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Now, Lana is admitting that they played up their flirtation for the sake of To All the Boys. It wasn't malicious, however, the pair really loves each other. Noah and Lana went along with the rumors, and flirted on Twitter for the sake of the movie. Unfortunately, the relationship was just for show. In fact, Lana set things straight with Noah right away. Not wanting to lead him on, she let him know nothing was going to happen between them.

Well, it sure sounds like he's got it bad for his costar. Jenny Han isn't the only one that thinks Centineo and Condor's chemistry is au naturel.

We all do. As it turns out, there's a good reason for that: it is real. It's not just something the two conjured up on screen.

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In an interview with Entertainment TonightCondor said she's happy to have Centineo as "her partner" while navigating the success of the film. She also admitted what fans have been thinking: that their "chemistry is genuine. I think we both know that it's special and I'm just happy that it's him that I'm going through all this with.

Noah Centineo Thanks Lana Condor's Lips During BEST KISS Speech at MTV Movie \u0026 TV Awards 2019

Between his comments and hers, these two have to be in love in real life, right? Seriously, how could they not be? For a moment in the filma photo of Peter and Lara Jean cuddling can be seen on the lock-screen of Lara Jean's phone.

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Director Susan Johnson spilled the beans to Entertainment Tonightsaying, "The two of them were in the green room on set at the high school location, in the area where we put the actors. They actually were sleeping on the couch in that room like that, so [one of the crew members] just stood over them and took that picture and it's so friggin' cute.

Sep 01,   Lana Condor and Noah Centineo brought the high school romance of Lara Jean and Peter to life so well, it's understandable that fans are curious Home Country: US. Feb 14,   The two have been dating for four years. Also in her interview with Cosmo, Condor shared that the two met in August at her very first industry event (a Author: Danielle Burgos. Aug 28,   Sadly, no, Noah and Lana aren't technically dating. And as far as we know, Lana's still with her boyfriend actor Anthony De La Torre-who she says is very understanding of her connection with Noah Occupation: Contributor.

According to Centineo, though, it was common for "all" of the cast to cuddle up together. While both stars generally talk about each other in a lighthearted, Peter-and-Lara-Jean kind of way, Centineo did get a little more serious when speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

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He admitted that his chemistry with his costar can be attributed to both he and Condor being natural flirts and romantics, but there's more to the story. There's no denying that Condor is a great actress, but that kind of connection cannot just be put on - even Centineo recognizes that.

We got to know each other really well, so that made it really easy.

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You're probably convinced at this point that Centineo and Condor are not only dating, but are head over heels in love with each other. Well, there's no way of proving - or disproving - the latter, but the former has officially been debunked by Condor herself.

Jan 16,   Everyone thought Lana Condor and Noah Centineo were actually dating and they didn't do or say anything to make us think otherwise. So when the news broke that Lana actually has a whole boyfriend, Author: Kori Williams. Sep 17,   Lana Condor may be in a longterm relationship, but Noah Centineo says that's not the only reason they're not dating. While he did tell Entertainment Tonight that "she's in a relationship and super happy," he also said he and Condor are more like "brother and sister." Are you buying it? Their chemistry certainly says otherwise.

In an interview with Vulturethe actress was asked about her best friend. And that's when Condor made the shocking admission: "My best friend is my boyfriend. We laugh all the time.

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I like to think he has a crush on me but whatever. And finally, the many times they couldn't stop commenting on each other's Instagrams:.

Sadly, no, Noah and Lana aren't technically dating. And as far as we know, Lana's still with her boyfriend actor Anthony De La Torre-who she says is very understanding of her connection with Noah.

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Happy golden birthday, golden boy. A post shared by lanacondor on Nov 24, at am PST.

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The nugget, I mean who couldn't love that face amirighttt?! A post shared by lanacondor on Aug 4, at am PDT.

Lana condor and noah centineo actually dating

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Sep 15,   Are Noah Centineo and Lana Condor together in real life? Sorry, fam - but Noah and Lana aren't actually dating. However, they have totally played up their relationship in Emily Brozyna. Jan 11,   Why Lana Condor and Noah Centineo Had to Make a Real-Life No-Dating Pact. By As much as the world wanted Lana Condor and Noah Centineo to date immediately Condor actually has a longtime. May 01,   Despite fans' wishes and that romantic chemistry on-screen, Lana and Noah are actually just really good friends. Lana is currently dating fellow actor Anthony de la Torre .

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He puts percent of himself into everything, and his heart is gold. Though they made their joined red carpet debut inCentineo took to Instagram in January to shout out his significant other, sharing a couple photo and writing: "My dad says I look like I just finished a fight with thenotoriousmma and lost.

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While Centineo's relationship began recently, his on-screen other half, Lana Condor, has been dating her boyfriend, actor and musician Anthony De La Torresince before the original movie was even filmed. In an interview with Cosmopolitan U.

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Why are you coming for someone who has no part of this story? If you say you support me, why would you hurt someone I love?

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