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Sign In. Rebelde - Season: 1 2 3. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. A drunk Diego crashes his car.

In an interview with Televisa channel, the producer said he'll have something more concrete on the project later in the year.

We are already working. It spawned 80 sold out dates in Mexico, they visited Monterrey three times gathering overfans. The band first international concerts took place in Colombia with much success, they performed first in Medellin in front a crowd of 30, later in Cali in front of more than 50, being the group's highest attendance concert in Colombia and later in Bogota.

The second phase of the tour began in the United States in Marchat the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with a crowd of more than 68, fans - a record-breaking act for a Latin group and a sure sign of their widespread success. RBD did a stadium tour through Brazil. The reason the website gave for these actions was that RBD wants to give their audience a much well deserved show by performing some songs off their new album, Empezar desde Cerowhich was released on November 20, In September, they did a series of concerts in Slovenia, the first concert was sold out in only 30 minutes breaking records.

Poll Star released the top selling concerts for the mid year RBD came in number 49 withtickets sold from January 1 to June 30, RBD pulled in 4.

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The tour ended on December 21, The tour itinerary included about 20 cities in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay and Chile, and Brazil. The first five presentations in the country were held soon after their presentations in Argentina.

RBD was one of the most important phenomenon of Latin pop culture in the s despite their short transition in music scene, the cultural phenomenon led by the soap opera Rebelde and the pop music group RB accompanied by advertising strategies and artistic from to first in Mexico and then in Latin America meant the recognition from the young audience who followed the adventures of the group massively, [18] [19] leaving a legacy of six studio albums, two TV Series [20] and multiple recognitions.

The RBD member became the first openly gay Mexican international singer. After an accident in Brazil where thousands of RBD fans ran to a van thinking they were inside, 43 people were injured and 3 people were killed in February Later during the Celestial tour they spoke about the incident and said "It is something that struck us all. They didn't tell us what happened until we were on are way back to Mexico and to know that your fans were killed at your concert is a horrible feeling".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Mexican pop group. For other uses, see RBD disambiguation. This article may require copy editing for grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling. You can assist by editing it. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Latin pop pop rock teen pop dance-pop. EMI Capitol. RBD's lead single from their first album Rebelde. Main article: RBD discography.

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by RBD. Chile: La Tercera. October 13, Retrieved June 17, October 24, Retrieved September 22, Retrieved December 9, Archived from the original on October 27, Retrieved August 4, March 31, Retrieved April 10, Retrieved August 28, Archived from the original on March 24, Archived from the original on December 25, Retrieved April 23, Retrieved April 21, Archived from the original on February 22, September 23, LOS40 in Spanish.

October 25, Retrieved February 13, El Observatodo. July 29, Archived from the original on July 29, March 11, Archived from the original on March 11, Archived from the original on February 18, Archived from the original on October 16, August 22, Archived from the original on August 22, Biography portal Latin music portal Mexico portal Music portal Pop music portal.

Rbd dating

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Download as Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Throughout the first season, Lupita's in a relationship with Nico, a poor Jewish boy who studies at Elite Way. Although they're in love with each other, Nico's family opposes the relationship, mainly because Lupita isn't Jewish.

They even bring an old girlfriend of Nico back to Mexico, hoping the girl will break Nico and Lupita up.

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At the end of the first season, because Nico's family is sending him away to Israel to study, Nico and Lupita have a symbolic marriage, witnessed by all of their friends. Nico leaves to Israel, promising to write to Lupita and to come back as soon as possible to marry her for real.

Lupita is heartbroken that he's leaving, but has confidence that they'll work out in the end. In the second season, Lupita finds out her father remarried and has a daughter with his second wife. Lupita's middle half-sister, Lola, is spoiled and jealous that Lupita is apparently their father's favorite.

However, Lupita works hard to have a good relationship with her sister. Meanwhile, Lupita starts believing Nico has forgotten about her while in Israel, for he hasn't written to her at all since leaving.

What she doesn't know is that Nico's mother has been holding his letters to Lupita back. Devastated, Lupita grows close to Santos, a classmate who has a secret crush on her.

