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All the fun, without the expectations of a traditional dating app. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Prices are in U. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when making a purchase of an auto-renewing subscription. I decided to read through the reviews, and they are all so negative.

Account was suspended after less than a day without explenation. No email response from trying to fix the issue. Just not for me Aug 29, By BloodRage4. Another thing is the interface is pretty confusing, once you click on a profile to leave the profile you click the middle right button over the classic top right button.

Deeply dissatisfied with hud and probably will just stop using it. By Nickolas. Notifications are buggy you click it and you don't go to the notification. App is broken especially messages Nov 20, By Robewel6.

The app is broken in so many ways. Start with the main one messaging. Then when you do contact Hud App Support no one responds. Now photo verification is a joke. Connect your Facebook take a Live Photo in a random pose they give you get it denied. Yup they got me tons of plastic surgery and forgot I stuck a bunch of pepperoni to my face in those 2 minutes I think you get the point by now this app is just broken.

There are so many other better apps available try those and leave this one alone. By Chance Williams. Paying to message someone? Get real. And the photo verification process takes way too long. By jeff salhab. Not many features, like most site's, you can't even see your likes unless you pay. Not complaining. Just feedback Jun 11, By goldenwhisp.

To the people behind the scenes.

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I was able to see my viewers for an hour and found 5 matches. More than the total of having the app for months. I closed the app and reopened it to find that all my matches disappeared. I was very disappointed. I believe the app itself is great and possibly worth the money. I even took the time to fill out the survey to see the company grow better. I understand that coding is a difficult and expensive process but there are many times that my matches disappear. Trust me. A clever marketing technique to keep you opening the app.

By Austin Cole. The app is ok but only lets you use one pic on profile and just not very interesting no one replyies amyways.

Jan 3, By katistrippin.

Hud dating app contact number

The verification process was very questionable. They asked for you to copy a post to send that image in. I did, but they never asked me for my ID or anything. I wake up in the morning to find out that my account has been suspended.

I broke no violations, so I have no idea why that happened. I see no way to get my account unsuspended.

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Otherwise, I liked the format of the app. By American Geo-Source. So let's get this straight you can message people but it says you need to pay when you hit send. Waste of time Jun 7, By mwhite When you start, it asks you to create an account, via cell phone number, or Facebook credentials.

I put in my phone number. You create an account and profile. You upload pictures, and information about yourself. You click random people, and then you send them messages. As soon as you close out the app, everything deletes. When you try to open the app again, it asks you to sign up all over again. When I type in my phone number again, it tells me that my account, has been suspended. As soon as I close the app, it deletes everything.

This app now has my photos and information, floating around cyber-world. Horrible app. By A-Nonny Mouse. If I could give -5 stars, I would. More than once, I have logged out and logged back in only to find that, somehow, for some reason, my profile no longer exists and I have to go thru creating a new one.

Of course any views matches or messages I may have had are gone as well!!! I've had it. Now we are going to see how the refund process works with this developer.

By Declan Schubert. This app tells you to send someone a message, then tells you you can't because you need to pay. This was not how the app was originally designed. Originally the developer celebrated the fact that you can just send anyone a message without matching with them. Given that the developer believed that feature added value to the app I can only presume that they themselves consider the app worse now due to that feature's removal.

Good idea By johnny By far the biggest issue for men on this app is scammers. One being- If they message you first, They just want money. Another being- If she wants to leave the app and go to Snapchat, she wants you to buy her premium. The distance filter is extremely broken. I can never find anyone within miles of me, but when I put the filter to the max distance I can find someone in the town next to mine.

Completely sexist to let the women filter messages before sending them. I feel like I have to send a message to everyone and wait for replies to know who is active and real. Notifications are broken. Also notification badges never decrease.

Mine says currently. By D'von Hughes Jr. It's gotten worse. What's the point of this app if you have to pay just to talk to people?

I could understand seeing if the messages were read or seeing who liked your profile but this is beyond pointless. Male perspective of the app. Note females may have different options. Also, fake image see no.

Meaning if you select that option everyone and your mum can see it.

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Seems like only people who also have that option selected should see you but idk. This is the smallest of my gripes at this point. Conclusion: Not really worth using currently tbh. By Miguel Cervantes. I payed for a 3 month premium subscription and a couple weeks into it my account was suspended with no explanation. So now not only can I not get into my account but I've lost money cause I didn't even get to use the app for a fraction of those 3 months.

I would at least want my money back. By Hed Ed. This app is a JOKE. I tried to create an account with my phone number and it gives me an error and I tried with my Facebook account; they made me record a video and now it says I can't use my Facebook account.

