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Remember me Lost your password? I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and I found a most intriguing post. Several of my clergy friends liked and commented on a new online dating site called Orthodox and Single. My first reaction, typical for me, was skepticism. Who is this guy and what kind of a website is he selling? Online dating? Is it safe?

According to Daily Mail, the mother was a Russian tourist who traveled to the resort town of Dahab, Egypt in order to give birth in the water.

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Natural birth has been around since the beginning of time, but new moms now are embracing natural birth with water now more than ever. However, the Russia is not encouraging its women to give birth naturally because of its initiative to lower infant mortality rate and its anxiety about its declining demographic.

The government wants its female citizens to give birth in hospitals under medical supervision. Many new mothers around the world are opting for a home birth.

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In Russia, this practice is not licensed by the state, nor is it recognized by the medical establishment; any midwife involved could be charged with a criminal offense and the family subjected to visits from the child protection agencies. Open Democracy. This is why Russian women are traveling to other countries in order to give birth the natural way if they want to avoid hospitals.

Russian culture is more traditional and likes to stick to family values.

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In their ideologies, these types of lifestyles are a threat to public morality and marriage. Russia Beyond. Though Russia has become more progressive like the rest of the world where divorce rate is higher and marriage age on the rise, the culture deep down still seeks to preserve the nuclear family.

According to Russia Beyond, values first began to change in large cities, where young people often marry but remain childless.

There is a protocol Russian women tend to follow in the day postpartum window and there are restrictions on maternal activity. Before the baby is born, baby showers and other celebrations before a baby is born are not congruent with the cultural Russian view of pregnancy. Mailing Address: Orthodox Christian Network - P.O. Box , Washington, DC Phone: MYOCN97 The Orthodox Christian Network is a commissioned agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Orthodox. Greek orthodox dating rules - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating .

In Russia's regions, early marriages and child rearing remain popular in small cities with low standards of living.

Russia is a country full of intellectuals and new technology, and it has a great potential to achieve great accomplishments as a nation post-Soviet era. However, there is a culture of intolerance that can impede the development of creativity.

This is why as an American expat, you need to really think twice before considering bringing up a child in this type of nation.

Though Russia has made many improvements throughout the years, they are still very much stuck in the old ways of what a "traditional life" is supposed to entail. Since the role of Russian women in that society is primarily for giving birth to and raising children, it is assumed that they need a man to provide for them.

Single mothers who have had children out of wedlock are looked at as unable to keep a man's interest.

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However, women have had increased access to work and study ever since the communist regime sought to empower women and increase gender equality. Another reason that unmarried women and single mothers are looked down on is because dating practices in Russia are much different than that of the US. According to Cultural Atlas, Russians generally approach dating with the prospect of a long-term relationship in mind.

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Though we have the "hook up" culture in the United States, dating is generally seen as a gateway to marriage. Therefore, it is much less casual in Russia than it is in other Western cultures. Most Russians marry in their early 20s, commonly in the first years after they have left university.

It is often considered somewhat humiliating to be single for a long time; older unmarried women have particularly low social statuses regardless of their wealth or occupation Cultural Atlas. Though some unmarried couples might live together, legal marriage is preferred before cohabitation. Once the baby is born and is fresh out of the womb, it is pretty isolated and not to be taken out into public until it is at least one month old.

According to Prezi, there are a few rituals to be followed in Russian culture when you take a new baby home for the first time. There is a protocol Russian women tend to follow in the day postpartum window and there are restrictions on maternal activity.

Dating Outside of Orthodoxy?

Before the baby is born, baby showers and other celebrations before a baby is born are not congruent with the cultural Russian view of pregnancy. The new baby is not taken out in public during the first month, and visitors to the home are strongly discouraged.

In fact, family celebrations for the new infant's birth are usually celebrated 40 days after the baby has come home safely.

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During this period of time, baby massage is highly practiced after the first month at home. New Russian mothers are encouraged to have their babies out in the fresh air for several hours every day. Under Russian superstition, no visitors of extended family and friends can be around the baby until 3 months.


It seems like babies are given enough space to themselves in Russia. Though it is common sense to just withhold telling people that you are pregnant until you are at least three months along, Russian women sometimes wait even longer than that.

In that area of the world, you are not supposed to tell people that you are pregnant until your belly starts to show. However, by that time it will be obvious anyways. Perhaps this is the Russians just taking special precaution when announcing their pregnancy or it could be linked to another superstition.

Generally speaking, the first semester for any pregnant woman is typically shrouded in secrecy because this is the time where miscarriages are most likely to happen.

