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Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Jun 7, 1. Messages: 7, Sepulveda, California Patents Pending" thanks bill.

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Dating the pot will get you in the ball park but those pots could have been sitting around for a long time before they made their way into a pedal. For example, would be a CTS pot, made in the 3rd week of You can also date speakers this way!

So check them carefully! If you see on the bottom of a chip, you can be pretty sure it is a date code for Jun 7, Jun 11, Jun 14, Messages: 6, I don't think I have ever seen one from What inductor is in it?

Those are not as valuable or good as the Italian wahs that were made at the same time for other markets, but it should sound fine. They usually just need a true bypass mod new switch, stock one KILLS your tone when off and maybe a new pot if that one is crackly. Probably, just dirty inside, clean the jacks ands see if it's any better.

The Crybaby was originally introduced by Thomas Organ in as a thinly veiled copy of the Vox V Wah-Wah. The first Crybaby pedals were built in at the Thomas factory in Sepulveda CA. The serial number of the Crybaby above is Adding 57 the first two digits of the serial (20) makes This Crybaby was produced by Thomas. Mar 13,   Help me identify and date a vintage Vox Wah. Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things I Supposed the volume pedal conversion too and i'd like to know if it is convenient to buy a really messed up old vox wah just for the shell! Gaetano, Mar 13, Thomas Organ sold parts for everything down to Vox shells a number of years. Dating VOX products can be very difficult. standard dating procedures nor does the serial numbers, or cosmetic features on VOX products represent any concrete dating information which we are aware of. Many VOX products have been modified or canablized over the years so accurate dating can be impossible. The VOX Story by Dick.

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Vox wah serial number dating

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Moreover I'm sure ive seen some jen pedals from the early 70s with this type of inductor. Here is a vintage jen crybaby for reference.

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Last edited: Mar 13, Mar 13, 8. Good points Gaetano but we all know they would build using what ever parts were available at any specific time. That being said the small blue cap in the top pic is more than likely not original.

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I went and checked a few Jen wahs that I have on the shelf and they didn't have pio caps I wrote from memory and I was wrong on that call. How different are the inductors really? I did find a pic with tropical fish in the.

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I don't know but I have not seen them in any that I have reconditioned. Mar 13, 9.

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Mar 13, Well George, The pic you've found with tropicals in '01 postions is my wah Anyways thanks for your help! This wah is really a mistery!

Serial numbers are printed on a paper sticker. Components. At first, the 4uf capacitor employed in the circuit was a yellow Lemco - also used extensively in the preamps of the new Vox solid state amplifiers. Visible date codes on the caps in the pedals are "YB" = February , and "YF" = June It is not difficult to determine the year of production for most items distributed by Thomas Organ. As Thomas commenced production in , adding 57 to the first two digits of the serial number will, in many cases, give you the year of production. The serial number on the bottom plate of the Italian made V Wah-Wah shown above was Adding 57 the first two digits of the serial (16) makes 73, . Jun 14,   is the serial number on the bottom plate it says " VOX Wah-Wah Model V Serial No Thomas Organ Co. Sepulveda, California Patents Pending" thanks bill.

EDIT - Youre right about the blue electrolytic in the pic ive posted. Ive read somewhere that they tend to become leaky and make the wah sound more like a volume pedal.

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Is that true? EDIT 2 - would a pic of the wah board bottom clarify if the caps are original? I can take a pic.

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How does it sound? The 4.

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Some of these are 4 uf all the way up to 10uf depending upon the pedal. The best I ever heard read 3. It sounds great!

It's very balanced, very smooth and with a good quack. Midrange is very pronounced and you can get some really liquid tones out of the neck pickup with it. I really love the fact that it has not great bass or great highs, it's not aggressive as modern wah's and the sweep is very uniform along with the pedal travel.

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There's something magical with this old wah's that can't be repro'ed. Yeah, something about those old parts! So it's safe to assume if the pedal was a converted volume pedal that who ever did it knew what he was doing!

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Yea I belive that the electronics of a wah have been completely moved from a tatty original enclosure into a minty new one from a jaguar or continental organ volume pedal that's only my opinion and just based on what i know about vintage wahs. Messages: 1, SonicVIMar 13, Pic of the board bottom added.

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