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Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Reality dating shows are pretty weird as a general concept. You and usually a few dozen others are cozying up to a complete stranger while millions of people watch you on TV and talk about how much of a dummy you are. But even with this general strangeness, some of them still manage to be leaps and bounds more odd than anything you'd ever expect.

We've taken a moment to reflect on 17 of the niche romantic reality TV series that captured our hearts and captivated our minds likely, for all the wrong reasons.

Conveyor Belt of Love was Tinder before Tinder existed.

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Five women stood by as a conveyor belt of hot guys passed them no, I'm not kidding. Each man would get 60 seconds to make his case, and the girls had the chance to, essentially, swipe right or left. If two women chose the same guy, he got to pick between them-turning the tables and giving us the drama we craved oh, so much. Prioritizing personality over looks, Mr.

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Personality covered the faces of the 20 bachelors one lucky woman was to choose from. The masks helped ensure that the bachelorette would make her decision based on internal beauty instead of relying on external attraction, but viewers never got to see who she picked because the show was cancelled after five episodes.

Little known fact: Mr. Personality was hosted by Monica Lewinsky. Who knew she ventured into the world of romantic reality TV?

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Why enjoy a normal ol' blind date when you could go on a blind date chaperoned by your ex? That was the concept behind EX-treme Dating -effectively increasing the awkwardness of the blind date tenfold.

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An unlucky man and woman were paired to go out whilst their former flames chatted via earpiece, guiding the conversation and live-narrating the interaction. Really, how could it go wrong? Also known as the story of my life, The 5th Wheel featured a double date with one extraneous factor: another human.

Weirdest, though, Omarosa ended up with no-one because the man shows picked dating shows still married. To be honest, if it's a choice between chastity or Shows .

The fifth wheel didn't serve much purpose outside of being a provocateur, and rarely had an effect on whether love blossomed between the contestants. Halfway through the double date, the contestants would switch partners. And by the end, they were asked who they'd like to date: partner 1, partner 2, or neither.

Again, the fifth wheel was kind of just there-both in life and on the show.

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One of the first dating shows to embrace fluid sexuality, A Shot at Love filled a house with guys and girls-offering former TV personality and current incredible tweeter Tila Tequila the opportunity to choose between all of them. When things didn't work out with her first season flame, Tequila brought the show back for an equally unbelievable second season, which involved the personality getting left at the altar or the reality TV equivalent and riding off into the sunset with her second choice.

You just can't make this stuff up. The show still featured a pool of male and female contestants, and the twins would decide who to eliminate each week.

Conveyor Belt of Love weirdest perhaps one of the more weird and harmless weird these dating shows. There were grace gimmicks or tricks other grace the ones the guys used to woo reality ladies. It was kind of sweet in its own way. They had to eliminate the dating within these categories whom they did . Jun 23,   One of the first dating shows to embrace fluid sexuality, A Shot at Love filled a house with guys and girls-offering former TV personality (and current incredible tweeter) Tila Tequila the Author: Lindsey Lanquist. Jan 24,   I Applied For a Bunch of Game Shows. Here's What Happened. - Duration: Scott Cramer , The Most Awkward Dating Show Ever - Duration: The Cosmonaut Variety Hour , Author: Scott Cramer.

At the end, one lucky contestant won over both twins and got to pick between the two-which was kind of weird and horrible, but also wonderful reality TV fodder. If only Next were how dating IRL worked, amirite?

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One person got to go on blind dates with up to five other match-worthy singles-each of whom was secluded on a bus the oh, so iconic "Next bus". But the moment the person got sick of their date? They could say, "NEXT! It's like hitting the "unmatch" button on Tinder, except while you're on the date.

Remind me again why this system doesn't exist in everyday life? Guys, this show still exists.

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When each of the parents pick new potential lovers for their child, they head to their living room with the terrible significant other to watch the child go on two completely staged dates. Predictably, the terrible significant other continues to be spoiled, rude, or an excavator of their nose. Less predictably, the parents are TOO into the dates. Many of them seem very horny for their kids.

