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We spoke to two expat ladies who are discovering just what Singapore has to offer for singles, and asked them to impart any tips they had on playing the dating game here. Though we separated last August, I really only hit the scene in March this year. Penny: There are men out there, although you may have to look hard for them, and fight other women off! It also depends on what you want; it can be very transient - people come and go from Singapore. The guys were really nice, and we had the same interests so the conversation was good.

With the addition of Parkland Green and Marine Cove, dining options have defintitely improved! A popular place to hike, MacRitchie Reservoir and its hectare park has plenty of discoveries waiting for you to chance upon. For example, did you know that there is a 40m long boardwalk within the resvoir that is submerged underwater? Zipping across treelines, moving across the trees, this is the perfect acitivity if you are up for an andrenaline rush.

The silent guardian that towers over Sentosa, Mount Faber is a hill that is full of activities- there are a multitude of dining options that overlooks the central business district, a mural that depicts the transition of the island from the ancient times to its current development. Mount Faber also offers sone lovely treetop walks, such as the metre long Henderson Waves.

Due to its height, the hill is substanially cooler than the rest of the island. This makes the trek up significantly easier than the rest of the nature reserves. Other than trekking, do consider biking as the hill is full of pockets and slopes that make cycling all the more adrenaline-inducing.

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Take bus service 67, 75,, The Woodlands Waterfront Park is a coastal park that featrues a metre refurbished jetty that is always full of avid fishers. If you are fishing adicionados too, why not spend a day there and see if you will get lucky! Green Gallery features the flora and fauna of the park, together with the list of on-going conservation projects. The Heritage Zone features the grove of mature trees and vegetation that have been here since Singapore became what it was today.

Chill out and enjoy the scenary over at Nature Cove, and sweat it out at the Recreation Zone. Walk towards Punggol Road and you will find a path heading to the waterway. If you are all about the adventures of Katniss Hunger Games and Robin Hood, then be sure to sign up for this action-packed, ranged combat archery tag game! Combining the elements of archery, dogeball and paintball, Combat Archery uses special foam tipped arrows that can be played in both their indoor or outdoor ranges.

Telephone Number: Website E-mail: hello thefunempire. Every wanted to skydive but never had to opportunity to travel overseas to do so? Well guess what? All you have to do is to travel down to Sentosa to try out this extreme sport! Using a vertical wind tunnel, you will be able to expeience true free-fall conditions as though you were falling through the air from 12, to 3, feet.

To top it all, the price of IFly is only a fraction of an actual skydive! Water sport activities are almost usually reserved exclusively for interests groups such as dragonboaters.

But did you know that the amenities at the water sports centre are opened to the public for rental? Just remember to get your sunscreen and shades because it can get really hot! They seek to make horse riding available to everyone by keeping prices affordable to everyone, including the underprivileged.

Horseriding activities are rare in Singapore, but they provide tons of memorable experience. Do take note that bookings are required two to three days in advance. Get your grip socks on, and jump away! Children and adults are all welcomed. They offer a wide range of events and activities, from your normal recreational ice skating to themed events such has Disco Night on Ice.

These courses are taught by certified coaches that ensure proper guidance as you transit from a complete amateur to an advanced learner.

Where to go dating in singapore

If you are new to surfing, hop on to the Double FlowRider, which creates gentler waves for you and our partner to learn how to be up on your feet. To complete your tropical beach experience, live music and a well stocked bar is accompanied throughout your day as your brave the waves. Young or old, overweight or fit, yoga is a versatile physical and mental activity that has hooked practioners worldwide for thousands of years. Aerial acrobatics is an activity that brings yoga to another level.

It requires strength, flexibility, balance, control, and grace to master.

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If you and your partner are up to the challenge, consider going to Hale Yoga, which has a bright and spacious studio situated right in the centre of the business district.

The outdoors will defintely be a good way for you to bond with your beloved partner! Most of the island are now linked together thanks to the park connector network, which allows Singaporeans to cycle from one end of Singapore to another.

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All you and your partner require are bottles of water, some safety gear, and you are good for a trip around sunny Singapore! Looking for an adrenaline rush in the water? The water park offers state-of-the-art cable systems that makes wakeboarding an easy affair for experts and amateurs alike.

Full safety gear is provided, ensuring you safety throughout your wakeboarding experience. Living in Singapore can get real stressful. You want to have a quick get-away but for reasons because, you cannot go out of the country.

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So why not a staycation? With so many stunning staycation suggestions to offer, why not pick a place that offers something out of the ordinary. Located at Jurong East, it is a shopping haven for those living in the west without having to travel all the way to the city central. Expect to see high-end brands such as Coach, Guess and Kate Spade.