However, Santos' feelings for Lupita worsens her relationship with Lola. Lola has a crush on Santos and believes Lupita's pursuing him out of spite. With time, the sisters work out their problems and grow closer.

Lupita starts to accept she has fallen in love with Santos, and they seem to start their relationship When Nico comes back, ready to pick up where he left it off with Lupita, leaving her stunned and utterly confused. Nico's return puts a strain on Lupita's relationship with Santos, but, after a while, she realizes it's Santos who she loves and firmly tells Nico that she is over him and only wants him as a friend.

Nico is heartbroken but accepts Lupita's decision. The quintessential female athlete, raised in foster care because her wealthy mom didn't want to raise her. Her tuition is paid by an anonymous benefactor.

She dated Teo briefly at the beginning of the series. She is Roberta and Lupita's best friend and roommate. She shares with Roberta an explosive attitude and overall rudeness. She has been under the harassment of the school prefect, Gaston, for quite a while, leading her to investigate the reason why Gaston's grudge towards her. However, due to her meddling in Gaston's obscure past, she gets extremely upset and desperately wants her out of the way.

Lujan not only finds out that Gaston is her co-benefactor, but also her personal guardian since she was just a little girl.

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Jose Lujan comes to appreciate Gaston's efforts, and even justifies Gaston's harsh methods and constant abuse. However, their time together is cut short when Gaston dies after enduring a severe car crash. She is later adopted by Franco and Alma. At the end of the series, she gets back together with Teo. Victoria is Celina and Mia's best friend.

She has a reputation for being "easy.

She played with his feelings by getting with Diego's best friend Tomas. Vico comes from a family with a twisted background: her father left her, her mom, and her brother when Vico was very young. As a result, Vico was at the blunt end of her father's physical abuse and psychological torment in the second season whey they meet again. While at school she felt helpless and unloved, at one point attempted taking pills to take her mind off things.

Mia, her best friend, helped her get past it. Thanks to Rocco and professor Martin Reverte, they manage to put Vico's father in rehab, which puts Rocco under a new light in Vico's eyes and finally starts dating him. Rocco finds Vico's mom and brings them back together.

An overweight girl who often wallows in self-pity because she has never had a boyfriend. She is often insecure, although noble at heart.

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She is best friends with Vico and Mia, though she eventually became friends with Sol de la Riva, despite her being Mia's sworn rival.

Sol later tries to steal away Celina's love interest, Max, and to end her friendship with Mia. All the women in her family are slim and make Celina feel bad about being overweight. Her mother is ashamed of her for being overweight and criticizes her whenever she can. She claims she wishes Celina had never been born. Celina begins throwing up her food in order to lose weight, though she later ends up in the hospital and stops.

In season three, Celina meets and falls in love with Max, who in turn becomes enamored with her. They consummate their relationship and she becomes pregnant with Max's child.

She is the daughter of the school principal and disliked by most of the students for that reason and because she is nosy and likes to gossip. She has a habit of getting even in a drastic way when men scorn her. She often speaks in English. At first, she is cold and ruthless especially towards Mia and her friends. It is later revealed that Pilar is the only female member of La Logia. In the second season, she joins the equally malicious Sol de la Riva, along with Raquel and Michelle, in a group called "Top Girls.

Beautiful and sexy, she gets a lot of attention from students of Elite Way School and makes a very attractive impression, which first makes her a threat to Mia's popularity, but her cynical and deceptive personality quickly gets people to dislike her.

Sol wants things to go her way no matter what and could be considered the only student at Elite Way whose intentions are not noble, no matter what the situation is. She is willing to ruin people's lives without regard of their personal feelings and does so via a multitude of convincing lies although most of the time her plans tend to backfire. She hates Mia and wants her to feel inferior at all costs. She briefly dated Diego in order to gain popularity in his Class President campaign.

She also tried to make Miguel Mia's boyfriend fall for her, it did not work. She has an affinity for the heartagrama trademarked symbol of Finnish rock band HIM. She thinks she can do better than every girl in the school. She is often called Polly Pocket because of her height. Her dream is to become a supermodel but her father will not let her. Although beautiful and having a nice body, she's too short and not skinny enough for the model standards, but she thinks she's very skinny and perfect, but doesn't realize that model agencies do not think of her as model worthy.