Such a pity. It seemed to be a good idea. I think it wasn't the time to charge yet. Scammers Mar 8, By DeniseYoshiko. I downloaded this app initially because I thought it was a good idea, cut out all the bs of dating apps and be upfront about what you want. The idea is good but the app is poorly executed. Anyways, after a few hours of frustration, I deleted the app. I hope one day these scummy tactics become illegal. By Guy Lahav. I wanted to like this app and even pay for a subscription, but I can't write back to my matches some some strange reason.

Sometimes it works, but most of the time, even in the middle of a conversation, it doesn't send the message Needs ating. By Alan Tanner.

Oct 28,   Hud app is a casual dating and hookup app that is honest about the realities of online dating. It's a no pressure way to find dates, FWB, or just a little excitement. hud provides a safe space for you to talk, flirt, or 'just chill' with like-minded people. All the fun, without the expectations of a traditional dating app/5(K).

No success most of my matches are too far away from me. Scam APP Nov 4, By Ry Worst app for meeting real people EVER. For starters not a single person I sent messages to responded. The only 2 interactions I had within the week was from an older woman claiming to want me as her sugar baby.

She then started asking about my credit card info and I quickly realized it was a scam. The other person who reached out to me got my number and claimed to be from here but lived in another state. She was psycho. Started talking about how she loved me and everything. She also asked for money to fly her to see me. Bottom line is this app is the breeding place for scammers.

By dommer61 dommer Like the interface, but for me not alot of people in my area unfortunately. Just read the objective for the app Apr 30, By PlanetBullShiznit.

You are setting yourself up to be scammed. They help provide a somewhat sleazy service in helping you hook-up. You gotta see the angles, here. Now, if it actually worked, it would be priceless. By Chase Johnson. App doesn't work half the time. Wont send messages. Paid twice for premium, and did t evenget to use all the features because the app just didnt work right. No real contact Jan 3, By Kahzmoh. So, whenever I try a new app like this one I do the free trial, making sure I cancel auto renew, and see if anything at all comes of it before the trial expires.

As such after the free trial of his app I will be deleting it from my phone post haste. Too many fake accounts. Now I know the developers will say that it is impossible to root out all fake accounts, but in my 1 week trial I was contacted by over 20 flagged accounts, and not a single real response.

And to be fair to the app I responded to every single profile in my area and up to 50 miles away, and nothing. App is really poorly designed no real prospects Dec 3, By HuD Deleter. I downloaded the app after seeing a billboard for it off 2nd near my apartment. The concept is good, hooking up and straight to the point. The app glitches a lot when you try to select a profile it will either pick the one directly above or below your intended choice.

By bubbleballs Played with the site for a bit and noticed that it just randomly generates a list of users when it was supposed to go by most recent log ins. Red flag! Then I noticed most of the women were 18 to 25, drop dead gorgeous, took fantastic pictures of themselves and have nothing written on their profiles. So I started experimenting a bit. I posted photos of me which were actually a model.

Photos standing by a Lamborghini etc. The only action I got was the app saying someone viewed my profile But I could only view them if I upgraded to premium. Total scam app. Would probably be a good app if they would delete the B. Fraudulent charges keep an eye out Dec 10, By apacrytgon. Apparently I have used this apps free trial in the past and did not remember.

Apple has issued a refund but they adamantly refused a refund even though their app charged without notice and after I canceled everything. If you do opt for it I recommend you screenshot everything from signing up to canceling the sub.

Absolute garbage.

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A list of reasons why not Jan 8, By southboy Try your luck elsewhere. You need premium to message people. Even if you match, you still need premium to message them. The only person i could match with was smart enough to leave their snapchat. Thats about the best way to get around the system. Their notifications system is broken. The app might say you have a message, but you really got nothing.

The admins who monitor profiles have a biased conflict of protecting equality across its users. It does a terrible job at weeding out scammers. Some profiles will claim to be strippers or prostitutes looking for sex with rates. Underaged users show up every now and then. Be smart. They either look too young or say something or post a picture related to high school.

Too risky. Buggy and tons of scammers Dec 25, By caseyw Way to many scammers trying to take money from you for one thing or another they are easy to spot a mile away but sill irritating. The X feature is useless you click the X to say your not interested but they will pop back up on your feed the next time you cycle threw.

Good concept just poorly executed and they seem to be in it for the money here you use to be able to message freely to people but now you only can if you match or pay for the upgraded membership.