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Living in the East has their own perks, but having to head westside in order to shop at outlets is not. Thankfully, there is Changi CIty Point! Albeit a tad smaller than IMM, Changi City Point is renowned for having numerous sporting brands factory outlets, making it the perfect mall to get good quality sportswear. Challenger, a chain of IT retail stores has also established its flagship store in Changi City Point. Sometimes movie at the theatre gets boring. Dusty seats, rude audiences, bad experiences.

Is it a plane? If the heights are a great deal for you, go to the waters! Spend a private day with your partner out in the sea with a luxury yacht.

There are plenty of facilities and amenities available on board, from expansive lounge spaces to fishing rods and even a barbeque grill! Email: sales yachtcharter. Ahhh sunny island Singapore.

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The sun-soaked beaches of Sentosa is a ideal, peaceful hideaway from our busy main island. Get your partner to laze beside you as you get a nice sun tan in the day, and have a carefree, party night as the club brings out its celebration of vibracy when the sun goes down. Having bubbly champagne in the day is defintely the epitome of luxury. To top the icing on the cake, Triple Three rotates their specials everyday dubbed Daily Delightssuch as Foie Gras on Tuesdays and Lobsters for the weekends.

Truly luxurious. Bring your partner here right before sunset, so that you can have a chill out session together and catch a spectacular view of the golden sky. Get high, my friends. Address : 1 Raffles Place, Singapore Website for reservation. If you and your partner are stressed, hardworking adults, consider spending a day treating and pampering your body well! An oasis of tranqulity, ESPA uses a range of naturally-based therapies that will defintely satisfy your tensed muscles as their experienced staff strive to provide you a out of this world sensory experience.

What an experience you will never fore -get. Address: 80 Rhu Cross Singapore E-mail: golfbookings mbgc. An annual event sincethe Singapore Grand Prix is considered a world-class enteratainment.

Everyone loves a personal scent, especially the ladies. Treat your lady well by bringing her to Oo La Lab, where you can attempt to create a customized frgarance that she likes.

This 60 min session will allow you to bring home a 20ml eau de parfum complete with a card indicating your golden mixture so that you can re-order over their website. Now you can be assured that there will always be one fall-back gift you can easily get for all the annivesaries and events that your girl expects to receive. Tired of all the crowd and noise at the zoo? Have your very own private tour instead!

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Conducted by a personal guide in a 7-seater limousine buggy, you will get to learn secrets and fun trivia about these lovable animals. Best part, you will be able to plan your own itinerary from the exhibits which you wish to visit, as well as a first hand experience in their animal feeding sessions!

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Website. Think tender braised pork belly, Nonya curry puffs, thick fluffy Pandan cake topped with assortment of French pastries sweet Lemon Curd Tarts and delighful sandwiches tuffle egg mayo.

Everyone knows cars are crazy expensive here in Singapore, and supercars such as Ferrari and Lambourghini are defintely impossible luxuries. But what if you could rent and take people out for a joyride? Ultimate Drive currently has 14 exotic cars such as the Lambourghini Huracan and Ferrari California in its fleet as part of their joyrides packages.

These packages are time based- select your desired duration and car and start zooming across the streets of Singapore! Telephone Number: Website. Indulge in a course Japanese-European degustation menu that combines the freshest Australian seasonal produce with French culinary arts and Japanese-style presentation.

This is the ultimate place to bring your partner to for a celebration of a lifetime. Are you afraid of the dark? Fear not, this introductry tour around the Bukit Brown Cemetry is actually held in the day. Forget about the sterotypical perception of a creepy, evil looking cemetry.

Bukit Brown Hills are actually no longer used as a cemetry but a place of recreation as most of the graves have been exhumed. However, the remaining graves are worthwhile to check out as these tombs provide really interesting insights among the umbrella of chinese cultures and dialects.

Did you know you could tell whether the person was a Hokkien or Teochew just by looking at their grave? Call it an interactive history lesson. It details their experiences as well as photographs, artworks and artefacts made by the various POWs.

The museum is split into five zones Storyboards, Changi Prison Section, Murals, Wartime Artists and End of Wareach highlighting the personal stories on the horrors of WWII, as well as the human spirit that emerged from the difficulties.


Punggol is a pristine and somewhat newly established town in Singapore. Each route is at least 3km in length, so prepare your water bottles! How to get here. Singapore is a multi-cultural city, so it is for sure that there are lots of ethnic wonders to be explored.

Roots is a website that showcases the lists of heritage trails that Singapore has to offer from all parts of the island. They are also categorised into categories; if you and your partners are foodies, the Balestier Heritage Trail is the one to go for.

If you think a day at the Singapore Zoo is not adventurous enough for you, why not spend a wild night with the great beasts of the nights instead? The Safari Adventure Tour is a private tour that is conducted by your own personal guide, coupled with an exclusive elephant feeding session.