She is jealous of Mia because all the modeling agencies want Mia to be a model. At the end of the third season, Sol appears in a magazine and her father is furious and enrolls her in a public school. In the first season she is seen to be friends with a group of recurring character e. Michelle and Belen. She seems to be extremely stuck up and thinks she is superior to others but in the second season we truly see how cruel she is. She becomes friends with Sol which definitely has a bad influence on her.

She mistreats people below her and doesn't care about people's feelings. After a while she gets tired of Sol's bad treatment to everyone and leaves her.

At the end of the third series she is asked to model. Michelle is Raquel's best friend. The two of them join Sol and Pilar in a group named "Top Girls", though the group is eventually disbanded after Michelle, Raquel and Pilar get tired of Sol's attitude. Originally Michelle is mostly seen to be manipulated by Raquel. Lola's parents pressured her to be like her half sister Lupita, which has made her dislike Lupita. Lola does not lose an opportunity to insult and scorn Lupita and blames her for most of her problems.

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She often uses her friend, Bianca to do her dirty work. She had a short affair with Diego and Leonardo, which ended quickly due to her immaturity. Lola considers herself to be all alone in this world and thinks that no one could ever love her.

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It is later revealed that Lola is adopted and therefore, not biologically related to Lupita or her parents. After having a lengthy talk with Roberta, Lola has a new perspective on her life, and a new relationship with her sister.

Lola's shy best friend who does whatever Lola says. She eventually becomes tired of Lola mistreating her and pushing her around and she becomes more independent. She also had a crush on Rocco. Although we don't know much about her, we do know that she is obsessed with Giovanni and buys him expensive gifts to get him to like her they also dated for some time.

She is good friends with Lola and Bianca, and like Bianca, she lets Lola make all decisions for her. Her father made her stop dating Giovanni.

Miguel Arango is a noble, down to earth, handsome, but "short-fused" young man. Miguel is on a scholarship causing him to be harassed by a secret society of students known as "La Logia", a sort of gang or mob organized to eliminate the "becados" students with scholarships.

He is in the Elite Way School to get revenge on Franco Colucci since he believes Franco obligated his father to kill himselfnot knowing he would fall for the man's daughter Mia Colucci. He later found out it was really Franco's brother Carlo who led Miguel's father to his death. When Miguel finds out he feels horrible because he started dating Miaand forgets his vengeful plans. Miguel has a constant on-again, off-again relationship with Mia, but they still and always have been madly in love from the first time they saw each other, even though they pretended that they hated each other.

Miguel is friends with Roberta and is always helping her with anything she needs help on. Miguel has a strong sense of pride and dignity that often gets in the way of common sense. He finds himself in huge trouble with Mia after allegedly cheating on her with Sabrina Guzman RBD 's manager, event planner and the daughter of their producer who has an extreme obsession with him and taking him away from Mia.

I originally became a fan of Rbd because of a girl I had been dating several years ago! She used to watch Mexican Soap Opera's and that is where she discovered Rbd and how I eventually became a fan! There is just something fun about their music, it pulls you in and just makes you have a good time. Dulce Maria has been in relationships with Luis Rodrigo Reyes ( - ), Pablo Lyle , Guillermo Ochoa ( - ), Alfonso Herrera ( - ) and Luis Rodgiro Reyes. Dulce Maria is rumoured to have hooked up with Joe Jonas .Birth place: Mexico City.

She pretends to be his friend and after a heavy drinking session she makes him believe that they slept together and that she is pregnant although this presumably never happened, but is furthered due to Sabrina's intention of blinding Miguel to her side and the fact that Miguel was drunk when the "cheat" occurred. He later finds out through security camera videos that he never slept with her.

He now tries desperately to win Mia back. He later falls into a coma due to an accident when he was hit by Gaston the school's Prefect. Miguel wakes up from his coma and didn't seem to remember anybody except Diego. A few days later, he remembers his father thanks to Roberta after a strong session of screams on her behalf and a long discussion, after he mistakenly says that Sabrina is his girlfriend instead of Mia even though he likes Mia without remembering their history togetherwhich makes Mia want to get far away from Miguel.

