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This article was written by Jack Lloyd. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. This article has been viewed 1, times. To hook up an indoor TV antenna, start by visiting a site like antennaweb. Next, turn off and unplug your TV before connecting the antenna cable to the back of the TV.

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If the signal is strong from the tower, too much amplification can overload the tuner and cause the TV tuner not to receive the channel. Amplification should always be seen as a way to improve reception, not installed by default. First of all congratulations!

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Now you are looking for a way to connect an HD antenna to multiple TVs in your house. So if you have a weak or marginal signal coming from your antenna, splitting it will have a negative effect.

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Finally the more distance the signal has to travel, the weaker the signal becomes. So fewer feet in coaxial cable, means stronger signalequating to better picture quality. Once you got the first TV working as expected, then hook up your 2nd TV.

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If successful go ahead and connect three TVs. And again, test the signal.

How to Connect your Antenna and get the most channels

If any point during these steps you notice that you have lost signal strength, it is time look into buying an amplifier. When buying an amplifier you need to understand that there are two basic types: PRE Amplifiers amplifies the signal received by the antenna into the down cable.

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It should not be anywhere but on the original antenna cable right at the antenna. Professional grade, easy to install, TV antenna amplifier. Now you have a few options to connect your box to your HDTV. The simplest one uses a second RF cable. This connector delivers both video and audio signals to your set.

Using an antenna to pick up digital TV channels works great if you live in a big city; it may take awhile if you live in a small town. The costs of putting in the new transmission and other broadcast station equipment to do ATSC are high, so small cities are having a hard time affording the job and also of finding the resources to do it. You should have a cable with an RF connector on the end that looks similar to the cable you used with the antenna. Attach that to the box at the jack labeled input. Now you have a few options to connect your box to your HDTV. The simplest one uses a second RF cable. Simply attach the cable to the receiver's output jack and your televisions input jack. This connector delivers both video and audio signals to . Mar 15,   The next step is to connect the antenna to your television. You'll do this using a coaxial cable, or "F" cable. The cable will be either a screw in or a push in model. Either one of these styles is fine, but the screw-in type has a better fit and may have a stronger signal as a result. 3. Set Up the TV. Next you'll need to set up your TV, and you'll do this using your TV's setup menu.

For better quality video, see if your cable box has an S video or component output. The S video cable has four pins on either end that insert into your receiver and your television. Component cables have three individual cables connected together.

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The ends are color coded red, blue and green. Simply match the end of the cable to the input jack with the same color.

How to Install a TV Antenna in Your Attic. Step 1: Get a Good TV antenna to install in your attic. The antenna I'm using is the Channel Master HD, but I now recommend the Channel Step 2: Get Into the Attic. Step 3: Attach the Antenna to Something. Step 4: Run the Coax Cable. Jan 14,   Don't worry about moving the antenna-you'll have to hook it up to the digital converter box in a minute. This step also applies if you're using an externally mounted antenna (e.g., one on your roof). If your TV doesn't have an antenna, you'll need to purchase a set of antennae (e.g., rabbit ears) before you can use your digital converter box. How to Hook Up a Digital TV HDTV With an Antenna. Rob Stewart of KVIE's Rob on the Road shows us how to get free over-the-air programming by hooking up a digital television (HDTV) using an antenna.

That means you have to use a separate cable with red and white RCA plugs to get the sound from your cable box to your TV. Simply insert the red and white connectors into the audio out jacks of the same color on your cable box. Then do the same thing at the audio input jack on our HDTV.

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The RF, S, video and component connectors all transmit an analog signal. An HDMI cable is the best and easiest digital option, because it transmits video and audio through one cable.

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