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Catholic, single, and looking for your other half? This is a place for advice, resources, prayers, and discussion as it relates to dating for Catholics. Please contain as much pertinent detail for your situation as possible! Obvious Dating Tips for Guys self. I am new to this sub, but I see a few common themes here among guys that someone really ought to address.

If you have been dating someone for a minute, record where you've taken them. It can inform which venues to follow, and can streamline planning future dates. I think this should be calibrated to the girl, tbh. I think the best policy here is to just be honest with women in all circumstances. Just be honest. Again, depends on your relationship with the girl. I imagine most girls who uphold their dignity would do something similar.

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The answer is ask a holy, devout priest. Your conscience is pricking you for a reason.

Sure, some of us are scrupulous. But certainly not all are!

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I was going to say I agree with the post and leave it at that, but your comments are exactly what I was thinking. Some people check their phones right away and respond ASAP.

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Some are less attentive to their phones and might not respond that quickly. I don't think either is right or wrong, but it seems like communicating those habits early makes it so that you won't end up being misinterpreted as clingy, disinterested, etc.

How to date when you overthink everything. Dating with anxiety.

But as some people have pointed out being more open and trusting can be a good thing! My obvious dating tip is to give secular dating apps a chance with a cautious eye. I found my wonderful Catholic boyfriend he's a convert on Hinge by being extremely selective, using the filters and making sure my bio was clear about who I was. Did it take months of careful swiping? But, in the end, I found it was worth it. Of course, this is just my personal experience, but I think too many of us pigeon hole ourselves in terms of online dating options.

I had a similar experience- I would recommend having an open mind to secular dating apps, and stating your goals clearly.

I've come to realize that it's not CM's fault, women are just not responsive, perhaps because they are too picky. I don't see how that will be any better on Hinge. If a girl doesn't want to talk to me on CM, why would she want to talk to me on Hinge? I can only speak from my own prior experience, but I had more luck with Hinge than any other app I tried. From what I understand of CM, many people have reported not finding a lot of potential matches in their area.

Hinge at least pulls up potential matches within your geographic area. Frankly, I don't think the Venn diagrams for "people on Hinge" and "people on " overlap very much, but maybe I'm stereotyping ers. Seems to attract a better crowd than Tinder at any rate.

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Assume the girl means what she says. You are being charitable enough to trust her, which girls LOVE. If she ends up not meaning what she says chronicallyyou shouldn't be in a relationship with her, because a relationship can't exist without mutual trust and direct communication.

If she ends up meaning what she says, Bingo, you have struck gold. And you won't have ruined your chances by not trusting the words of a trustworthy girl. Ask her out, let the conversation flow naturally without overthinking it, and you shouldn't be left wondering whether she's interested in you. You make a good point. I think it pays to trust people. What I am trying to get at is that girls tend to communicate more subtly, so there may be more to what she's saying than the words in the page.

Im not so sure. Yes, but it's not ideal for getting in a relationship. She will see you as just one of the girls if you act like this. Not always true. My boyfriend and I hung out a lot for months before we started dating and there was plenty of times where we were just talking for hours.

We've been dating for almost 2 years now. Was this ever a problem for you? In terms of getting too attached before he actually asked you out? I would suggest that talking this long to a guy is great, but there has to be clear boundaries.

I have a lot of male friends, so I'm know I'm not likely to fall for a guy just from spending time with him. I also eventually figured out that he liked me, so it kind of turned into a waiting game.

Boundaries are definitely good, but everyone is different so it can be hard to set boundaries based on what other people say work for them.

May 06,   I guess this is gonna be a series of stupid obvious dating tips that I should have known myself when it happened to me. If your goal is to be less obvious, then using a line that fits your personality is going to be way better than those cliche pick up lines. Compliment her on her clothes or any other unique pieces of apparel she is wearing. Tune in to her signals. If she has a lot on her mind, listen to her. Obvious Dating Tips for Guys. I am new to this sub, but I see a few common themes here among guys that someone really ought to address. Mainly, Catholic guys are really clueless. So, here's the simple answers to a lot of simple dating questions that Catholic guys seem to find really complicated for some reason. Yes I am single, but that doesn't.

Also having an unrequited crush on someone isn't that big of a deal. Those feelings will eventually go away and you can go back to being friends or you can distance yourself from the person if you think that's more prudent. Rule on texts: be patient! I agree with all this But I don't like the way you nearly completely discouraged people from talking on this sub. Some people need much more help than others, and aren't wise enough or are too shy or don't have anyone to actually learn from in person, and so they come to this sub for help.