Later Miguel finds out through Diego and Roberta that the love of his life is Mia. He then tries to tell Mia that he finally knows who she is and why he has been having these feelings for her, when he saw her for the first time after he wakes up from his coma. He later gets all his memories back during an RBD concert, ironically while Mia is singing Salvame their love song.

Later on she takes him back, after she learns about the lies Sabrina came up with. Plus she is in love with Miguel. In the final episode, he gave Mia an engagement ring.

RBD (abbreviation for "Rebelde") was formed on October 30, , following the premiere of the Mexican soap opera, members were Dulce Maria, Anahi, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, Alfonso Herrera, and Christopher von band released their debut single, "Rebelde" exactly one month before they were put first album of the same name, was released on Genres: Latin pop, pop rock, teen pop, dance-pop. A drunk Diego crashes his car. Roberta's forced to go to Elite Way School. Miguel tells his mom he's going to D.F., but is really going to Elite Way School. The consumer's glossary of long term disability insurance terms and definitions. Understand the terms in your long term disability policy, and take action!

Miguel and Mia were last seen at a bridge talking about their future. Diego is a very handsome and talented boy who is the son of the corrupt political leader Leon Bustamante. In the beginning of the series he dates Vico but later dumps her because she cheats on him with Tomas because he didn't ask her to go to his party. He also pretends to date Roberta so he will be able to play with RBD though he does really have feelings for her. After Roberta leaves for Spain because her dad is forcing her to go, Diego falls in love with Paula, a girl that is paid by Leon to sleep with him, because Diego was still a virgin.

They fall in love and decide to run away together. Leon finds him and tells him the truth about Paula. Diego finds out that Paula not only slept with him, but also with his father, so he dumps her. On a trip to Canada him and mia fake them dating each other to get Miguel and Roberta jealous. It seems as though making each other jealous worked, because they ended the trip with a passionate kiss. Diego often shows that when he has problems, he tends to drink a lot, almost dying. He also shows that he is highly affected by the problems that surround his parents marriage.

Towards the end of the first season, Diego falls, hitting his head, and pretends not to remember Roberta so that he can go out with her and win the bet he made with Tomas.

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He starts to fall in love with her but when Roberta finds out why he went out with her she dumps him. He's crushed and tries to get her back. In the second season he wins the Student Body President elections because his team cheats and then shares the presidency with Roberta. He tries to get Roberta jealous in numerous occasions, with numerous girls including Sol and Lola, although he doesn't really last that long with any of them.

In the third season, RBD start recording their album and go on tour. While on their way back Diego confesses his love for Roberta, because he thinks that the plane is going to crash and he's going to die. Roberta does the same.

When the plane lands and they get off, he tells her that he was just kidding. However, later on he realizes that he really is in love and asks her to be his girlfriend, but she says no. After saving her and doing sweet things like giving her serenades, she finally decides to take a chance and they date.

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They break up later, because Roberta thinks that he is back to his old ways. She finds out that it was just a misunderstanding and tries to get back with him, but he refuses, saying that he is tired of their on-and-off relationship. She then goes to find Diego's mom and brings her back, and that's when Diego and Roberta finally end up together for good.

For the finale, we see them on a rowboat, having a nice time together. He is the character who engages in the most comical situations.

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He knows how to make friends, but has a problem with letting himself be taken by others and not knowing how to make his own decisions. He can also be very harsh at times.

His best friends and roommates are Diego and Tomas.

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However, the personal administrator of the family fortune committed fraud and stole all of the family's possessions, which forced them to return to their original lives as the owners of a butcher shop. He gets into a relationship with Augustina, a rich girl who gives Giovanni expensive gifts at the drop of a dime, wooing Giovanni to her feet.

Although he is good at heart, some rich classmates consider him a sellout, which splits Giovanni between his devotion to one woman and his fixation for expensive gifts. But in spite of all that he continues going to school, and he is doing good with his personal life, family, friends, girls, fun activities, and as a member of RBD. He was also a member of "La Logia" a secret society within the school hell-bent on getting scholarship students kicked outuntil he betrays them to save Teo.

In the beginning of the series Teo is very quiet and shy. Later on he gets a makeover. He falls in love with Roberta in the first season. After Roberta tells him that she really doesn't love him, they break up. Teo was tortured by La Logia after they found out he was planning on revealing their identities and ending La Logia.

