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Yeah she does. I guess it's true, woman can be brutally selfish and insensitive when it comes to their satisfaction. You have killer genes and you side with disgusting people who pick on innocent people, instead of siding with him you make him more miserable to accept this, screw you, people may grow more mature but what's in the core if it's rotten it usually stays rotten, but your brother tries to suppress that because adults can't go on in life with rejecting every possible human in need, because that may turn against him and he will be left all alone by himself when he needs help, so don't try to sugarcoat it and castrate yourselves you jerks! Sure he might have change but if you did change as a person you go to the person you hurt and apologize and admit you fuck up. Even with my bullies I think sure they have change buttttttttttt you still a fucking coward if you can't admit what you did and feel empathy for that person. So no he doesn't have to forgive him or accept your bs answer and I also think your answer bs and stupid too.

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Are you crying? If i were you I would beat them both with a baseball bat TheLuckyPizzaDog Little girls love playing with dollies. Bananaman oh, yeah, right. You're an adult, sorry forgot. Show us on your body pillow where he touched you.

TheLuckyPizzaDog Four more years for you. Bananaman til what? I'm 30? U wanna inv to my cakeday bonanza? U gna buy me my own body pillow to welcome me to adulthood? TheLuckyPizzaDog I'll welcome you to adulthood when you get there, but yes, you have four more years. And you'll be surprised how soon the last day sneaks up on you.

Bananaman The last day of what? The 4 years til I'm 30 or last day of my life? Because neither would be surprising, really. TheLuckyPizzaDog No, no, the last day of that four year period. I'm saying time flies. You think you have a lot, and then POOF, shit's over. You can do that! As much as you want. For four more years. And then POOF! All your jokes and jibes turn to ashes in your mouth.

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You'll know it when you get there. Bananaman So Hitting 30 isn't really that momentous of an occasion though.

Have you talked to your sister or even him? Maybe its time the old childhood history of bullying was cleared up since you are now all adults. Often children who were bullied become bullies - so he likely has changed. If not - making your sister aware of bad dating choices and .

Tbh, the years don't really register anymore for me, haven't since i hit The next big milestone is prob menopause and that's more than 4 years so TheLuckyPizzaDog well he's thirty But didn't happen to me when I hit thirty so it must be a guy thing.

I wouldn't sweat it if I were you. TheLuckyPizzaDog Holy fucking shit, lady. I'm saying you have an expiration date that is much shorter than your shelf life. You're gonna enter a new phase, a brave new world. Up will be down, day will be night, all these things.

You'll see. And until then, you'll make fun of it. And here you are pissing away precious seconds with little old me! Well, but rule 63 tho.

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What if i turn into a dude when i hit 30? D: Also you can't be absent for basically half the thread and then pop in during the last dregs and snipe the last word. I'll beat you too. TheLuckyPizzaDog I thought you turned into a dude when you responded to this thread and that was why you're an asshole.

I don't know.

Apologise, but, sister dating bully really. join

TheLuckyPizzaDog maybe your trans? Go away chef Izumi. You're just here to stir the shitpot.

It's time to talk to your sister about everything that happened especially if you feel the bullying is coming back. There was a post awhile back with a similar situation where the sibling was dating the or's old hs bully. Upon learning what happened, the sibling dumped the old bully. My sister is dating my old H.S bully? When we were younger he'd grab my books from me and put them on top of my locker so everyone could laugh at how short I was because I couldn't reach. Then he started calling me names and getting all his friends to do the same. However, the bullying did not destroy his entire life, my brother is now happy with cool friends and married to a rich pretty woman, so I don't think he would keep hard feelings against a bully who was just a kid and probably grew out of it. It just depends what the bully is like now. I've seen some bullies become very nice people as adults.

Go stand in a field and wait for menopause to hit you or something. TheLuckyPizzaDog I'm just trying to make sense of this undoubtedly enlightening thread TheLuckyPizzaDog Ohh is that the ring girl? This guy got all hung up over his sister dating a man too And yes our favourite Elliot was bullied at school. Check yourself before you turn into him.

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TheLuckyPizzaDog I agree with her. Haha, most of these "scenarios" asked are fan fiction anyway. Izumiblu raining here too : dull, grey, chilly. Cosytoasty Tho like We're all like, "bro move on" and you're like "bro, get a latte n then murder everyone".

TheLuckyPizzaDog what she said.

