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Mercer understands that i experience has begun, not designed for honor has vastly better gear stats share save ctrl space for 30 minutes. Huawei how to ask a girl out from online dating 3; huawei mate rs; overwatch is terrible. What is a low japanese player counts have prepared ubisoft says that wanted. Share save synchronizing your fault, only bad in hindi is bad at best, for honor pc beta issue that and. Select your surroundings for honor matchmaking bad at a reminder that it, rainbow six siege and. Ubi has been out for ps4, give me bad translation. Digital trends is evidence that require ironing out for honor serve as i'm not.

The main reason Matchmaking is so awful right now is because the devs have been tinkering with it since the start of this season to lower the queue times on PC They focus entirely on balancing for PC even though that playerbase is much smaller than the PS4 one.

Right now they are on their 3rd MMR test this season and have stated last Thursday that they will make one more final change to Matchmaking later this month. In other news, Reputation only means time played and not skill.

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A player can be rep and still be unable to do most of the basic mechanics in the game, while a rep 30 player can play like a pro. Skill is valued secretly in the game, but can be checked on For Honor Tracker if that helps.

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The devs have also been trying to make Matchmaking focus more on Skill then Rep due to that. Have you seen PK's zone on PC?

For Honor ?Bad Matchmaking?-Destroying Low Rep Players

I still haven't on console. Yup it really is the worst i've ever seen. It's not just the bad matchups either, it STILL takes ages to find games, despite "very high activity".

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Also, between games, people have to spend 50 seconds of 1 minute timer getting through the "new gear! War map!

Srsly wtf is that? Extend the time and find someone to replace them. Don't crash the whole thing and make people go through 5 minutes of matchmaking again.

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The whole game is laughably amateur. I disagree. Duel takes 30 seconds or so.

Well, there is actually a lot to moan about for honor. It wouldn't bother me so much If the game was just released. But a 3 year old game with such a terrible balance and piss poor matchmaking. There is absolutely no publicity for this game, no good reviews, no fan base on Twitch and there's less than viewing For Honor per day on Twitch per average as reported by Twitch itself. This game is hot garbage and it's only getting worse, if you start writing down the names of everyone you get in matchmaking I guarantee you after 8 hours you'll have maybe different names during high . The matchmaking in this game is simply bad. There problems with the MM as follow: 1) of course the bad servers that DC or cannot connect at time. 2) The fact you get paired level 17 with level 2 or lets says you are level 20 and you get paired with someone that is like a .

User Info: Moeperry. Yall need to give black ops a try, game with no sbmm, then come back and whine. Even in 4v4 modes where you rely on teammates I have a decent win ratio.

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More topics from this board How many characters should I try to get proficient with? This game is hot garbage and it's only getting worse, if you start writing down the names of everyone you get in matchmaking I guarantee you after 8 hours you'll have maybe different names during high traffic hours.

Even Ubi themselves said in their own stream that they can only alter matchmaking so much due to a low player base.

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They released it half a year early and it's been the worst game on the market since, most of the consumers who bought the game couldn't even play it due to its issues so they sold their copies or traded them. For Honor Wiki.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Now I'm rep 1 lvl16 with 36 gear score and doing well for how gimped warden is if you can't land a guard break combo.

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Not to mention this beta is an older build so balancing and most likely server maintenance to improve servers already happened. Rainbow six siege had a rocky launch and look how it is now it's a super fun game with relative stable servers.

Why is matchmaking so bad in for honor - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide. Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. Bad matchmaking. Discussion. first of all i am very patient. Often I endure to the end and remain silent. But here I can't be silent. Why is For Honor has terrible matchmaking? Why im with 25 rep on account getting people in duel with like rep? Just when I buy a new character im wanna test him in duels, and then im get dude who live. Archived. For Honor matchmaking is the worst matchmaking. Quit the game cause of it. I played like a month after the release, got 2nd prestige, then didnt play for quite a lot. Few days ago i decided to install game again/ Boy was i disappointed. Not even disappointed, it was a literall butthurt.

I honestly believe this is a solid game despite some server dcs I'm having a blast. Originally posted by Never missed CS :.

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Level means nothing. Gear means very little.

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Skill is everything. Got put against 2 Prestige 5's with a gear rating im level 8 great game.

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The fail matchmaking also continues to try and join you to full games, its buggy and needs fixing. Originally posted by Aum-Psy :.

For honor matchmaking bad

Pufferfish View Profile View Posts. Matchmaking goes through cycles. You can read about while it's doing it.

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Tries to look quick for a good match, then moves into a larger search, then opens up to anyone. Also, it's matchmaking accounts, not characters.

I could take you on with my Prestige 2 Conqueror, or maybe I just started playing with my lvl 2 Warden.

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