He had to be medically treated and while in the hospital Jose Lujan visits him and kisses him.

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Jose denies this but Teo starts to like Jose. On a trip to Canada he tries to get closer to her. Later on they start going out.

In the second season, his mother gets admitted into a mental institution after having a break down regarding her elder son's death she blames this on Teo. Later on he dumps Jose in order to go out with Raquel Byron. They go out even though Teo gets jealous when he sees her with another guy. In the third season Teo wants to get back with Jose Lujan but she doesn't really seem to care because she is too preoccupied with her own problems.

But it seems that they do get together in the end of the series. Although he is good at heart, he is a party boy and does things without considering the consequences. His best friends and roommates are Diego and Giovanni. He comes from a very wealthy family whom he doesn't have much contact with; he'd rather spend his weekend at school than with his family, whom doesn't pay much attention to him. He first gets involved with Vico, while she was still dating Diego.

Then he develops a crush on Lupita. He then he gets involved with Anita and Sol. His friends were against his relationship with Sol, for it interfered with their plans to pair him up with Anita the school's cafeteria girl, who is very smart and even earned a scholarship but needs to pay for the other half of her tuition, hence her job at the school.

She has a deep love interest for Tomas. After Tomas starts dating Sol, Anita refuses to do homework assignments for Diego and Giovanni, since she is no longer friends with Tomas and has no other connection to them. Giovanni then makes her believe that Tomas is in love with her, she then accepts to do their work for them but they have to pay a price To get out of paying, Giovanni and Diego try to split Tomas and Sol.

Their plan is a success but after Anita leaves, Tomas develops a deep relationship with Pilar, for the rest of the series. A Jewish teen who is pressured by his family to dump his Catholic girlfriend Lupita in favor of his childhood sweetheart. Nico and Lupita have a symbolic marriage on the first season at the end. Introverted, he hates outdoor activities. Nico was sent on a student exchange program to Israel, and all contact with Lupita was nixed thanks to his mother's interference.

He returns in an attempt to see Lupita again, but is surprised when he sees her in company of Santos.

Dulce Maria is currently dating Paco Alvarez. The couple started dating in and have been together for around 4 years, 4 months, and 29 days. The Mexican World Music Singer was born in Mexico City, Mexico on December 6, Mexican singer and actress who has won numerous awards for her work on television as well as for her song "Ya No.". Mia starts RBD with her boyfriend Miguel and their friends Roberta, Diego, Giovanni, and Lupita, and acts as a songwriter for the band. She also loves fashion and acts as a stylist for her friends. Mia falls in love with Miguel at first sight but keeps quiet since he starts dating her friend Celina. Aug 15,   Christopher Uckermann is currently single, according to our records. The Mexican Pop Singer was born in Mexico City on October 21, Mexican singer/songwriter best known as the frontman of RBD. The band announced their split in and Uckermann pursued a solo benjamingaleschreck.comtion: Pop Singer.

He loves Lupita, but Lupita doesn't like him anymore she thought he severed all ties with her. Nico wants to win Lupita back, but she rejects him for Santos. Lupita gets back with Nico for a while but then breaks up with him due to his constant jealousy.

In the end he returns to Israel and most likely ended up in a forced relationship with Karen. A somewhat geeky and highly obnoxious student who passes his time by filming other students on his hand-held camera, which makes them mad.

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He is very misunderstood by his parents After tips by Santos, he tries to become less " fresa " preppy and imitates Santos. Rocco starts to make moves on Vico, stemming from Vico's reputation of being "easy", but later on, he falls for her for real. He tries his best to help out Vico in her troubled times, despite Vico's refusal and constant rejections.

It seems his attempts pay off during a school trip to Puerto Vallarta, where Vico finally opens her heart to Rocco. Rocco also has great singing potential, as he sings a couple of songs throughout the series. He's first introduced in the beginning of the second season as an outcast. He later changes after an incident with the ex-principal.

Rebelde Way - Capitulo 43 Completo

After, he starts socialising more and becomes good friends with Leornando, but there friendship is cut short when Leonardo moves away to play soccer.

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