Not good enough Sep 8, By Jtyrellv. Decided to do the 7 day trial to see the who looked at my profile This is not the app for me. If you click on the boost chat icon, you will be stuck in the screen unless you pay. You have to close the app and reopen if you want to go back to the chat area or look at more profiles.

May 30, Everyone who has had this issue genuinely did nothing to get deleted, if they did I doubt they would be mad. Now something I think is weird is I reported a scammer and shortly after my account was deleted.

Complete rip off please read before you download Dec 25, By random I downloaded this app, i did the 3 day free trial and maybe spent 20 minutes on this app to quickly realize it was giving me people from a whole different state.

Every single review is true about getting charged unwillingly. Error and crashes too much Jan 3, By MochiWin. It was working okay till the ate. Now, i get an error in the search screen. No matter what kind of filter you set, it errors out. Then it will crash if you keep trying it again. I tried deleting and redownloading. Did not fix the problem. Please fix the bug! Since there no point in having it, if you can not use it. My account has been suspended for no reason. I have no violated any of their terms.

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There no way of reaching them to correct this. I will not be making a new account. They charge you even though you delete your account Aug 11, By Sanjart. This is a SCAM. HUD charge you even you deleted your account. There is a small FQA says you have to contact them to stop your billing even if you delete the account.

This is a crime and you will never notice the bill because it come as your ITune bill if you are using iPhone.

HUD hookup app review

I used this app for 3 days and almost all profiles are fake including all these positive 5 star rating. If you already di pls make sure to send them a note to cancel your subscription if you no longer wish to use their service. Buggy Feb 28, By Watcher The idea is good, the execution is poor.

I have seen others comment about messages and matches disappearing, and I can confirm this is true. I have also had likes and views on my profile disappear, having had 16 likes at one point, then having it drop to 5 the next day, so what happened to the other 11 likes?

As soon as you like number 22, the first one you liked disappears. Several issues Aug 28, By Snoopy First of all, the review from Madysyn23 is BS and useless.

The setting is pretty much pointless. I set the settings one way and still gives me random results. I keep lowering the mile radius and for some reason, I still see people from the Midwest or further.

Not logical hud dating app contact number opinion

I even tried the profile boost just to see what I can get and I regret spending my money for it because I noticed that only fake profiles or hookers are the ones messaging. Absolutely worthless Apr 12, By blakkjazmine. THREE match candidates. On the same token, when you have your distance filter set to 20 miles, there is no reason for you to see match candidates that are HUNDREDS of miles away.

The distance filter is literally useless. So: NO users and NO reliable distance filters. How dare they ask us to pay money for such a garbage app?

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At least they give 3 days free I used it for probably 10 minutes. These idiots can have the remaining 2 days back. By disappinted I mean I guess if crime is always gonna exists anyway why even try limiting it right? Other sites do it way better. Needs work Jan 21, By 13treyed. The app alone is a good concept and the idea is pretty good. Things it needs is a way to disable accounts from showing after being inactive for a time period.

The app has a hard time also locating distance at times. I live in a city and have it set to miles and only 4 profiles load in and something seems off about that and could use some time up.

Lastly the price for the premium is not really worth it.

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Like maybe cut all the prices by half and a premium plus version could be added to give options for video calls or something like that idk. Unclear subscription Oct 5, By Barrettsam I went to my App Store subscriptions and cancelled this recurring payment.

After downloading other dating apps such as Tinder, they do not charge you right after you cancel your free trial. I I was completely unaware. I live in a small town, therefore the number of potential partners is VERY low. However, after a few days, I am still billed thirty dollars the price of a AAA video game. HUD is a complete scam. Scammers Alert May 29, By King Bastard. I hate writing reviews With that being said They all said almost the same thing like they were read from a script I had such hi hopes for this app because it was ranked in different reviews on the internet.

Like I said I had such high hopes for this app. Messages Error Mar 14, By Killertigermen. Because I also have Tinder and I do get messages.

But when I downloaded this app I became a member I subscribe to one free week and 1 month to try it out and see if it works. It says they typing and I never get the message. Thank you. By laughablebaldeagle. I downloaded the app and of course like all other apps for meeting people, it gives you the opportunity to buy a subscription.

Would not recommend. I tried reaching out to both Apple and the apps team but neither gave a response. What did I do? Feb 10, By Syntalarra. Less than 24 hours later I try to log on and it says my account was suspended?! No idea what happened. Read the tos, still no clue. I expect a refund and my account to be deleted.

By eves There is a hidden subscription fee included when you download this app. I was okay with the sub fee for one month just to try it out. This app is an absolute waste of time. A Disingenuous piece of garbage. Stick with Tinder or good old fashioned face to face interactions.