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TheLuckyPizzaDog no you dont. It is his business that is his family you dumb cunt! I would never date a girl that bullied my little sister, never, grow a spine and fight for the family who loves you and not those who tries to harm it, never forgive, never forget! Bananaman Yes I've come to notice that women can be brutally selfish and insensitive when it comes to their satisfaction.

You need to realize that as a man, you can't actually warp your own perception of the world enough to model the true selfishness with which women perceive their world. They are not only more selfish than you realize, they're more selfish than you CAN realize. The instinct in your heart to seek out a lifelong pair-bond with a good woman.

Or a robot. Or a clump of dirt with grass sticking out of it. All of those things care more about you than a woman. I would wait until he gets out and run him over with my car, here's an idea for him to get back at him! Excellent advice.

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If the guy is just too big and strong, guess what, might doesn't make right. He can't get away with bullying just because you couldn't beat him in a fair fight. If you can't beat him fair and square, beat him unfair and dirty. Use a weapon, whatever it takes.

You shouldn't have to live in fear in your own house. You shouldn't have to feel threatened in your own home. You've never been held down and beat up before, huh? Nobody's ever gone out of their way to terrorize you and try to hurt you every chance they get, every day for years?

If somebody did that to you, how would you feel about them suddenly showing up at your house and hanging out with your sister all the time? I bet you wouldn't think, "oh well, I guess I should let childish bygones be bygones. Sure, this guy used to hold me down and punch me in the face and laugh, but so what? My sister thinks he's cute! Stamps These girls are talking about "teasing. Men using the term "Alpha" in the way you just did: total turn off.

The concept doesn't exist. There no such thing as an alpha. Alpha like in street thugs who end up in jail and have suicidal depressed sick kids because their shitty dads, or women despairing for a good rich guy who can take care of her and her bastard child with no future, while the bullied nerdy kid who sticked to education becomes a rich successful adult and marries a model and have taller stronger healthier kids like JASON MOMOA from his average height parents, you mean that pathetic lame therm Alpha male, you know the word pathetic, you should look in the mirror you will see the explanation there kid!

That is real natural selection boy not bullies or thugs, if a girl gives her friendship or her body to something like that then natural selection won't go nowhere with her retarded genes!

Then its time for this little brother to give an ultimatum to his sister and do it with a serious tone and face to her, say this to her you either choose your brother who is your blood and who loves you just the way you are or get out of my life for good and never get in contact with me again and stay with your useless douche who tries to ruin your family and your life as well, make a choise, end of story!

You're a weak cuck and his brother isn't, he is an alpha male not a wimp who shake hands with low life useless street thugs such as yourself, lol you sound like those teachers who make bullies to shake hands with the victims, you know what i am now as an adult i'm a Jandarm with big gun and big biceps ready to act if someone mess with my family, someone like my old school bullies who are now janitors, you probably are a pathetic low shitty worker yourself.

A 25 anni uno dovrebbe aver superato le insicurezze liceali eh Giacomanzo le persone non cambiano bello, gli stronzi rimangono tali a vita. Boh, io mi sento in dovere di dissentire. C'era un amico mio che se la faceva con letteralmente ogni ragazza per cui provava attrazione fisica, nonostante fosse in una relazione.

Your disgusting if you agree with stuff like this, how about i pay your sister or your mother so i can fuck her a little hey mister anametouse! In a serious moment like this you call that a joke, what are you 12 to make jokes like that grow up kid! Not my sister she humiliated a guy who tried to pick on me in school, she knew him and made fun of him when he asked her out by saying loud in public that she is not interested in insecure guys who pick on innocent people, she says that those guys usually try to compensate for their small dicks, everybody laughed at him, HAHA!

Opinions please? Vote A. Vote B. Vote C. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. My sister is dating the guy that bullied me all throughout High School. Is it understandable that I'm mad? Add Opinion. It appears that your sister is in the grip of the bad-boy fixation.

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She cannot be told. Women cannot be reasoned with during this phase, because, the bigger the sociopathic loser, the more that she will think that he is the man of her dreams. In the meantime, become a dedicated student of a martial art.

My three children began to train with me at a karate dojo as soon as they were old enough. No bully picked on them more than once. The last time that a couple of junior sociopaths picked on one of my sons the bullies left the school in an ambulance. Both of them will walk with painful limps for the rest of their lives. Knee reconstructions are seldom entirely successful. The one and only time that one of my daughter's dates it was during her bad-boy phase took a swing at her, she reacted as per her training.

