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It is a chain of limestone rocks forming a sort of bridge in the Indian Ocean. It is visible from a significant distance over waters. The bridge holds significant importance for both the believers of the Hindu faith as well as environment conservationists. According to the Hindu religious epic of Ramayana, the king of Ayodhya, Lord Rama with his brother Lakshman and friend Hanuman had constructed a bridge over the Indian Ocean. The bridge was constructed to connect the south Indian mainland to Sri Lanka to make his monkey army cross over to the place where the demon king, Ravana, had kept his kidnapped wife Sita. According to Ramayana, the monkey army helped Rama in constructing the bridge with floating stones.

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This, in essence, stands today as a great example of the victory of truth over evil. Many skeptics, however, believe that Ramayana and Mahabharata are mythology and do not narrate historical events.

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While many of the places mentioned in Ramayana still exist not conclusive that they are the same place mentioned in Ramayanathey naturally are devoid of much relics from the era. Archaeological evidence itself is not sufficient. With so many varying predictions for dates when believers presume the events of Ramayana took place, most dating to thousands of years BCE, it is very difficult to find archaeological evidence that can prove the historicity of Ramayana.

Jul 04,   Facts state that the carbon dating of the Ram Setu bridge samples dates back to BCE which coincides with the events of Ramayana as well. The documentary dates the construction of Ram Setu sometime 5, years ago and also called it a superhuman achievement. However, it's not clear from the commentary what the dating methods and their error margins were. Most people even with scientific background ignored the fact . Jun 10,   Scientists have made a startling revelation with regards to the Ram Setu. To conduct the analysis, scientists studied rising water levels and did carbon-dating on the remains of micro-organisms.

However, Ram Setu is where you can visually see pic below a chain of limestone shoals, between Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island, off the south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island, off the north-western coast of Sri Lanka. It was first mentioned in the ancient Indian Sanskrit epic Ramayana, written by Valmiki.

Ram setu dating

Because of the ambiguity regarding the date when it was written we proceed to other neutral sources. There are several views on the history and legacy of the Ram Setu.

May 26,   Critics have said, however, that dating any given part of the bridge (such as coral samples) cannot give a true picture of how old the entire bridge is. It seems that finally the debate around Ram Setu will be settled once and for all. Brahma created an army of vanara real news monkeys to aid Rama. Led by Nila and under the engineering direction of Ram, the vanara constructed a bridge to Lanka in five days. Rama crossed the setu on this dating, and pursued Ravana for many days. The lab has determined the age of fossil using Carbon dating method. The method uses organic remains of the fossil to find out the time period of its death. The results showed that the fossils.

One theory says that there was a legitimate land connection between India and Sri Lanka during the Ice Age. The affidavit stated that there was no historical or scientific evidence to establish the existence of Lord Ram and Rama Setu as a man-made bridge.

This report immediately became controversial.

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What should have been a question of looking at it with scientific approach and evidence, became a matter of political one-upmanship between the ruling Congress Party and the largest opposition party BJP. Eventually, the affidavit was withdrawn, not because there was some evidence presented to counter it but because it was a political and religious matter. You may also like: Is Mahabharata real?

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There was a push and renewed interest for those who believed the Ram Setu to be part of historical Ramayana when Science Channel - an American pay television channel that is owned by Discovery, Inc launched a documentary that supported the theory that the bridge is man-made. The promo for the documentary features Dr. It was based on its studies found atop the formation and quoting scientists from Indiana University Northwest, University of Colorado Boulder, and Southern Oregon University.

Alan Lester, a lecturer in geological sciences from the University of Colorado, Boulder, talks about the story of Lord Ram placing a sea bridge to reach Sri Lanka. To ascertain the legitimacy of the findings, the researchers used techniques to date the sand and the stones.

Scientific analysis reveals, claimed the promo, that the rocks are 7, years old but the sand is only 4, years old.

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However, in all probability, this might be just a coincidence or might mean more. The estimated depth of the Palk Strait is around 3 to 30 feet.

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Some historical records also suggest that the bridge was above the water level in the Ocean until the s. Thus, they have to take another route to reach Sri Lanka. This is the reason, the Indian government had proposed the Setusamudram Project. This will in return help in the easing of trade. However, the project lies in cold storage now due to protests from environmentalists and some Hindu groups. Another thing which gets the religious enthusiasts excited is the syncing of another part of Ramayana.

Ramayana states that the bridge the monkey army constructed the bridge with the floating stones. An architect monkey, Nala, took the charge of the supervision of the construction.

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Interestingly, these floating stones are still present around Rameshwaram. Going with the scientific explanation, some volcanic rocks do float in the water which might explain the linear formation. Again, these are just speculations made by synchronizing the data available with the texts in the Ramayana.

Rama Setu - An Engineering Marvel of 5076 BCE

However, it is no exclusive proof of Ram Setu being man-made. These floating stone are similar to any other rocks that own the same features, chemical as well as the physical components.

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However, when the Ram Setu Floating Stone physically examined, a conclusion was that it is neither a coral nor a floating pumice stone. Check Price here.

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Upon its investigation, they found out that the line of floating stone is over 30 miles long. But the interesting part here is not the sandbars; it is the objects or the floating stones that are sitting over the sandbanks. Floating stones in DhanushKodi How the rocks got there is still a mystery.

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When a team of geologists researched the ram Setu floating stones, the mystery deepened. According to the archaeologistChelsea rose the rock on the sandbanks are apparently predate the sand.

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Scientific examination revealed that the Ram Setu Floating Stone is years old. But the rocks sitting on top of the sand are only years old. These results on the floating stones ram setu real image proposed that the formation of the satellite image is not natural whatsoever but is a man-made bridge. Some scholars believe the Hindu mythological stories that referred to a time years ago.

At this point in history, only a person with superhuman abilities would have been able to build such a long bridge.

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Whether the bridge is man-made or natural, it is still under investigation. But if we look into both the theories, both are intriguing. The shallowness of the water is a possibility that the Ram Setu floating stone was once above sea level. If Ramasetu floating stone is just a stone generated by Volcanic eruption then there should be a Volcano too at the same place Where is it?

Scientific examination revealed that the Ram Setu Floating Stone is years old. But the rocks sitting on top of the sand are only years old. These results on the floating stones ram setu real image proposed that the formation of the satellite image is not natural whatsoever but is a man-made bridge.

Lots of Volcanos are there in world how many paces are there where we can get the Floating stones.? If it is nature made then thinks only to make a bridge from India to Srilanka. What Nonsense.

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Scientists are useless if their ideas are getting failed then they are just fooling and talking a nonsense. Well saiShyam It is definitely not natural It is man made and the carbon dating does sync with the history. I am sorry to you, but there is no Volcanic rock in the Rama Setu, which has been proved by all the research centers of the world. This stone is a natural stone.

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