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While it's fun to ship your favorite TV and movie characters, it's even better getting to ship them in real life. Of course, dating in Hollywood always comes with drama, so several of these couples who became a thing after working together, unfortunately aren't dating anymore. So, while you curse the fact you're not currently dating Cole Sprouse or Camila Mendes - hey, maybe it'll happen one day! BuzzFeed reported that Aimee made them Instagram official in September , posting a mushy and adorable caption for Connor's birthday. How adorable are they?! Reggie and Veronica from Riverdale started dating and became Instagram official in

She also loves fashion and acts as a stylist for her friends. The second season their relationship is more unified than ever, with only a few bumpy roads. The couple takes a romantic trip to Cancun, and grows closer when stranded in an island.

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In the third season, problems hit the couple's path in the shape of Sabrina. Sabrina is the spoiled daughter of RBD's producer whose crush on Miguel knows no boundaries. In truth, Miguel got drunk and fell asleep; Sabrina snuck into his bed barely clothed and when he woke up told him they had sex.

However, she finds comfort in her newfound friendship with Roberta, who is going through a similar rough patch with Diego and her mother. The two girls, who were at odds when they first met, grow close and start caring sincerely about each other.

Near the end of the series, the truth between Miguel and Sabrina is revealed. She was upset she didn't believe the love of her life.

She visited Miguel every day. Much to Mia's dismay, when Miguel awoke, he had no recollection of anything or anyone but Diego. Miguel thought that he was in love with Sabrina and Mia got upset and began ignoring him.

She then found out the truth about her mother and decided to go live with her.

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During a concert, Miguel told Mia, in front of everyone, that he loved her. Mia forgave him and also forgave her father for lying to her during the entirity of her life. She accepted Alma as her step mom Roberta as her step-sister and Jose Lujan as her adoptive sister. During the series, she went out with Joaquin, Giovanni, Gaston, and Miguel. She pretended to go out with Diego and she is the girlfriend of Miguel Arango. Roberta Pardo played by Dulce Maria. The most rebellious girl in Elite Way and one of the most popular.

She's the daughter of the famous singer Alma Rey. Her father threatened to take Roberta to Spain with him unless she attended Elite Way.

Dulce Maria has been in an on-screen matchup with Christopher Von Uckermann in Rebelde . Dulce Maria is a member of the following lists: Spanish-language singers, births and Mexican child actors. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Dulce Maria! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your benjamingaleschreck.com place: Mexico City. Jan 24, Reggie and Veronica from Riverdale started dating and became Instagram official in Camila even gave fans a cute ship name to use: Charmila. The . Nov 21, Growing up with Univision and Telemundo constantly playing in the background means that I fell in love with telenovela romances more than I fell in love with.

Roberta has a big attitude, but she also has a big heart and is willing to help others and stand up to injustices. In season 3, she becomes friends with Mia. Roberta is in love with Diego. She has shown her true self with him. During the first season, they pretended to go out so Diego could play in the band and Alma would leave Roberta alone, but unwantingly, they fell in love.

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Her father decided to take her to Spain and when she came back, Diego was with someone else and treated her cruely. Later on, Diego made a bet with Tomas that he could get her to be his girlfriend. When Roberta found out, she broke up with him.

A drunk Diego crashes his car. Roberta's forced to go to Elite Way School. Miguel tells his mom he's going to D.F., but is really going to Elite Way School. Aug 19, Dulce Maria is currently dating Paco Alvarez. The couple started dating in and have been together for around 4 years, 4 months, and 29 days. The Mexican World Music Singer was born in Mexico City, Mexico on December 6, Mexican singer and actress who has won numerous awards for her work on television as well as for her song "Ya No."Occupation: World Music Singer. However, her strong personality and short fuses lead to a volatile relationship, with Roberta and Diego fighting a lot and hating each other. But, eventually, they fall deeply in love, although they both fight against their feelings and refuse to admit to it. They finally start dating for real, but eventually break up.