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Alight 1 stop later at Resorts World Station. A nature reserve full of biodiversity, it is a site of international importance for migratory birds. Other than native animals such as mudskippers and sunbirds, expect to see diverse flocks of shorebirds such as plovers and sandpipers during the migratory season.

Perfect for couples that are fond of nature photography. Alight at Kranji Reservoir Carpark B. Walk across the road to the Visitor Centre. If you and your partner are up for extreme activities, head down to Clarke Quay and take on the Gx-5, an extreme swing and trampoline bungy, which shoots you up over 50m at the speed of KPH.

Other countries might have ponies and tuk-tuks, but Singapore has their own trishaws. Trishaw is as a bicycle with a sidecar and was also a popular mode of public transportation in the s to s.

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Now a dying trade, Trishaw Uncle is one of the few businesses left that are still committed to bringing Singaporeans and Tourists on a multi-sensory journey. Booking Hotline: E-mail: enquiry trishawuncle. While the future is yours to hold, why not try out something new just for fun? Mamatha Ramachandra has been reading Tarot cards at for more than 12 years, defintely making her an expert in tarot reading.

Walking around in this hot city might be tough. So why not have a tour in an e-scooter? If you do not know what clay shooting is, it is the art of shooting a firearm at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons. However, using live firearms might not sit well with everyone, so laser clay is an excellent alternative! Laser clay is played with authentic, but de-activated bore shotguns that fire infrared beams at reflective and reusable clays.

If you and your partner has not done this before, do give this a try! Grab your partner and your friends and have a great game of laser tag! Navigate through a maze and shoot down your opponents!

Take flight in the sea! Through the use of controlled water pressure, the Ola Jetpack will be able to lift you up to 30 feet in the air! Though the technology of Iron-man is is non-existant as for now, this is certainly the closest you can get to flying! Alight at Beach Station.

Top Places to Visit in Singapore, Singapore: See's 4,46, traveller reviews and photos of Singapore attractions. Singapore is small, so your single friends may well end up dating the same guy you've dated. It has happened to me, but as there was no real connection on the date anyway it wasn't an issue. If you're both on the same page, some guys can actually become your friends in the long run, which is also cool. Use your hands and legs to play "pinball" on the wall, or give the Augmented Problems challenge a go. This just means that you can create your own personalised climbing route on a touch-screen panel, then compete with your partner for the fastest timing. Address: # Trade Hub 21, 18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore

How do you think dining will be like if you could not see or living in total darkness? This is what Nox aims to question as we often take our eyesight for granted. This dining in the dark experience invites you to temporarily surrender your eyesight in exchange for enhancing the rest of your senses and bring you through a dining experience that you have never felt before.

The Istana is one of mystery, for it is the official residence and office of our president, which means citizens like us are usually barred from entering. However, the Istana is open to the public on certain days usually public holidaysso why not check it out and learn more about this prestige building with your partner?

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Entry for Singaporeans and permanent residents is free. Address: 35 Orchard Rd, Singapore Website.

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Pulau Ubin- the true last kampong of Singapore. Largely untainted from modernity, this hectare island is a great place for you and your partner if you wish to slow down and enjoy your day. You can choose to either hike or bike your way around the island, though bikes would be recommended as trails can be rather long. While Singapore has no luxurious rainforests or sahara plains, there is East Coast Park, where most of the glamping sites are.

For a couple suite, the glamping tent hosts 1 queen sized bed, fairy lights as well as fans and charging ports.

If you are planning a surprise for your significant other, they are able to customize the theme accordingly too! Telephone Number: E-mail: booking glampingcity.

While it is not as globally known, Jurong Fish Market brings about the familiar briny smell of the sea. Let your eyes feast on the various regional catch sich as sting rays, Batang and Toman fish! If you wish to have an expert to guide you, Hai Sia Seafood conducts free walking tours every last Saturday of the month.

Address: Fishery Port Rd, E-mail for walking tours : enquiry haisia.

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Ever wanted to catch your own fish? While now you can! Smith Marine is a modern Kelong that offers fresh seafood, a perfect sea-view and an idyllic getaway. Reservation Number: E-mail: marketing smithmarine. Insert 1 coin and get transported Back to the Future, where arcade games were the good old days in this themed bar.

Join their public Facebook group to get selected for the party. Neighbourhoods such as Queenstown has come a long way, with such a long heritage, it is now wonder that HDB has created a heritage trail documenting its rich history over the years.

Bring along a good camera and start shooting away!

