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To save this word, you'll need to log in. English speakers borrowed the word from Middle French, which in turn acquired it from Latin proximitat-, proximitas, forms of the adjective proximus, meaning "nearest" or "next. Other descendants of "proximus" in English include "proximal," "proximate," and the somewhat more rare "approximal" meaning "contiguous". Morris, SFChronicle. Send us feedback.

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Proximity definition is - the quality or state of being proximate: closeness. How to use proximity in a sentence. You're So Close To Learning More About proximity. For more than fifty years relationship researchers have consistently found that one of the most powerful predictors of attraction is proximity (physical distance). Sure, love is a mystical and. Jul 01,   Proximity is a helpful parameter for those interested mainly in casual sex, the original purpose of mobile dating. It all began with Grindr, a geosocial app for gay men.

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Definition of proximity. Keep scrolling for more.

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You're So Close to Learning More About Proximity The history of "proximity" hinges on the idea of closeness, both physical and metaphorical. Examples of proximity in a Sentence the proximity of the curtains to the fireplace was a cause of concern for the safety inspector.

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First Known Use of proximity 15th century, in the meaning defined above. Learn More about proximity.

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Time Traveler for proximity The first known use of proximity was in the 15th century See more words from the same century. Listen to Our Podcast about proximity.

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Get Word of the Day delivered to your inbox! Sign Up. An obvious and basic requirement for forming a relationship is that the people involved need to be geographically close enough to have opportunities to interact with each other. You may find a certain film star very attractive but if you never get the chance to meet them or talk to them then you'll have no chance of forming a relationship.

Being in close proximity to someone allows individuals to get to know one another. They may start to realize that they have a lot in common and then a crush develops, next thing you know they are dating. Looking back at my friendships, physical proximity definitely had an impact on who I was friends with or who I had a crush on.

If you examine friendship patterns of people living in blocks of flats then they will be much more likely to be friendly with the people who live near them on the same floor than with people living on different floors just because they have more opportunities to meet and get to know each other.

Similarly people are more likely to form friendships at work with the people working near them and students will be more likely to form friendships with people studying the same subject and attending the same classes. Having more chances to interact with another person means that we become more familiar with that person and numerous studies have shown that we prefer people who are familiar to us rather than strangers. Zajonc, which states that the more often we are exposed to a stimulus whether it is a sound, picture or person the more positively we will rate that stimulus.

Proximity Definition for Kids

The reason why we are more likely to be attracted to people we meet more often may be because we feel more secure with people that we know. However, we are also more likely to be in regular close proximity to people with whom we share interests: working together, undertaking leisure activities, being within the same friendship group and similar social circumstances.

You will see in the next section that similarity also has a part to play in attraction.

25The most recent development of the analysis of Proximity relations, dating from the second half of the s, has been the publication of research studies on the temporary dimensions of proximity (Torre, , ; Ramirez-Pasillas, ) and particularly of geographical proximity. They have been based on three findings. The principle of proximity is the tendency for people to form social relationships with individuals who are physically closer to them. Proximity means how close an object or person is physically to you. Someone sitting next to you on a bench is closer in proximity than a person sitting three rows away. The principle of proximity shows that individuals are more likely to form social relationships with people . the state of being near in space or time: The best thing about the location of the house is its proximity to the town centre.

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As such it is, among other things, an expression of the kingdom's expansion and of genealogical distance or proximity to the current ruler. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Proximity dating definition

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. He visited rural villages and witnessed how the different groups lived in close proximity to one another.

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The relational proximity of inter-generational role relationships also varies directly with the degree to which they are institutionalised. The listener and the singer are ' placed' now in very intimate proximity.

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The paper takes a structural approach, identifying the characteristics of households, proximity to relatives, frequency of contact, intergenerational transfers and non-kin relationships. There is encouragement for older people and their families to live in close proximity.

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This idea would provide a natural explanation of why ellipses usually occur in close proximity to the material they take their meaning from. Agents are assumed to interact with each other with a probability that depends on spatial proximity the very reason why space is accounted for here. The concerns revolve around their audiences' appraisal of the amenities and proximity of the theatre.

The importance of the elections in domestic political context depends, however, on the proximity of national elections.

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In this case various goods are ranked according to their proximity to the fundamental conditions of action. Disengagement theorists regard this progression as inevitable, universal, and triggered by an awareness of proximity to death.

Although assemblages should be influenced by proximity to pottery sources, the highest-quality items should gravitate to the wealthiest or higher-status households.

Proximity refers to the geographic distance between people. The reason I want to talk about this is because many people don't think about proximity when comes to love and relationship. The distance you live with the another affects the relationship between you two. Nov 12,   Specifically, each of these relationships seems to have been developed with the help of the proximity effect and the familiarity effect. Originally proposed by Leon Festinger and his colleagues in , the proximity effect is the idea that physical and/or psychological closeness increases interpersonal liking and attraction (Schneider, Gruman. Proximity and familiarity. Proximity means geographical closeness. An obvious and basic requirement for forming a relationship is that the people involved need to be geographically close enough to have opportunities to interact with each other. You may find a certain film star very attractive but if you never get the chance to meet them or talk to them then you'll have no chance of forming a relationship.

Collocations with proximity. Click on a collocation to see more examples of it. See all collocations with proximity.

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