She broke the arm that was headed her way and two of his ribs as a matter of instinct. Whether or not you become the victim of bullies and other sociopaths is largely your choice. If you choose to defend yourself as a man, you need to learn how to do it. Thisperson98 Yoda. If she didn't know that was the person who bullied you, I might understand, but if she knew it was. She is an asshole. Luckily for me, my sister's boyfriend is kinda scared of me.

So he tries to avoid making me mad. My brother in high school was THAT bully. He admits it through and through that he systematically, his words, would roam the halls searching for guys to beat up or make fun of with his fellow bullies. At 25 though, he was a totally different person. He had gone through some life, and a lot of growing up, and to know him at 25 vs. For you, time hasn't stopped. You probably remember everything you sisters boyfriend ever did to you because you had to endure it.

That's sister dating bully brilliant phrase

You have a right to be upset about all of that, you really do especially if no apologies were ever given, but though you may not want to believe it, people can and do change.

They grow up a lot of times because they have to, and put their bad pasts behind them, and maybe your sister is now dating that guy.

The more you pick the scab, the more likely she is to probably cling to him since you said she knows what he did to you, so at this stage, if it's still pissing you off, maybe keep your distance.

Most likely if you confront him, he's going to tell your sister, and she'll probably get pissed. Show All Show Less. Fair enough you explain yourself better than your original comment. How long ago did he bully you? I can tell you that his behaviour towards her is a lot nicer than he was to you. He's likely a charmer and she's been wooed by him. He probably has given her a lame excuse, apologised to her and said that he's different now. When you love someone, you have rose tinted glasses on and she's overlooked his previous actions.

But she really has no excuse if she knew his past before she dated him. It's quite disrespectful of her to do but she might not know how you're feeling about it unless you tell her.

Sister dating bully

I dropped friendships with a girl who used to bully my sister, dating is no different. If it were me and I knew about the past bullying, I'd never gone out with him.

If I didn't know, I'd first want to find out if the bully knew I was related, then find out how much he has changed. If he's changed, I'd try to get them to talk. I understand that there is an expected loyalty to family, bit they don't have to live my life.

If he's not the same kind of guy anymore, im not going to leave him without a good reason. People saying it's childish clearly have no siblings. Hope you're not the reason they started talking either.

What do you mean? How could I be the reason? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. That's fucking evil, but on the other hand, you know what kind of guy he is, so how much you want to bet she gets fucked over here? If I was you, I'd cut off all contact with her and him both, don't talk to her, don't have anything to do with her, don't even look at her anymore.

And as for the bully, I'd just start carrying a knife, maybe a wrench in my pocket. And if he so much as makes the slightest move towards you, I think you should make him afraid of you from now on.

I hope you get through this. I was bullied mercilessly because i was a very white Hispanic growing up in a black and brown community. I had to fight for my respect and it's funny because after I gained respect I eventually in a few cases became a bully myself. I didn't like it so I dropped that. Hopefully you and this dude can get along most of the people that did bully me give me respect saying that I'm a crazy motherfucker for always standing up for myself which is funny because standing up for myself was the hardest thing to do.

Yeah it's understandable that you're mad but you're 25 now. Is he still bullying you now? Stand up for yourself, shit. You're all grown ass people, deal with it like adults. How is your relationship with your sister? Are you and her close? Or do you treat each other with sibling annoyance? Cuz if y'all werent even that close, why should she care if your feelings are hurt by who she chooses to date. Well if that happened to me i would be pissed. The bond between siblings is supposed to be tight.

Yeah we may get mad at each other and yeah we may do thing that will annoy the other, but at the end of the day Family has Families back. As for the people saying to forgive and forget or that maybe he's changed. Your memories of the humiliation, the sense of self-doubt, and the damage that was done to your self esteem and your mentality won't ever go away. I say you just tell your sister how you feel and then just avoid them when they are together until a time that YOU feel comfortable to be around them.

I can understand you being pissed off about it, but your sister is making her own decision, so there's not much you can do about it. If this guy is STILL bullying you, then you need to stop his bullshit, cause it's been going on for too long. First, tell him to knock it off. If he doesn't listen, then it's time for you to beat his head in with a baseball bat, and I mean beat him down HARD.

apologise, but

Has he changed since then? Lots of people are dicks in high school and then grow up to be decent adults. If he is a good guy now and treats her Well, then I'd say you need to get over it.