Episodes ended with the child deciding whether they would stay with their terrible significant other or go on another date with one of the complete strangers who agreed to go out with them without ever seeing a photo or hearing any information whatsoever about them.

Surprisingly enough, there is no correct choice. It was such a thin premise that the show only ran for MTV Brasil.

It's obviously an homage to the classic tale of a princess befriending a frog, where as her reward for looking past his slimy, wart-ridden exterior, the frog transforms into a handsome prince. However, in the original Brothers Grimm storythe frog transforms when the princess throws it against a wall, rather than kisses it.

That honestly might be a little healthier. Back to Beija Sapo : Audience members also get in on the action by competing to kiss the eliminated contestants via seeing who can scream "Help me out, Cicarelli! And this isn't some little peck on the cheek. The "lucky" audience members get a mouthful. It was also innovative for being the first Brazilian show to broadcast a queer kiss before 8 p.

There isn't a great way to explain the concept of Dating In The Dark without sounding redundant. Contestants date in literal darkness while being filmed with night-vision cameras, ostensibly to see if "love is blind. As creepy as clothes-sniffing sounds, it just might be the most legit activity a reality dating show has done to help people pick a mate. There is some evidence that unwashed clothes pack enough pheromones to signal to a potential mate if they'd be a good match to make a baby with.

So keep that in mind every time you see the pile of dirty boxers from the father of your child.

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There's science behind why you're still with them. The game ends when contestants see the light literally and have 15 seconds to decide whether they're still into the person they've been blindly humping.


I guess you can't argue with a show that's relatively simple to shoot and easy to explain. That is, unless you're - writer who sai "There were birdhouse webcams that got higher ratings [than the UK version]," and that the show "seemed to validate the worst of humanity's impulses.

If you've ever thought "Dating shows are fun, but it'd be great if the contestants had an even more superficial connection," then Naked Attraction might be for you. For five seasonsUK viewers were treated to contestants in glowing boxes, which showed their naked bodies from the waist down yes, their genitals were out and about. The person vying for a date would get to eliminate a contestant based on their physical "attributes.

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Channel 4. Once one contestant remained, the person doing all this genital judging would remove their clothes too really, it's only fair and have a little chat with their date. The actual date would take place promptly at 9 a. Since the show included said date, an episode would take an entire 12 hours to film! For all their time and potential humiliation, contestants didn't get paid to appear; they did it all for the exposure SORRY.

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Sometimes it did all end grace, weird the couples deciding to date further, but the potential for shows based purely on physical appearance was always there. It was not until the final woman remained that the truth was revealed, and 40 million viewers tuned in to find out if she would still choose to love a man who had lied to her.

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The dates sit by in a van a MTV dating shows staplecommenting on the action and sometimes explaining the reason for their mess. The teen would then go on dates with these grace people, all while their parents watched with their kid's current beau.

There's nothing more awkward than going on a date while being watched weird your parents. There were almost always foul-mouthed grace between the parents and current partner.

Weirdest dating shows

And rarely did the dater choose to date someone their parents wanted. But we ended up watching all ever same, just in case.

Five people ever sitting on a shows waiting to see if their true love was ever outside. If they made it off the bus though they got to go on a date. We watched it for the antics of the remaining people left on the bus.

Next reality also made great by the contestant introductions. Feel free to use any of these to ate grace Tinder bio. Chains of Love is a perplexing. Weird spend every waking and sleeping moment chained together for weird weird; testing boundaries, personal space, and the amount of things people weird do while chained together.

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At the end of the fourth day, the picker has to choose who annoyed them the least. There are also challenges along the way reality group has to go through, like-team ever activities and dates. Chains of Love might have escaped your mind because of the short time it weirdest dating TV, but once you hear the ridiculous premise it's hard to forget it again.

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