleasant way. Would someone be able to save him before it's too late? Ryoma, Fuji S. Black Thorns by x Dark Lady x reviews Mikan never learns the real reason why Hotaru left, and so her personality takes a drastic turn.

Months later, a cold, calculating Mikan Sakura is invited to the prestigious Gakuen Alice. No pairings. I'm just your normal average girl Below the surface I am broken like most people nowadays. I'm all alone in a darkness that I can't find my way out of. I can't help myself yet I'm suppose to help them. The Side that is Hidden by Ichigo reviews Mikan Sakura is a cheerful and sweet, bubbly and optimistic girl who is always smiling and could not tell a good lie to save her life.

She's a normal year-old girl! Or at least, that's what everyone thinks Rest of summary inside. Melody of Memories by Moonshine Wish reviews Mikan is a daughter of the Yukiharas, she is a musical genius. However she doesn't want to play anymore. To quit, she goes to Gakuen Alice to be re-accepted by her old childhood friend.

But he doesn't remember her. What will happen? EnD ZoNe by Lunata reviews Having lost her entire family, mentally broken Mikan Sakura becomes the most powerful hunter in the the agency and throughout the world. She is sent to a monster school order to hunt down the most vicious vampire in history. Cute Tales by Celianna reviews NaLu one-shots.

Lucy suddenly got it through her thick mind; Natsu was being honest and sincere about his feelings at the moment. After her best friend died in an accident, Echizen Rika quit tennis for good before she is then pushed into playing tennis with the boys' team Stray cat by karin reviews While walking home Fuji found an injured cat.

Suddenly the cat turned into a boy. The boy's name is Ryoma! And Fuji has hard time believing that Ryoma is the cat he helped. Now Ryoma is living with Fuji Graduation by blackxxcat reviews Warning! No smut. Fuji and Ryoma get closer than friends are meant to be. When Ryoma realizes his feelings for the other, how would he cope when he finds out that he has to leave the country yet again and that a certain captain has come back? I'm the new demon king or queen! The characters remains the same but what happened when Yuri is a girl?

Pls read and review, thank you! Kyo kara Maoh! BitterSweet Sacrifice by Mystical Butterflies reviews Mikan gave up her freedom for Natsume and Aoi and is now doing missions for them.

Mikan is the happy go lucky girl in everyone's eyes yet inside she feels broken, torn, destroyed, and killed. Full summary inside. Turn the Music Up by The Fallen Empress reviews Mikan is just an ordinary fan, and a dreamer, but when band lead singer Sumire Shouda quits and she gets the job for the replacement, she enters the world of rivalry and competition. The thing is, showbiz life was the least of how she expected it to be.

Five years is no time at all. One small event can change a life. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Can nalu fanfiction secretly dating can ask you?

I dodged it quickly. Fallen Darkness by Aozora reviews Mikan was a vampire princess, that is, until the day her clan was massacred. Now, society doesn't know what she is, and she works as a guardian for Natsume, a vampire prince. Danger is in every corner. Assuming that her friends don't care for her at all the wants to show her true self, an emotionless shell. What can Hotaru, Natsume, and Ruka do to help her? Some language The once smiling face was rarely seen. Many debate whether the Mikan they knew before was a fake.

Sorry for the typos.

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I promise to get to it! Teenagers are scary! Only when one of the people there, starts to harrass Mikan in a drunken state. She wants nothing more, than her boyfriend to come save her. But can anyone save her from the darkness? Secret Powers by kmsk reviews 5 new girls came from the Sakura family to Gakuen ey have secrets people around them wants to know especially their partners.

Will it be kept a secret or be revealed? OOC Characters. The Gangster and the Geek by PingPong Girl reviews Mikan is a walking encyclopedia with an IQ exceeding Albert Einstein's, but because of money issues, she was now the woman of the hottest, sexiest and most seductive guy in the world.

Downside is, he's the deadliest man alive. Her evil heart by Growing. As the other side of Mikan, she has one hell of a mean streak! In the Margins by Shinigami's Lullaby reviews Mikan, swept off to Arts school by notorious talent scouts, arrives at the Academy and immediately meets her childhood friend Natsume Hyuuga.

Can she survive high school when he's bent on getting even with her over something she doesn't even remember? The picture of a prince by little angel of the sea reviews Echizen Ryoma goes to a Japanese school.

He quited tennis years ago but by a twist of fate he befriends all tennis regulars in the school. Echizen however joins the photography club.

But when the tennis regulars figure out he can actually play tennis The Princess That Once Smiled by violetwingsxoxo reviews Princess Mikan, the princess that once lost the will to smile. Akasaki Meru, the real mother of Mikan? Who will be able to make Mikan smile again? Who will save Mikan from the darkness that consumes her? He is my master by bickeringgibberish reviews Hyuuga Natsume, in search of a maid found Sakura Mikan, a cold hearted girl, can events change them?

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Traitors by buttcake reviews Mikan has been betrayed by her friends. Now, the principal is sending her to America to train her Alices and meets some people who could replace the traitors she called friends. When she comes back, what will happen? Warning: Family Conflicts.

Amazingly! Yes, really

She has the alice of blood, which she can control anything with a speck of blood. She become dangerous yet graceful when she wears her kimono. When wearing it, she make you wish you where in hell. Crash and Burn: The Story of Love or Hate by Tsuki-Megami-Chan reviews Mikan Sakura, a tomboy who was just singing at school one day was suddenly pulled into a band and a whole lot of drama.

And when she meets our favorite arrogant rich boy, can he change her into a girl and teach her love? Ha, fst chance. NxM and a bit RxH! But what's this? Natsume Hyuuga? A judge? Luna vs. Guilty pleasure You know you want to. Mikan gets a shocking letter that turns everything around and Natsume is the one to save her.

High School: Too good to let go by bookfreak13 reviews Mai Taniyama is in high school and she works for a jerk called Naru. When a new boy comes to her school and decides her his 'prey' what will happen!

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Complete with sequel! Soccer Stars by Ducky-san reviews Mikan and Hotaru love soccer, not boys. Then they try out for the city soccer team, and their coaches are intent on winning more than just the games.

Rated T for safety.

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But what if the school is torn between the poor and the rich? What if Mikan becomes the toy of Natsume Hyuuga, the most dangerous, cocky bastard in school?

She could never love him. That is what everyone around her thinks anyways. But,is she really all that? Can someone truly be happy with an indifferent best friend, a scary teacher and too many insults? Sniff her out!

agree, this

Natsu smelled the air. I can't find her scent! Mira wondered. Mira, I think I found something. Did you find Lucy? How about you? Damn it.

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Where could she be? Someone then entered the apartment. We were worried. Uh, I was out shopping. You need money right?

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