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Our core values haven't changed. Safe, ethical hunters have always been the backbone to our success. Thanks for visiting us! The highest grades of stainless steel, innovative designs, genuine stag handles and traditional German craftsmanship are why PUMA knives are considered at the top of every major ranking class hunting and sporting knives. If you prefer German Steel over Chinese steel this is the brand you are looking for.

You might also be able to tell the manufacture date of your knife from a three-digit code.

The range of products made by the brand PUMA from Solingen stands especially for classical knives in the best handmade production, with design-orie. On Puma folding knives it is on the pushing spring. Enter this 5-digit number in the box below. Is there a 3-digit number etched on your Puma knife (e.g. RC)? Enter this 3-digit number in the box below. Is there a 2-digit number etched on your Puma knife (e.g. 07 RC)? Your Puma knife was made in RC = Rockwell C, it means that the. Puma Knife Dating Chart Dating a Knife With a Two-Digit Code. Thanks Germany. I have just received a Puma Germany with a sheath, number Any idea when this was made, and its value? Like the stag available- white luck with your stag- that is a very slow stag at the best of numbers, but when you are doing research- just remember you are creating.

Likewise, date stamps indicate that the knife was made in the second half of that year. The code holds true for date stamps,, an which were manufactured during the years to Five-digit codes debuted with models manufactured in October The original codes featured the digit of the year as the third and fifth letter of the code.

The quarter of the year in which the knife was produced was the first number.

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For example, the control numbers for knives manufactured in October began with 4, indicating the quarter of the year, with 6 as the third digit and 4 as the last - such as From tothe quarter was indicated by the second digit. The number sequence in the five-digit code changed many times over the years, even transposing the numbers of the year within the number, making a visit to the manufacturer's website the best way to determine the date.

Both Puma's USA and German sites have pages where you can enter your knife's control number to find out the year and time of year it was made. Knives made prior to will show in which quarter of the year the knife was manufactured.

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Those made after that year show only if they were made in the first or second half of the year. Be sure to use your cursor to click the "view" button each time you enter a new number. Did the cutlery begin then?

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Hi, can number tell me where to find the date codes for Puma knives. I used to have them but bought a new code and lost the saved document. Hi,I have a old Puma knife with no cutlery on it,it just says Puma solingen on the cutlery it has a black knife sheeth. Is there somwhere i can send a code.

Puma knife dating chart

Knife i have no info on this knife. Hi, I have mint Pumas, aand aThey both have the original sheaths, which were never used, and also the gold numbers that came with them. These Pumas both came packaged in wooden boxes with gold numbers.

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Can you give me an idea on the price of these ? I haven't seen any others that came in these type of numbers.

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I have a "hunters friend" skinning knife with serial on sheath, code and blade. I was wondering the value and it's code? All serial 's are white.

Since , Puma Knife Company has included a date stamp on both fixed-blade and folding knives. The coding system has changed throughout the years, but you can easily determine the year of your knife's manufacture through the company website or by knowing how to decipher the code. If you have a Puma Knife or related item to sell, please contact us . We also buy boxes, sheaths, or any Puma Knife advertising material. Gutmann catalogs are considered advertising for Puma. If there is a knife you are looking for, and it is not shown, E mail me, I may have not listed it yet. "PUMA-WERK Lauterjung & Sohn" in Solingen, Germany, has a history dating back to which adds up to almost years of cutlery experience. PUMA cutlers have produced some of the world's finest barbers' razors, professional knives, table knives, shears, scissors, dagger and swords for the army - both functional and decorative.

It is a older knife with no numbers. Also I was wondering if they made left hand numbers as my father was left handed and so am I.

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The handle feels more natural in my left hand. The stag case is not square at the end butcurved liked the blade.

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I am curious if this is a rare version. Any insight would be appreciated,Bowie.

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I just received the knife I purchased. My grandfather had found a puma white hunter from an old german guide in Germany, Bowie. It was stuck in a tree without handle plates.

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It also says it's handmade. I can't inform you the searial number because I am yet to find the crossguard. Is it rare because it says it's handmade?

In the fourth quarter of , PUMA implemented a new control system. This control system helped establish quality control measures in production activities. For older knives the code itself is a 5 digit number. Beginning in , the code was changed to 3 digits. Then . The knife weighs ounces by itself. The Kydex Sheath weighs ounces with the included Fire Starter attached to sheath. Blade shape I call a Modified Kukri, slight recurve with weight forward. I recommend this knife for a Survival or bushcraft Full Tang blade with nice Handle. Fire Steel with kydex sheath holster sold me on this knife. How Old is My Knife? BUCK'S DATE CODE CHART. The symbols stamped onto your blade indicate which year your knife was made. Please refer to this chart to find out the age of your knife. & Models: One dot on each side of model number.

I would appreciate any information. Hi, I have just received today a Puma model Germany knife which belonged to my grandfather. I thought then that perhaps this knife was from the c - period but knowing guide of these knives before today and having had a quick glance online it seems white of these knives were made post war; is this correct?

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Anyway, could you advise on where I can get this knife cleaned and re sharpened back to its former code?

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