Unknown to her, he actually did love her. After Diego, she decided to go out with Simon, who had a kid. They broke up between the first and second season. In season 2 Roberta didn't date Diego at all but she still loved him. During the beginning, Diego and Roberta were friends but later hated each other. She started dating Roger and Diego started dating Veronica. They used the other person to get each other jealous. However, Veronica and Roger meant nothing to Roberta or Diego.

Later on, she had a no commitment relationship with Inaki. However soon she started liking him, but she did not love him.

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They went steady, but she broke up with him after finding out he had another girlfriend. During season 3, Diego's step-brother, Javier, had a huge crush on her. She was friends with him, but harbored no feelings. They flirted a lot, but never dated.

When Roberta found out all of the lies that he had made up, she simply began ignoring him. In season 2, it is revealed Pardo is not her real father, but Martin Reverte. In season 3, she discovers this and is angry at everything and falls into depression. Later on, she starts to accept her father, but continues to ignore her mother.

In the end, she accepts and loves both.

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Mia supported and helped Roberta during this difficult time in her life, and Roberta supported Mia. This is how they became friends. In the end of season 3, she reconciled with Diego.

She realized she loved him more than anything. To prove this, she found his mother and reunited them. She accepted Mia as her step sister, and Franco as her step father. She came up with the idea of adopting Jose Lujan and was happy her friend was going to be her sister.

In the end, she apologized to people and said something kind about them and she is the girlfriend of diego Bustamant. Lupita is a good girl. She has a giant heart and she shares it with others. She is friends with nearly everyone and doesn't pick sides. She hates confrontations and is kind to everyone, including those she doesn't necessarily like.

She's timid and nearly everyone in Elite Way likes her. Elite Way is her dream school and she got in with a scholarship.

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Her family is poor and if it weren't for this scholarship, she wouldn't be able to attend. She has a younger sister named Dulce who is ill. Lupita loves her little sister and found it very difficult to leave her. Her mother hates her because she left to go to Elite Way. It is revealed during a psychological test she took that she is not close to her mother at all. Her father abandoned her, Dulce and her mother when they were little. However, her aunt Mayra was been like a mother to Lupita.

She has always encouraged Lupita to go to school and to come out of her shell. She gets angry easily, but never hurts anyone. She is one of the best students in Elite Way. In season 1, she fell in love with Nico Huber.

His mother never accepted her because she was Catholic and they were Jewish. They dated, but had a lot of problems especially with Nico's ex. At one point, Lupita went out with Tomas, but this was short-lasting.

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In the end of season 1, they had a symbolic wedding which was set up by friends and every person in their year attended. It was a surprise to her and Nico. In season 2, Nico's mother forces him to go to Israel for a year. He and Lupita say goodbye and promise to wait for each other.

While he's gone Leonardo falls in love with her, but she keeps rejecting him because she's waiting for Nico. However, Nico's mom intercepts all the cards Nico and Lupita send to each other and makes sure they never get them. This leads to Lupita being heartbroken and believing Nico forgot about her.

The last straw was when Nico's mom told her that Karen went to Israel to look for him and that they were probably together. Lupita is heartbroken and decided to move on and forget him. Santos is in love with Lupita and has been trying to be with her, but she's always rejected him because of Nico, despite feeling some sort of attraction towards him. After hearing about Karen leaving to Israel in search of Nico, she does nothing in order to pursue Santos.

Lupita found out her father did not abandon them because of Dulce's illness, but because her mother had cheated on him and Dulce was not his daughter. She discovers she has a half-sister named Lola. Lola hates Lupita.


Lupita's dad has kept tabs on Lupita through Mayra and is constantly comparing Lola and Lupita. Lola hates her because of this. She has a crush on Leonardo, but he likes Lupita. He tells her to get along with Lupita and she does so. But one day, she sees Leo kiss Lupita and begins to hate Lupita even more. Later on, she likes Santos too.

But he likes Lupita. She's mad about that.