So far, worthless Apr 15, By pgfdsalkjh. Given that they offered a 3 day free trial, I made it a point to put it to the test. So, I went into fifth gear, and thus far, I have messaged about 7 girls in my area, and wink at about the same number. I have received no responses whatsoever. Are th app creators incompetent. By ayookhris. There are some real women but none of them respond Feb 27, This app is hard to use as I think there are real women on here but there are a lot of fake profiles and scammers you have to search through.

Also, I have messaged at least 30 women but have yet to have any respond. This tells me that either women are inundated with messages or only interested in the top guys, which makes the app pointless. I think if you go premium you can get more women to respond but that costs a lot of money. Don't smile like its show Jul 3, By justice in God's hand. Then register again I found many copy from ok Cupid, so disappointed, open homepage all BLM politics for me. Do you know I like want kind of females?

So I suggest it should put on the social media to talking not for individual to using. For what reason? By why are all the names takwn. One red flag and you better get out of there.

Nov 11, By illsy This app is college loan WACK It coulda been something I right from jump street recognized like 15 Chicken Heads from like a year ago Suspect is an understatement Plain and simple Sep 23, By shsuebeofjroenq. They did that with two accounts I made just to see if it was going to do it again. Plain and simple. Lastly I will get a response that says their going to help me. Do not buy subscription people. Not sure why it has 4 stars.

Feb 6, By Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxynz. First: the app crashes randomly. Third: I have tinder, bumble, and hinge all with hundreds of matches and conversations on each. I use the same profile pictures on this app, and not a single match. Still, no matches. Boy, was I wrong. Capitalist pigs take advantage of poor people in need of love Nov 22, By AllAmerican stuff.

I do not agree that you must pay to find mate. I believe if you would really like to help, it would be free. And surely it is scam, if you are willing to give one full week free of charge, then you are confident in our inability to find an actual mate.

Positive & Negative Reviews: Hud - The #1 Casual Dating App - 10 Similar Apps & , Reviews. Chat, Meet & Date. A quick scroll through the "dating" section of the app store yielded this result: HUD. This app stuck out because it's not masquerading as a dating app like so many apps like Tinder or Bumble it is what it says it is HUD: Hook Up Dating. Honestly, this was refreshing. An app that isn't pretending to be something entirely wholesome? Thank god. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development | 7th Street S.W., Washington, DC Telephone: TTY:

Otherwise if we did find mate, then why need to keep giving money to look? Especially with free week, why give free week if app is so good? Perhaps it is because you know we will not find mate. My experience Jan 2, By jonnybehood. I canceled my account before the 3 days were up but the billing was not negated.

Apologise, but, hud dating app contact number something is. Many

By Imaniwarnz. What kind of free trial is 1 day anyway?!?! Total scam. Getting suspended for exactly no reason? Jun 30, Made another account and also got suspended, so did the third one I made.

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Save your time and go outside Jun 14, By pogostar By lancemoore I downloaded it to try it out like any other lonely guy at 12 a. It says my subscription has renewed and it took the money out of my account even though I never asked for this subscription.

Subscribed to premium, no features unlocked. Oct 6, By DocFridge. I subscribed to the premium version of this app, and no features were unlocked for me. Clicking on subscribing again brought up a message stating I was already subscribed, but when I attempted to use any premium features, I was redirected to the subscription purchase screen.

Will be canceling my subscription as I seem to have paid money for absolutely nothing. Have restarted the app, reinstalled, logged in and back out, etc. So, if you get this app, be wary of paying since it did nothing for me. Account got suspended after 10 minutes Apr 25, By Machu I have absolutely no clue as to why my account got suspended. I made my account and after i got everything all set up i adjusted the filters so it would show me people that are closer. Default is km and nobody is about to drive km to meet someone so after adjusting it.

It wouldnt show me any people in the feed. So i closed the app and re opened it to find that i had been logged out. No big deal right? Just log back in right? Yeah i tried that and i was told that my account was suspended before i even really got to use the app.

No Different. Apr 28, By El Gato Moreno. For apps like these to be truly successful, they need to work on their marketing strategy so that more local, legitimate members from all cities can join.

Hud dating app customer service - Rich woman looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Jun 12,   Hud app is the casual dating app that is the no pressure way to find dates, friends with benefits, or just a little excitement. Hud provides a safe space for you to talk, flirt and meet with people nearby. All the fun, without the expectations of traditional dating apps. Long-term relationships are great, but we know that not everybody is ready for a commitment on the first date/5(K). hud App is a casual dating and hookup app and website with over 5 million users worldwide. It's a no pressure way to find dates, FWB, or just a little excitement. All the fun, without the expectations of a traditional dating app.