It is a sub all about Catholic dating. I know you're just saying to not depend on some social media for all your knowledge and experience - I agree with that. But I do think people should still be able to come for help and tips here on this sub.

It's not a bad thing at all. They need to internalize and get comfortable with the advice before taking it into action. Some people are introverted by nature. Very slow to think and act. Are some girls never direct? Sure, but most of us are and are tired of this stereotype.

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Assume girls mean what they say. If she likes you she'll be honest, and if she plays games she's not mature enough to be dating. It violates my sense of self interest to share this bit of advice, but for another desperate Catholic guy I'll make an exception. Your frustration might not be so indicative of a lack of worth so much as a sign of Europe and America's cultural devastation.

Consider expanding your horizons. There are a lot of Catholic women outside of first world borders who still truly appreciate marriage and family. You are absolutely right. No disagreements here.

And of course trying to get out of your own way is the first step. Usually we are own worst enemy when it comes to dating. Best thing to do is keep praying. Also St. Raphael is the patron Saint if happy meetings so keep that in mind next time you pray about being single.

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I have been told that forever, but just recently I started praying the Rosary every night before I go to bed. Helps me deal with my issues and thoughts and hopefully will lead to a future wife. But time will tell.

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Often, I hear "you're learning at your own pace" to be a more polite way of saying "you're a loser wjo's behind the curve. Maybe it's already too late, maybe it's not, but I think it's important to know the difference between being patient and making excuses for being behind.

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Not necessarily. I understand what you are saying, but we are all still learning. We are all unique. Sometimes we have to learn how to be single before we start dating and for some that takes longer for others to learn. I don't know. The "we're all learning. We're all unique" thing is something people told me as a not-so-subtle "you're losing, we just don't want you to feel bad. I'm gonna play devil's advocate because I see this advice a lot but for me personally I find it difficult to follow through at every step.

But what if they're not who I really want? Or what if after asking I find out I'm not really ready for a relationship? What if I find out relationships aren't for me at all?

In a group setting, how do I do this? How do I continue seeing this person after they reject me?

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How long to wait until I ask their friend as well? Why not ask the friend first, how do I decide between anyone anyway?

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I don't look weak, I am weak. Would be wrong to lie right? Does starting a relationship require lying about how lonely you are? How do you never have a relationship and not feel lonely and desperate enough to get a relationship? No argument there, except it's nearly impossible to put the effort in yourself when you don't have a support system of good friends to help you.

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Bottomless pits of depression and self destructive cycles and all that. Sometimes you just have to whine. Obviously the advice is meant in a general sense and not meant to pinpoint any one guy's particular circumstance. The advice of, "Just ask her out," is meant to cut across the endless loop of deliberation guys trick themselves into as a means of avoiding a difficult situation.

I'm sure you've seen guys do this-maybe even you've done it yourself.

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Adult men discerning marriage should be able to answer on their own whether or not they should ask a girl out before their stomach begins turning itself inside out with fear. Texting frequency is meant to get at the issue of, "being needy" of someone's time and attention.

You should enjoy a person's conversation, not require it. Your nonverbal language is also less obvious than cheesy pick up lines.

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Orient your body toward a girl and maintain good posture. Make eye contact and keep her gaze.

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These behaviors show interest without making you the equivalent of a giant billboard. Using body language to your advantage gives you an edge without needing a big show. Maintain a soft and calm tone. Many men think that flirting has to be a show of their power. Yet, you can be assertive and direct while remaining calm and collected. If you want to be less obvious when you flirt, make sure your speech is deliberate and calculated.

Obvious Dating Mistakes You're Probably Still Making The funny thing about learning how to succeed with the ladies is that our memory recognition is extremely bad. My theory is that it relates to left-brain, right-brain relations. Logically, when we hear good dating advice, our left-brain processes it and it sounds like a great idea. The 5 Most Obvious Dating Tips That You're Probably Not Following. 11/06/ pm ET ated Jan 06, We make a lot of things harder than they need to be - and that often includes dating. To prove my point, I asked three single guys what they wish women would do differently on dates. Their answers? The most glaringly obvious tips ever.

Don't worry about sealing the deal in a matter of moments. Take time to be with her and be cool. Use a unique ice-breaker. Don't tell her how she must have fallen from heaven - instead remain down to earth when speaking to her.

If your goal is to be less obvious, then using a line that fits your personality is going to be way better than those cliche pick up lines. Compliment her on her clothes or any other unique pieces of apparel she is wearing. Tune in to her signals.

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