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Think your everyday dinner-date is too plain and boring? Why not be entertained by a restaurant that combines cuisine and staged play? Andsoforth is a pop-up restaurant that brings a sense of mystery to their diners as both the location and menu are not made known to them til the day itself. Once you into the dining premises, the atmosphere changes and depending on the theme, you might just find yourself speaking in another langauge! A reality where food and art collide, Andsoforth is an experience that is worth trying for you and your partner!

E-Mail: hello andsoforth. Great if you wanna get high from adrenaline and not alcohol! A combination of adrenaline, speed and fun, Megaadventure Park has various rope adventure courses that brings you around the forests and beaches of Sentosa Island. The highlight of Megajump will require you to jump from a height of 15 metres, while Megazip will see you soaring metres across like an Eagle!

Megaclimb features a 36 treetop obstacle course, where most of them really challenges your sense of balance. Temples are one of the cultural gems in Singapore. Towering architecture, magnificent statues and a display of colours. Each of these Buddhist and Hindu temples represent the rich religious history of Singapore; the Sri Mariamman Temple has been declared a National Monument, while the Sri Krishnan Temple hosts a combination of Hindu and Buddhist altars.

Truly a representation of harmony. Named after the patron saint of Scotland, it is the oldest Anglican house of worship in Singapore and was made a national monument in Bring you partner along and take a quiet break in the sanctuary amongst the bustling city. Why not bring your partner on a Merlion hunting trip and track all of them down?

Take a picture with each of the Merlions to get some Insta-bragging rights! A wetland teeming with wildlife, did you know that this place was originally slated for redevelopment until a couple of hipsters discovered this secret wonderland? For the nature-lover hipsters, there is a 1. Opening Hours : 8. Upon reaching, either trek about 40minscycle or hire a vehicle to get to the Wetlands. Little Guilin got its name due to the granite hills bearing resemblance to the actual Guilin in Guangxi, China.

Fun fact- Little Guilin used to be a quarry where Norite, a sturdy type of stone was commonly extracted. Now Little Guilin is a scenic place, with a serene lake and the granite formations over looking it. Definitely a place for some great photoshoots! Yup, you heard that right, there is a hot spring park located at the north part of Singapore.

The spring is believed by locals to have healing properties, and its water was even bottled commercially and sold before!

However, unlike your traditional onsen, the spring water here is channeled through standpipes. Otherwise, you could make some soft-boiled eggs!

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Immerse yourself in a completely different environment as you and your partner get your limits tested. Work together, tackle and solve puzzles before the time runs out!

Aug 18,   Singapore Dating Guide. Now you are fully caught up on where to meet single girls near you and our Singapore dating guide is going to try to fill you in on the rest. The good news is that you can find some world class places to show her a good time, the bad news is that finding a . The night is an amazing time to go for a date, considering how empty everywhere is compared to Singapore in the day. If you're a night owl constantly on the lookout for a new dating experience, here's a bunch of late night dating ideas for you! Aug 18,   Singapore might be a small island, but there are tons of couples like you (and you), constantly looking for the best dating activities to do with your significant partner. We get it, living in an urban city it feels like you've done everything there is to do with your significant other.

Xcape is the first, largest and most popular reality escape room provider in Singapore. They have a variety of storylines available, from thriler to horror and even mystery. This turtle and tortoise museum is the only museum in Singapore that features over 40 different species and of the said animals.

Unlike animals in the zoo, these turtles and tortoises are free to roam around the area, basking in the sun or soaking in the pond. All these turtles and tortoises can be fed as well, all you gotta do is purchase some of the string beans on-site and watch these reptiles clamber over to you! Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm daily Website. For the Art-venturous couples. Customized leather products. Baking Classes. Latte Art Workshop. Cocktail Making. Instagram Photo Trail.

Singapore Instagram Website. Get your mind-blown at the ArtScience musuem. Groove to the sound of music at the Esplanade. Expat Living is your trusted guide if you are moving to or living in Singapore! Our team will help you find out about shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, travel, fashion, finance, health and beauty. Search this website. Looking for a family photographer? Sustainable fashion brands we love! Volunteering: How to help migrant workers View all Close.

Things to do: Online events and activities View all Close. Want your child to learn a language well? View all Close. Having Faith in your home! Best short breaks from Singapore View all Close. How to maximise your food delivery app New Nibbles: Foodie news! Easy cinnamon rolls recipe View all Close. Latest beauty products and treatments Fab fashion launches and shopping news Top indie fashion to shop online!

Cost of healthcare in Singapore: What to consider 6 outdoor fitness activities in Singapore How a healthy gut helps immunity View all Close. How have you found dating in Singapore? Club Street Singapore Where are the hot spots for singles in Singapore? How about further afield? Any tips on which dating apps to use? Dating at your fingertips: apps like Tinder, and the newer Bumble, are popular choices.

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