The male to female ratio is frustratingly disproportionate. Finally, considering how much women are approached on a daily basis, hook up apps need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and provide a different experience that will incentivize women to join. By Emberea. No warning. No reminder. Just grab the cash.

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Oh, right. Those who want to grab your cash. Charged for a free trial and banned Feb 23, By Chloeal. Well the first day I had the app I got banned probably because i posted a picture with my stomach showing. After that I got an email from apple that I had been charged the full subscription price. I want a refund!! Plus the price of the subscription is absolutely ridiculous!! Good idea, poor execution.

Are not hud dating app contact number share

Sep 29, By karash To be frank, the app is poorly designed. And also square photo cropping is outdated and the quality of the pictures are terrible. This app could really work if the basic communication between people which is the whole point of the app actually worked. Would love to try it after some of the problems have been resolved.

I just want my money back, please. Jul 12, By MTH I just want my money back. I tried several times to delete the App over the last week or so. I just M not a tech savvy person and recently got this iPhone. Please help Just a refund That is only right. Give me my account back Sep 3, By AannaBella. This app is truly horrible. Sad part is that this all happened this week and I was banned today.

Your app is horrible and needs to be upgraded with some better software. Apr 10, By bobbypopko. Wasted my two free days. New system Dec 2, By AdmiralJimEvans. The new like system is god awful. It has ruined my experience. I loved this app and recommended to my friends. Now this new ate has butchered that. Poor quality Oct 24, By Sgoetzcke. I have signed up to do the 7-day free trial and then the monthly subscription afterwards yet it never registers it.

But when it asks me to start it up and I click on it it states I have already purchased yet none of the features are ever available for my subscription it just keeps telling me to subscribe. Definitely faulty. Their target audience - those looking for casual hookups or short-term connections - seems to be what sets them aside from dating apps as it puts them in a different category: hook up apps.

When setting your preferences, you do have the option to filter out matches based on body type. This can either be a really great thing especially those who are looking for something very specificor it might be a bad thing for those who are on the heavier side. I also noticed that you could match with couples as well as members of either gender which I find very indicative of the hookup culture this app is steeped in.

Like many dating apps, you can buy multiple months at a time to get a lower price per month. On this app, a month of premium will cost you 30 bucks if you buy a month plus their month-long free trial.

You'll be able to unlock a feature which allows you to see which people in your grid have already viewed you. It'll also allow you access to premium filters so you can get really specific with the kinds of people on your grid. It'll also give you the capability to have unlimited messages, unlock restricted photos, and approve all matches at once.

Desktop compatability : One thing that I like is when you can have access to a dating ap both on your phone and your laptop. Sometimes you have to be on the go. Sometimes it's nice to be able to discretely swipe around or message while on your phone. But other times you want to kick back and be able to use your computer. Or if you're at work and you're trying to find someone to hook up with, it's much easier to do that on a tab in your browser than on your phone.

This makes the app so much more compatible with young adult lives. We bounce back and forth between our phones and our computers, shouldn't our dating sites or apps be able to do the same? Photo messaging : The photo messaging feature really makes this whole app feel very sexy.

Right hud dating app contact number accept

It doesn't feel like Tinder where the only thing you can send back and forth are gifs that load in the app. You can load photos from your laptop library or camera roll on your phone super easily and send them off to a match. Also when the photos come through, they're blurred at first. This allows you to determine if a photo is something undesirable - say phallic - and if you really want to open it. Filter by ethnicity : I find this super weird. I feel like this filter option just makes me uncomfortable.

I feel like this allows people to easily excuse prejuidce as their own personal preference. It also allows people to quickly find people who they might fetishize because of their ethnicity. I feel like this is an odd and unnecissary feature. But it can get to be a bit much for women on the site. Honestly, it's super uncomfortable to be constantly bombarded by blurred out dicks on a dating app. Most women have to deal with these photos in their texts to begin with! The last thing they need is a way for more men to get their penis pics into their inbox.

Seeking and gender options are limited : While we've seen other dating apps and social media networks really step it up when it comes to gender and sexuality options, HUD is not amongst them. You can only mark yourself as male or female this can totally bring up issues for those who don't identify either way. On top of that, the seeking options are kind of funky too.

So your options are seeking male, female, either, or couple. If you're someone who's down for anything, do you mark either? And if you do, does that include couples? It's super unclear what these labels really will yield. I don't know why as my internet is not at fault I pay for lightening fast connection so it must be the app.

They really need to fix that.

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