If he is still a dick and treats her or you poorly, then you have every right to be upset and she should consider what you have to say about it.

Does she know he use to bully you? If she did then that's kinda low to do that. I couldn't date anyone who was messing with my family member, mess with my family and you gonna catch some hands.

While it sucks for you, it was in high school a long time ago which means the person probably has changed. And if you believe your sister doesn't lack judgement, when she clearly knows who the guy is, it's pretty obvious he is not the same guy he was in high school.

You can be mad if you want to, but you have no right to stop them from dating. A lot of people answering this question clearly don't have siblings. In high school, I refused to be friends with a girl because of how she broke up with my brother.

Completely understandable to feel this way, especially if he didn't apologize.

Apr 12,   Sometimes, we see people punishing their children for bullying others, and sometimes we see people standing up for themselves in the face of all the bullies/harassers. Recently, a similar incident caught everyone's attention when a guy took to to ask if he was wrong for disowning his sister after she married his childhood bully. It might seem as if there's a lot to go through before one can . Yeah but it's still insensitive of his sister to date a dude who is bullying her little brother. That's a bunch of bullshit, if he's still doing it then double wtf you don't punk out your perhaps future brother in law you try to befriend him and you make your girls family your family. [No regrets] I'm dating my high school bully to get revenge at the right moment. No Regrets. I bumped into him a year ago, seven years after graduation. He verbally abused for four straight years and it still haunts me to this day. I nearly committed suicide after graduation and have been in counseling ever since. He apologized for his actions.

Try to give him a chance and see if he changed, I doubt if he did though. Ur sister sounds like a cunt and she's dating a douchebag. Its a universal match up just make sure if he fucks with u again or anymore u hit im across his dome with something thick. Blunt and preferably spiked. Its really not any of your business. If he's not treating you badly now then let things be. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

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More sister dating bully apologise, but

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Co-authored by Dr. Method 1 of Look for signs of jealousy or resentment. Often, the underlying cause of bullying is feelings of inadequacy when compared to the other sibling.

Perhaps your brother or sister thought your parents liked you more, and they became jealous as a result. Or your sibling may feel that you were more popular growing up or that you had an easier life.

Think about what your sibling has experienced in their life and if that might contribute to them being angry or resentful. They may have chosen bullying as a way to get back at you for what they believed to be unfairness.

Talking with your parents or other siblings may help you discover if your sibling felt this way about you. They may be able to give you the details and information that no one else can. Examine your role in the bullying. There may be a chance that you unintentionally pinned yourself as the victim. Or maybe you have played along hoping that by seeming unfazed, they would lose interest.

BULLY DATING: Men Upset Women Ask Hard Questions to Avoid Wasting Time

Your sibling may not understand how much their words and actions hurt you, and continue to engage in the damaging behavior as a result. Those closest to you and who are familiar with the relationship may be able to give you insight as to whether or not you made it seem that the bullying was acceptable.

Having this outside point of view that is removed from the situation is often what you need to find the truth. Ask your sibling about their behavior. Ask your brother or sibling why they treat you this way. Although they may deny the behavior or shut down about it, you may get an answer if you probe long enough. Can you tell me why you do this? Conduct research about sibling bullies. Ask a therapist or look for books that discuss why bullying occurs.

This may make you understand where your sibling is coming from. Understanding the root of bullying may help you resolve the conflict with your brother or sister. If possible, find a book that is written by a current or former bully.

Even better, try to find someone in your life who used to be a bully but has changed their ways. Ask them questions about why they chose to exhibit that type of behavior and you may get a better idea of how you can fix your relationship.

Method 2 of Stand up to them. It is important to stand up to bullies in a confident, assertive manner.

Your bully apologizing to your sister only means he wants to be with your sister and does not give a fuck about what he did to you only if it may jeopardize his relationship with her. I would ask that she never have him in the house at all while you are present because you have been tortured by this person. Jan 30,   Look for signs of jealousy or resentment. Often, the underlying cause of bullying is feelings of inadequacy when compared to the other sibling. Perhaps your brother or sister thought your parents liked you more, and they became jealous as a result. Or your sibling may feel that you were more popular growing up or that you had an easier life%(24). In the Bowes study, participants were told that sibling bullying occurs " when a brother or sister tries to upset you by saying nasty and hurtful things, or completely ignores you from their group.

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  1. I regret, but I can help nothing. I know, you will find the correct decision. Do not despair.

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