For many women, it's made harder by an unwritten social rule that says they should keep their news quiet - at least for the first 12 weeks, according to ABC. In most educated countries throughout the world, waiting until the end of the first trimester to announce a pregnancy is considered a social norm.

Russian Orthodox Iconography is a distinct and easily recognizable art form. The eastern influence is strong, with use of rich gold and darker-hued colors. Typical iconic art will feature biblical scenes or the depiction of past saints or other religious figures. The art makes limited use of perspective, instead presenting the figure in two. Rules & Customs Question. You will find on the internet all kinds of Orthodox web sites with all kinds of information that can be confusing, especially when it focuses on customs, such as having a men's side and women's side, which have nothing to do with salvation. [A few Sundays ago I served Liturgy in a parish in Moscow-even there. Your spouse should humble you with their faith and devotion, they should have spiritual gifts you admire, especially ones which you feel like you lack. Along the same lines, avoid dating someone you see as "a fixer-upper." It's not good if you think you need to save your significant other or be a missionary via dating.

However, whether or not your belly starts to show by then could vary vastly depending on the individual woman. There is a superstition in Russia that says pregnant women who cut their hair during pregnancy are more likely to have a premature birth. Though most modern Russian women would call this an old wive's tale, many women end up having long, beautiful hair while they are expecting. According to Britannica, the old wive's tale states that the baby could develop problems with its vision if the mother cuts her hair while she is pregnant.

What is also more controversial now is the question of whether or not women should dye their hair while they are pregnant.

Though the use of hair dyes has not been definitively linked to birth defects for human beings, experts still advise against it in the first trimester. Another crazy Russian superstition is that baby girls steal their mother's beauty away. By contrast, if a woman becomes more beautiful throughout her pregnancy, then there is a baby boy in her womb.

Perhaps this is just another nod to the preference to have a boy over a girl. However, pregnancy can either make your skin glow or give you acne depending on how your hormones treat you and regardless of whether its a boy or a girl. In Russia, it is not uncommon to see three generations of families living under the same roof.

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Grandparents play an extremely important role in child rearing because it is strongly believed that they have more wisdom to pass on to their grandchildren more so than their parents can provide. Therefore, they need to be around at least for the majority of their grandchildren's childhood, especially the grandmothers.

Russian grandmothers, or babushkas, commonly take their grandchildren in at their dachas cottage homes for the entire summer while their parents work in the city, according to Russian Beyond. Since Russia is still developing a system for childcare, it is not fully available and most Russians can't afford nannies.

Therefore, grandmothers are an integral part of the family, especially for the first few years.

Russian orthodox dating rules

Frequently, a grandmother will care for their grandchildren during the time between the end of parental leave and the beginning of regular school, which can be several years Live About. Russian men are not allowed in the delivery rooms when their wives or baby mamas are in labor.

In fact, they can only meet their newborns once the mother and the baby have left the maternity ward. The experience of delivering babies in front of husbands or other family members is not a concept for Russian culture.

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Traditionally, Russian culture sees the responsibilities of child rearing to the woman while the man acts as the provider.

It is not uncommon to find many stay-at-home moms in Russia while their husband takes on a career and is the breadwinner. This is why there is no paternity leave for Russian men. Though there is maternity leave for women, fathers cannot take time off of work without sacrificing their salary when they are absent. There are no laws guaranteeing that they would have their jobs back in the event that they did decide to take time off.

Though families with two working parents have become the norm, it is still looked at as the woman's job to take care of children and the housework.

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In fact, there are very specific cultural norms on what masculinity means in Russia. Men are expected to be more strong-willed and outspoken while women who take on those qualities may make others feel uncomfortable Cultural Atlas. According to Russia Beyond, "Russian husbands do not follow their wives' instructions; they themselves choose the level of participation in the child's life. Do i am very much affected by fr. Page 1 of the university of orthodoxy in heaven, the orthodox dating from the second-largest.

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But at the Peter and Fevronia Club, most profess fealty to at least one rule of Orthodox dating: no sex before marriage. "Yes, I try my best," said Pavel Komissarov, a stocky, bearded year-old. We offer you a series of articles on love, dating and relationships by Fr. Niko Bekris which was originally published in October, November, December and January issues of " The Voice of Saint Anthony" - monthly newsletter of Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Church, Pasadena, CA, benjamingaleschreck.comted by with Fr. Niko's permission. Victoria russian orthodox dating rules. Brides club. russian orthodox dating rules. Related. California Russian personals in Los-angeles Russian personals in Dating. Facebook. Twitter. Russian brides club. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Comment. Name (Required) Email (Required) Website.

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Greek orthodox dating rules.

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