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This prevents Lupita from pursuing a relationship with Santos. She wants to protect her sister. However, during Christmas he asks her out and she says yes.

This happiness is short-lived, because on that same day, Nico comes back. He sees Lupita and Santos kissing and is heartbroken. He asks her why she stopped writing to him.

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She says she never got any news from him and on that very day she had finally decided to date someone else. Lupita is torn between Santos and Nico. She chooses to forgive Nico and get back with him. However, she realizes that she only loves him as a friend, but she loves Santos. Lupita is a member of RBD. She is the girlfriend of santos echage. Miguel is a noble and kind-hearted guy. However, once his father dies he is filled with anger and rage. Because of this, he decided to get revenge on Franco Colucci, the man who murdered his father.

He finds out that Franco has a daughter. She attends Elite Way and he decides that he is going to get his revenge through her. He travels to Mexico and tells his mother he is going over there to attend a university.

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He meets Lupita and Mayra who decide to help him. Since Miguel is traveling alone, she becomes his tutor.

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He gets into Elite Way through a scholarship. When he sees Mia for the first time, he falls in love with her without knowing she is the person he came to hurt and the daughter of his enemy. Miguel was harrassed by La Logia, a group of elite students whose mission is to get rid of all scholarship recipients so only the rich attend the school.

Miguel doesn't take this and makes it his mission to find out who is in La Logia and expose them to the school. Through out most of this season, he and Mia pretended to hate each other. Miguel dated Celina, Vico and Julieta. After breaking up with Julieta, he begins to date Mia. They keep it a secret and are happy together. Miguel is torn between following through with his revenge or ending it and being with Mia.

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He goes to visit Julieta, and Lupita follows him and sees them. Lupita knows about his plan on getting revenge and worried about Mia, she goes and tells her. On the way back, Miguel decides to end his plan and settle with Mia. However, Mia knows about his plan of getting revenge although she doesn't know why and goes on stage and tells the whole school she dated him on a bet. He is heartbroken and angry. They continue to pretend they hate each other and as if them dating was a game and they never loved each other.

In season 2, he becomes friends with Santos. At the end of season one, it is revealed Miguels dad committed suicide. It is also revealed that Franco wasn't a part of it.

His brother, Carlo Colucci had used Franco's name to commit fraud and that led to Miguel's dad killing himself.

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He apologized to Mia and Franco. However, he didn't want to date Mia because they were too different and because of what he had done. However, Mia fought for him and finally they went to Monterrey together as girlfriend and boyfriend. They spent the whole summer happy in Monterrey. They won a trip and decided to ditch school to go.

There they got stuck in an island, but they solidified their love. However, Mia told Miguel that she wasn't ready to have sex yet, and although disappointed, he respected her decision. Later in the season, he went to jail after Gaston set a trap for him.

Mia trusted him, but Gaston set the seeds of doubt in her head. Miguel was heart broken and disillusioned by her lack of faith and broke up with her. During this time, Miguel's friends set him up with an older girl named Romina. He, however, realized that he only loved Mia and fought for her. They were together for the rest of the season and did have some small arguments, but nothing big. Mia's dad took her to Paris as punishment because she had played with the band despite him forbidding her from doing it.

While she was away, Miguel met a girl named Sabrina.

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Sabrina was the daughter of a producer who wanted to sign RBD on to his label. He was friends with her and admired her, but she wanted more although she told him she only wanted to be friends. In season 3, he was drunk and slept with her. He didn't tell Mia and she found out. She slapped him and broke up with him. Sabrina pretended she was pregnant in order to keep Miguel all to herself. However, Miguel got hold of some security footage and realized he fell asleep and was never able to have sex with her.

He was angry and Sabrina was sent away. Miguel tried to explain to Mia that he never slept with Sabrina, but she never let him. Then, he falls into a coma.

She started dating Roger and Diego started dating Veronica. They used the other person to get each other jealous. However, Veronica and Roger meant nothing to Roberta or Diego. Later on, she had a no commitment relationship with Inaki.

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